Wednesday, March 21 of 2012

Special Apparition


Answering the Divine Mother’s call made on March 16, a big group of around 900 people gathered in one of the areas of Figueira called Nucleus Sohin. On this day the General Meeting of Collaborators, which happens once every six months, was starting.

The work of prayer started at 4:30PM and it went on until the arrival of the Divine Mother.

Around 5:30PM there was a silence and we heard seven bell rings and “Moment of Apparition, let us contemplate with the heart”.

After a few minutes of silence, Friar Elias started to transmit the words of the Divine Mother.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


By the Power of the Kingdom of the Father, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dear children, with joy I bring you a piece of Heaven to the Earth.

Thank you once more for answering My call.

Today I come here to prepare you for what will come. As the Lady of Graces I pour My gift over mankind.

Thank you for sharing your prayers with My daily. The Lord is reciprocating each of your hearts and thus the Plan of Love and Peace will be fulfilled in each heart.

Dear children, with joy I invite you to be in Me permanently. You know that I am the path that goes to My Son. For this I ask you dear children, that you study My words of Peace because they are the keys of conversion, a path to redemption. In this way, dear children, not only will you be helping Me, but also My Father, so that many souls reverse the path their hearts have taken.

When I call you to silence, I call you to contemplation and for this you must permanently live in Me. To understand this mystery you must live the inner silence, a silence that does not exist in the hearts and that you will only reach, dear children, through prayer with Me.

I am pouring stream of Grace in this last hour. The Lord has granted Me a special Grace for you: that My Heart remains among you so that I can guide you and love you more each day, so that you walk in My Light and in this way I can help you, not only at the moment of temptation but also during the trials.

Strengthen your hearts with My presence, I am here for you to live in Me. In this way, dear children, I assure you and I promise that you will be in My Son.

Many souls are being helped at this time and you are part of this group of this humanity that must convert its heart before it all comes to this world.

Dear children, I send you My angels so they may guide you to the path of perfection, to the path of Peace, to the path of Love which you must always find in your lives in the examples of donation and charity.

It is so simple, dear children, to be in the Lord. I am here so that you can feel Him, truly live Him. He is not far from you, He is close. You know that time runs fast, that is why I am here, not only to show you the way out, but also so that you remain in God. This is the Temple, this is the place where My Heart sends you after this life, but for this, dear children, you must live perpetually in prayer.

Each day of prayer must be an act of renovation before the Kingdom, before My Son, before Me. The Lord is forgiving many situations you do not know, situations of the heart that through prayer, dear children, will manifest so that you can heal and forgive them.

Today I place My Mantle of Peace on all of you and on all My children who are lost. Today you are in Me but My children, My other children, where are they?

I need you in prayer so that you can help Me rescue you in this time of transition where the world will show itself as it really is and everyone will see it with their eyes.  Dear children, the strength is prayer and each of you can truly live the act of charity because there will be the Heart of My Son and also My Light.

Do you still not see My Eyes over your lives?

I am here to bring you My Joy, My Redemption and My Peace. This is the only path you need to travel to arrive at this Kingdom in which many of you need to be still while living on the Earth. God wants you all and He needs you strong so that you hear His Voice and His call. My silence transmits only one prayer: being in God.

When everything happens, you must already be in My Heart and in this way My Silence will protect you because it will bring you clarity and peace. At this time the world is disturbed by its own confusion and only a few children live for God. For this I invite you to pray for all of them so that My Heart pours more Light and calms their pain for what the souls do not see in their path.

My words are repeated so that they echo in your hearts, but there is something that still has not resonated in your lives.

Have you listened to My Voice?

Do you feel My Presence?

I am the Mother of everybody, for those who want Me and for those who do not want Me. God has allowed Me this Grace through My Son: that I am here in this throughout the ages leading you, elevating you, healing you and loving you deeply to satiate your hearts of all they have lost on the way for the lack of My Son, or maybe for the lack of saying yes.

