Tuesday, March 6 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Today I return from the Kingdom of God and I bring the Kingdom of God to you, but on My Breast I bring the flowers cultivated in the inner gardens. This is the proof that I bring to all today, that My task has been fulfilled in spite of the adversities.

Today I not only reconsecrate Ecuador to My Sacred Heart, but also the Americas, in order to bring to the world the last Greater Grace, which will help you to go through the so definite and difficult times that the world faces.

But today I do not come to talk to you about pain and suffering, I come to talk to you about the promises that, no matter how small they may seem, are being fulfilled. Thus, I contemplate with love all that you give Me and all that you surrender to Me. With infinite joy I contemplate all that you give to My Heart. With those little things, I will carry out the Great Work at the end of these times.

I will not only have the joy of being here, as on this day, but I will also be in other nations of the world that also wait for My coming through My Divinity. This makes the promises of God blossom in the world and, above all, in the hearts that listen to Me.

Today I carry upon My Breast all the flowers that I have cultivated in the inner worlds, flowers so fresh and alive, so fragant and subtle, that are the result and the proof of the conversion of the hearts. With this present from the souls, today I will go again to Heaven to leave these flowers at the Feet of the Creator and testify that it is possible to fulfill what would seem impossible.

These are the flowers of the trust of the souls in My Heart, of the justification of their errors bofere My Merciful Presence. And in this way, nothing bad resides in hearts, because the seed of repentance is sprouting, little by little, in the souls and this brings Me such great joy before everything I see in the world that is so horrible.

I am pleased in simple souls, in sincere hearts, in humble spirits. All these gifts and these virtues, I reintegrate them again in the Source of My Creator Father where, once more, it is confirmed that the redemption of humanity is possible, so that the Kingdom of God may be established on this planet.

Gladden your hearts, companions, because today My Heart is full of the Love of God and, from My Heart, the Source of Grace and of Renewal breaks out again.

From the first moment you receive the sacraments until the last moment of the Communion with Me, each step is very special for Me. Each act of devotion, of surrender, and of faith are unquenchable treasures of My Kingdom. And I show all of this to the Angels of God, who are so similar to men but from greater universes. They can testify with their own gaze what the Work of My Mercy does in these times.

So many souls are freed from error and deceit! So many wars are stopped with the sincere prayer of hearts! So many lives continue forward so as not to be eliminated or aborted! So many children are carried to the arms of My Creator to be consoled, to be restored and to be placed in the Fount of Love! So many future diseases are dispelled so that they may not occur in human beings! So much light is poured out into those who did not have it before and did not even see it!

All is part of the source of trust of the souls in My Heart, and this Grace not only reaches you but also the world that needs it. This brings about the fulfillment of the promises in the Work of My Divine Mercy. This is why today I am in a full joy, filled by the roses of the trust of My companions and of My servers. I am filled by the fragrance of love of the simple hearts who surrender into the Arms of the Lord to say "yes" and continue forward.

How much more My Spirit is ignited when hearing the voice of the nations of the world asking for Peace! You cannot even imagine what happens at each new meeting among the hearts that pray asking for the Mercy of the Lord.

How many obstacles are removed from the path of My children and of My servants! How faith flourishes again in the hearts that were formerly empty and full of errors!

Your Master and Lord is preparing for a new cycle together with His companions. And I call all of those who are listening to follow Me in the next Sacred Week, where you will not only relive the Codes of My Passion but will, for the first time, accompany your Master in taking a great step that will define the coming time for humanity and for the planet.

For this reason, I come outside of the church because, otherwise, they would prevent Me from doing it. It is necessary to meditate on the events with time, but now there is no time. While each second and each minute goes by on your watch, many more things happen in the world. Like in Africa, for example, where each second a child dies of thirst.

Who would have the courage and the bravery to see this together with the Master and only be silent and pray, asking for forgiveness for the planetary indifference?

I will not go and knock on the doors of the governments but I will call at the door of the hearts that cannot even imagine they are prepared to serve Me in this last cycle, and in them I will carry out My Work, because when they join in prayer with Me, everything is possible, everything is done, everything is concretized, everything is manifested.

