Wednesday, September 13 of 2017


Today My Heart lights up with joy for those most simple and for those most poor; because of the love that emerges from their hearts while calling upon your Celestial Mother so that She, as a sweet Lady, may come to meet Her children.

Today I come here because of those who have called Me.

Once again, dear children, I congregate you in the sacred oratory of My Immaculate Heart, where you can have the divine experience, the meeting with God and the manifestation of His divine Purpose for each one of your consciousnesses.

Today I come dressed in white, crowned by My children and with the moon at My feet, to announce to the world that there is still time to repent.

God thirsts for the love of all His creatures, for the sincerity of hearts, for the truth of all the servers who can express it in these times.

God has His Arms open, showing His shining Heart, indicating to all that there is still time to enter into the Ocean of His Mercy, so that your debts may be purified, so that your souls may be healed and so that you can simply feel, dear children, something that I feel all the time, which is to be in the joy of God; in union with His divine and unfathomable Source, in perpetual and perfect communion.

So that all this may be possible and may first emerge in your lives, you must continue to pray the Rosary every day, because the announcement that I made in Fatima is still latent.

After one hundred years, the world is in the great gravity, in a great chaos that submerges many souls into hell.

I request, dear children, that with the same sincerity of your hearts and the same warmth of your prayers, today offered to the Holy Creator, you continue to form groups of prayer so that in this city and beyond it, there may be pillars of light that will be placed by Heaven and under the order of My Immaculate Heart, through the work of the holy angels.

I come to request, dear children, that you continue to pray for the equilibrium of the planet and its humanity, that your hearts do not tire of proclaiming your faith in God, nor of seeking the Church so that, through the Eucharist, your lives may be in communion with My beloved Son, every day.

I need, dear children, that you turn this city into a Mirror of My Celestial Kingdom. And that will begin first in you, living good attitudes, reflecting good examples, transforming your lives through the extremely powerful flow of the prayer of the heart.

Dear children, I ask you to follow My steps, the steps that I am pointing out today, so that God can allow Me to return here as many times as is necessary and under the principle of His divine Will.

I need your hearts to continue to open so that My angels, the angels that accompany Me today and that surround your Celestial Mother, can heal your deepest wounds and so that, after each meeting with Me, you may leave renewed with strengthened hope, with unquenchable faith, with an unknown love that will finally free you from this captivity of the end of times.

Today I come especially to gather up your prayers so that more Graces may be poured out upon the world, especially upon those corners of the world where the whole of humanity still does not know what happens. How much souls suffer in silence, through slavery and persecution!

I come to use your prayers from today to be able to close more hells on this planet; so that more souls, in likeness to yours, may awaken and get out of this illusion that blinds the world.

I come to open the portals of the Universe so that not only you, but also more souls of the whole world may feel and hear the call of God to consecrate their lives to the Infinite and make of this planet a sacred people, just as was the people of the desert, in the Company of Moses.

Through My maternal eyes, I come to contemplate the sweetness that emerges from your hearts today, the warm prayer that ennobles your spirits and vivifies your souls before the presence of the Mother of God.

Now, more than ever, God has His ears well available to listen to the pleas of His children. Some will soon achieve the graces they need, but others must continue to pray, every day, to be able to achieve the Great Grace of God. Because true prayer, which can be pronounced by your hearts, will free you, will redeem you and you will be able to achieve peace through ending the human debt, all sins that make of hearts, suffering hearts.

I come, dear children, to institute My Portal of Peace in the world and I come to make of you souls in constant renewal, hearts in adoration to God.

I want to work My miracle in the most simple so that they may testify to the world the power of the Love of God when hearts open and allow the Creator to transform them, not only through His Holy Servant, but also, My children, through the prayer and devotion of your hearts.

I want to build the impossible here, in a world of chaos and so many wars. My eyes contemplate situations that you do not know, that the whole world does not know, and those which I aspire to share with My children, those who will open to feel the pain of this world with Me.

I want to make of this place, as well as your homes and your hearts, cenacles of reparation, to repair the Heart of God, so offended and so wounded by the actions of humankind.

