Thursday, July 12 of 2012

Vigil of Prayer

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: In total harmony, we will hold hands to say a prayer. The Divine Mother says that She will use such a prayer to make, at this moment, an absolution.

We will repeat the prayer of the Celestial Father three times; the Lady asks that we think about the strength of Her Immaculate Heart as we pray.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Message for July 12, 2012

As the Lady of the Holy Rosary I ask you to continue to hold hands.

This is what I want to build in this time: peace, the peace that is lacking in homes, the peace that is lacking in the hearts of My children.

The world, dear children, is divided, and you are My instruments of peace. I need you to be firm and persevering so that My Plans for Peace can be carried out in this part of the world. Unity is important in these times and it must spring from the heart. As I have said to you before, today I say to you: as the Lady of the Holy Rosary, I invite you to pray the Rosary every day.

Today I have on a blue sash that unites you with the Divine Heaven. This is the unity that God wants to build in your hearts through My Son.

In these times, sincerity is needed in order to live in peace, and thus your hearts will be transparent before the Kingdom of God. Allow My Ray of Mercy to rebuild you and transform you into new dwellings for My Son.

When I announce His Return, it is because He will re- turn even though few believe in this mystery that is written. When I invite you to pray it is so that you may prepare yourselves for this moment. In this way, dear children, you will not only be united to Me, but also to God and you will help to propagate My call.

I invite you to live the daily message every day. Deepen into My words delivered over these seven months; there is a path that I have built through them and few are seeing it. For this reason you must read, interiorize and feel My words with the heart so that you can understand the mysteries that I am revealing to you today.

Today, again, I leave My crown of stars over you so that you can remember that they will be the guide in this final time. They are twelve emanations of the Holy Spirit that I bring from My Heart. They are what you can understand, My little ones, as attributes for your hearts.

This Light that God has given Me, I give to you today be- cause I want to build true confidence in your hearts, which I have been trying to do for so long in this humanity; a confidence that transcends the differences that exist between My children so that they can finally live in unity.

I come to you, My children, to remind you of the importance of unity above all things in this world. You fear the Kingdom of God very much because you do not know It. It is the lack of love in My children that awakens the fears in these times. The Love of My Heart leads you to unity, and for this reason I invite you to live this mystery day by day.

Unity is not separation, unity is purity. This is what you must awaken in your lives. When there is no purity, it is because there is no unity, and in this sense the prayer that must spring day by day in your hearts is lacking. In this way you will be united to God, something very important in these times, My dear ones.

This is why I am here. I guide you, I love you. Since before you came to this Earth, I began to love you, and I love you even more since you exist as souls for the Kingdom of God.

The promise of Paradise is for all. It is a truth, not an illusion. I invite you to have this aspiration in this present time, an aspiration that you will strengthen by means of prayer. You will be able to reach the promised paradise when more than two unite in prayer. What My Son says is real, but His Words seem to have been forgotten in the hearts of humankind, due to the lack of love.

I invite you to remain in this Love above all things, in the Love of My Son, which will allow you, My children, to reach the Purpose that God has drawn in the Heavens for this humanity.

You must be firm in this time of emergency, you must be with Me in order to prevail before the events that will take place on Earth. But you must not fear because I am here as the Queen of Peace to remind you that Eternity is the promise that God conceded to Me for each one of you, Eternity that will lead you to peace. If you live in My Peace, if you work for My Peace, if you pray for My Peace in spite of everything, My Peace will be as a great kingdom of love in the depths of your hearts.

Today I alleviate the suffering of many so that they may be healed. This is why today I asked you, My children, to pray with Me the three prayers to the Celestial Father from the heart. The heart is a place to which you must always return and this you should never forget, in spite of the feelings that this world awakens, feelings that distance My children from the true path that God has entrusted to them in this time.