Now I invite you to renew yourselves so that you keep the promise you have made to My Son. In it you will find Peace, the answer to your questions of what you need to do at this hour and at this time when Heaven calls you to help the world and especially those who live in ignorance and do not search for God.

Dear children, you know that God is in your hearts but many of you have closed the door to Him. That is why I come here, to open your hearts and the hearts of all My children once more in a deep reconciliation with the Lord of the Universe who brings you the Fountain that quenches your thirst, brings you Peace and Conversion.

Search daily for that which you have not found yet, you know that My steps mark the new path.

Have you entered My Path?

Are you following My steps?

Do you know where I am taking you?

Only to a kingdom where there is a Peace that still does not belong to this world.

The special Grace that God has given Me is to bring a part of this Kingdom, month after month, day by day, with patience and passion, to those who still do not hear.

And those who have their ears open to a call that comes from beyond their lives, I thank them with the heart for trusting Me, for trusting God. This is the path for all the souls at this time and in this world.

Search for My Son as a perfect alliance so that He may strengthen you in all that your hearts must transform day by day. The purity that My Son has placed in your hearts as a seed of peace must sprout in this hour.

There is something else I want to tell you My children: I am here in this time and in this hour irradiating My Light from the Heights. This is a special Grace the Kingdom is granting and that is beyond your lives, beyond your hearts, deep in your souls. A place you must always search for because there is God, there is Creation, there is My Son.


Friar Elias: To heal the world, the Divine Mother says, let us pray.


The group prays Our Lord’s Prayer in Portuguese.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


As I did in Aurora, I will irradiate My Peace. Receive My celestial sign at this moment.

The Lord has allowed Me to free you of one fault.  If you accept My call and welcome My Peace, I will reciprocate right now. Open your hearts to Heaven.


The canticle “Mary of Nazareth” is sang.


My heart blesses the children.

Remember dear children, that you must be like them, not only for you to live in purity but also for you to find the Kingdom of My Son who is close to each of your lives.

That is why I consecrate this place as the “Nucleus of the Sacred Heart”. This will be the meeting point for all the families in the world and for all those beings and souls that need My Peace, because My Light is here.

Thank you for answering My call.

Let us pray, pray for Peace in the life of each of My children because they all need it more than you do.

Many have already received it and I thank you for your answer.

Live in My Heart so that My Celestial Kingdom can be present in your lives.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

By the Lord of the Universe, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Madre Shimani: To finish, let’s sing “La Mujer que nos guía” (The Woman who guides us).


Everyone sings the canticle by request of the Divine Mother.


- End of the Apparition -


Friar Elias: Now we will make a brief report of the Apparition because during the whole work of prayer and even during the Apparition some things happened in which we participated and it is important to be conscious of what happened.

Today the Divine Mother appeared as the Lady of Graces.  She had a white tunic, a blue mantle and a blue belt. When She arrived She had her hands open, irradiating Light to those present. Before She arrived some things happened.

At one moment of the prayer, as everyone knows, a sky opened and a scene was shown. We saw that the prayers we made were gathered by a group of angels who took them to a place in the Sky. In this place they opened a space that they said was the purgatory. And they placed our prayers on the souls in this place who were waiting for them. In this way the souls were liberated or elevated to the light only with the prayers we made.

During the Apparition when the Divine Mother absolved us, the Skies opened up and the light that came from behind Her was very intense and at this moment it was as if part of our inner beings received this light.  A deep silence was created, an indescribable healing, especially spiritual healing.

Then two golden crosses with even arms appeared on either side of Her, and they also irradiated their light on us.

At one point the Divine Mother said She received with much joy the answer that the Nucleus was giving Her during the task of prayer. Then She showed that here there was a vortex in the Sky in which She could project Her consciousness and Her heart to the entire planet.

The Mother was very thankful for everyone’s answer during prayer.

