Thursday, October 6 of 2016

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 39th Marathon of Divine Mercy, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I give you peace and liberation.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Adore the Sacred Heart, Source of Reparation and of Mercy for those who surrender to Me.

Surrender! Surrender is what I ask of you, so that you may achieve peace, and so may those who do not deserve it, having forgotten God and their awakening.

Today I come with a deeper silence and I close My Eyes before you, so that My serenity may dispel evil. Closing My Eyes, I contemplate the silence of the Universe, the deep Voice of God, which calls on you to the surrender of this planet.

And it is this merciful Heart that still suffers for the world.

See My Countenance with eyes closed, in vigil and prayer.

The world does not know what will happen. That is why I come to prepare you, to withdraw you from the superficiality that blinds many.

This is one of My great sufferings. It is the indignation that the Father feels: after having given you everything, what will you give Him so that His Will may be fulfilled?

I do not need great things, companions, just your lives, so as to serve God through each one of you.

Contemplate My Countenance with your eyes closed, in vigil and prayer, waiting for what will happen in this world.

While the door of My Mercy is open, do not delay entering. To this door bring all those that need it, because it is already closing, so that the door of Justice may open; the Justice that will bring order to the world out of its planetary disorder.

And that will not be a punishment of God, but rather the result of what humanity has sown after so many Graces received. But I have the key of the great expiation for those who may want to receive it in My Name. This is the key that will save you; you will open the correct door and your paths will cease to be labyrinths to be paths straight to the Light.

I bring you the fulfilling of the promise I offered you; I am already returning. Happy are those who believe this, before everything is fulfilled.

The great night is drawing closer. The day is ending and you must be with Me in prayer. Remember what I said to the apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane: "Do not sleep. Wake up, wake up! The hour is coming."

Pray from the heart and not only with words, so that you may be free of all temptation and of all adversity. This is the message of the end of times, for a humanity that is completely asleep and indifferent.

And if We are not here as spokespersons of Heaven and of all the Universe, who will save you?

Trust in your Celestial Father and you will relieve His Heart of all the sorrows that He feels in the world.

I repeat this message because you have not listened. It is time to unite more each day in order to bear the currents that will come to the world. If you are alone, you will not be able to do anything.

So I invite you to fraternity, to collaboration, and to cooperation with the Plan of God. In this way, you will be free of the ties of the world and of the links with evil. Your souls will become free when you give of yourselves to others, for a just cause of the good and of brotherhood.

Free yourselves from the human corruption that humankind of the surface has created throughout time. In your spirits believe that you have come to this planet to be redeemed, to learn to love more and more, in honor of the Celestial Father.

If you do not love, companions, you will not be able to experience the next steps to ascend to the Universe with your souls and hearts. You will not be able to skip steps of Light. 

You must experience each stage with each new step that is taken; in this way, you will be doing what is correct and you will be in perfect balance.

The doors of My Kingdom are open for those who are being redeemed. This is why I offer you My Heart as the guiding Flame for these times of darkness, in which everything is gradually lost.

Yesterday I gave you the Passion that I live for the world. Today I give you the awareness of taking a bigger step toward the Light, so that your lives may not be static, but rather within the perfect movement of the Universe, in which it is necessary to work and serve God.

I come to withdraw you from illusion. I come to open your eyes, for there is still much to be done in this humanity. I come to withdraw you from convenience, from the television, from distraction, so that you may live in the Universe of My Heart.

My Heart is the Truth for the end of times, for, in this way, nobody will deceive you.

I am the Christ of the new time. The Man Who preached in Nazareth and in all the Holy Land. I am the Great Fisherman of souls, Who wants to lead you to Love, to Truth, and to union with God.

Receive My Words with joy. My Codes of Light will sanctify you, just as the Father and the Holy Spirit sanctify you.

You know, companions, that these meetings with My Merciful Heart and with My Sacred Face, will end. And they will conclude when the Father indicates it to Me. Meanwhile, do not take each meeting with Me as something normal; because when they end, each one will know where My treasures have been left for the time of the final Armageddon, in which everything will be allowed.

