Friday, April 13 of 2012



The group gathered at 5:30 PM for a procession with the children and started the work of prayer at 6PM.

Arriving at the Place of Adoration, the group sang and prayed to prepare for the coming of the Divine Mother.

Around 7PM there was a deep silence; Friar Elias kneeled facing the area where the Divine Mother appeared. There were three bell rings and we heard “Moment of Apparition, let us contemplate with the heart.”


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


Dear children,

Rejoice in your hearts because many souls have been taken to the Kingdom of God because of the answer of all your prayers. This effect of Peace must be multiplied in the whole world and this will start with the love of My children in each of your prayers. Now My dears, I ask that we pray for the union of the languages so that they are one only heart in God.


Hail Mary is prayed three times in English, Portuguese, Italian, Croatian, Spanish and French.


Thank you, dear children, because My ring of Peace is being placed on the world.  Always remember, dear children, that the unity among your hearts and the true feeling of union between the languages will unite you with God.  In this way the power of My Peace will be spread over the world because of the answer of all My children.

Today I come to announce to you for the second time My delight for all of you; but still there is much to do, dear children.  There are many souls that are thirsty for My Son and you can lead them through prayer.  Place each human heart in your prayers so that My Maternal Light can be spread in each prayer you make with Me.

Today I bring you all to My Father through the Kingdom of My Heart so that your souls may rest there and find the strength to go on.  The world still needs to be converted, for this I count on each of you.  My coming month after month prepares you for the encounter with My Son and strengthens you as soldiers in prayer.

At each meeting with Me the Kingdom of My Peace is established and the world is relieved of the pain and suffering many hearts still live.  And if you join Me in prayer not only will you be with Me but also with the Will of God.  I find you day by day not only in prayer but also in your hearts that must rejoice at this time for meeting Me.

Do you know dear children, how many children are missing Me?

For this My contemplation is perpetual and My prayer is permanent in this humanity that must relieve its pain with each Good News that My Heart of Peace brings to all of you.

Salvation is in the true decision of the heart and this will come from the will in each of you to live in God.  Love His Wise Will to find the paths of Peace so that they open up, are permeated by My Maternal Light and reach the end of the world where many of My children need these paths, children who must be rescued, removed from obscurity.

For this I count on you: I will watch you and accompany you from My Immaculate Heart. When you do not feel My presence you will know that the time is coming for all humanity and it must bow before God to ask for the forgiveness that it needs.  This will help you to keep going in the path that Divine Creation has built with its own hands of Love and Peace for this entire Universe.

Praise the Lord, in this way you will rejoice His heart and His sorrow will end, a sorrow He feels for this humanity that is blind and does not find His Truth.

God has sent Me to you so that you recognize My Immaculate Heart.  I will take you to My Son because this has been My daily mission for a long time.

If you meet My Son you will find the Light on the path and My Immaculate Heart can help many souls that are far from the Father in this final time that the world is living.

Find My Peace in prayer and I assure you will find My Immaculate Heart; it must be the torch in your hands that will take you to the path of Christ, a path that everyone must reencounter to receive the forgiveness of God.

Carry My Heart in your hearts and elevate your hearts to My Heart, in this way we will be merged in a perfect unity that will be inseparable for the enemy.

If you love Me you can also love your brothers and sisters; there is no difference in the Kingdom of God, we are all equals, we all come from Him, we are all members of His Heart.  I invite you to love each other deeply from the heart so that you can find My favorite Love, the one I have for each of My children.

Also today I invite you, in the last monthly Apparition in this place, to receive in your hands the water from My Fountain so that it can wash your faces and you can shine through My prayer before the Heart of My Father.  In this way many souls will be touched by the presence of My Heart, by the power of Forgiveness and Absolute Love that My Essence of Peace has for this humanity.

If in truth humanity had listened to Me a long time ago, the plans would already be different, the suffering would have ended and the true joy of the heart would be the tomorrow in each of My children.

Today let us make the consecration to the Celestial Kingdom through the presence of My Immaculate Heart.  Hear the beating of My Heart, the pulse of My Heart wants to find you in each moment of prayer to illuminate your little hearts that must be healed and born again through My mantle of maternity and peace; mantle that My arms and My hands extend over the world and especially over each nation.

Dear children, if you renew the faith in My Heart you will be renewing the commitment with My Son and you will arrive, in this commitment, at the meeting with God, with His reconciliation which each of you must meditate to find.

In this consecration to Me that each one will live, I can wash your hearts and purify the stains so that shining in the purity of My Heart you can reconcile and unite yourselves with Heaven, with all Creation, as souls of this humanity, as souls of the Father.  And the most important, dear children, your little hearts will unite with the hearts of your brothers and sisters where you can also find My Peace which you only need to search for.

My words of love and peace are transmitted to the world for all those children who in the sincerity of the heart, join Me to follow Me in this Purpose of redemption of all My children, before the arrival of the last hour.

For this month and the next I leave you a special task: to pray daily, only once, for one of My children who you do not know, through the prayer of the Consecration to My Divine Heart.  This is what My Heart asks you and in this way My Voice can be announced a while longer in this world.