When She consecrated this place with a new name, “Nucleus of the Sacred Heart” She revealed that She called it that way because not only it represents a part of Her Heart but also a part of the Heart of Christ.

She told us that the date for the next Apparition here will be April 24.

Afterwards She made another request which you will know in a short time, we only need to allow it to mature. (He is referring to the Divine Mother’s request of placing a white sculpture of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity in the Nucleus of the Sacred Heart.)

Let’s thank Our Lady for the deep healing She made for everyone.

Thank you.


Mother Shimani: Thank you everyone. We will meet tomorrow morning at the opening of the General Encounter.





Monday, March 26 of 2012

Special Apparition

Responding to the request of the Divine Mother, we be-gan the procession at 8:30 a.m. and the prayer at 9 a.m. Around two thousand people were gathered, and when we reached the feet of Christ the Redeemer we began to pray in order to attune ourselves with our Celestial Mother.

After praying for an hour, Her energy clearly approached and at one point She appeared.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: We are going to learn a prayer that the Divine Mother has transmitted, a very simple prayer, while we walk to the area where She is. We will remain in prayer while we move until She indicates and begins to transmit Her message. The prayer is as follows:

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You.

While the whole group prayed, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón and Mother María Shimani de Montserrat, with some of the brothers and sisters who were collaborating in the apparition, moved towards the place that She indicated, among the public.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Message for March 26, 2012

Dear children, may My celestial glory be in your hearts.

Thank you for having responded to My call once more. I am now with each one of your hearts. This is why, on this day, dear children, I bring you the Presence of My Son, a simple way of being able to live Him and witness His presence in your hearts, in your lives, and most importantly, in your families.

Strengthen yourselves, dear children, not only through prayer but also enter the Heart of My Son so that He may guard you and protect you in this time of tests. If you walk with Me, dear children, I will always bring you in My hands, I will embrace you strongly and uplift you towards the Kingdom where Christ is. Before He returns, your hearts must already be prepared, not only in forgiveness but also in love, in reconciliation among you.

Today I bring you, dear children, the Presence of the Glory of the Father so that you may be able to convert your hearts into a pure flame that is alive and resplendent before My Heart. I accept your offers; therefore, open your hearts, not only to feel My Heart but, even more so that My words may deeply penetrate your souls, and from them may emerge the Inner Temple that you must always look for, especially in this time of changes.

Dear children, accept to live in the Temple of God. He needs you there and there I will be able to look for you at any time of the day because I want to see you in prayer, not only for your families, but also for all the children, the elderly and sick, and for the world that needs peace, that needs conversion. Because of this I reveal to you, dear chil- dren, that the conversion of your hearts has already begun.

Begin to truly live so that purity can emerge, the purity that today I give you out of love and for the redemption of your lives. Accept to live in My forgiveness, dear children, so that your families may be able to reconcile themselves and feel the presence of My Heart as an emblem of Peace in each of your homes, in all cities and, especially, in the world.

Those who do not listen still have time. For this reason I invite you to be in prayer, to live a prayer of the heart so that Heaven may be able to respond; not only through My Presence in the heart of this world and of humanity but also through the Presence of God. This Presence needs to be affirmed in your hearts so that each one may find the path that He is revealing to you through Me, through My Immaculate Heart.

If you consecrate yourselves to Me, many more souls will consecrate themselves and I will be able to say that My Heart is triumphing in this time of purification, a purifi- cation that the world will live by the Law of God for the redemption of all hearts and, above all, of My children, those little ones that you call Kingdoms.

All are in the process of redemption, therefore, accept My merciful flame so that, united to Me, you may find Peace, Love and Reconciliation that will be necessary for the Forgiveness of God and to erase the past.

Thus you will be able to be born, My children, as new souls that will contemplate the Father in this time of tran- sition, when the Heavens come closer to the Earth and all angels that belong to God may help the world, may aid the hearts, all those who need help and all those who have distanced themselves from My Maternal Heart.

