Monday, November 6 of 2017

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 52nd Marathon of the Divine Mercy, on November 6th, 2017, in the city of Valparaíso, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I would like, as soon as possible, to have the Medallion of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus coined. I want every soul on this Earth to have it with them, and come to know the promises that I once made about this sacred symbol of Redemption.

I wish to have it present at the foot of my altar for the next Marathon. I want to give this gift, this very important symbol of My return, to each one of My pilgrims.

This will be the symbol, it will be the sign, through the Medallion, that the angels will have in order to recognize you and call on you to My encounter, when I return to the world.

That is why today, on the palm of My right Hand, I bring the Sacred Medallion of the Glorified Christ; so that, in this way, you may acquire a greater devotion to My Sacred Heart and, as is this Marathon, which has been splendid for Me, I may deliver in other places of the world, as today in Chile, the treasures of Heaven through the sacred objects, which will help souls to be spiritually liberated and able to free themselves from their illnesses, their sufferings and from all captivity.

For the next few days, I would like you to remember the message about this Sacred Medallion, which I once gave in My beloved Aurora.

It is time to bring to Earth what comes from Heaven and that, in essence, through the Sacred Medallion, the promises that My Sacred Heart has emitted may be fulfilled

I would like that, through the Medallion, everyone will know My Face of return; even though My return will be more resplendent than what has been painted in the sacred picture of your King. It is important that souls know My Face and all the promises that I have made, for each one of them.

Today I come to close this Pilgrimage for Peace in Chile, bringing this Grace that everyone may be able to have with them, as soon as possible, the symbol of the Sacred and Glorified Heart of Jesus, because in this way, companions, My Father will allow Me to pour out many more Graces, many more mercies, into the hearts that are in need of spiritual freedom and of healing.

This Grace that I bring today, in My Hands, through the Sacred Medallion, will still be an unknown mystery to the world because I have only spoken about five percent of the power that this symbol will acquire when it is coined and blessed by Me, Myself. Souls will be able to have this Medallion with them and carry it to the places most in need, such as hospitals, homes of the elderly, youth institutes and even to prisons.

My desire is that, through this Medallion, all souls that know it achieve spiritual freedom and are able to enter the Great Portal that I will open through it, to Redemption.

I am honored to come today to a country so wounded from the past, to deliver this celestial legacy; this sacred symbol, which holds within it the maximum Love of My Heart for the souls of the world.

That is why I come with this Medallion, to remind you of this request. It is time for souls to also physically feel My Presence, so that in the time that will come they may recognize Me and not be confused with other masters, but rather find their only King, Who ascended to the Heavens and Who will descend from the Heavens to find them, in the most difficult time for humanity.

This Medallion will be the sign of the self-summoned, of those who will accept the commitment with Me in the end of time, of those who will not take steps back, but rather will walk steadily to My encounter, to form the ranks of My armies on this planet and within this Universe.

This is why these are times of great definitions. And the sacred objects, such as the Medallion of My Glorified Heart, will give you the strength you need to pass through tests, to dissolve conflicts, invoking the power of My Glorified Heart, which is being revealed to the world in this time; a Heart that enters this New Era to bring the Peace and the Mercy of God.

And so, in acquiring this Sacred Medallion of My Glorified Heart, I will also be able to recognize your beings; I will be able to know that you are with Me, even on this material plane, step by step.

Today I come with this Grace, companions, especially for Chile. So this country may rejoice and know that through this Medallion you will have found your liberation and forgiveness for all your errors. Know that, in these two days, companions, I have counted the times you have opened your mouths and pronounced for the sake of My sorrowful Passion to the Celestial Father. I hope that, leaving here, you remember how to do it and will never again forget it, because you will need it.

When the spiritual impulses of Our Sacred Hearts pass through the nations of the world and through the peoples, the souls must learn how to sustain this divine Fire, which comes from the Universe of God, so that it may not dissipate when We leave here.

My Mother sowed in you, here in Chile, new crystals of light, and in these days I have gathered up your most sincere offerings. I hope that you keep this important Communion that you have had with Me these two days. That you keep the words of Love that I have pronounced to you, no matter how harsh they may have seemed, because what My ardent Heart desires, companions, is that you live the Truth.