Today I also gather everyone’s supplications so that you know that I love you and that My Heart of Mother contemplates you deeply in prayer and in adoration.  For this, dear children, I invite you to renew the meeting with Me in prayer, in the adoration of My Son, in the contemplation of God.  In this way My children, you will be united with the Father and His Precious Will that each of you must discover for the end of this time.

Today I pour a little more Light on the world because humanity needs it and this Light will keep being poured through the trust of each of you in My Heart of Peace, in prayer and for prayer, for the mission of peace, only peace.

Before My Heart elevates to Heaven now, I will hear the voice of love from your hearts, uniting your souls to all languages so that the purpose of the Father can be one in this entire humanity.

Know dear children, that all of you are one because you belong to God and you must never forget this.  This is the key that will take you all to the Kingdom of My Peace, the Kingdom of Heaven, to an eternal meeting with Me and a deep love by My Son to all the souls that need Him.


Again the Hail Mary is prayed three times in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian, Croatian and French.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


Never forget, dear children, the task of the consecration; this will come from your hearts.

Once more, thank you for answering My call.

May the deep Peace of My Son be seeded in your hearts so that the seed of My Peace is multiplied in the hearts, especially those that suffer and live without God.

Thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


- End of the Apparition -


Mother Shimani: By the request of the Mother, Sister Shaimara will sing a song that talks about consecration.


At this moment the song “Consagracion” (Consecration) was sung and afterwards “La Mujer que nos guia” (The woman who guides us).


Mother Shimani: Thank you Mother of God, for all you give us.


Mother Shimani: Now Friar Elias will make a report about what happened during the preparation, while we prayed, and during the Apparition.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother surprises us at each Apparition.  She always leaves a gift for our hearts.  Especially today, before the Apparition there was an important fact and during the Apparition there was a revelation that will surely touch each of your hearts.

The first fact that happened before the Apparition was the presence of the angels, especially when the group was singing and the song was played.  Some of these angels had harps, others had violins; the feeling that the canticle created was placed in different areas of the planet where there were points of suffering: mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical.  They started to prepare the path to welcome Our Lady. There was one other group of angels that rang the bell and another group that accompanied them, they played trumpets and created a great canticle of praise to Her and prepare Her coming.

Until this moment the Lady was still far away from here.  Close to the appointed time She appeared and started to do Her task.  When the group was singing “Mercy, O Mary”, there was a revelation: the Lady was playing the violin.  We were a little surprised and we asked Her: “Do you play music?” and She said: “Music is My prayer.”

Then She made the violin disappear and said She not only contemplated but She also lived in the music, the celestial music.

During the prayers She had requested, the Hail Mary, She brought in Her hands a representation of this planet.  Through the prayers that were being repeated, She put together, as a jigsaw puzzle, each part of each continent and of each nation and formed a ring of light.

In another moment She irradiated Her light and also Her Immaculate Heart.

Today the Divine Mother’s Face was more alive than in the past few days.

She made two requests: one for Argentina and one for Portugal.  As it was announced by Mother Shimani in Figueira, the Divine Mother will appear on May 12 and 13 in Portugal, during the Meeting of Prayer in Europe; and on June 12 and 13 in Buenos Aires.  So She made the following request: that we prepare the space where She will appear by placing 33 white roses and the image of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, the painting made by our brother in Spain.


Mother Shimani: So we have a task.  All the Argentinians who are here, be prepared because we can’t even imagine what She has in mind for June.  In May our brothers and sisters of Europe are expecting us and She will give them an impulse.  She asked Aurora to offer these dates so that other brothers and sisters can be with Her on the 12th and 13th.

In any case, the Apparitions will be transmitted here in Aurora at the same time on the 12th and the 13th; the routine will be the same as if She were here.

All the cameras you see here are Her request to be able to spread as much as possible this call to the rescue that She is making.  So the people who want to come here and do the same task as on the 11th, 12th and 13th of every month can watch the live transmission.

In Portugal, we will join all the groups of Europe and all Argentina is called to participate in the event in Buenos Aires.  The Divine Mother has asked us to move the meeting of collaborators that happens in Aurora in May to Buenos Aires in June.  So we have to be prepared to welcome Her and so that Argentina receives an important impulse from the Heart of Light of Our Mother.

Thank you all for being here, in the rain, we promise to do everything we can to have a bigger house, a house that is programmed in the ether and needs to descend.  She asked that in August we have the space for at least 2500 people, this means She is expecting a lot of people.

She also asked us to have lodging for all the pilgrims, all of you.  So we have to work on this request that She made.  But as we have done so far, step by step and with the heart, everything is possible.

Good night. Thank you all. God bless you.





Friday, April 13 of 2012



The group gathered in Casa Redencion, as was requested by the Divine Mother in Her Apparition of the previous day.  In this Apparition She transmitted Her Daily Message.

At 7:45 AM we gathered to walk in procession to the Plaza of the Oranges, the place She chose to have Her Apparitions in August, 2011.  Around 8:15AM we started the work of preparation to welcome Her.

