Saturday, February 6 of 2016

Marathon of Divine Mercy

Silence opens the door for you to enter into My Heart and there to remain in rejoicing and light.

In these last three days we have covered a large part of Shambhala, and I have shown your inmates what are the next steps to follow in this plan that must be fulfilled for the end of times.

But My Heart, today, feels honored by the result of your exertion and effort before the Heavenly Father. It is still necessary to do more because humanity needs it. Not only in the meetings of prayer, in the service, but in the surrender of the day by day.

I am with you accompanying you, guiding you. And now go, go two by two as the missionaries did in order to help the souls and bring them closer to Me in union with God.

Even the world suffers and we can not hide it, it is a reality before your eyes; it is the consequence of a continuous error, which never ends because there is no profound change in the consciousness and in the hearts of all human beings. But the time of My Justice is coming, for that reason, I prepare you to be carriers of My Mercy and spread it every day, just as souls need it in these times that comes.

In Shambhala we have lived an internal retreat that should be recorded in your memories, because from there the new things will depart, the new works will be given, and the souls will gather around My Glorified Heart to serve the Universe in this redemption project.

Even the doors of redemption should be open so that more souls can enter as you did in recent years, who have been called to live forgiveness and love in this school of the planet.

I rejoice when there are souls who are encouraged to follow me for real and fear to lose nothing because in truth the Universe always gives them everything, more than the others.

The treasures that My Heart keeps for you are incalculable and infinite.

I wish that you not only love My Mercy, but also My Grace, which is the living power of My Divinity that was also among you in the past time to guide you to the redemption and love that you did not know and that you had forgotten.

Today, before the doors of Shambhala, before the twelve choirs of angels that congregate around the King of the Universe, before the presence of Adonai and the Blessed Virgin Mary, I remind you again: never forget to love, because if you love as I do, as I have loved, you will know how to forgive and you will not be in sin.

My mission is you all to be apostles for this time of darkness and constant trials for all hearts. But I repeat for you again this message of love because many times you forget it, and your superficial things emerge and leave you blind without being able to see the importance of the Love of God in these times.

Through each Marathon of prayer, I remind you of the same key, until one day you can unify them in your lives as part of your beings and stop being just a message for you to live in practice of this school of redemption.

The twelve choirs represent the twelve missions that still have to be fulfilled in the four points of the Earth, to which you are being called to participate and to collaborate so that My Seeds of Light are sown in the most forgotten and abandoned of this world.

There are many souls in solitude. There are many hearts that do not receive a drop of love, not even human love. Therefore, I prepare them in these current missions, not only those who serve but also those who pray, so that they can take their great step of evolution through a humanitarian service, where the pain of the world is unbearable when it is seen face to face.

So, companions, I teach you to do what I did in the past times, to love enemies, to triumph through love, to donate for love of others and to achieve union with God, the perfect union in that infinite communion with the Heavenly Father.

Today, I leave for all the Presence of My Glorified Heart, with Its twelve stars and Its rays of Grace. May this symbol impel you to adore me so that you may adore God through His Beloved Son. May this symbol represent through the stars, the union between the nations and the constitution of eternal love for the whole planet, the Christ Redeemer Love.

May the Rays be the souls that emerge from My Glorified Heart, Rays that expand through all the spaces to illuminate the dark abysses of consciousness and to raise sinners to the Kingdom of God, where they must reach mercy for collaboration of his fellows, of his servants and peacemakers.

Do not leave Aurora without these signs that I leave in your hearts, because they will help you in the moment that you must make the leap to evolution, just as the missionaries of the Middle East have given it and have shown it to God.

I acknowledge, as your Lord, the offering you are making through the daily prayers in the prayer groups. This allows you to vitalize the Plan, makes it alive in each one of you, and lovingly you feel part of this work of redemption and peace that will be fulfilled through the effort and dedication of all My companions.

For this day of prayer that has happened, you have entered Shambhala with Me and your souls have recognized the importance of loving the Plan of God and of bringing it to Earth through good works so that it can be fulfilled as My Father expects it. From the beginning.

You are a very characteristic flock that can awaken other flocks to service, to prayer, to fellowship, something that I hope to fulfill through you all the time and all the days of life until the end of time; until I return, to witness the judgment of the Earth, together with all the heavenly choirs that will dictate their proclamations of how the last two thousand years of this humanity have been. At that time there will be no more time.