My children, tonight I not only share the joy of My Holy Spirit with your little hearts, but I also give you a thorn from My Heart so that you may repair it with your constant prayers. For on this night I tell you that not much is needed to repair the Heart of God. When you are simple, but true, you can open the doors of Heaven and, within yourselves, you can contemplate the Heart of the Father, which He shows to His children when they open to see it.

On this night, I come to reveal a celestial mystery to you: the mystery of reparation, so that you may learn, My children, that on transforming your lives, you are not only transforming your families and bringing a little more peace to your homes, to your friends. In this way, children, when you transform your spirits and your hearts, when you pray every day, together with Me, you are repairing the Heart of God from faults that you do not know, you are generating merits so that many lost souls may find the way out of the darkness in which they live, in this world and beyond it.

My children, I want to build the triumph of God in your hearts so that this triumph may spread from you toward the world. I only need you to say “yes” to Me and to truly pray, transforming the priorities in your lives, being aware, children, of those actions that do not build the Plan of God in this world but rather, on the contrary, destroy the grace of your spirits, the grace that I give you, time and again, when I come from Heaven to meet with you.

Do not lose, My children, everything that I gave you and everything that I will still give to you, by coming to this world. But rather, day and night, with your prayers, with your actions, with the transformation of your lives, build a Greater Grace for all of this planet. The planet is at war, it is in permanent agony, which many do not perceive because they only see their small sufferings and only seek their vain happiness.

Today, My children, I want you to know a greater happiness, which transcends all that fills you with the things of this world. I come to give you celestial joy, which is beyond all human suffering and which is even found through sacrifice and constant effort.

I want you to know, children, the joy of being in My Immaculate Heart and of sharing all the blessings of Heaven with Me, so that you may bring them to your brothers and sisters, those who are beside you and those who are in the world, in remote and unknown places.

Come with Me, My children, transcending the borders between nations, through the prayer of your hearts, so that the world may find a greater time of peace through your lives.

Is what I ask you too much, that you pray a Mystery of the Rosary, every day, uniting the mirrors of your hearts with My Immaculate Heart? Pray with Me, children, and see your lives transformed by the Grace of My Spirit, by the presence of My Immaculate Heart.

You are part of the story of My life, which I write each day through the conversion of your heart and the perpetual awakening of a renewing prayer, a prayer that brings the faith and hope, that which the world needs so much.

And I tell you again, dear children, that I must go to the United States again; My task with that nation is not finished yet, and through your collaboration and your union with Me, it will be possible for Me to triumph again in the more awakened hearts and, above all, in the hearts that have distanced themselves from God through the action of My enemy.

I come to build in you the importance of uniting with all races and cultures so that together, dear children, we may attend to this planetary emergency, which is a responsibility of each one of you.

I Am your Mediator, the Peace-maker, the Mother who consoles souls and hearts.

Today I come with a special blessing for those who will consecrate themselves as new Children of Mary. May you now come up to My altar so that I may bless you all.

I will pray to the Eternal Father for you:

“Lord of the Heights, maximum Omnipotence,
which is mirrored and is alive in all universes,
as in all stars,
participate in this moment with us.
Hear the voice of Your faithful Servant:
make Your Celestial Kingdom descend,
transmute and purify souls
and vivify them with the Fire of Your divine Spirit
so that Your original Project, Eternal Father,
may be established in humanity, in all those who today are redeemed
at the feet of Your Celestial Servant.


I consecrate you, dear children, and I ask you from today on to be a part of My army of Light, of My soldiers of prayer, of My warriors of Mercy, so that you may carry to the world the relief that it needs and the hope that many souls have lost in these critical times.

Today I am crowned again as Mother and Lady of this city. The next step, dear children, will be that from the square of this city, to this location, we will do a procession in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, during the next meeting, so that I am able, dear children, to bring many more souls, millions of souls, into My Heart, and from My Heart to the Celestial Kingdom.

So be it.

I bless you and maternally thank you for having responded to My call, once again.

I have been able to do many things in the world and concretize here on Earth the Sacred Will of God, by means of this meeting.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Be My Peace in the world so that more hearts may be ignited in the Mercy of the Creator.

See you later, dear children.