Thursday, December 13 of 2018


Seven are the seals that will open and the scrolls that will be shown; the time is indicating this moment, dear children.

And to testify to this event that goes beyond all human consciousness, all understanding and intellectuality, today I have brought My little Son in My arms, because He is the one who entrusted, in the name of the Heavenly Father, the revelation of these mysteries, that will try to correct the human consciousness again and will bring to everyone the opportunity of receiving new principles and ways of life that, throughout the times, have been very far from humanity and from the planet.

The Divine Higher Consciousness is approaching the Earth to make its revelation and, not only My Immaculate Heart, but also the hearts of all Hierarchies of Light are testifying such an important moment for humanity.

Today I cannot reveal to you in details what this means, but welcome with love each one of My words because, as I told you today, My words are the action of the Grace of God in all human consciousness and upon the whole planet.

This higher and divine revelation, which is written in the deepest depths of the Heart of God, will bring to all beings of the surface the awakening and the awareness of having distanced so much from the Plan of God, as well as of having transgressed the universal Laws and all the natural laws of Earth.

However, through Mercy and Grace, the Heavenly Father has entrusted this divine intervention in humanity to His archangels and angels, so that at least one colony of this whole race can prevail at the end of these times, fulfilling and living, in a simple way, the same attributes of life that the Sacred Family lived.

This is the reason for having asked for the novena during nine days, for the sacred families of this planet, which must again recover the values that they lost when they submerged into the chaos and world illusion of these times.

I say “sacred families” because in the Essence of God, all are sacred children of God. Your essences have not lost the filiation with the Heavenly Father; only your more lower bodies have been distracted from the Purpose.

For this reason, the Revelations of God that will come in these times will bring to the human consciousness the elevation of spirit, of its human condition and the transformation of the human aspects that have conditioned the evolution of the race and the possibility of the awakening of the New Christs.

Today the Creator has decided, within His vast Spiritual, Mental and Material Universe, the revelation of His Mysteries, expanding the terms that are found in the Bible, the symbologies and messages; expanding and deepening even more into the terms of the Apocalypse, even more into the visions that John the Apostle had, so that all this information, which comes from the Spiritual Hierarchy, may no longer be a mystery, but truths, clear and precise revelations of how to act and conduct this humanity in the end of times.

With My arm, I sustain the Child Jesus who is present here today, with you.

With My other hand, I sustain the scrolls of the Revelation of God so the divine information of what God has seen and participated in, throughout the times, since before, during and after the Creation, may start to approach your consciousnesses. 

I know that this event will remove many structures because the impulse that will come from the Source will be extremely strong and will give the opportunity for each creature upon the surface of the Earth to be able to re-evaluate its life and consciousness so that it may define its spiritual life and path to be inside of the Paradise of God or to condemn itself.

Before the time of the second coming of Christ, this revelations will bring an impulse for each human being.

It will be by a state of Grace and Mercy that souls will have the opportunity of submerging into their awakening and opening to the sacred knowledge that vibrates and pulses within the Greater Universe, as little spheres of light that travel between time and space, from the Spiritual Universe to the Material Universe, with the intention that the spirits of all human beings may awaken to the great Divine Consciousness and to the greater knowledge that has always been alive in the Universe.

Only now, children of Mine, after a thirty-year walk, the time has come for your consciousnesses to define themselves within, to truly define, to allow the doors of knowledge to open above humanity and so that there may not be any resistance or obstacle for the Hierarchy.

Because if we are still here, it is for a universal reason, it is a purpose that your consciousnesses are still not able to reach. It is an infinite reason that was thought and meditated upon, since before your existence, so that this divine revelation, which derives from the Non-material Source of God, might come in this time, and before this planetary event.

In the past times, this revelation would not have been possible; it would not have been efficient nor effective because the human consciousness was not prepared.

And even though the human consciousness is very immature and childish, the times that will come, which will prepare the advent of Christ to Earth for the second time, will raise the consciousness of those who open from heart and soul to receive the divine revelation, so similar to the headwater of a river that quenches the thirst of beings and that nurtures the whole human consciousness, so that it can live and breathe, and thus carry on its evolution. It is in this same way that the information from the Universe will come.

This will make you mature consciously and will place your consciousnesses in the universal Purpose in the face of the great planetary adjustment of these times; wars, conflicts, division of families, illusion through modernities, spiritual blindness that generates many spiritual movements, believing that the human being is invincible.

Only love will make you invincible, My children, but you must live this school, you must encourage yourselves to enter this universal knowledge.

The first steps to live in this school of love and wisdom are registered in the experience of Christ on Earth and in all the teachings that He delivered to humanity.

There is no other Master for the present humanity but Christ.