From Heaven I bring this Medallion today, not visible to many eyes, but perceptible to many hearts.

Today, with My Light and with My Love, I will magnetize all the Medallions that will be coined in the coming times, so each child of this planet, who will awaken in its essence of love, of devotion and of Faith to My Sacred Heart, may receive the Graces they need, to walk in faith during these times of tribulation. In it I have magnetized the power of three Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Metatron.

Those were the Rays that penetrated My Heart, which was pierced on the Cross when I expired. And before dying I said: Father, My Father, Adonai, forgive them for they know not what they do and for they will not know, until I return to the world.

This is the Grace that I place today on the Medallion that will be coined: the Power of the Archangel Michael, so that the forces of chaos be exorcised and dissipated, be transmuted and liberated, and the hearts of this world dissociate from all evil; so that the Power of the Heavens may reign.

This coined Medallion will also receive the Power of the Archangel Gabriel, so that the souls and the inner parts of humanity may recognize the Message of God, the Word of Life and the divine Flame of salvation.

The Medallion that will be coined will also receive the Fire of the Archangel Metatron, so that all superfluous energies may be sublimated, transcended and elevated; so that atavistic tendencies, ties and chains may be dissolved from the human consciousness, and anyone who holds this Medallion with faith may receive that Grace.

These were the Powers received when My Heart was pierced by the spear on the cross and it was the legacy that the world received on the inner planes and that now, in this Era and in this cycle, I come to awaken in your hearts and souls.

You will not have a medallion like any other. You will not have an amulet, but rather a spiritual part of My Being, which is non-material and divine. You will have in your hands the essence of the greatest Love that I have lived, moments before expiring on the cross, moments before My Heart stopped and ceased beating for Love of the world, until I could rise up in Glory on the third day.

In that Medallion of My Glorified and Sacred Heart, you will have in essence the story of love that was recorded by the holy women of Jerusalem, by the apostles, by the patriarchs and by the Holy Mother of God, who accompanied Her Son until the end in Her most absolute silence and in Her most infinite surrender.

This will be the Medallion of the blessed, of the New Christs, of those who will not be afraid to say ‘yes’ to My Prophecies and announcements that I bring from Heaven, because it will help you to protect your essences and bring you closer to My Heart when you need it, in any moment of your lives.

In this Sacred Medallion, that will be coined and which comes from My Sacred Heart, will be written the spiritual history of the events and experiences lived by your Master in this world. From His birth to His ascension, the Medallion will have the essence of My story experienced on this planet; as well as all the sacrifices of those who were martyrs, of those who were saints and servants of God, up to this day.

It will hold the love that each heart has entrusted to Me, from the time of the Garden of Gethsemane up to the present, of all the missionaries who have served Me in the world through the Gospel and through Charity; like the love I recorded in the heart of Saint Teresa of Jesus, as well as in that of Saint John Paul II, and even of Pope Francis himself.

Look how many mercies will be coined, so that souls may carry them over their hearts and never be separated from them again, because I have had to fight to get here, to this nation, for your consideration, your grace and your response.

The Lord has granted the world this Grace. May no one miss the opportunity of receiving this legacy. May no one miss the opportunity of learning to love, just as I have taught you. Because what I most wish is that you be compassionate until the end of the times; that you to be merciful and just with your brothers and sisters.

I know that My Work is not yet fully understood, not even by those to whom I speak. The Mystery of the Universe will still be kept in the Heart of God. But there will come a day in which the doors will open and nothing more will be kept hidden. Everyone will know what God has always wanted you to know and the global ignorance will be dissipated from human minds. Many will prostrate themselves on the ground when they feel the ground and the Universe tremble at the arrival of the Son of God, and they will repent for not having listened in time.

I invite you to work for those hearts that will not accept you, that will deny you, that will turn their faces from you. But if you do all in My Name, you will have the inner strength to love, just as I have loved every soul that tortured Me, that flagellated Me, even the one that crucified Me.

How is a human being capable of loving the evil that another could do to him?

