Tuesday, November 6 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Through the prayer for peace in the nations I come to institute in humanity the New Covenant between humankind and God through this spiritual practice; I come to grant souls many more opportunities in their lives, so that more consciousnesses are able to be redeemed.

A great planetary network of light is being established between the inner worlds of all those who adhere to this practice. Difficult and chaotic situations in the end of these times are resolved, and the spiritual Hierarchy, through that impulse that souls give towards the Universe, can intercede in a great operation of planetary rescue.

Through that spiritual practice of prayer for peace in the nations, the faith and the conviction of hearts in the Spiritual Universe make the defeat of great involuntary forces possible and consciousnesses that oppress great nations of the world, as well as all its populations and cultures.

This is the prelude of the preparation for My second Return to the world.

It will be through all the conscious beings, available for the Plan of God, that the most impure that exists in humanity and the planet will begin to be removed; thus, souls will also be purified, and without perceiving it, will transcend their fears, difficulties, and doubts, because they will have the supreme support of the Universal Hierarchy.

Each time this work is strengthened and is consciously taken up by each praying person and collaborator, the opportunities in humanity will expand even more, and even though you may not believe it, nor affirm it, this practice will have repercussions in several places in the world, in the most faraway places of humanity.

Thus, the Hierarchy has the support of all the servers of the Work. Because they always and forever will be the foundation for all of this to happen and they will allow more souls to draw closer to this powerful current of prayer, which goes beyond any religion or culture.

Because souls, in the end of these times, by joining the purpose of the rescue and the redemption of the nations, will allow the discovery, through the power of prayer, of many more attributes and their lives will change from night to day. They will no longer be forged by the forces of chaos, because their faith will be strengthened in Christ and by Christ, and they will be pointed out by the Greater Priest when He returns to the world for the second time.

But first, you must prepare yourselves in your inner world, in order to be able to know the real Aspect of your Lord, Who will come among the clouds announcing the return of the Kingdom of God.

And this will be heard as hundreds of trumpets and the being will hear within itself the call of the Word of God, that will sustain them in the end of times, and will draw to their consciousness what truly exists in the entire Greater Universe.

Therefore, companions, assume this commitment as something essential and indispensable. Thus, you will allow many things to take place in humanity and on the planet, and the energy of Divine Grace and the power of Divine Love may continue to convert the lost hearts, and they will reencounter their origin; they will not feel alone, but rather within the great spiritual family of the Hierarchy.

I invite you to go through these times by means of this practice of prayer for peace in the nations, because the unity among souls and hearts will create an invincible protection, which will first rise up from your consciousnesses, because it will have received the impulse from your higher spirits that will finally wake up to cosmic life.

The veils of consciousness will fall from your face, you will recognize your mistakes and will recognize your successes.

But the Law of Mercy, which will still be active for some time, will balance all the debts and all the undertakings, because the sincere unconditional service of your hearts will open the doors to redemption and the healing of your consciousnesses; you will awaken to your attributes and gifts, you will recognize your talents and lineages, and in that perfect union with the Spiritual and Divine Hierarchy, you will no longer lose any more time in this humanity, because you will consciously go toward the same purpose and the same goal, knowing that help will come from the sublime Spheres of the Universe, and your hearts, your inner world, will unite in that perfect spiritual alliance with the Hierarchy.

The most difficult times have not yet come.  But in your hands, you have the power of prayer to be able to transform everything.

As humanity you are unforeseeable consciousnesses. You still have time to change the events of the planet. And even if the planet is greatly purified, the spirits on the Earth that may be united with the Hierarchy will not lose their faith, their trust will not be dissolved. They will experience fortitude through the impulses of the Holy Spirit.

And finally, companions, in that truth that you will live, as from the new cycle, you will be fulfilling your mission and your task in this humanity, and serving this planet in this school of redemption and of forgiveness.

You must be able to reflect what in essence you really are. For this reason, you must set aside the habits and customs of the human life so that the sublime energies of the Universes that the Hierarchy give impulse to, through their presence and their tools, may be able to completely transubstantiate and transfigure your consciousnesses, knowing that the matter will continue being matter; but human matter, especially your cells and atoms, will be able to be alight, once more.

If you seek inner transcendence, you will help to uplift the consciousness of lost humanity. The times of chaos, no matter how difficult, will be able to be transmuted and purified, because the purification of the planet and of the human consciousness will be up to everyone.

And like the great stars of the Universe, the Hierarchy will come to the Earth, in Their sublime Consciousness of Light, in order to once again reestablish the Project of God as it was in the beginning.

But you are still in a time for conquering duality and of being able to draw to Earth the attributes that humanity so needs for these times.

You are presently a humanity in transition and redemption, but know that you may count on the support of the Universal Consciousness of the One, of the All Powerful, of the Highest, of Adonai, Abba, and Emmanuel, in the way that you may identify and feel Him.

The Primordial Source will come to aid the human consciousness at the end of times and all will have the opportunity and the Grace of reencountering their true and deep being.

While I am here with you, I also speak to the inner worlds of all the souls on Earth, and My Divine Spirit embraces many consciousnesses.

In this moment, Divinity descends so as to be able to transform all beings, who sincerely and honestly open themselves to experience it.

Thus, the elements of nature also accompany Me on this day, because everything is a part of a sublime purification of the consciousness, until finally they are able to consecrate themselves.

May your souls receive this impulse of Christ as one of the last, and may you be able to receive from the Source what you truly need so that you may continue to grow within rather than on the outside.

