Sunday, July 8 of 2018

Special Apparition
Extraordinary apparition of the Virgin Mary, on the 8th of July of 2018, in Vienna, Austria, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Do not fear.

I am the Queen of Peace, the Virgin of Schoenstatt, Mother of all peoples, Virgin of all cultures, Mother of all languages and Queen of Love.

I come to the world as Mother of the Universe, to remove from your hearts all that distances you from love, all that keeps you apart from God, all that is not part of His Divine Plan.

This is why I have come to Vienna to conclude the mission that My Son has started, to end the suffering of human beings, especially those sufferings that have marked the history of humanity and that nobody, nobody has been able to erase.

This is why I come from Heaven to announce that I Am your Mother who loves Her Children, a Mother who understands humanity and its mistakes, a Mother who has come to the world many times to warn humanity, to correct humanity, to guide them on the path of love.

You have time, My children, to live all that I promise you and bring you, of transforming your lives according to My designs, of forming part of My celestial commands and of making this planet a planet of redemption together with all the Kingdoms of Nature.

Remember then, My children, the unconditional service of your Guardian Angel who is there, present close to you, to take you by the hand towards the Design of God, to remove you from the path of constant suffering and agony that many souls live on many degrees of the consciousness.

Therefore I come through My Grace to grant you the Grace of God, the one you will need to awaken the consciousness, the one you will need to live in life the Principles of God according to His Will.

I want you to open your consciousnesses to the Universe and to all that exists beyond this planet and this humanity.

I invite you, My children, to look up to the Highest, to find in the infinite your history and your origin, to reencounter your path according to the Will of God and to make this a sacred path so that in you and in time you may awaken the virtues of Divinity and these may be part of the project of redemption of humanity.

I come to open the eyes of your superior consciousnesses, searching in all of this path for unity, the one that will lead you to wisdom, in the joy of serving God and above all, in the path of faith.

Austria, like all of Eastern Europe, still needs to heal its most profound wounds of war.

I come to grant you and your last generations My maternal Grace in order to remove the pain from your hearts, the hatred or resentment for having felt apparently abandoned by God.

But God was, in that moment, contemplating His children and sent Me to the world in those times, to announce My Message in Fatima, in order to rescue many souls, many families who escaped from suffering and the horrors of those times.

I do not want, children, to remind you of the past, but to submerge you, through My Heart, in the eternal present, where you will find the Design of God for each one of your lives and consciousnesses.

I come to encourage you to renew the times and to transform theses times into great moments of forgiveness and redemption.

I invite you to continue living the School of Prayer because with prayer in your lives and especially in your hearts, you will be able to perceive, My children, which is the new path that you will have to go through at this time.

Therefore, I am here today, with all the angels of the Universe, those you sing Glory to God, to offer you the consecration to My Immaculate Heart.

In this way, My children, in this very simple consecration, but true, that your lives can offer Me at this moment, you will be able to not only help your families who also need the forgiveness and the Love of God, but also help all of Austria and beyond it, radiating, through your consecration, the renewal of time and humanity that forms part of Eastern Europe. 

At this moment, before the Presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, a new step is granted to your consciousnesses, which want to be led through the path of awakening so that some day, under the aspiration of My Heart, you may feel motivated to serve the world and its humanity expanding, together with your Heavenly Mother, this network of Light, prayer and forgiveness.

Europe still needs much mercy for all it owes to Africa and to America.

I invite you to convert the mistakes of all times into love, in this way you will be sincere hearts, that listen to the Call of God and dare to take a step in the name of Love.

Therefore, I bring you Peace, so that Peace may be conceived in your lives and may triumph in humanity.

We have come now to the moment of your consecration.

May the music of the Children of Mary sound so that I can bless those who will consecrate today.

And today I call Austria to renewal and hope so that, in this place, forgiveness and love  may be reached in the hearts that need them the most.

Now, children, that you are at My Feet and that you will know My mysteries, make a sincere petition to Me in the silence of your hearts, so that I may be able to take it to God and it may be fulfilled according to the Divine Will.

May this petition not only be something for your lives, which today are renewed in the Holy Spirit, but also a petition for humanity, that cries out for love and relief of suffering. So be it.

I bless this water in the name of My Son, for you to be baptized and blessed by the fire of the Holy Spirit of the Mother of God and for the talents of your hearts to awaken in honor of the Triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen.

I thank you for responding to My call.

May Peace and Goodness descend upon Austria and all the souls who are congregated here.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Saturday, July 21 of 2018

Special Apparition

From Heaven I come today to tell you that what I carry in My Hands is what you truly are for God.

You are something that is still profoundly unknown to you, small lapses of that consciousness you have had, of knowing what you truly are for God and what it is that you came to do here on Earth.

Today I bring in My Hands the purity of creatures and I have come to make you remember that commitment, because you still have to return to your origin, so that humanity may return to its innocence.

Fix your gaze and your contemplation on what you truly are. Do not stay any longer in the appearances of life, in the traumas of life or in the sufferings of life.

I come here to this Sanctuary of Lys, because it will be this place and this Marian Center which will bring to the world the recovery of its original essence, the re-encounter with the original purity, with the precious molecule that God sowed from the beginning of its existence.

Children, today you are before another mystery that the Mother of God comes to reveal to you, because this mystery, which at this moment ceases to be a mystery, also lives, vibrates and beats in the Heart of the Mother of God.

As I can be part of you, you too can be part of Me and in only one essence, everything can be recovered in humanity and in the planet.

