Friday, August 16 of 2019

The Sacred Call

We are in adoration before the Son of God, that today presents and shows us His Eucharistic Heart more radiant than a sun and hundreds of rays of the Universe.

The center of His Chest, the center of His Essence, is the Eucharistic Heart that brings us peace and renewal, healing and reconciliation with God.

Let us bow.

And on His Hands, Feet and Side, His five main Wounds, not of sorrow but of Light, of Mercy; Wounds of Grace, radiance and illumination in the spiritual life.

At His Feet, two reliquaries which the angels who accompany Him bear: the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as a spiritual teraphim, and the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, as a paternal teraphim and a gift of humility for souls.

These Hearts join the center of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, and Heaven on Earth is established.

Let us now listen to seven strikes of a bell, at His request, in the face of this revelation.

You are part of what I am, and I would never think otherwise, because God created us equal and very similar to Him. 

What you go through and experience is an eradication of your human aspects; it is dying to be born again, as many times as necessary.

Therefore, do not worry, do not be distressed, do not feel fearful or lonely, because what you are experiencing is perfect for God. He needs it this way, even though sometimes you do not comprehend it nor understand it. 

Therefore, remain in My equality because you will enter into My harmony and balance, and you will never lose faith. No darkness or any storm will eradicate your faith and it will never be dissolved, when you hold yourself firm in Me.

I build unknown paths and your paths are My paths when you accept living My Will, however unknown it may seem, however unreachable it may seem. My Will, which is the Will of My Father, will always place you on the safe path.

I will never come to ask you for impossible things because I know you will not give them to Me. I come to ask you for simple things, what is born from the heart which will never be extinguished, that nothing will dissolve.

I come to ask you for your human love and faithfulness to Me, so that you may transform, learn to redeem yourself and to sublimate your consciousness daily.

I do not need to build castles for kings in your life, nor illusions for your personality. Through My Will, I come to build what is true; and what is true comes from the simple, the simple comes from what is humble, and humility is peaceful, does not get troubled, does not feel daunted or confused. 

Spiritual life is simple, as is your contact with God. But it will depend on you, My child, that you cultivate this contact day by day, with a great faith, with an unquenchable faith, with a faith that never causes you to doubt what you experience.

But be careful, because your choice could place you on another path. And which is the real path for you? Have you ever asked yourself?

I asked the same thing to My apostles: what is it to live the truth and be in it all the time?

If you walk by My side, even though you do not feel Me nor perceive Me, even if you are in the greatest solitude or crossing the greatest desert, would you believe and trust in Me?

I will always give you what you need, at the appropriate time, because all My precious pearls and treasures were greatly wasted by humankind over the course of time. Now is the time to overcome and to triumph through an absolute surrender which you will achieve step by step; through an absolute faithfulness which you will achieve step by step.

I do not come to ask you for what is impossible for you, because I would make you waste a lot of time. I come to ask you for what is true, for what God placed within your being and in your heart. Of that I avail Myself all the time to accomplish My Work on the planet and I give you the example of My Eucharistic Heart, of the Immaculate Heart of My Mother, and of the Heart of Saint Joseph as true testimonies, as an example of the love for God, of a faithful love, of a constructive and sublime love that only had the intention of being experienced and shared with all.

I know that you will sometimes experience lessons that you will not understand or accept and that your inner world will shift, your consciousness will be purified, and you will once again face a test. But tests exist not to have the souls of God suffer, rather so they may learn to overcome duality. Because when many more learn to overcome duality, evil will be overcome and the light and love in the world will triumph, because the root of indifference will not be in your consciousness and you will learn to obey unconditionally, even in the smallest details, blindly following the guidelines that come from Heaven and the Hierarchy. Because you do not know the future nor do you deeply know your past. You only live the present and what is around you day after day.

Thus, I am a Source in the revelation of many mysteries of your consciousness.

I do not come seeking what strengthens your ego or your personality. I come to free you from the chains of illusion. And to be able to free you from these chains and from those illusions, you must go through what I once went through here on Earth, for in that way, you will be able to live God and understand, beyond appearances, all the mysteries.

This school of the planet that is called Earth, in which there are many souls, could be more useful and beneficial for all. But it has become a school of much suffering, due to the roots of indifference, of disobedience, and the lack of charity.