From Heaven I bring you Greater Universes so that you may contemplate them, because they will serve as aid for these times, so that you may not lack trust nor guidance, so that you may serve Me without distinctions, so that you may surrender to Me immediately, because in My silence I wait for My soldiers to give them My Will.

May souls not lose the Grace of these times, the joy of being reborn in the Lord, because the Almighty makes Himself visible among creatures who only look at Him with love and longing.

So many wounds are closed in these meetings! Each time you place yourselves before My Presence, I can do more than expected and there are no limits for expanding My Mercy to the most miserable of the world, because My ardent desire is that the majority should not die in mortal sin, but be clean and pure to enter the Kingdom of God.

Today I come with a thoughtful message for those who have always listened to Me and have followed Me for so many meetings, holding in their hands the torch of faith and of persistence in spite of the obstacles, in order to continue forward together with the Master of Love.

Today I do not want to see tears of suffering but rather tears of happiness and joy, because of taking the step together with the Lord, in the inner consecration and in the service for the planet.

I can finally see with My Eyes those who imitate Me, those who live My teaching, just as I pronounced it and revealed it in the Gospel.

Part of the Scriptures of the Sacred Book are being fulfilled on this day, because the Sacrificed Woman of the Universe, My Mother and your Mother, the Virgin Mary, has fulfilled Her promise before the Feet of the Creator, leading Her children to the Universe of prayer and of healing, so that they may enter a new stage.

The Apocalypse is accomplished verbatim: "And you will see coming from Heaven the Woman dressed as the Sun, crowned with Stars, with the moon at Her Feet, announcing the advent of the return of Christ in the hearts of the world, and the serpent of evil is stepped on by Her blessed Foot and She dispels the pain and guilt of men. And the red moon rises in the firmament to announce the coming of the Son of Man, Who is returning as a Fount of Living Water."

The time has come for all to enter into the Celestial Church, the true church that I have founded in the hearts and not in the pillars.

This is what I have said to My Apostles and to all My followers: "Seek the Kingdom of God within you because it is close. Do not be opulent, do not let material life become a vice." But many preferred to lead My Church with power and with a prestige that I do not want. For this reason, I return for a second time, to tell you once more that the Celestial Church, the Kingdom of God, is inside of you and not outside.

But today I rise up to Heaven with the triumph of the believers, of those who believe without having seen and without having verified absolutely anything.

Blessed are those who listen with the Heart, because in the coming time and in the next world they will be recognized as My servants, My servants of the end times.

May those who have not surrendered today, surrender, and may those who have not confessed today, recognize their sins, so that they may be worthy of My renewing Grace, that comes to convert what is impossible for this time.

The Angels of Heaven sing, the choirs on Earth sing, because the Only Begotten Son carries over His Heart the flowers of the trust of His children to the Kingdom of God, as the triumph and victory of His Project.

But turbulent times will come and may these, My Words, be a comfort during the difficult hours. I do not promise to make you happy; I do not promise to make you happy in this world, but in the next one, where everything will be ready to be within the Kingdom of God and, in your memories, you will have this passage and this moment. Today your cells keep this legacy inside of them, which is the last one I pour out before the last and great battle with the fallen angel.

The Archangel Saint Gabriel will be the judge and I will give him the redemption through My Glorified Heart.

Duality will end in the next Earth, it will be the Promised Land of Unity. But everything that I am saying to you will be about to happen. In the meantime, do not cease to prepare your hearts for the coming time. The last keys of instruction are being given for the redemption of hearts and of the world.

There will come a time, companions, when I will no longer be among you, because as humanity you will go through the same test that I went through in the Garden of Gethsemane, to confirm Me before the Chalice of the Lord. But of that hour do not be afraid. I will be Present in Spirit, when you call me.

My blood shed on the Cross, in the Passion, and all along the Path to Calvary, has an incalculable power and value and it will be by the most precious Blood of your Lord that whoever trusts until the end, will have the inner strength to overcome.

My Words today have blessed all these sacraments, because they are Words that come from My Heart and from My Life. Remember that I Am eternal and in Eternity everything is alive and luminous.