What is the essence of that mystery, of giving one’s life for those who do not deserve it?

But I know you are not ready for that. But some will live it, because I will ask it of them, face to face. And when all this has taken place, when you have truly suffered for Me, and without complaints, then I will come for you before you expire, to take you to Paradise and to live eternally in adoration of God, as the angels live, for ever and ever.

In My Kingdom, you will not find suffering in those who will no longer be here, in this world, when everything is over, and you will find the result of the joy of having been with Me, every day, unconditionally.

For this reason, everything you do for Me is small and in My Spirit this has an incalculable value that only God knows.

May this Medallion hold the Sacred Gifts of God, the same Gifts of the Holy Spirit that Mary, your Mother, received along with the apostles in the Cenacle. It is these Gifts that My Heart brings today, through this Medallion, so that the apostles of the new time may awaken to My call and always say “yes” to Me.

For everything that I have lived on Mount Calvary and until the moment of My Death, pouring out Blood and Water from My Side, today from Heaven I bring the synthesis of the love of all those who loved Me throughout times, of all those who suffered for Me throughout times, of all those who witnessed My Presence in the world, in all decades, never ceasing to say ‘yes’ to Me each moment.

Is this that My Merciful Heart gives you today, because My wish is that the same love that your brothers and sisters lived may come from you, and may also be recorded in the Sacred Medallion for those who will need it in the future, even if you are still here on Earth, serving Me and announcing My Word in humanity.

Today I come to bless the water that will wash your heads, under the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the Most Blessed Son.

Today, I come to bless the oil that will mark your faces with the presence of the healing from My Heart for your physical and spiritual illnesses.

Today I come, in this last instance of the mission, to reintegrate the trust of God in Chile, to begin again, under a renewed faith, under a great love that I found hidden here, in your hearts, in these two days.

May that flame continue re-emerging; may that inner fire continue to grow in order that your Master and Lord may return here, finding multitudes of beings redeemed by the love of the heart.

May this Grace be extended to this nation, from the north of Chile to the south of Punta Arenas and beyond it, to the Antarctic.

I place My blessing Hands upon this people, so that My Peace may be established.

And now I will ask the guardian angels to bless these elements, which will be a source of Graces for those who have asked for it from the heart.

May this incense be blessed, in the same way as the incense that received Me in the temple when I was a Child in the arms of Mary, of My Mother and of Saint Joseph, to be given to God, for the fulfillment of the divine mission that My Father entrusted to Me at that time.

May this incense purify that which is innermost and may it uplift the spirits that have fallen on the face of the Earth. Amen.

And now, companions, as I ascend to Heaven, reminding you of the importance of this Medallion for the entire world, I invite you to unite even more with My Heart, to radiate to the planet It’s Consciousness of Light, as well as to your humanity, which is sick in spirit, mind and body. And so that these Sacraments that you will experience today, especially in Chile, not only renew your people, but also all those who will come knocking at the door, seeking the path of reunion with Love, with the Love of God, just as you have found It during these days.

Never forget this. Never erase these moments from your memory, because for the times that will come, they will help you to cross the abysses and go through the tests, the deserts and the great voids that the world will face in order to be confirmed before God and be worthy of a new opportunity, just as you have it today before My Most Holy Presence, to radiate it to this world, to this humanity, as well as to the Kingdoms of Nature.

We will end this intimate encounter between your hearts and Mine, asking God for His Blessings and Graces through the song ‘Rains of Love’.

May this permeate the planet and your hearts, as well as all the lives that are in need of redemption.

I bless you from My Sacred and Glorified Heart, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you.



Sunday, November 5 of 2017

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 52nd Marathon of Divine Mercy on November 5, 2017, in the city of Valparaiso, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am finally here in Chile, together with My brothers and sisters, to recover My flocks that remained lost in other times.

I come to unite you with the essence of My Heart so that My Mercy, which comes from the Source of the Father, may be here with you and with your loved ones.

I come to leave you with My Purpose of finding you again in My path, following My footprints, being led by My Heart, guided by My Soul, because I Am your only Master. I Am who I Am, from the beginning until the end of days.

