Saturday, June 20 of 2020

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

When the world comprehends that spirituality does not end here, this will be the great day of the step of consciousness. Then, a great part of humanity will grow internally, and the mysteries will be revealed to those who have always looked for an explanation and a reason. 

This conjunction of the planet and humanity's moment of inflection is when many of My postulants, in the inner plans, will prepare themselves for this great moment that will come as a great inner revelation, straight from My Celestial Church. This will be the first sign of My return. Many hearts will feel that a culminating moment is approaching. 

Before the scene of humanity and of the whole Earth, hearts will feel my return, not as an intellectual explanation, but as a true inner sign that the Holy Spirit will awake within those who trust Me, and this will go beyond any religion or dogma, because your Master and Lord will come for all humanity, all races, all peoples and nations. 

That which was written in the book of Revelations will be fulfilled, not in the way many believe. There are many symbols and signs left through my Apostles in the Scriptures, but not even they understood them in their time. This goes beyond any theology or science. 

The return of Christ to Earth has not yet been understood by humankind, nor by any religion. What is written in the Bible is a small part of this great event. Many, but many will recognize too late that they did not repent fast enough in order to keep their doctrine or institution safeguarded. 

I come to teach the world that which I taught My apostles and all those who followed Me: humility and simplicity of the heart, which allows for the comprehension of all My messages and parables. How did you think I could have done it? In a simple way. This is the only way that My Father asked me, humbly, austere, so that all hearts could recognize God. The Father could never have revealed all His Power and His Truth, no heart in this humanity was prepared for that. 

In Fatima, though My Most Chaste Mother, through the Miracle of the Sun, a part of this Power of God was shown to the world. Many hearts were converted and they renewed their faith, and this reveals to the world that the Divinity was always present, since the beginning of Creation up until now, and this will always be so. It is a Law, and nothing will change it. 

For this reason, I tell you, companions, in these last moments that I am with you and for you, when Our Sacred Hearts start to return to the Celestial Spheres, this is the most important moment of your lives, when the great decision must be taken. It will not depend on anybody or on any religion, this decision is up to each one of you with Me.

If you have truly learned how to read the events, you can understand, companions, all that your Master and Lord has delivered to you in these last seven years, in which I have walked by your side so that you could feel and understand the Plan of God. 

But humanity still waits for everything to go back to normal. Humanity does not want to recognize the end of the final time. The Bible reveals and expresses it clearly, but do not only hold the teachings that the Bible holds, but fervently ask God to understand its mysteries one day so that you will be prepared, available and conscious to wait for My return. 

In the solemnity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Her Son comes to glorify Her name, Her task and Her mission with humanity, a purpose of great sacrifice, an infinite Love expressed through Her mission, something that was never interrupted because it is eternal and sublime. 

It will be in these last months of work that souls will be able to receive from Our Sacred Hearts the last thing that they need to survive the end of time. I want humanity to know about the end of this time. It is no longer time to conceal this event, but it is time to recognize it, accept it, and above all, live it, just as I am living it for you at this moment. 

The mysteries of My Passion are not only revealed in the Eucharist, but also the signs of My Passion have been the testimony of many souls in the world that throughout the times and generations have offered themselves to live the stigmatization of consciousness, some physically others spiritually. The signs of My Passion in the souls I have chosen are indelible, they have the purpose of the redemption of the suffering, through love and compassion. 

Today I bring the Holy Chalice in My Hands, the chalice that witnessed the sacrifice of the Redeemer, and above it I sustain My luminous Body, the Eucharist, to point out to the world the moment of My Return and the time of the great definition. May religions assume this moment, thus they will allow My Rays of Love and Mercy, that flow from My Heart, to help the world. 

As a request of Jesus, our Lord, let us contemplate, in His Presence and Glory, the Blood and the Body of Christ that today He has within His Hands.

