Friday, April 13 of 2012


Dear children,

My Heart is placed in the world to liberate the misery of humanity and so that all pain may be healed through the presence of My Universal Light.

Dear children, I thank you for being here once more. Open your arms to receive more children who also have need of Me and who must heal their pain. Therefore, honor the presence of My Immaculate Heart because it is the Heart of God that is before you, and honor the Sacred Heart of My Son that is also before you.

Let us pray, let us pray for peace so that it may be reached within each heart. Thus peace will exist in the world and the wars will be detained, and everything the enemy wants to build will be eliminated by the powerful strength of My Heart.

But so that I may intercede for humanity, all of you must be united to My Heart daily. Thus, I will be able to lead you through the correct paths that will bring you towards My Son, towards this loving encounter that each one of you must realize with the High Priest of Love.

Live the communion with My Son internally in your hearts and then I will be able to say that one part of My Plan of Peace is being fulfilled in the world because each one of you is living in My Son, having the experience of the fire of His Love and of the flame of His Heart.

Dear children, open your arms again so that the Kingdom of My Peace may be able descend. Know, My children, that this task of peace is a daily one in each of My children, in each cell of this humanity which must be redeemed again, and ask God for forgiveness so that it may be born again by the Fire of My Spirit, by the Merciful fire of My Son and by the descent of the Holy Spirit.

Today I am joyful with you because you are souls of God that are being conducted again towards Me. For this reason, dear children, you must renew yourselves from the heart so that you may see My Flame, My Flame of Peace and My Flame of Love in this entire world that needs the Father and must revere Him in this last hour.

Today I carry in My hands the prayer of peace, which I place daily upon the world. I have come to reveal it to you, because it will be able to lead you straight to My Son, and place you within His flagellated Heart that must be healed by your love and prayers. Thus, dear children, you will repair His Heart, which is the heart of humanity that still hurts.

Lady of Graces,
Spirit of Peace,
spring up as a flame
in our hearts.

With this prayer you will revere My Immaculate Heart and you will be taken into account for salvation by My Spirit of Peace.

May the world be redeemed in the union of the hearts with Me because you should know that as the Mother of Peace I come to the aid of all, especially of those who have distanced themselves from Me, and who are also My children. They need My Heart in order to continue on the path of redemption.

Drink from My Inexhaustible Fountain of Mercy. It is the same Fountain of My Son that is being poured over this humanity and that needs to find in God a new spirit, a new reconciliation for the heart of each one of My children.

When the world reaches redemption, My Plans of Peace will be different and everyone will be able to live My Universal Harmony that awaits to descend from the Heavens to the Earth. This is why, throughout the centuries, I have only asked you for prayer, because the faults of My children are very great and all must reconcile them- selves, asking God for forgiveness. If you did so, peace would reign, that which was announced long ago.

But if My children still do not hear Me, what else can My Heart do if not only to repeat the same words that invite everyone to the conversion and to the encounter with God in the Kingdom of My Heart so that My flame may con- tinue to spring up in each one of My children?

Continue with Me in prayer because I want to bring all to this school of prayer so that you may totally entrust your lives to Me, and thus you will be trusting in My Son. Because you must know, dear children, that My Son is close to you. He is not as distant as they say, you must only open your hearts so that He may find you and have the repose that He needs to alleviate His Heart.

If you open your hearts to My Son, Eternity will be shown to you and in this way many other children will be able to reach it, many who are lost in this world and those who do not believe in prayer. Therefore the strength of My Faith and the Power of My Immaculate Heart must triumph once more, thus the mission of My Peace will materialize.

Today I want to bless My children, the true children who come to My Kingdom in the purity of their innocence and in the sincerity of their hearts. Therefore, smile, dear children, because not only My adult children are in My Heart but also all the small ones who need Me. I take you all to the Kingdom of My Father so that you may live in peace. Today I place you in My arms of motherhood to unite you to God.

Leave at the foot of this tree any misery of the heart so that My Merciful Fire and My Immaculate Love may be able to purify your lives. Surrender that which you call “pain” to God. Prayer restores, prayer will lead you, it will bring you to the encounter with Me because My eyes of peace, My Merciful Light, will illuminate the new path that each one of you must travel before God for your own redemption.

Thank you for responding to My call.

May the Holy Spirit be life in your hearts.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.