Friday, February 17 of 2017

The Sacred Call

In joy I gather together these young people to represent many more in the world, where My Christic Flame is ignited to call the self-summoned, so that at this crucial time, the soldiers may come together and form the first ranks, declaring thus My Return to the world to all of humanity.

I want you to hold up the torch, the Sublime Fire of My Sacred Heart.

I want you to carry My banner together with the legions of angels and archangels.

And so, dear youths, I baptize you with My Spirit, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

My Heart is glorified, because your lives glorify My Name, the Holy Name that God gave to the Son of all Creation, and to the One that comes from the sublime Source, from which all the graces and Mercies for all beings of the Earth arise, especially for My disciples that today begin this walk towards the transformation of their lives and consciousnesses, for all the young people who wound My Sacred Heart, which is filled with Mercy for all the youths that must uplift their spirits through an inner union with My Redeeming Work for these times.

So today I decree and declare: the new future is in the young people, the coming of the New Jerusalem, of the promised Land, of the great spiritual and cosmic Consciousness, that, after the purification of the Earth, will make the spirits that will form the New Humanity emerge, that will sow the Earth again with the codes of My Blood and My Water, achieved during the Passion, the Crucifixion and Death.

So today I consecrate you. I consecrate your lives to the Glory of My Sacred Heart. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

With the redeeming sign of the Cross, the committed errors are removed and the doorways open so that consciousnesses may be uplifted and find My Celestial Presence on the inner paths, and hear, in their souls, the call of the Redeemer, Who calls on them to become part of the great celebration of this Supper, the great and last Supper, that will announce the coming of the King of the Universe to all of humanity.

The Celestial Choirs are already playing the trumpets and the spirits that have come from different parts of the Cosmos are assembling on the five continents to awaken within themselves the great Sun that exists and illuminates all times, through the impulse of My Christic Essence of renovation, transfiguration and transubstantiation of all the codes, and as from today, in you, dear youths, they are illuminated by My Presence.

I initiate you into a new stage filled by the greater Love of the Universe. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Never retreat from what I have asked of you. Rather, open your eyes to feel My Divine Consciousness in this place, in the depths of your hearts.

I come in this way to open a new cycle in this Center of Love, closing the doors of the cycles that already passed away and preparing, in your consciousnesses, new patterns of life that will be very necessary for planetary life, for all of this race that is still sleeping.

Today I dedicate this Sacred Call to all the youth of the planet who still have not dared to cross the threshold of My Sacred Heart, to be renewed by My Spirit and enlightened by My Presence, which is the Presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Rejoice and fear no more. The thousand years of peace will be fulfilled, but it will be essential for the Earth and humanity to be completely purified.

When your hearts, minds and bodies suffer, submerge yourselves in My Divine Mercy, because My Spring is still open for those who thirst for the divine Light of the Father, the Love of the Son and the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Today I am giving the sacrament to each one of those present to prepare you for My awaited "Sacred Week", which will be unique, unrepeatable and conscious for everyone.

Just like in the peoples of the past, announce to the world that the Sacred Lord of Love is coming in the awaited Holy Week, to announce His Gospel again. That One who transforms impossible things, and that, from time to time, frees you from perdition.

Thus, the Lord and King of the Universe, in His infinite humility, will not come alone to this meeting. He prepares the Cosmos, the Earth and the human consciousness for this moment.

Blessed are they who believe, even whithout having seen. They are already worthy of the New Earth.

Today the Kingdom of God draws closer to help the planetary consciousness and all those who are purified inside and outside of their beings, so that they may conceive My Christic Flame in each one of their lives, Flame which is the light that will illuminate their paths in the times of tribulation.

Today you will be anointed by the Sacred Son, under the unity with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Oil for consecrating.

If today I consecrate you, I am consecrating humanity so that it may participate in the New Earth, in the New Covenant of man and God, in the evolved consciousness with the Infinite, the love that exists in each one of you, united to the Heavenly Father.

Today the choirs  and the praises are sung in the Kingdom of God, in Paradise; they raise up the promise that the self-summoned are to be the visible sign for the unredeemed, by living redemption within themselves.

Do not lose My Words. Put your attention on what I am telling you. Divinity economizes everything that says, for the times are urgent and souls must define themselves in order to find peace, eternal peace.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

At the request of our Lord Jesus Christ, we will hear the Pater Noster.

May the Lord pour out His Grace here, so that the soul, the mind and the body may be anointed by the Most Holy Trinity, that in a sacred triangulation descends over the Centers of Light so that souls may vivify their awakening and their union with the Divine Purpose, until peace is established.

Praised be the altars of the Creator! May souls exalt in joy, may spirits rejoice, because they have heard the Redeemer, the Son of Creation, the Son of the Almighty, the Son of Man and Life!

May the disciples be happy and their families rejoice, for they have heard the angels of God, fulfilling the promise of the annunciation of their spirits to the evolution of Divine Life!

May, after this earthly life, your souls find Me in the Kingdom of God to eternally praise the Father, together with the angels and archangels declaring Hallelujah! Glory in the highest, peace on Earth for all the beings of good will and for those who are part of the armies of light, of the Return of Christ!

So be it! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I profoundly adore you and I offer you
the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ,
present in all the Shrines of the Earth
and in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges,
and indifferences with which He is offended,
and for the sake of the infinite merits of His Most Holy Heart
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I ask you for the conversion of poor sinners.

13 bell tolls.

Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us!

In this meeting we honor you Lord!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.