May those who are being baptized today or those who will be anointed today remember these words, because they will serve as an aid for the coming moments, and may all receive the sacraments from the Sacred Spirit of their Lord. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This is My Body and this is My Blood that has been given by your Master and Lord and by all the martyrs for the forgiveness of sins. Remember to commune with Me and remember the celestial triumph of your Lord on this Earth.

All the intentions that you place in the basket are contemplated by My Heart. Pray with Me so that they may be heard by the Creator.

With this Water that emerges from My Side and from My Heart, like a Spiritual Fountain of Grace and Renewal, I will bless the pioneers whom I have called to manifest the Work in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia, in order to expand the victory of the Sacred Hearts.

Here I call the brothers and sisters of the Light-Network of Ecuador and of Colombia, so that the Lord may bless you in this new stage and this new mission.

Baptize them, Lord, with the Fire of Your Spirit, so that, in their consciousnesses, the unity, the brotherhood and the purpose may always exist, which will be fulfilled according to Your Will. Amen.

May the Lord bless you and protect you in this new mission so as to establish His Kingdom on Earth.

Receive a Sacred Medal from your Lord, so that I may accompany you step by step.

Let us pray together with Christ. Our Father...

May the Guardian angels accompany you, may they accompany all the souls of the pilgrims so that spiritual guidance and wisdom may always be present at each new step.

Today I will withdraw to the Universe, carrying the flowers of the trust of the souls to the Kingdom of God in order to place before His Thrones the triumphs of the Redeemer .

In name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Monday, March 5 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In my Celestial Government there is no duality, but rather hope; it is that hope that I bring to the world, so that the lives on Earth may unify and find the meaning of their purpose.

In My Celestial Government there is a plan and a Greater design, which I send the angels of the Universe to announce to all the inner selves that may awaken and thus hear My call.

Today I have come with My Celestial Government, because it is the one that will come to Earth when I return, to institute again the Principles of God that were lost, to have this civilization evolve that is lost and has forgotten the love of God through different circumstances.

But today My Celestial Government avails itself of those that correspond to Me every day. My Celestial Government manifests in those who live in My heart and who call me, making My name even more sacred, in this world and in the Universe. May the Name of the Lord be praised because everything shall be transformed, every cell and every life will be touched by the Ray of My Celestial Government, that Government which the Father gave Me to lead among the worlds and the Universes, among the Stars and the Suns.

The Government that comes to lead the essences on the path of the good and of peace. In this Celestial Government reside the saints and the blessed, the consistent and the servers of My redeeming Plan. Even though you are on Earth, you can be in My Celestial Government; in this way, I lead you step by step and show you the path to redemption.

The essence of My Celestial Government is love, the love that promotes everything, the love that generates everything, the love that elevates the consciousness and brings it peace on being by Me. In My government there is no inequality or injustice, as is experienced in this world, and even though all those setbacks are being experienced in this humanity, My Celestial government does not cease to act, because My Government is in the inner worlds, in the sublime worlds, in the essences; there everything begins, from there everything is done, and the Name of the Lord is recognized by the souls of the world, when they offer themselves to God in surrender and renunciation.

To enter my Celestial Government one must overcome duality, ambiguity, what is opposite or indifferent. It is that human condition that compromises the human being of the surface and that condemns him day after day, without their being aware. But happy are those who pray from the heart, and those who believe in My word, which comes from the Heavens. Because they will always be there in My Celestial Government when they learn to fulfill My Will.

In My Celestial Government there exists the joy of serving, the wholeness of spirit, the joy of the soul, the expansion of the consciousness, and the realization of service and of a greater surrender to God at each new stage.

How much I wish that many were in My Celestial Government, to be able to prepare them for the times that will come. And although in a thousand ways I repeat what will happen in the future, I must say it as many times as possible, because the distraction in the human being is the keynote of these times. You must place your attention on My merciful Heart, you must place your attention on service for others, and in this way, you will achieve freedom from this captivity of the Earth and of these times.

I come to give the world everything that I have, in spite of its indifference or its rejection. I avail myself of the souls that unite with Me so that I may accomplish My projects, which are the projects of God, which are the projects for these times, different than those of times past. They are precious projects in the realization of Divine Will, and in the concretization of the Divine purpose in humanity. 