I receive many questions every day in this place in Heaven where I find Myself; for this reason, today I say to you, My children: only prayer will protect you. The Holy Spirit will be the great mediator for each one of your lives, and this impulse of Light will come through My Immaculate Heart that I once again present to you today so that you may venerate what God has done in His Faithful Servant, in His Pilgrim of Nazareth, in Mother Mary, the Mother of all.

Today I am preparing you for tomorrow, and tomorrow I will prepare you for what will shortly come to this world that must be purified in the peace of the heart so that God may always be present.

Today I give you a spiritual gift: the Mystical Rose of My Heart so that you may contemplate it and hold it in your hands as you pray. In this way, My children, you will be with Me in each one of the symbols, in each one of the signs that I have revealed to you throughout this last year and the year before, signs that God allowed Me to present to all of you, signs that silently prepare your hearts for when My Son arrives.

I do not want to see the world in a new Calvary. So that this does not happen, My Son has already lived it for all of you.

I invite you to be in peace, only in peace, to always seek the Peace of My Heart. This is the true Grace that I give you today.

Know, dear children, that many of My children that are in the world suffer from a lack of peace and their hearts are uneasy because God is not in them.

I call you to pray for them, and place them close to the throne of God. It will be My servants who will be able to intercede for all those that are much forgotten, especially, for their affronts that offend God.

I am the Mother of Mercy, I am the emanation of the Ray of My Son that wants to illuminate the path of all, even more of those who are in the darkness and who have not seen God for a long time.

Remember that everything that I am doing with you has a meaning in life, it is a Purpose of God on which you must reflect in order to understand it. For this reason, I invite you to pray so that wisdom may enter into your consciousnesses and My Son may reside there eternally.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Let us say a prayer that Our Lady is making for all of those souls that need Light.

I am with You, Lord, because I trust in You.
I am with You, Lord, in Your Mercy.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Thank you for responding to My call.

May the Kingdom of God be the Light in your hearts.

I thank you for responding with perseverance to My requests.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


– End of the Apparition –


Fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Today the Divine Mother brought a piece of Heaven in Her Mantle and through this symbol, we were able to understand that Mary is a great reconciler of souls.

The exercise that She asked us to do with the first prayer was witnessed by two angelic beings that presented themselves as two archangels, but they did not say who they were. If you remember, She said that She was going to absolve us and that She would do so in the name of Christ.

At the beginning of the apparition She emphasized that we should work sincerely and truly, as workers of Her Plan, of the Plan that She proposes for these times.

During the greater part of the apparition, She realized an inner and profound work, and we do not know what happened. Externally we were only able to see shapes of lightning of white light that descended inside and outside of the room.

The Divine Mother placed Her presence and Her consciousness over the Garden of Mary, where the orange tree of the Apparitions is. She asked us to concretize and finalize the project of the Prayer Center, both the fountain and the pathways, by the 8th of August. She said that something important will happen on this day and that only then will we know what it is about.

Today Our Lady came dressed in white and, as She said, with a blue sash. Behind Her something that we could understand to be a sun could be seen, a resplendent sun, alive, that illuminated everything and that was present during the whole apparition.

When She recited the last prayer, She radiated the energy generated to the whole planet, mainly to Her children in Asia, Oceania and Europe. While we prayed as a decree, the prayer was reaching all of them. She showed that the energy emanated from the prayer erased many inner scars in all the souls that were there.

Today She spoke to us about Her apparitions that will happen until the end of the year:

Initially, I will be here until December, but there is a last place that I will visit by the end of this year: Santiago de Chile.

This was a very intense moment, because She showed something in the Chilean nation and said She would go to Chile to rescue many of Her children who also need help, just as we do. She referred mainly to the indigenous consciousness, whether physical or not, we do not know, but we know that it will be helped.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: The Divine Mother said everything that we needed to hear. She called our attention to live in unity, which means that we are not achieving it. Let us develop this energy so that we may never lack it, because it is the foundation for the work that She needs to carry out with us. We must be attentive and vigilant so as not to lose, without intending to, the treasure that God has given us.

Let us place all of this in our hearts and be more attentive.