Just as many of the blessed received this Mystery of Love through the Body and Blood of Christ, today I come once again to renew within you and in the whole world, the powerful Grace of conversion and redemption through the Blood and Body of Christ, that today is spiritually poured out upon the world to vivify the souls in divine union with My Spirit, where they will always find the strength of their faith and trust in our Creator. 

Bring the altar here.

The angels gather at this moment around our Glorified Lord to celebrate this offering, that will rise from each sincere heart, in union and love to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and for humanity. 

In the solemnity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the merits of Her sacrifice, maternity and silence, may the souls of the world that are most in need tonight receive the Grace of the spirit, entering My Celestial Church to be bearers of My Peace. 

We can get down on our knees or stand up for this consecration that today, in a solemn way, Our Lord will do for humanity. 

Let us ask Jesus Christ for the Grace of being worthy of participating in the revelation of this Mystery of Love on this day and for all the days to come. Amen.

At the foot of Mount Calvary, where the Tree of Life rose in sacrifice and love, our souls prostrate themselves, just as the angels of the Heavens, to receive the mystery of the compassion of Our Lord. 

Let us contemplate this moment, just as our Lord shows us Mount Calvary and Christ on the Cross, pouring out Blood and Water in a spiritual way to the whole world.

Let us silently, in this moment, in the presence of Jesus, make our act of contrition, an act of penance and reconciliation, recognizing our miseries but finding within ourselves the unfathomable Love of His merciful Heart.

I wish I could stay longer with you, but the end has come and I hope you will understand it one day.

Today, for you and for the world, for those who have faith without seeing, I offer this Sacrament for My Church on Earth, for the Love of My Heart in the souls. 

That night, before being delivered, I took the bread, raised it as an offering to the Eternal Father to be blessed and transubstantiated into the Body of Christ. Afterward, I broke it, and I offered it to My companions saying: "Eat it, because this is My Body, which will be delivered for the forgiveness of our sins". And the Light of My Heart expanded to the world.

We praise you Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you Lord, and we bless You.

After having finished the supper, moments before leaving for the Garden of Gethsemane to experience and recognize the agony of your Master and Lord for humanity up to today, I took the Chalice and, raising it to God, I offered My Blood for His Redemptive Project so that it would be blessed and transubstantiated into the blood of your Redeemer.

Afterward, I offered it to My companions saying: "Take it and drink, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, which will be shed for humanity for the remission of all sins. Do it in remembrance of Me". 

We praise you Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you Lord, and we bless You.

And the Holy Spirit, before Pentecost, entered as Light and Wisdom into My companions so that they would be ambassadors of Peace and servants of the Love of your Redeemer.

Lord's Prayer (in Portuguese)
Lord's Prayer (in English)
May the Peace of Christ descend to Earth.

"Lord, I am not worthy of You entering under my roof, but only say the word and I shall be healed. Amen" (repeat three times)

We grant, by means of the authority of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the spiritual Communion, to all those who participated in this moment from different parts of the world. May the communion with Christ and His Spirit grant you peace.

And before leaving the Garden of Gethsemane, in the great solemnity of His Heart, Our Lord said to his apostles:

"Love thy neighbor just as I love you. You cannot go where I am going because I will return to the House of My Father, but a special Grace will always ease your hearts, The Grace of the Holy Spirit, which will be your fortress and confidence to move forward". Today I tell you the same, companions. 

I did not want to leave this place, but My Father has said that it is time. Be a testimony of My Love, even if you are persecuted. Be a testimony of My Peace, even if you are blasphemed. Be a testimony of My Light, even if you are punished, because I tell you, you will be known by your fruit, and a good fruit never dies because it will always blossom, time and again, the Tree of Life. 

Today I rest for a moment in your Hearts to carry onward, just as I have rested and suffered within those who have been stigmatized for the painful wounds of your Master and Lord. 

Keep on giving courage, love and devotion to the Wounds of Christ, because there you will be hidden, and evil will not prevail. 

I bless you and grant you My Peace so that you may live it and share it with the whole world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I bid farewell tonight, listening to a melody that is special to Me: “Corazón vacío” ("Empty Heart").

I thank you.