Only once did I show the world My Celestial Government, when I preached throughout the Holy Land, when I healed the sick, when I made the paralytics walk, and still it was not enough, but My Church tried to carry on My Celestial Government, in spite of its falls and its errors. Yet still My Celestial government comes to the world to bless you, to bring you peace, essential for these times.

You must be at peace in order to be able to enter My Celestial Government; that is the key that open all doors, that is the path that will lead you towards My Celestial Government, and in synthesis, toward My heart.

I hope the world does not lose the grace of knowing this mystery, which comes from the Divine Universe, to propel souls into great changes, to the transformation of their life, to the redemption of the consciousness.

With My Celestial Government I will separate the straw from the wheat. the good from the bad, the pure from the impure, the clear from the murky; that moment will come. So tell the world, even if they do not listen, to repent, and do penance before our Lord, the Creator, so that the extraordinary grace of faith and of mercy may descend into the hearts that have not yet changed. But when I return with My Celestial Government, My voice  will be heard in the whole world; there will be no religion or peoples that will not hear, because My voice will be as clear as thunder, My word will be as strong as the wind, My presence, which is the presence of the living God, will be brighter than the sun, and you will see coming over the horizon the Son of God, especially those who have been in restorative communion during the end times; they shall have that grace, and their inner senses shall open, and the wisdom will emerge that will give them the understanding and the comprehension of all that will happen.

My Celestial Government is a Universe more broad than this one, more infinite than the cosmos, greater than all Creation, because God has wanted  it thus for His Son, after His ascension. And He said at that time, in My ascension:

"Come here, My Son, Who has died for humankind and for the world, Who has spilled Your blood and Your water for the forgiveness of sins and the great outrages of humanity.

Today I offer You, dear firstborn Son, all of My Kingdom, so that You may govern in My name as the great Sovereign, as the living God present in Your heart full of mercy and of piety. I offer You My Kingdom, beloved Son, so that you make it known to the Universe and to the world, so that all may know, dear Son, that the Father has made himself small before His creatures, in body and blood, in soul and in Divinity. I offer You My Kingdom so that you may make it live in Your disciples and servers, in Your companions and friends.

Have the world know, beloved Son and Redeemer, the Universe of My living love, the unquenchable source, which is eternal and infinite.  Today My Celestial Government is Yours, because You, My Son, Who has resurrected for the love of humankind, you are in Me and never more nothing shall separate Us, because You, beloved Son, will be between My children and Me, so that the bridge may always exist that unites them with Me, so that they may know the way of return to My heart of Father and Creator.

Let the Celestial Kingdom, beloved Son, be fulfilled in the smallest and simplest, in the humble and the pure of heart, so that it may reverberate throughout time and the eras, until My original project can finally be accomplished."

Those were the words of Our Father to His beloved Son after His ascension. Now that you are facing this unveiled mystery, seek the Kingdom of God, because you will need it for these times, and you will not find it in any other place except within you, because He is alive, but in the majority, is hidden by indifference.

The Kingdom of God is something so beautiful that the soul that enters into it blossoms with love and with mercy, with Divine fire and ascension. Do not lose the Kingdom of God; build the Kingdom of God in yourselves, be good persons and be good examples of peace. In this way, the Kingdom of God will be within you, and will be accomplished in your spirits before death.

I come to bring to the world what nobody knows, the Government of the Kingdom of God, so that it may be fulfilled in as many as possible, so that it may be alive in those who hear My call.

It will be the Almighty Who today will bless all these elements for the blessing of His children.

Place here, Your light, Lord, so that it may expand in the world. Bless this water, Father, for those who today will wash their feet, so that their paths may open and their spirits be purified, and they be witnesses of My return.

Most Holy Creator, today I again offer My body and My blood, for the atonement of souls and the forgiveness of sins.

(The Lord´s prayer is recited)

I will rise up to heaven listening to My story, so that My story of love may reverberate in your hearts, through a song that pronounces all and says all.

I am that man called Jesus, who came to the world to redeem humanity.

I bless you in this meeting, under the authority of the Celestial Government of God, of all his angels, archangels, and saints.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit. Amen. (3x)

I thank you.

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