He announced and warned: “Many will come in My Name and will be recognized. Many will believe in their words, but afterwards, they will regret having completely trusted in something that did not come from love and was not true.”

With this, My children, before the Son of God, who is today in My arms, in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, your must choose only one path so that you make room and give an opportunity for the divine revelation.

I want you to be conscious, My children, truly. The school of My little children is now over. It is time to prepare yourselves and to face the end of times, because the battle between love and indifference is not over.

You must conquer love, by living love and being love at every moment. Renouncing, sacrificing and loving. Silently surrendering each experience of life for the others, without anguishes and despairs.

Because, if in truth you lived a true spiritual crisis or were at risk of perdition, you would not be here, My children, as many, many are not and many have ceased to be, because they have been blinded by ignorance.

Only in the Father is the Truth for your lives. The human being must only learn to be true in the small details, so that after it can be in the great, assuming great responsibilities before the Spiritual Hierarchy, conducting and guiding the flocks of Christ, all races of the Earth that will need this spiritual impulse that descends upon this Marian Center, to be able to relocate their lives and find a meaning for the spiritual path.

Therefore, those whom I will consecrate today as Children of Mary will have a great commitment with Me, it will be a personal and group commitment between your hearts and Mine, a reason why you must pray, every day, so that these Revelations that God has decided to deliver to humanity, which overcomes the entire existence of the Church of Christ on Earth and all of the Sacred Books, may descend correctly and in a way protected by the Celestial Hierarchy.

But it will be necessary, My children, as in other times and in other Apparitions, that there may exist intermediaries, so that these revelations, which will expand human consciousness, can arrive.

I apologize for being so quick, the Time of God here on Earth is limited, because we must attend many more events that get worse within the race of this planet, in different regions of humanity, which need to be attended and helped by the Hierarchies.

Thus, you can understand, My children, that each Apparition of Mary, Christ and Saint Joseph, is not something else, especially in these definite times, where the transitions and its greatest apex will surprise everyone overnight.

Hence you must be prepared through this knowledge so that worldly inertia does not paralyze you and take you away from the path of light.

I hope you understand what I tell you. I am frank with each one of you because there is no longer any time.

Those who will consecrate today may come here. And playing the melody of your consecration, your souls will be preparing for this blessing that My Immaculate Heart will impart.

Because it will be necessary, My children, that you assume this commitment of consecration with responsibility and maturity, as My Heart was left very offended by those who abandoned their consecration, not only to My Immaculate Heart, but also to My Maternity, which cannot be defeated neither interfered with by any of your human aspects, not even by your own will.

The consecration that I deliver to each Child of Mary is non-transferable and undeniable. It depends on each of My children that this consecration may become a part of you in a true, sincere and honest way, because you will thus avoid, My children, entering into the chaos of humanity and in the great spiritual conflicts that many souls live today in the world by believing that they do not need God and not even to kneel down to supplicate to Him.

I only ask you that on this day of consecration, many more children of Mary re-consecrate themselves again interiorly, renewing this vow to the Mother of God, so that this inner and divine vow may be renewed with the Heavenly Father.

The Graces that I pour out cannot be wasted.

I want to tell you this, My children, with all the Love of My Heart, for each one of you.

Great parts of the world, entire peoples, different races and cultures, so similar to yours, are suffering for the lack of God and due to those who govern them, submitting and unjustly chastising them.

You, children of Mine, who have the grace and opportunity of being before My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of My Son tonight, must try to balance the misunderstandings and misalignments that the other part of humanity live for having set themselves apart from love, and because the most innocent are the most overpowered and the most chastised by the hand of humanity.

I need that you represent Me upon the surface of the Earth, as those stars of light that have once fallen from the Universe, but today they rise again, by the sincere offer and loving supplication of your Celestial Mother before the Heavenly Father.

As a sphere of light, today I deliver to your souls this commitment to pray for the next Revelations of God, in order that His Divine and Sacred Will may be fulfilled.


Behold the Slave of the Lord.
Behold the servants of Christ.
Lord, may Your Word be fulfilled in us
for the New Humanity to be born and emerge.

So then, receive the energy of My Grace and be bathed by the Light of My Spirit, of My unconditional and serviceable Spirit, which is United in Soul, Divinity and Essence to the Heavenly Father, as to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I bless you so that in the next Nativity of the Lord, families re-consecrate themselves to living the Attributes of God in these critical times, so that love may overcome, light may triumph and all evil may be defeated by the divine intercession of Saint Archangel Michael. Amen.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you, children of Mine, for opening yourselves to listen to Me, because the only thing that I wish for is your wellness and well-being.

I thank you and listen to the song of your voices.



Tuesday, December 25 of 2018


It is through the love of My children that the Holy Mother of God and your Mother can work with humanity and the planet, through the precious tools that exist in the whole of the vast Cosmos, tools that generated the Principles of Creation and that permitted the generation of life in the origin of origins.