Let us pray, dear children, for all those who now need the Light to carry on. Now I open My hands, extending My arms to receive your prayers. My Heart listens and My voice resounds as a deep echo in each one of your lives.

Beloved children, may a part of Heaven remain perpetually in your hearts.

Thank you for responding to My call.

May the Peace of the Father deepen into your hearts so that they may open up and come to know the Eternal Light that I bring to you out of love and truth. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

End of the Apparition –

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat asked us to sing Luminous Bird.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: Now Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón will will give an account of what happened.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Before the apparition, there emerged in the sky an image of the planet, of small size with stains in several parts. At one point a group of angels appeared and circled it. Above it there was a chalice. Afterwards two angels appeared, each one carrying a chalice, for a total of three chalices. The content of these three chalices was of clear water that was poured over the planet, bathing it. At this moment the angels removed the stains from the planet with their hands.

Then came the apparition, which was very strong. She presented Herself as the Queen of Peace and there was a sign behind Her.

In the highest point of the sky, unexpectedly, Christ appeared as the Sacred Heart and He began to project His Light over those present and over the town. At that moment a triad was formed: a dove that represented the Holy Spirit, under the dove was Christ and under Him was the Divine Mother.

Afterwards, the Divine Mother rose up and placed Herself on the right side of Her Son and She told us:

My Son has granted Me a Special Grace for today, because My Son is a part of God.

At this moment She said that the Special Grace was that She could come closer to Her children of this humanity. Then She descended and approached the area where we were.

Before She transmitted Her words, She showed a shield in Her left arm, which She moved from right to left. In this shield there was a symbol imprinted: a silver Christian cross and a letter “M”; the symbol on the shield seemed to have very much power.

Then the Divine Mother made the shield disappear and started to contemplate us and to pray in silence. Sometimes She lowered Her gaze and watched us with much love, and as She said, She brought a little piece of Heaven that She placed in each one of us.

Thank you.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: It seems like this does not end here because tonight we will meet at the Hill of the Apparitions to wait for the Divine Mother.

Today, by Her request, we will inaugurate the bell Tower on the Hill of the Apparitions.



Sunday, March 25 of 2012

Special Apparition


At the bottom of the Hill of the Redeemer Christ a big group of around two thousand five hundred people was gathered. The procession with candles started at 6PM with prayers and songs.

When we arrived at the feet of the Christ everyone sat down and the prayer started to wait for the Divine Mother.

Around 7:40 there was a silence, the bell rang three times and we heard: “Moment of Apparition, let us contemplate with the heart”.

Standing, Friar Elias contemplates the area where the Divine Mother appeared and then he starts to transmit the words that She says to everyone.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


Calm your hearts when I am present, I bring you the Kingdom of My Father, the path to My Son.

Dear children, today I bring you a special Grace, a Grace for this time, which is called the Grace of Redemption.

I invite you to be with Me daily, not one day must go by without you being in Me.

Dear children, the world is not well, all your hearts already feel it. Because of this, unite in prayer, plead with your voices to Heaven so that My Father can hear you.

Dear children, I am here persisting with the presence of My Heart, My hands and My arms are open so that everyone can come to Me.

Dear children, it is possible to stop living in the mortification and the affliction of the heart, but for this drink the Grace that I am bringing you. This is the last fountain that the Father is making Me pour. For this hear My Voice, dear children, answer God’s call.

For this to happen, My dears, you also need to be in the arms of My Son and in the arms of My Father. I invite you to walk with Me, I will lift you to the Throne of God so that you can be not only in My Father but also in My Son who awaits you day by day in prayer and in silence.

Dear children, it is time to dedicate some time to My Son. He needs you whole, in trust and fidelity, so that you can follow the path He has been building for centuries through the presence of His Sacred Heart. His Heart is the Heart of God, a faithful and true part of the Kingdom of the Father. For this reason, dear children, do not stop looking to Heaven even for one day.