Do not miss the Grace of finding Me through each new meeting; become aware of My Sacred Heart in your lives and that way, you will not deviate from the path. Through these meetings I am building new temples; I am manifesting My celestial Church, in the dwelling place of the pure and the simple of heart.

Because those temples, which are non-material, will give shelter to those who suffer and those who will suffer the planetary transition; they will be My Christic codes in you, which I will provide for the lost souls, for those who live in the hell of all this humanity and who cannot find God, due to their great ignorance, due to not knowing how to love, because nobody teaches them.

Thus, I invite you to be My apostles, not only in your homes, with the groups of prayer, but I invite you to go out into the street to seek the souls in need of My divine and unfathomable Mercy.

It is no longer time, companions, to just watch Me on television. It is time to surrender your life for the Plan, no matter what the cost, so that the maximum Will of the Father may be fulfilled.

I know that you will not understand what I am telling you, because they are realities for the coming times. The school of preparation has not ended. Make use of this moment and benefit from My Light, in gratitude and love, expressing service, giving of self, and charity.

I want to remove you all from the mental plane. Live in the great plane of the heart, for there is to be found the Most Holy Trinity, which awaits for you to give you Their Gifts and vivify your spirits in Glory to the Creator.

My Words cannot remain simply written in texts. Each impulse that I give you is so that you carry it out, it is so that you multiply it, you gift it, and you deliver it to your brothers and sisters, to all the planetary need, which is very unbalanced.

So I invite you to not be erudite in your minds, in your structures. With the Ray of My Mercy, crack and break everything that opposes My Plan of Light within you. In this way, you will defeat the adversary and the distraction that it constantly generates for you.

Open your arms, expand your hearts, and gift the Love of God.

Serve unconditionally and you will be in the correct place when everything happens.

Know that in My Heart there is a space held for you, which I always contemplate with much Love, when you sincerely unite with Me and respond to My call, because you know that it is necessary to accomplish it for the salvation of souls and the planet.

All of your brothers and sisters that are out there also need Mercy, just as you have received My Divine Mercy.

Each meeting with Me is renewing and is a unique opportunity to take a step on this stairway of Light, which takes you to the Kingdom of the Father.

Hallowed be those who hear Me.

Hallowed be those who contemplate Me.

Hallowed be those who adore Me.

Hallowed be those who serve in My Name.

Hallowed be those who divest themselves for Me.

Hallowed be those who redeem themselves and those who seek peace.

Hallowed be those who awaken and those who see God and all His Works.

Hallowed be those who live Unity and those who strive to live the Commandments.

Hallowed be those who commune of My Body and of My Blood, and surrender before My Presence so that I can transform them.

Hallowed be those who believe each word that I dictate, for hallowed they will be by the Father, in the Universe of His Love and of His Glory, for the purpose of expressing the new humanity.

Consecrated: before praying with Me, see the Purpose of God in His Primordial Source, descending from the Spiritual Universe toward this Material Universe, so that this great impulse of the realization of the Work of God may be accomplished in souls and in all of humanity, so that My Sacred Heart may triumph.

Let us pray.

May the advent of the new race be accomplished.

May humanity express its archetype.

May the Word be alive and build Your Temple.

May Your Mystery expand in us

and may true existence be revealed to the world,

so that we may gather together in You Name

and glorify the perfect Unity.



Today I will give you renewal through the Sacraments, so that your souls may accomplish the purpose that they came to carry out in this planetary time.


Let us ask Our Father, Adonai, for His Grace and Mercy for these end times.


I leave you with the greatest testimony, which is My Love.


I leave you My Peace and I give you My Peace so that you may live it and multiply it wherever you go.


I thank you for listening to Me with faith and love, because after all, God wants the best for you. Believe that this is so, in the Presence of His Beloved Son.


Go in peace.


In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen (x3)