It is these same tools of light of the nonmaterial and spiritual Universe that in this time act in the Universe and on this planet with the aim to not only uplift the human consciousness, but also to redeem it so as to take it on the path of good and light.

You are before the Mystery of the Origins, of the first thing that God thought of before the creation of the universes. You are before your existence, your creation. You are before the Mystery from which you emerged as essences.

Today you are before one of the truths of God and My angels accompany this sacred movement which, like a spiral of light, descends its principles from the Source for the human consciousness which, in these defining times, opens to reveal the mysteries and thus become able to know them, in order to become sacred and united, in perfect alliance with God.

In the nonmaterial Source, there are many manifestations of life. In the Universe, not only that which lives and vibrates is called life, but also everything that is moved by nonmaterial energy, as a powerful flow and energy that feeds back the spaces and all of the planes of consciousness, so that souls and all the beings of the Universe may be in contact with God.

In this part of the local Universe, where your planet constitutes a system of life, only one percent of this system of communication exists.

So you will be able to understand, My children, how vast the Creation of God is in this Universe. Because as you already know and learned, through the instruction received, the Universe not only ends in the physical, but it is also mental, spiritual and supra-spiritual, something that the human consciousness has not achieved yet, due to the condition of its molecular and cellular density and to the chaos of these times.

But the Father thought of something different for this humanity and this planet, even  before the return of His Beloved Son, that His most sacred treasures of Creation, the most ancient knowledge of this material and spiritual Universe should be within reach of all human beings, so that they may finally represent the Plan of God on Earth and the veils of cosmic life may fall from their faces so that the truth that brought them here and the Purpose that conceived them for this moment may be shown.

This is why, through My Immaculate Heart I not only profess simple words for souls, so that everyone may understand Me. But it is time, My children, that your consciousnesses take one more step toward the Universe so that your vibrations may be elevated more, given the planetary need and the chaos of the end times.

Just as the people of Israel were, this generation of the end of times, this humanity transitioning from an old time to a new time, must be deserving of the celestial treasures so that it may become the steward of the relics of God and of all His knowledge emitted since before creation.

Now, My children, the Mystery has now ceased to be a mystery. It is time for you to be able to ascend through the awakening and the sacred knowledge written in the eternal, in the sublime spheres of Creation, where the Divine Purpose pulsates and vibrates for all of Creation and for all life.

Today you are before one of the Wills of God and I know that your hearts cannot embrace all of this, even less your minds because of the limitation they have. But your spirits, that know universal and cosmic Life, that feel in the center of their breast the Greater Life and the confraternity that has brought them here to learn about redemption and forgiveness, your spirits are indeed open, because it will be your spirits that will make you understand the Mysteries of God, and you will thus become familiar, in an evolutionary way, with the divine Knowledge of the Supreme Source.

There are still many keys that we must deliver so that new doors may be opened. It will depend on the receptivity of hearts to divine knowledge for this to happen. This will generate more opportunities. The divine science will be close to your lives.

 You will learn to interrelate with the Universes and with other systems of Creation that are beyond this local Universe.

It is time to understand, My children, that we are not alone. It is no longer a theory of a few wise or scientific men.

Divine and universal reality wants to descend so that your souls may find the commitment that brought them here and become instruments of God, so that He may work in the end of these times, fully activating the plan of rescue in this humanity.

Nothing of what I tell you is strange. However only some hearts, in this hour and at this time, are able to understand all of this universal system, since the majority is awakening to something that they have long forgotten and that comes from the stars, from all the suns, from all the stars that encircle the Universe, generating universal Life and the descent of sublime Life in all the systems of this Universe and of others.

The Creation of God is vast, and much knowledge can draw close to the souls that want to reconnect with universal Life so that ignorance may be dispelled and the tonic of Truth may enter the consciousness, which will make you responsible and correspondent with the Divine Plan of the Father.

Thus, it is now time to take steps in spiritual evolution. It is time for you to no longer remain restricted to what occurred on the planet or with what is told in the history books that were written. Many more truths exist in the Universe that are not known up until today.

Only by the decision of the Eternal Father can this reality be part of your lives, be within your consciousnesses and form you in the Sacred Knowledge of God. That same knowledge, which once descended over the patriarchs and the prophets, was what allowed the originality of the race to be preserved, beyond its errors and acts committed, and also what allowed the preparation for the birth of Jesus.

The human being from the Earth has many possibilities in the system of life. However, the plans of My adversary reached the entire human consciousness so that it would not know its potential and virtues, or the possibility of being able to communicate with God in a fluid and permanent way, like no other place in the Universe.

For this reason, the human being is something unpredictable. They may be in good or in evil.