Today I come especially from the Higher Universes to your encounter and I bring in My Hands what is most valuable that exists in this Creation, which is what God conceived from the beginning of this humanity, and I could say, since before this race existed.

Dear children, truly return to what you are, so that humanity may recover the attributes it needs in this planetary transition.

If souls that recover their original purity exist, the world will be able to recover widely and it will not have to suffer many more traumas than what it daily lives.

Through this Kingdom and this Sacred Sanctuary, I bring you the revelation, in this night, of what you truly are, My children, in the Eyes of God, beyond sins and errors.

That is the filiation that you must recover in this cycle. I say recover, because many more souls must still recover their filiation with God.

By means of the consecration of new children, not only to the spiritual path, to a life of service and prayer, but as new children of My Immaculate Heart, is the way that I find, My children, to be able to donate and give to you this that you truly are in the eyes of the whole Universe.

Humanity needs to know that it is not only matter, or only soul. There is something beyond all of this, there is a beyond that you must discover and find.

This is why I bring you this revelation, so simple and profound. There exist essences so similar to what I have in My hands, that are suffering in this humanity, because they not only cannot find the path toward Light, but they are taken to the deep abysses of the Earth.

Through this message, My children, today I come to use this channel of prayer and light to uplift all those essences, from the abysses toward the Universe, so that My greatest Mirrors of Light, Healing and Mercy, which are illuminated and ignited, so similar to the suns that exist in this Universe, may receive the essences that need of that opportunity and of that Grace.

The Supreme Creator has granted Me this special intervention in this night.

I wish you could know, My children, that what exists in your inner universe is not only precious, but also sublime; it is something that humanity will have to recover in this time so that it may reach Peace and the end of conflicts.

It is only by turning to God that the essence of humanity may be recovered, living a sincere repentance, doing a humble penitence and crying out for the forgiveness that is needed so that humanity and its planet may recover.

Today I use this portal that you have offered the Mother of God as an attribute of Her apparitions in Fatima to be able to transport you, My children, towards My Spiritual Universe, where God has entrusted Me to be and remain until the second return of Christ.

I know that you will not be able to understand what I am telling you with this, but you can feel it, children. You have such a valuable essence that it will allow you, always and forever, to make contact with God and His Divine Universe in a way so similar and full as the angels of the Universe and all the Celestial Choirs.

Offer this essence of your lives for humanity as the great sacrifice for the reconciliation of mankind and God, so that spirits may be relieved and sheltered by the intercession of the Mother of God.

After having told you all of this, My children, now see yourselves, for one instant; contemplate for a second what you truly are and continue to contemplate it for forever.

Do not identify yourselves with what your hearts may feel and your minds may think. What is human, is human, and should only be transformed in glory to God so that the redemption of Christ may triumph on Earth and many more souls may participate of the fullness of the experience of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

You are not only body, mind, or spirit; you are something more that you must still discover, My children, just as the apostles discovered what they truly were in the sacred blessing of the Pentecost.

You are spirits in potential and in redemption, just as many more are, on the whole planet.

Through My intercession and on this night of Grace, in which we conclude together a stage, My children, I come to take the blindfolds from your eyes for an instant, so that your souls may reach what they truly are; so that your inner worlds may be able to perceive where you truly come from and where you will someday go, after this terrestrial experience.

Today I wish, My children, that you come close to  My Heart as you have never done before. And even though you may have done it many times, I need that you penetrate in My Immaculate Heart as that abode and that refuge where you will be able to find God and the Peace that you need so much.

Through the children that today consecrate as Children of Mary in an extraordinary way, I come to give you, in their name, what you truly are as essences, so that from this new cycle, you walk decided towards the unknown, so that it is no longer unknown, but rather a real experience of being in full communion with the Universe of God and His Creation. Let the children of Mary that will be consecrated come here.

The flowers that  you have left today at My feet will be yours, as a testimony of My Love for you and for the world, knowing that in your essences you can be so similar to the beauty of a rose, that only in devotion surrenders to God.

Through the song that I will now request, I will carry out a planetary task, taking from the abyss to the Universe the lost essences.

I ask you to accompany Me within yourselves and in silent prayer, without fearing what I may do.

Here a cycle is closed, but a new cycle opens for the hearts. Happy will be those who can truly accompany it, so that your Heavenly Mother may always have the Grace through Her children, of returning to Europe.

On this night I am here, My children, in a way similar to when I was here on the thirteenth of May during the first apparition in Fatima. It is thus,that in an internal and very profound way, the Heavenly Mother, the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, unites the times.

And before Me, in this little space, inside this simple house, you are in the present time, in the time of God, in His Real Time; perceive it and carry it in your hearts in order to contact it again in some other moment.

Through this water, the Mother of God will consecrate you as Children of Mary, so that you begin to walk on your path of Love and of Redemption.

My mission has been fulfilled and I thank you for responding to My call and for having, through the prayer of the heart, concretized this pilgrimage for Peace, where souls will celebrate the Mercy of God and the happiness of living in His Kingdom forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the advent of the New Race be fulfilled.

May humanity be able to express its archetype.

May the word be alive and build Your temple.

May Your mystery expand in us

and that the true existence be revealed to the world,

so that we can meet in Your Name

and glorify the perfect Unity.


Children, everything is part of a Supreme Grace, infinite, unalterable, and untransferable.

It is this Supreme Grace that makes the souls be reborn in the Love of God through His Sacraments and His Faith, in His Presence and in His Divine Existence.

Let us thank God for everything that has happened, because finally My Immaculate Heart will triumph. Amen.

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