Wednesday, July 25 of 2018

Reserved Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the city of Fatima, Portugal, to the visionary Fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From the Heart of Fatima, today I send blessings to My children of the world and as Mother, today I come to look for your inner universe so that it may be recognized, contemplated and loved.

I wish for you to seek within yourselves, My children, that which truly exists and that goes beyond material life, the superficial life or the human life.

The Universe is attentive to the awakening of the consciousness of each human being because with this movement many more situations will be able to be regenerated and healed in this race.

The awakening of your inner universe is important for this cycle because it is where you will find the answer to your questionings or doubts, it is where you will find the Wisdom of God, it is where you will find peace.

If you come out of this inner universe, My children, you will not be able to understand the coming circumstances in humanity around you.

The signs of the Universe will come directly towards the deep levels of the consciousness.

Humanity has demonstrated that in the superficiality of life, God cannot be found.

I teach you, by means of  the path of prayer, to enter into communion with your inner universe and with your whole existence, even though you may not know it.

I invite you to enter into this state of consciousness, day by day, so that you can penetrate this Mystery of God even more, a mystery that keeps important revelations for the souls of this time.

If you are in this cycle, present in humanity, it is for a spiritual and inner reason.

This is why I invite you, My children, to understand, beyond the senses, the Word of the Hierarchy.

You are before a crucial time in which everything must be defined, but this definition can be loving or painful. The human being has the opportunity to choose it.

I come, as Mother, to look for this inner wealth that there is within each one of My children.

I come with the intention that you look within yourself, beyond the imperfections and miseries, beyond the obstacles or the difficulties of the day-to-day.

God has left a spiritual treasure in each creature and the time has come for this treasure to awaken and be conscious for each of My children.

Thus My children will be able to be in communion with the Universe, they will be able to understand, even if they do not know, the Laws that will act in the end of these times and the events that will develop at the end of this cycle.

I only hope that, through the virtues of the soul, you can access this inner knowledge; thus, your most ancient registers will be transmuted and will be liberated, and it will not be necessary to remain in the vicious chain of errors.

I invite you to let the inner Sun of love dawn within you, because by means of this Gift you will overcome everything, you will transform everything .

I need, My children, that you disconnect from what is known and connect with the unknown, that you may cross this portal that today the Universe opens for you so that you may not only be in filiation with the High and the Superior, but that within you new things can be gestated.

As Mother of the Universe and Mother of the Confraternity, I give you the impulse to a new change, to a new state of consciousness, to a new perception of life, different from what you have understood and experienced until now.

The great Creator Fathers of the Spiritual, Mental, and Material Universes wait to give new impulses, to humanity and to the planet, and to be able to reflect all these impulses for the Universes of which you are a part of, all the time.

This will allow, My children, for humanity to be worthy of new revelations and, although it is within a path of inner and material transition, the Guidance and the Knowledge of God will never be lacking for humanity; but not everyone is prepared to receive these impulses, but the majority will be able to benefit from them, because God continues to be merciful.

The Laws that try to awaken in souls will change the events, it is necessary to learn to perceive them, even if they are not known. For this reason your union with the High will always be indispensable.

Renew this union every day so that, in your hearts, the Will of God may be mirrored.

As Mother of the Universe I bring you all of the Knowledge of the Cosmos because it is time for you to learn to perceive reality from another place.

The Universe is a constant dynamism, it is a constant flow of knowledge and information.

The Universe is like a power source that renews and regenerates everything.

The Universe never stops, since it was created it has never stopped.

The spiritual stagnation is not part of the dynamism of the Universe, for this reason  constant and permanent change leads to the awakening of consciousness and to the understanding of new realities, you must only do what is correct to be able to live it.

What I bring you today is not a mystery, it is something that any being in this Universe can live, can experience, can vivify in theirselves.

God is still open to receive His children and their intentions, to listen to their hearts and their prayers.

In this time, there will not be the path of retrogression, you must only rest your gaze on the horizon of God and move ahead.

The times that will come and their experiences have never been lived by humanity; everything you feel, think or perceive in this cycle will be something new, although it is not good and in everything there is a learning and an inner lesson for souls.

It is time to recognize the time of purification and to not want to distance from it, because there will not be how to escape from it.

There are souls in this time that are purifying more than others, but all will live their purification, to some degree and in some sense.

You must not fear to discover in you what still must be redeemed.

Thank God, every day, for having knowledge of His reality, because the planet must still be redeemed as Consciousness, humanity must still find the path toward the Purpose.