But it is time, My children, that through the Sacred Knowledge which comes from the Universe of God, you may learn in the end of these times to defeat duality so that your souls may grow in love and in truth, in service and in humility for those who are more ignorant and foolish, for all those who do not want to see the Truth of the Universe that is written since ancient times in the Mirrors of Creation, divine and cosmic information that is refracted from time to time to other systems of life beyond the Earth. 

Beyond the Earth, the material amongst distance planets is something alternate for the consciousness of humanity.

There are many points in the Universe from which you can reach other spaces in a matter of seconds or minutes. It is just that humanity is in an alternate time.

It will be the knowledge of the Universe that will allow you to access the truth of real time or present time, and will allow you to understand everything that exists within the Universe of God and which is much more sacred than what has been sacred on this planet.

All beings come from different Sources, from distant origins, from undeletable histories, from a lived experience that remains engraved in the consciousness, that is still not aware of this reality.

But those veils will also fall someday and you will be able to recognize your actions and errors. And you will be able to amend them in the Love of Christ, especially through the strength of your faith in the sacred Plan of the Creator.

Your Guardian angels keep the history of your existence and deeply know your inner and spiritual reality; what you were, what you are now and what you will become someday, after transcending duality, death and illusion.

But in order to be able to live this as many other beings have lived it at some time, humility, resignation, obedience and a great deal of willingness are needed to concretize the purpose that brought you here, beyond what you think, what you feel or what you live.

The true essence that brought you here is not in material life. Material life and its vehicles are instruments to live that experience, to learn something that you stopped learning or that you never learned, for different circumstances or reasons.

Material life can reflect spiritual life, but it will never be the same as supreme life. God created each plane of consciousness, thinking of each detail and meaning of each movement, each action and each purpose.

You, as humanity and as a planet, as an existence within a universal system, within an infinite creation of a vast universe, you are immersed within this Purpose, which must be designed and accomplished in these coming times, so that an unknown Will may be fulfilled, so similar to the Will that God once had to bring His Son to Earth.

With this spiritual comparison, My children, you are faced with a great divine responsibility and before the Portal of a great opportunity of carrying out the Greater Will on Earth.

Therefore, My children, as time, months and years go by, each time new Children of Mary are consecrated, they take on greater responsibilities before Creation, knowing that it is not only carrying the mantle of the Virgin Mary on their bodies; it is something much greater, that comes from the Source and that gives them the grace of living their consecration.

Those who will be consecrated today can approach the stage.

You will make your vows before the Mother of God of learning to submerge in Divine Life, so that your consciousness may be divinized and thus, one day, you may fulfill the Greater Will that brought you here.

I have said a lot more than expected tonight, because God observes and contemplates the movement of your inner beings in order to measure how far it is possible to deepen in the revelations of His Sacred Knowledge.

Today, may those who will consecrate themselves, and those who have already consecrated, be permeated and filled by the sublime spheres so that, essentially as souls and spirits, you may unite with the Greater Source through the love and the unity that brought you to the Earth to fulfill a Sacred Purpose.

Continue to pray every day so that the Mother of God and your Mother may be able to continue pronouncing and revealing the Mysteries of God and thus, more each day, human ignorance may be dissolved from humanity.

Today, by means of the Mirrors of the Universe, through My Maternal Heart, as Empress of the Universe and of the Earth, as the Greater Lady of the Universe and Mother of the World, I radiate My attributes to you so that, as little seeds of light, they may be sown in your hearts and essences, so that when Christ returns for the second time to the Earth, He may find in you the talents and virtues that He will need to be able to redo and reconfigure humanity.

Listening to the Hymn of your consecration, I raise your aspirations to the Highest, and in His Heart, the Father receives your pleas, so that your souls may be contemplated by His Mercy at this moment of consecration and of union with the powerful Light of the Celestial Universe.

For this reason, children, on this night, before the Knowledge of God that has been revealed, receive My warmest and sweetest love of Mother so that in your hearts you may feel the promising warmth of My Love and the coming of hope. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We all stand, at the request of Mary. And together with Her, let us give thanks for the immensity of Her Love and Her Grace, because we know that we are not deserving of so much knowledge. And through this knowledge, through the Most Holy Mary, each one of us can discover each day more of the infinite Love of God for each one of His children.

At the request of the Divine Mother, we will pray for this consecration and for those who will re-consecrate today, renewing the vows with the commitment to live the Plan of God on Earth and to materialize it in these times, so that the salvation of humanity may be accomplished.

Let us pray the Our Father in Portuguese, together with Our Lady.

Pai Nosso...

With the power that comes from the Source of God, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, I bless you and I consecrate you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

You may sing the Hymn of your consecration.

I thank you for responding to My call and for being open to hear the revelations of the Lord.


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