Transmit My words to your brothers through your prayers and a true example of living consecration and faith.

Dear children, I am here to bring you My Heart, but there are many of My children who still do not accept Me because they place their hearts somewhere else. My Light and My Peace, what else can they do?

I trust that you will help Me consecrate all the hearts to My Immaculate Heart, to My Father’s Kingdom of redemption.

Redemption will be the key, dear children, for this free your lives of all conflict, all pain, all lies and all that is not faithful to our Father. I hear you dear children, I observe you, I see you, I accompany you closely during all these months that have already passed.

Dear children, know that God calls Me but My Heart will remain on the Earth to guide you all, especially at the time of temptation and of the trials each nation will live during the Justice of God.

There is time, dear children. Run, run, My little ones! Place yourselves under My mantle of Peace. Know that the thread that will unite you with Me is prayer, the true prayer of the heart. In some moments I hear you, in other moments I see you far from Me, that is why each moment of prayer matters. Dear children, know that not only will you be converting yourselves but also your brothers and sisters who are on the other side of the world.

Dear children, I am here and My faith persists on your hearts, as does My call. I send My echo to the world so that everyone can hear Me and contemplate Me as a real Mother who guides your paths straight to My Son, a faithful path to redemption which starting today I invite you to travel sincerely with Me.

Yes, dear children, My Son will answer you when He returns. For this, My beloved ones, gather your hearts, gather your beloved ones, your families, your relatives so that everyone can pray with Me before the trial that the world will live. If everyone prays with real heart, not only will you be in My Peace but I can also intercede, as I have been doing for a long time, so that the souls do not get lost.

What more do you want from life?

Dear children, you only need to be in God. Unite, unite with Him, call Him, so that you can see Him close.

Dear children, remember that you must return to the Kingdom of Heaven where you must live in absolute peace. But I only know, dear children, that you will understand it when everything has passed and the world can be redeemed.

To those hearts that still resist I ask you, dear children, that you break them with prayer so that My Light can come in, I can penetrate them with My Heart of Mother and they can go back to living in God.

Today I bring the scapulary in my hands, a symbol of protection, a symbol for your conversion. Dear children, know that each sign I give you comes as an aid for your hearts, for humanity, for the world.

Each symbol I give you is an alliance with Heaven and this does not belong to humanity.

Dear children, accept every sign with the gratitude of the heart. In this way you can elevate your hearts and your little souls will make you understand the mysteries of God that are revealed at this time to all those who want to see them, not with the mind but with the real heart, pure essence you must discover for this time of purification.

Carry each sign with gratitude, as an alliance between Heaven and Earth, between My Heart and your hearts. Today I bring you this scapulary again so that you remember the Graces I pour not only on your hearts but also for all your brothers and sisters who have not awakened as devoted souls of God, of My Heart and of the Heart of My Son.

Each sign has something to be discovered. If you carry it with gratitude and love and pray with Me, you will understand. Your hearts will make you feel what I give you with so much love from the devotion of My Immaculate Heart.

The souls need instruments which they can cling to. That is why I bring you this symbol, so that you can carry it with love and courage, accepting the redemption of the heart and the opening of your souls to the Kingdom of My Father, where I want to take you.

Dear children, remember that all those who have not accepted My call also need prayer. So pray, pray, pray with the heart so that the Grace can descend on all My children, those who are farthest from God and need My Light, My Maternity, My Peace, My Love, the Light of My Heart. I want to light the paths of all those who are in the dark and for this your prayers are of great help, to be able to intercede before My Father.

If you hear or know that someone is sick or imprisoned or that someone made a big mistake, do not offend them, dear children. A way to testify that My presence is on all of you is to pray and plead for this soul, for its conversion, so that a small cell of this being can come close to God and God can approach them.

Today I am accompanied by Joseph (Saint Joseph). Dear children, remember that he was My faithful companion who peregrinated with Me to Bethlehem, preparing the birth of My Son who is today the Redeemer of the world.