This is why I have called you. I have knocked on the door of your hearts so that you could be here with Me today, sharing this spiritual task that your Master and Lord carries forward in Chile, banishing the false power, banishing the dominion and the control of society, liberating this wounded people from the sequels of the past, from the current sequels of the past.

I come to dissolve with My Light that which is unchangeable, I come to transform with My essence that which nobody has yet touched within each being. This is why I want to be here with you, on this day; here, in Chile, to make you relive My Presence, so that you can remember your commitment with Me, on this trajectory of the end of times that your humanity and the planet are facing.

I come here to recover those who distanced themselves from God for different circumstances, due to various sufferings or trials, or to the disappointments they have been allowed to experience, because of the poor faith in their hearts.

Today I speak to this country, that must again awaken to what it once was, from the beginning of the original peoples, those who really love Life and Creation, who preserve and care for Nature making it a part of themselves, communing with her, day by day.

It is the values of the original peoples, My companions, which will liberate you from everything that you live today. The original values are those which humanity is losing in these times, substituting God for modernities, placing your attention on external things and forgetting to look within yourselves every day and to seek what you are in Creation.

You have not come to this world only to be human beings, to live a material or artificial life. You have a very worthy spirit that is deeply unknown to you. Each time you approach Me you can discover and feel that, in truth, it is worth living in this time, despite what may happen.

Therefore I wish, by means of the original peoples of Chile, who showered the high mountains with their love, that the world may be able to recover these values of the true spirituality of Creation. For this reason, I need you to be close to Me, in order to renew these times, these critical times, in which humanity submerges in its own pain and moves away from God without looking for Him or calling Him.

I would like to hear your hearts pray and sing, like today; because today, My Mercy reaches not only you, but also the whole southern cone, which is what I expected to do if I had been in Punta de Arenas, so that My Light and My Mercy would reach Antarctica.

Do not remain only in what surrounds you daily, embrace the planet with love and put your attention on everything that it needs. Because the planet - as a consciousness, as nature and creation - is suffering, and humanity does not want to look at this, so as not to feel responsible for what it has done in these last times.

I have shed My Blood upon this planet to save you. This is why I am here again, to remind you of My Sacrifice, because it has not been in vain.

You, as so many other souls in the world, can make My Sacrifice during the Passion and the Cross worthy. There too are found the spiritual values you need in order to transform yourselves into the model that God expects you to be in this cycle.

I cannot refrain from telling you the Truth, companions, because it would not make sense for Me to be here, in this place and in this very moment to congregate you in My Love, to unite you to My Heart, so that you may commune with God, who is offended.

Each drop of love that you pour into your prayers and your songs relieves the planet; each drop of love that you pour into your prayers and your songs heals the planet; each drop of love that you pour into your prayers and your songs changes the events and many things are avoided in humanity.

I would like you to leave this place with the living Fire of My Heart in you, taking on the commitment in this new stage that I invite you to live, leaving behind all that you have been, leaving behind all that you have mistaken, because I do not come in search of your flaws, as I know that you are human beings in evolution.

I come to seek from you sincere hearts, honest hearts, hearts that are decided to live My Plan, even though you do not comprehend or understand it. Everything that I will always bring to you, from My Father's Universe, you will not understand, because it is not within your school.

To love the unknown is the first test of My disciples; to commit is the second step, and to take it on is the concretion of My Plan.

I come to look for all the hearts of the world, this is why I am here today in Chile, to form a new army of My Mercy, apostles, tireless servers that can come out of themselves a little more and look around them, where the great suffering of the world and of all the souls exists, as well as that of the Kingdoms of Nature.

I would like you to learn to honor and glorify what God has given you as a country, by means of the nature, the mountains, the ocean and all that Creation expresses, from north to south of this nation, and that coexists day by day with this people.

I need, companions, that you defend Creation with Me, so that human beings will not continue to destroy for their benefit, for their commodity, or for their luxury. I will take care of those who do all those things.