But if you believe in Me, you will never stray from My path nor My steps, because however much may happen to you or however much you may experience in difficult moments, the flame of your heart will never go out, because today I have been able to witness through the song of your voice and the praise to the Eternal Father that the Love of God exists in the heart of His children. It is that love that I come to seek in hearts, a trustworthy love and a faithful love. I do not come to seek a perfect love, but rather an imperfect love. I come to seek your poorest love so that it may be transformed, so that this love may also be redeemed, in you, and so that this love may reach the whole world in the same way I give you My Love.

In My Words is the Love of God. In My Presence is the Love of God. In My breathing is the Love of God. In My gaze is the Love of God. In My Essence is the Love of God. And where I am, the Love of the Father is, and if you are in Me, My Father will be in you and you will be in the Love of My Father.

This is the most urgent thing I need at this time so that the stars of the Universe do not fall upon the nations of the Earth and the elements of Nature do not show their rage and pain because humankind did not understand the message of Creation.

I come to intervene in all those things. I come to ask the world to awaken to love and to shut the door to indifference.

But for that to be possible, companions, you must begin living it in yourselves daily, in the lessons of life, in your families, in your work, because in this way, the world and the human consciousness will be transformed. 

I no longer need the resistance of humankind, the suffering of hearts, the agony of souls.

Through the Love of God, I come to bring you the Kingdom of the Celestial Father, because I know that you will need it for these times and for all that will unexpectedly come. 

While I am here, I work with other aspects of your consciousness, with those aspects that are hidden and can only be seen with the eyes of the heart.

I come to transform human misery into Mercy. I come to raise your hearts to God, to thus be able to raise the whole of humanity, those who suffer and endure, those who are alone and ill, forgotten and abandoned in many places of the world. 

I come to offer you a sacrifice in the name of Love, so that Love may be present in humanity and in the hearts, so that the Love of God may stop wars and human conflicts, so that the Love of God may quench the thirst of many consciousnesses and remove many hearts from darkness.

That is why I come to offer you something you have not yet experienced. You are faced with the opportunity of crossing the Portal of the Universe so as to again confirm your life in Me, and so that My Life may be in your life and in each moment of your inner story.

As a sample of this immeasurable and divine Love, at this moment, where souls are facing God through the Hearts of Mary, of Christ, and of Saint Joseph, I will offer the transubstantiation and consecration of the elements so that the offended Heart of the Son, the First-born and Only-Begotten Son of the Celestial Father, may be relieved and consoled by the men and women of the Earth; and so that today I could not only be with you here, in Argentina, preparing you for the next stage of the Pilgrimage for Peace, but also, at this moment, in omnipresence and in omnipotence, I could reach the most distant corners of the Earth, where poverty and material misery are expressed, where disease is stronger than healing; where the fear and the terror of wars have caused faith to succumb in great deserts.

I come to make the flame of the essence and of faith emerge from hearts, so that it may reign and be established beyond the nations and the continents, so that this faith may unite you with the Universe of God.

And beyond all adversity, cruelty, or indifference, never tire of smiling at God, never tire of loving God and of carrying this love to your brothers and sisters; because if you love, even though you are imperfect, you love with the Love of My Heart and of My Life; in this way, the world will be converted, the punishment will stop, Divine Justice will not come, and the stars of the Cosmos will not move, showing their strength and power like no one has ever seen before, because you will have responded according to the request of My Heart and of My Consciousness, through this day of reparation to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus.

Thus, in the name of the Will of God, I come to ask that all souls of the world, all those who request it as well as those who do not request it, may receive the book of My Poems of the devotion of a soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus, because in the most definitive hours, in which you will find yourselves before God and facing unimaginable things that will be seen throughout the world, you will withdraw into your rooms, light a candle and, in the name of your Guardian Angels, you will pray these poems so that the Divine Grace and the Mercy of the Father
may sustain this planet and mainly, all of your inner worlds.

Because when I am no longer with you, as I am with you today, your fortitude will not only be My Heart but also all the words that I have said to you.

Within the Poems lies the key of your transformation.

I will be grateful if this is delivered as soon as possible and propagated throughout the whole world, in all possible languages, as a means of reparation of the hearts of the world to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus.

You are already within My Celestial Church and your essences are standing before the Celestial Father, contemplating His Altars and His powerful Throne of Light, which was seen by many patriarchs and prophets and by the very Mother of God and the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, as well as by all those servers who in My name, throughout the ages, served the Work of God on the surface of the Earth, witnessing to My Presence and My Word, presenting an example of charity and of good in the whole world.