Around the hour of 9 PM, after praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary and singing a few canticles, the Divine Mother presented Herself.  Friar Elias and Mother Shimani stood up along with the other brothers who accompany the process of the Apparitions.  We heard three bell rings and after “The Moment of the Apparition, let us contemplate with the heart.”


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


Message for April 13 of 2012:


Dear children,

My Heart is placed on the world in order to liberate the misery of humanity and heal all pain through the presence of My Universal Light.

Dear children, I thank you for being here once more.  Open your hearts to receive more children who also need Me and who must heal their pain.  For this, honor the presence of My Immaculate Heart because it is the Heart of God that is before you, and honor the Sacred Heart of My Son, that is also before you.

Pray, pray for Peace so that it is reached in the interior of each heart.  Thus Peace will exist in the world and the wars will be stopped and everything the enemy wants to build will be eliminated by the powerful strength of My Heart.

But in order that I may intercede for humanity, all of you must be united to My Heart daily.  Thus I may lead you through the correct paths that will bring you to My Son, for this loving encounter that each one of you must realize with the Great Priest of Love.

Live the communion with My Son internally in each of one your hearts, then I can say that one part of My Plan of Peace will be fulfilled in the world.  Because each one of you is living in My Son, having the experience of the fire of His Love and of the flame of His Heart.

With these words the Divine Mother was referring to the meeting that the monks of the Grace Mercy Order had during the Holy Week, at the time of the 7 days with Christ that had ended two days earlier.

Dear children, open your arms again so that the Kingdom of My Peace may descend.  Know, My children, that this task of Peace is daily in each one of My children, in each cell of this humanity which must be redeemed again and ask God for forgiveness so that it may be born again by the fire of My Spirit, by the Merciful fire of My Son and by the descent of the Holy Spirit.

Today I am happy with you because you are souls of God who are being conducted again to Me.  For this, dear children, you must renew yourselves from the heart so that you can see My Flame, My Flame of Peace and My Flame of Love in this entire world that needs the Father and must reverence Him in this ultimate hour.

Today I carry in My hands the prayer of Peace which I place over the world day by day.

Today I came to reveal My prayer of Peace that can lead you straight to My Son and place you within His Heart that is flagellated and must be healed by the love of all of you and by your prayers.  In this way, dear children, you will repair His Heart, which is the heart of humanity that still hurts.


Lady of the Graces,
Spirit of Peace,
spring up as a flame in our hearts.



With this prayer you will reverence My Immaculate Heart and My Spirit of Peace will take you into account for the salvation.

May the world be redeemed in the union of the hearts with Me because you should know that as Mother of Peace I come to aid everyone, but especially for those who have distanced themselves from Me who are also My children.  They need My Heart in order to go forward on in the path of redemption.

Drink from My inexhaustible Fountain of Mercy.  It is the same Fountain of My Son that is being poured over this humanity and that needs to find in God a new spirit, a new reconciliation for the heart of each of My children.

When the world reaches its redemption, My Plans of Peace will be different and everyone will live in My universal harmony that waits in Heaven to descend on Earth.  For this, throughout all these centuries I have only asked you for prayer because the faults of My children are too great and everyone must be reconciled by asking forgiveness from God.  If you do this Peace will reign, the one that has been announced a long time ago.

But if still My children do not hear me, what else can My Heart do if not only to repeat the same words that invite everyone to the conversion and to the encounter with God in the Kingdom of My Heart so that My flame continues to spring up in each of My children?

Continue with Me in prayer because to this school of prayer I want to bring everyone so that you may trust Me totally with your lives, in this way you will be trusting in My Son.  Know dear children that My Son is close to you, He is not so far away as some people say.  You only need to open your hearts so that He will find you and find the rest that is necessary to alleviate His Heart.

If you open your hearts to My Son, Eternity will be shown to you and in this way many other children may reach it, many who are lost in this world and those that not believe in prayer.  For this the strength of My Faith and the Power of My Immaculate Heart must triumph one time more, thus the mission of My Peace will be realized.

Today I want to bless My children, the real children that come to My Kingdom in the purity of their innocence and in the sincerity of their hearts.  For this smile dear children, so that not only My children that are adults are in My Heart but also all the small ones that need Me.  I bring you all to the Kingdom of My Father so that you may live in Peace.  Today I place you in My arms of maternity to unite you with God.

Leave at the feet of this tree any misery of the heart so that My Merciful fire and My immaculate Love can purify your lives.  Surrender all that you have, that which you call “pain,” to God.  Prayer restores, prayer will lead you, it will bring you to the meeting with Me because My eyes of Peace, My merciful Light will light up the new path that each one of you, before God, must travel in your own redemption.

At this moment we were asked to sing the canticle of “Revelaciones en Aurora” (Revelations of Aurora) and a collaborator from Argentina was invited to approach with her son of two-months, by request of the Divine Mother.

Thank you for answering My call.

May the Holy Spirit be life in your hearts.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


- End of the Apparition -


Uruguay, Salto, Casa Redencion, Garden of Mary






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Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.