Remember that the day of the Final Judgment is written, when your Master and Lord will separate the chaff from the wheat, He will liberate the planet from the eternal suffering and will repopulate this world with new Christs who will live the experience of My Love in a true and conscious way, and what I say will no longer be a theory, but a reality in the hearts.

Chile needs to take a step towards reconciliation and forgiveness so that it may receive the new Graces from Heaven, as it was once intended to pour onto this people, some decades ago.

I come to correct what has been twisted in the consciousness of this people, that which has not been taught well, and has led them to not value that which is within each being, within their inner universe.

Therefore, I come from the Universe to bring you the new, what you now need in order to take the steps towards My Heart, which is full of Love and Graces for the creatures, which is thirsty for hearts that can commit themselves.

I come to give you the best that I have and what My Father has allowed Me to deliver to you, because this will make you free - believe it - if you leave here with an open consciousness. You are awakening to that for which your spirits have waited a long time, of which you are not very conscious because you do not know, this is understandable. You are awakening to what truly exists within you, which has great value for My Celestial Father.

Through this mystery that is found in each human being, and that must awaken, My Father will be able to rebuild the Earth and its humanity.

Today I am awakening the most inner treasures of this people, so that it may recognize My call and always say "yes" to Me, because thus they will be saying "yes" to My Father and to His Will.

I come to bring to you here, on this afternoon, the first Grace, the Grace of reconciliation. Reconciliation first among yourselves as a family, as a society, as a country; this will help so that the uncertain doors may close and the souls may find the path of light, a path that will lead them to redemption and to peace.

Chile needs to live its commitment to God in a true way, living it with the faith it deserves and with the trust it needs for this final time.

Today I radiate to you, with My Eucharistic Heart, a Sun brighter than all the suns of this Universe, so that My Codes of Life may be in you and that which has not yet been transformed, may be transfigured.

If you accept the first step of reconciliation, you will live redemption. The whole world is here to be redeemed, everyone needs to forgive something in order to be able to free themselves from suffering.

I Am this sun of compassion that brings to you the Mercy of the Father, so that your spirits and bodies may heal.

I would like to carry on My Chest the star of the flag of your people, not to remember the blood that was shed, but to transform the pain into love, the suffering into healing, injustice into equality.

Living the commitment with Me you will open the doors for many souls, that in their daily lives await to receive the same call that you have received in this time.

We will bless this Altar and this room, so that you may be worthy of receiving My Graces, renewing your hope and faith in My Heart and so that on this afternoon, your feet may be washed of all the past and you may be born to the new life. 

Our Father...

Once more...

On this afternoon I renew My Sacrifice; for the blood that was shed in this people, for the wounds that were inflicted, for the original peoples who disappeared, for the injustice that was generated, for the lack of the love that was dissipated from many consciousnesses, through power and manipulation.

Today I renew My Sacrifice offered during the Last Supper with My twelve apostles. Today I return to reintegrate Chile to the mystery of My Eucharist, My Passion, My Death and My Resurrection, renewing the Sacrament of faith and of reconciliation between the souls of this country that I adore, through My Eucharistic Heart.

I invite you to live in this way, companions, through this Eucharist, the adoration to My Eucharistic Body, seeking to transfigure, by means of the adoration, the corrupt codes of humanity so that everything may become rescuable, even the smallest cell the human consciousness.

Placing My Hands over these elements, I thank God for this sacrifice that I lived for you and for the world over two thousand years ago, saying: Take this, all of you, and eat it, for this is My Body that will liberate you from the past, which will lead you to eternal life; saying: Take this and drink from this Chalice, the Chalice of the new covenant that your people and your whole country must live so that the Kingdom of God may be established.

With the divine authority of our Creator, the Almighty, I bless these elements, I bless your consciousnesses and your lives:  In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And now you may wash your feet, because the water has already been sanctified with My Presence.

Now I want you to call your sincere hearts, I want you to call in the depth of your beings, the most infinite corner of your essences, where the Truth and the Love of God exist. As My children from Argentina did, I want you to call the sincere heart by means of your voice, crying out for the awakening of this planet and for the reconciliation of humanity.

I thank you.

Pray for the world that is agonizing...(song: Sincere heart)

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