Under this spiritual and inner condition, raise your hearts to God.

We stand up.

And in the light of everything I have told you up to now, carrying out an inner confession of My Heart with each one of you, receive each one of My Words as a revelation of the Truth and of the feeling of God for these times, knowing that it will be very necessary and urgent to work every day in the reparation of the mistakes that humanity commits, so that the millions of souls, which are in the illusion of the world and in the superficiality of life, may have the grace, just as you have had, of being able to listen to God through His beloved Son, of being able to receive the Presence of God through the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, of Mary, and of Saint Joseph, so that many more consciousnesses may be touched by the very Hand of the Eternal Father in the depths of their hearts, just as your inner places were.

Therefore, I ask you to value and give credit to My Words because you will need them when everything is unleashed.

"Just like at Your Altars, Eternal Father, where the incense emanates the holiness and service of the angels of the Universe, let this incense that is offered today at the doors of Your Celestial Church not only dissipate the darkness and evil from hearts, but let it bring the strength of faith, of renewal and hope to those who hear Your call. So be it."

"With this same water, Father, You sanctified and baptized Me in the River Jordan. You have created the element of water to demonstrate the beauty of Your Love in the oceans and in the seas of the world, so that Your children may be purified and bathe themselves in the chastity and in the purity of this same element. In the same way that I was baptized in the River Jordan, may this water today scatter Your Grace throughout the world. Amen."     

Today I will wash your hands and consciousnesses in the same way I washed the hands, the feet, and the heads of My apostles; because not only Peter washed his head with the help of His Master and Lord, but also the other apostles were washed and purified as you are today. May this washing and purification renew you, and may you believe forever that for God nothing is impossible.          

From these four trays which contain the elements for the consecration, today I will only represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit with three of them, so that the infinite and unquenchable Alliance of God with hearts may be fused.

Our Lord invites those who are able, to kneel down for the consecration.

This is the wine which represents the effort of humankind to work the land, to plant and cultivate it so it may give its fruits to all the children of God and so that all may be spiritually satiated.

This is the water that not only baptizes you but also purifies you. This is the water that flowed out from My Side, together with My Blood, when I was on the Cross, to scatter not only Mercy throughout the world, but also the justification before all the errors committed.

Lord, today I again take up the bread before Your children. By the profound Love that springs from Your Heart, we remember and affirm the sacrifice of Your Beloved Son, when He raised it up and Your Holy Spirit blessed it. I gave it to the apostles and the Flame of Your Love was ignited in their hearts, and in all those who avail themselves of this glorious Sacrament, and I said to them: "Take and all eat of It because this is My Living Body, which will be surrendered for humankind for the forgiveness of sins. "

And when the angels struck three strokes of the bell, the bread was changed into the Body of Christ.

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You. 

 We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

I then took the Chalice and Your Spirit of Love blessed it, I gave it to the apostles, saying to them: "Take and all drink of It because this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which will be shed by your Redeemer for the forgiveness of sins. Never forget to do this in remembrance of Me."

And upon hearing three strokes of the bell, the wine was changed into the precious Blood of Christ.

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

Prayer: Our Father.

And upon hearing seven strokes of the bell, the surrender and the sacrifice of Christ was absolutely consummated through the institution of the Eucharist. 

The Body and Blood of Christ, which give us Eternal Life.

May be happy, My companions, those who avail themselves of this glorious and blessed Sacrament, adored and honored in the heavens and on Earth by all consciousnesses for the fulfillment of the Plan of God in humanity and in Argentina. Amen.

To live the school of My Love, I invite you to love one another all the time. That rule, which I presented a long time ago, is still alive and I need you to use it and practice it every day.

You may stand up.

And with your hand over your heart, you will confirm yourself to God, through the Son of the Father, to love every day a little more and better, just as I love you, because the Love that comes from My Heart is an eternal Love. You will take the risk and feel encouraged every day to love as I love you and to put love first in the face of any difficulty or test, because if you trust in My Love, in My Love you will overcome all things. 

May this Love expand in the world and ignite the suns on the Earth, so that the divine and universal Life may become flesh in all beings, be aware, and awaken the mission of each consciousness, so that the Love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit may triumph.

And in the name of that Love that will always lead you to peace, may peace be in you and in all places in the name of love.

For love to overcome indifference, you may give each other the greeting of peace.

I thank you!