I need you to understand everything I tell you in a single sense, which is the sense of the ascension.

What is superficial will be superficial. It will remain in the superficial, but at some moment this will change when the Laws of the Universe descend to conceive new Principles in souls and in consciousnesses.

It is time to perceive that something is changing.

It is time to perceive that everything does not remain equal.

The Spiritual Universe presents itself to announce this to you.

By opening your eyes to Infinity, you will discover the Truth and will recognize its purpose.

Because there is a Star in the Universe to which you belong, and it holds your history since the beginning until the end, and this Star waits for the synthesis of your lives.

And these Stars will ignite even more when you take your steps toward the path of the spirit, which is in constant sacrifice and effort; there the wonderful experiences of love and of redemption of the hearts will be registered.

In the Firmament of God will be written the result of His Creation and everything will begin from scratch because the souls will have learned to overcome duality in themselves and will have learned to win by means of the Love of the Redeemer.

Each time I come from the Universe, I descend from Heavens and come to meet you, My children, something new is registered in the Universe of God and also in this Material Universe.

You must openly perceive what this means and for this you must be in the correct vibration and in the correct channel in order to be able to understand and feel it.

The Universe is still a mystery for humanity, but the one who first loves the Universe will understand and know it.

The mind of the human being will never be able to understand the Universe, it is the heart that God has given to humanity that understands and perceives everything; for this reason, My Immaculate Heart is the door to your understanding and your wisdom.

In My Heart is the path for those who want to learn to transcend themselves.

My Heart is the refuge for your lives and it is the offering to God, in constant offering and surrender.

The one who passes by My Heart changes their life, forever, because My Heart is part of God and of this great Universe that waits to definitely show itself to humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you, Divine Mother, for everything you give us.

Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us.



Friday, July 13 of 2018

Apparition of the Virgin Mary, in the City of Köln, Germany, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Germany needs to re-consecrate itself to My Immaculate Heart so that it may receive more Graces than the ones I bring you today. But today I will take to Heaven and in My Heart the breath of love of My children, which is what makes Me return to the world again and again.

That is why I am here, My children, so that the breath of the love of your hearts should reach not only Germany, but also the places that are most in need of the Love of God.

It is this Love so deep and real that will redeem your hearts and lives, that will lead you to understand the Mysteries of God so that someday you may learn to fulfill His Will.

Today I have felt this love in your hearts, of each heart present, that has confessed to Me its love for My Immaculate Heart.

I wish, My children, that you always remember this, because it is what will dissolve, even more, the mistakes that Germany committed in the past.

It is this love that will take you to love the Universe even more, so that someday you may be participants of everything that is guarded by the essence of the Universal Life.

It is this love that will cause you to love everything unconditionally, that will awaken you to the service of those most in need; because here, the greatest reason for service in Germany is for those who suffer spiritually, in spite of having everything and not lacking anything.

The spiritual suffering, although it may not seem so to you My children, is stronger than material and human suffering, for there is nothing that can dissolve it except the Love of God, that again and again must emerge from your essences, so that this Love may fill your lives and spirits, and thus, fill the planet that needs so much of the Love of God in order to be able to continue forward in these defining times.

Today the laws of transmutation have acted in a different way, because first the love of your hearts was donated and you surrendered to an unknown and invincible Will.

It is this Divine and Infinite Will that is  based on the Love of God, that has brought Me here to Germany, to bring to your hearts what is renewing and good; so that from your families and peoples you learn the new values of spirituality, based on the attributes that My Immaculate Heart offers you for these times.

Through the path of service and of prayer, My children, through the Communion with Christ and the daily confession of your hearts to the Supreme Creator, you will find the keys to be able to transform everything, because, My children, you will learn to live the spirituality that God had thought of since the beginning for Germany and Europe.

Therefore today, My children, a new cycle begins and your hearts are participants of this Grace that I bring you today; a Grace that will try to take you even more to awakening and to become aware of all that God needs for this time and His  humanity.

My children, the task here in Germany has only just begun. The soil has been prepared, the Shepherd has sown it, and Mother Nature has watered it, so that new principles of brotherhood and of light can sprout here, which will help to dissolve the past and to heal the hearts of all suffering.

Therefore, My children, first you must believe in the love that is in you and within you. Open up to discover within yourselves the Universe of Love of God, and prayer will be the fundamental pillar in your lives to be able to find it. Because with this daily communication with Heaven, your Guardian Angels will help you to find the path of love, to finally find the path of truth that you so need to know and understand through what happens in your lives day to day.