Today I am not alone here. The Spiritual Hierarchy is contemplating this moment, one in which the inner worlds hold themselves ready to take a new step in consciousness in the face of the scenario of the end of times and the next events that will take place on the planet.

The whole Hierarchy evaluates this moment and the sensitivity of hearts before the Kingdom of God.

The Spiritual Hierarchy reflects and accompanies this moment at the request of God, knowing that this is not happening only here but also in the world, in all nations, and in all peoples, in those who have applied to experience the Plan.

My impulses will remove many things, but be sustained in the Divine Mercy of My Heart, because what I have thought of and designed for each one is perfect; you only have to open the door of your heart to Me so that Divine Energy may be able to enter and be a part of your spirits, of your essence, and of your souls.

Positioning your hands in the sign of receptivity, receive then this Grace, that today will not be comprehended or understood, but rather time will reveal it when the Designs of God are fulfilled: that you came to live as souls, as eternal servants on the surface of the Earth within this great universal brotherhood.

My Silence also draws souls towards Redemption and I heal an infinity of miserable souls that, after so much time, receive this opportunity, an unfathomable effect of Divine Mercy.

You can place your hands on your heart.

In this communion with infinite Life, that tries to regenerate the human life, the planetary consciousness, and all the Kingdoms of Nature, severely assaulted by humankind and today being healed by My Spirit, may a new offering to God be  born of your hearts, that in the silence of your inner temple you may proclaim for the Creator through the blessing and the consecration of all of these elements, that will not only transubstantiate Brazil once more, but also the world and many more who wait for this Grace.

All of this is generated by the Love of My Heart, that opens the doors to millions of miserable souls who are in need of the compassion of My Heart to survive, that they may be able to experience healing and forgiveness.

At this moment, companions, I have received into My Hands, from your inner worlds, your offering, that it may be contemplated by the Source of Creation and  be uplifted to Heaven by the impulse of transcendence of all the angels.

In this communion with Life, may human life be respected and above all, those who will be born be respected, so that the world become conscious someday that the life of each being is the greatest Project of Love of God.

Today, I pity the mothers who have aborted, the children who were never born, and the souls that were assaulted.

The Mercy of My Heart reaches all lives, also on the inner planes, so that these souls may have a new opportunity in this Universe and feel themselves to be loved, just as My Mother loves them in every moment and at each instant.

Thus, today I have come especially to ask the mothers of the world for a prayer for the unborn, so that the Father may pour out His Grace rather than His Justice, and so the mothers who have not understood what they carried in their womb may have the opportunity of loving and forgiving again, just as today I forgive them and absolve them, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

This prayer will be done twice a week: on Mondays, in honor of the Mysteries of Joy, for the birth and the rebirth of the inner Christ in all beings, especially in the mothers of the world who got rid of their children; and on Fridays, to remember the sacrifice and the pain of your Lord for this sin, so great in the world, that tries to spread throughout the nations as if it were a new method.

May the spiritual life be respected so that the material life may be loved. So be it.

Prayer of the Angel of Peace:

My God, I believe (x 3)

Just as My Energy transubstantiates your consciousnesses, may these elements that were placed at the foot of My Altar be transubstantiated for the benefit of the souls and the Light on the planet.

So be it.

Celestial Father, who leads us all ... ( x 3)

For the water that was spilled on the Cross, all those who today will take the sacrament, receive the energy of My Grace to that this Grace may expand in humanity and souls feel drawn to My Heart. So be it.

How many Graces are poured out today by My Spirit upon all those who need it, so that they may truly find the joy of living in God!

Bless these elements, Father, so they may be of assistance for all souls and hearts to be able to rise in spirit to Your Kingdom. Amen.

With the same power of Love that was anointed by the women of Jerusalem in the Sacred Sepulcher, today may the children of God be anointed, that they find the path of the purpose and of eternal life, Amen.

Friar Elías:

Let us stand.

Today the angels of the Universe especially remember the Passion and Death of Your Lord.

At this moment and through all of these elements, the bread and the wine, may the great mystery of this Love that gave life to all human beings on Earth be constituted once more.

At that time, I took the bread and knowing the great pain that I would suffer for the world, I offered the All Mighty this sacrifice and He, in His Triune name, blessed it. 

I gave it to My Apostles, saying "this is My Body that will be given for humankind for the atonement of all mistakes."

In the same way, I took the chalice and knowing the suffering, the flagellation, the calvary, and the Cross, through the Blood that I would shed, I offered this sacrifice to God, and He blessed it in His Triune Consciousness.

And I said to my apostles, as well as to many others present:  "All take and drink of It, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, of the new covenant between souls and God until the end of times."

In the name of the Most Holy Trinity these elements may be constituted and transubstantiated in the name of the Lord, into the Body and the Blood of Christ.

Our Father...

And with the Breath of My Spirit, I leave many opportunities on Earth for souls, leaving them My Heart as a living witness of My Love, which comes from the Heart of God.

May those who will receive the sacrament and avail themselves of the Body and the Blood of Christ be blessed!

Today, once more, I leave you My Peace, and My Peace I give you, so that you may be peace on Earth and in all the nations of the world.

May the Celestial Universe and the infinite power of Love, represented in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, bless you and fill you!

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

In the name of the good, of charity and of compassion, you will fraternally give each other the greeting of peace.

I thank you for having accompanied me in these days, because it has been very important to Me.

I thank you!