Follow My Son. If you live in Him you can see with truth all that He wants for each of you.

You must be not only pure children, but also companions of the Redeemer who will light the flame in all the hearts. For this, trust in Him and follow the path that My Heart marks to His Presence.

There is something that I promise to those who open up which is irradiating My Peace and My Love as a step to conversion, to the opening of the heart, to liberation of the guilt and pain that tie My children to this world. For this, at this time I will emanate My Love, the Light of My Heart so that you can feel it and receive it and your little hearts may be consecrated  day by day to the power of My Immaculate Heart which will be the support for this time, the only way everyone can follow to My Father, but first to My Son.

For those who at this time are enduring pain and suffering, let us pray.


Everyone repeats the following prayer a few times:

Immaculate Heart of Mary,
path of protection and guidance,
thank you for all that You give us.
Afterwards we hear the canticle “Mary of Nazareth”.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


Be patient, be loving, be peaceful so that in truth you can be in My Son and His Holy Heart can be in you.

Dear children, in this time of Grace I only ask you to pray with Me and to not lose hope because there I will be when you open the door to Me and then the Lord can enter, through Me, in each of your lives. Dear children, accept this Grace with reverence and gratitude so that your hearts can feel My call as something fundamental for this time of changes.

May peace be for everyone in this time of transition. Accept the flame of My Faith, raise it to the Heights and walk with courage, joining your hands with My hands to arrive at the Kingdom and in this way you can bring all your loved ones to the Kingdom of the Father.

Rejoice your hearts and live in My Peace because My Peace is unknown to those who have not accepted it. Accept this alliance with My Immaculate Heart and I can tell you, dear children, that your little souls will be as roses that will surround My Heart.

Thank you for answering My call.

For the protection of the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


- End of the Apparition -


To end the Apparition we heard the canticle “Mary, Virgin, Mother”.


Mother Shimani: Now Friar Elias will make a report of what he could see and perceive during the Apparition.


Friar Elias: First, let us pray.


The group prays Hail Mary a few times.


Friar Elias: Before the Apparition we were filled by a special Grace.

Almost at the end of the prayer, a sky opened up and choirs of angels appeared. They held shields in their hands. These shields had the letter M engraved and above it there was a Christian Cross. Afterwards a special angel appeared who was blond and tall, wore a white tunic and seemed to be a regent angel, a higher angel. When he appeared all the other angels looked at this angel, praising him in deep silence.

This angel showed a heart and in this heart there were two keys positioned as a cross. It seemed that this heart was hurt, it was not the angel’s heart, he said it was the heart of Christ. He carried it with tenderness and offered it to humanity.

At one moment the angel stopped, looked at the Earth and said the following:

“Love and praise the Heart of Christ that is constantly afflicted by humanity’s lack of understanding.”

This sentence was repeated three times, until the Heart lit up, grew and was poured on us. Then this angel announced himself as Gabriel and retreated to the Sky.

At one moment, before the Apparition, other angels appeared and they looked down, as if they were looking at their feet. They transmitted that humanity needs to be more humble, each of us, and in humility place itself before God so that He can help us, especially in the changes that will come. This was one of the signs the angels gave us.

Sometimes the angels cut the ties with swords they carried in their hands. These ties rose to Heaven, they were as thick and heavy ropes. As they cut, more light entered the Earth.

Afterwards Our Lady appeared, bright with joy. She brought in Her right hand a scapulary that She held with delicacy. She offered it while She talked to us.

At one moment She opened Her arms and on Her left and on Her right sides two great roses were drawn. In this moment the choir of angels praised and glorified Her and as a special Grace She threw many rose petals on us. When these petals reached us and touched our heads, on some they converted into very sacred flames.

Today the Lady came with a white mantle, a sky blue tunic, a tight belt and beads in Her hand. Her face was very alive and clear, She had a light, fresh, soft smile that allowed us to see Her eyes and Her transparent gaze clearly.