Thats why today, I not only extend My Hand to you so that you may hold tight, My children, so that we not only unite Heaven and Earth, the Universe of God and souls, but I also offer you My maternal Heart so that through the Fire of My Spirit, new gifts may enter into you at this moment, and this may expand beyond your lives and your nation. Because whoever lives the call of the Celestial Mother will learn to live the Will of God in these difficult times.

Therefore I invite you to gestate among yourselves, children of Germany, that unbreakable unity which will help to foster Peace in the inner worlds, and that will bring  renewal to your lives and to all of your people.

Today I am here, before you, as the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, to invite you so that by means of your consecration on this day, group prayer may be the keynote for your lives; prayer that can heal the deep levels of the souls of Germany that are still suffering the consequences of the past and the present.

Today I offer Myself to you as the Mother of Prayer, so that you may enter into My eternal school, so that together with the Angels of Heaven, you form this new school of prayer, which on the very silent and deep levels, is not only able to transform Germany, but also Europe, which needs it so much.

With this response that your hearts have given Me, to live today's consecration, and also for those who have come from other nations to consecrate themselves,I wish, My children, that you can perceive the fire of your faith, that in spite of being unknown, must always take you to concretize the Will of God in your lives, and in the nations to which you belong.

This is My message for you, My children: I wish you to be ambassadors of peace and that you promote peace through good actions, with fraternal actions, with peaceful actions, that you can renew your consciousnesses and all those who receive this service from you.

The greatest spiritual service for the groups of prayer of Germany will be the help through prayer, and the invocation to the Divine Mercy of My Son for all those of My Children who need to receive an opportunity in this final time.

Today I will leave here, My children, finalizing and fulfilling a Mission, which you have lived together with Me in these last two months and in which everyone was taken to collaborate for love and brotherhood, so that Europe could receive the Graces it so much needed.

There is still much work to be done, My children. Belgium and Denmark also wait for My help someday, as well as Russia, which needs of much Mercy.

But if the pillars of the groups of prayer are first founded in West and East Europe, they will create the necessary conditions, My children, for the Work of Love of the Divine Messengers to reach those places in the world that are also in need of Mercy.

From now, My children, we are preparing for this moment, as well as to take the peace and love that you have received to Asia and Oceania.

At this moment, before the Celestial Church of Christ, that is opening from the Spiritual Universe, the Mother of Heaven and of Earth, the Virgin of Schoenstatt, the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, invites Her children who are consecrating themselves today, to approach this altar blessed by Christ to live this important moment of consecration of their souls in My Immaculate Heart.

That from this moment, the hymn of your consecration may begin to be heard.

You, My children, have established before My Immaculate Heart, to form part of this first army for Germany, which will also unite Austria and Switzerland in that divine and special triangulation for the triumph of the three Sacred Hearts: of Jesus, of Mary, and of Saint Joseph, who from this moment, in the name of God and of His divine and invincible Project, have offered themselves to these three nations in order to take forward an important moment of conversion and of redemption of this part of humanity, forming joyful and jubilant groups of prayer that can forever carry in their hearts the Love that I will give you today.

The children who will consecrate today, hold your hands in sign of reception.

As the Virgin of Schoenstatt and the Lady of the most Holy Rosary, receive from My Maternal Heart this Grace you have waited so long for in your lives, so that this Grace may multiply and reach the hearts that most suffer, by means of your commitment in this life of consecration to the service of prayer for humanity.

May the Lord pour His Gifts upon you and make you participants in His Mercy.

May the Lord always have you feel His trust and fullness, so that thousands of souls in Germany may receive the impulse of awakening through your devotion and dedication to a life of prayer, so that the Holy Rosary, a powerful weapon against evil, may be instilled in your hearts and in the world, and renews the times on this planet.

You may place your hands on your heart and thank God for this day of consecration to the Maternal and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Remember that I will always hear you, that always as Mother and Servant of God I will listen to your prayers, which will be especially birthed and emerge in this time from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Today I consecrate you as a spiritual family so that the three Sacred Hearts may be present in you and in your nations.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Today you will take these roses that I am consecrating as the testimony of My Love for you, of an eternal and invincible Love, of a Love that understands and accepts, of a Love that does not question, nor judge. Of a Love of My Heart that embraces, that heals, and that redeems, because it is God through My Heart in your lives forever.

I thank you for having responded to My call.

May peace always be found here in Germany.

So be it.

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