She brought with Her presence a Sky that was projected on Earth.

As she told us, She came accompanied by Joseph who brought a more paternal presence. He followed the whole Apparition in silence and his presence, his paternal hand was softly placed on some of the people who were present as a blessing.

During the canticle “Mary of Nazareth” the Divine Mother walked on top of us and irradiated Her energy of Peace and Love as She promised.

Before She said goodbye, She made another request. She asked that tomorrow at 10AM we all come here to the Redeemer Christ to pray with Her. She called this prayer as a Grace of Liberation for all those children who do not follow the path or do not accept the path of the Celestial Mother.

So, She said this prayer tomorrow morning will be important for the planet. In the afternoon we will have the Apparition in the Hill of the Apparitions in Figueira. She said tomorrow She would give us all this special Grace.

Thank you.





Friday, March 16 of 2012

Special Apparition


While Friar Elias was withdrawn in his room the Divine Mother announced to him that She would appear and we should gather to wait for Her.

The brothers and sisters who were present at the House started to pray the Holy Rosary and at bead sixty-two, the Divine Mother appeared.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


For the merciful blessing of My Son, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Dear children, why are you sad if you reign in My Immaculate Heart?

Today I come to ask you and to tell you that I will appear in the heart of the garden at Nucleus Sohin on the day of March 21st.  It will be a special apparition that will prepare the way for the new change.

Dear children, drink with joy from the Fountain of My Son so that the prodigies that come from His Heart may make Good and Light for those that suffer and will suffer with the changes.  Dear children, God has commissioned Me to be here so I may accompany you as I have been doing in Medjugorje for 30 years, but especially, My children, this accompanying is from the Heart so that your spirits may make your souls spring up and the talent that My Son entrusted you with may be manifested.

Dear children, there is no reason to fear, all has been prepared from before this time. I would not have come here to waste time, I only come to announce to you My Peace so that you may rejoice in It.

Dear children, spread this message for tomorrow and announce that My Heart is coming once more for this time of chaos in aid of everybody.

Sohin will be the new Community of the Sacred Heart where devotion and purity will be sown in the hearts as a community consecrated to my Immaculate Heart that will merge with the Community here in Figueira. 

Dear children, here no one will be separate, I only ask you that you unite yourselves for this final time that is coming. All is being accompanied from the heart, from the Heavens and from Earth, for this I ask you, dear children, that for the day of the 21st you wait for Me at 5:40pm, praying the Rosary for Peace and for the preparation of the hearts for all they will hear and know soon.

I also ask you dear children, that My daughters of prayer prepare for this meeting a special synthesis about the last four months of apparitions so that you may spread the message, My message of peace and conversion.

But know dear children that this is My cycle and I invite you to accompany Me with the heart and with life so that all may be reverted in truth and with love. Today I give you My Roses so that you may bring them in your hearts and so that their smell may encourage you to follow in this path to Christ in His return and His coming.

Dear children, await My coming for the day of the 21st with great joy because I will be there close to this bell tower that will announce My coming seven times. Also, place the children near to Me, because My Heart will irradiate them.  I am inviting you all, during these days, to become as children before the meeting of souls, the meeting of hearts, the meeting of preparation for this end of time.

This had already been foreseen, dear children, but many have not seen the sign that was written and said through time.  Because of this the Lord has sent Me to you, to accompany you in this last cycle that comes to the world, of purification and forgiveness.

Dear children, with joy I open My arms to welcome you inside My Heart. Remember to have trust in everything that is happening and always know, dear children that I am here, in Heaven, waiting for you in prayer to spread My Peace and My Love which will convert the hearts.

Thank you once more for answering My call.

All that has been said is to be heard with the heart, for this I am closer to you so that you feel Me and follow the path that My Heart is building through you and your brothers and sisters.

For the strength of the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


- End of the Apparition -


We ended in gratitude with the canticle “Ave Maria” (Hail Mary).



Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more