Therefore, I come at this time to motivate you to the greater surrender and that you do not lose sight of the Purpose that shines in front of your eyes like a great sun to illuminate the paths of all the servants.

Today, I embrace those who have opened their hearts to Me and keep them under My Mantle to unify them with God and with My Merciful Heart. Today, the offer that I make is for everyone, because everyone has the opportunity to live in the name of love that comes from the Universe for all the galaxies.

Today I show you, companions, how to please the Heart of God, which is very forgotten by the world, by war and separation.

May God always listen to you so that His Works will always be carried out in simple hearts. That they really want to change for the good of humanity and the new Promised Land.

Always pray with Me to strengthen yourself, prayer is the dialogue between our hearts and that is where My Grace can flow towards your spirits.

In spite of the falls I contemplate you, because My Love is greater than your sins or your uncertainties. Even you do not know My Love, but yes, I show you a part of My Love that is the Love of God, the living and wise Love that understands and helps the souls, that brings them closer to the Source of Love to be reborn all the days, and so that each soul fulfills its mission, which it has come to fulfill at this time.

Today I will make a new prayer for you and I ask you to join Emmanuel now. This prayer, comrades, I recited it to My apostles at the Last Supper, before Judas delivered me. I call it "the Prayer of the Purpose", because it is the Purpose for this humanity from the beginning of the people of the desert, of Abraham, of Moses and of the prophets.

Purpose Prayer
Oh Glorious and New Jerusalem! That lives in the dimensions of My Father.
Oh Sacred Treasure of the Ark of the Covenant! That you still vibrate in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Descend New Jerusalem, as a resplendent city, as a New Humanity over the children of My Father.
Oh Glorious and New Jerusalem! Join the spirits who believe in the Kingdom of God and who only wait for the promise of the Return of Christ for the second time.
Meanwhile, Oh New Jerusalem! Formed by the Unique Mind of My Father and His wonderful Creations, make yourself alive in the souls that await the fulfillment of the Redeeming Project.
Oh Glorious and New Jerusalem! That you once shone in the firmament of Bethlehem, when the Firstborn Son incarnated on Earth to bear witness of Mercy to the world.
Join, Oh Glorious and New Jerusalem! With the purpose of those who have called themselves to live My Second arrival in the world.
Father, Father-Mother Emmanuel, descend Your New Jerusalem, which shines in the Universe, as the beginning of the new purpose for the New Earth.
May your laws and designs Oh New Jerusalem! Be fulfilled in those who await Your arrival.
Today I open the doors before You, Oh New Jerusalem! For the Father to touch the hearts of His children and they feel the confidence to live in the Purpose.
Sacred and New Jerusalem, full of angels and archangels, of laws, gifts and designs, descend to this sick world that is obscured by having forgotten You.
May your love be manifested Oh Glorious and New Jerusalem! So that the souls revive your Principle, Your Principle of Ascension and Unification with God.
May the New Humanity arise by the arrival of the Glorious and New Jerusalem. May everything become One, and in Unity we be in My Father, Emmanuel.
Beloved Father, as well as in Gethsemane You gave me the greatest weight on My Back, which was the sin of the world and the destruction of souls, after having fulfilled Your request in the name of Love and Unity by Your side.
Oh Emmanuel! Fulfill My request that Your children receive the new Light of the Universe.
Emmanuel, open the doors of the New Jerusalem, so that all can enter and do not leave anyone behind.
May your fatherly gaze, Emmanuel, enlighten the souls and that in Your New Kingdom, we may be One forever.



Friday, February 5 of 2016

Marathon of Divine Mercy

I have seen many of those present in the desert of Shambhala responding once again to My Call, in the name of My Father who is in the Heavens and who brings them together in this Purpose of Love and for the redemption of humanity.

Today My Glorified Heart is illuminated on receiving the responses of souls that assembled around this oratory to pray to the Universal Father, to the Infinite, to the One. This is why today I stretch out My Arms to you, in a giving of self, I give you My Hands so that from the depths of My Spirit you may receive the rays of My paternal blessing, of My Merciful Love.

Today My Eyes cry not only because of the sadness of the world, for the suffering, for the chaos, for the human annihilation, but My Eyes also cry because My Spirit rejoices in the flocks that truly listen to Me and that, beyond their intentions and their tests, respond to the Shepherd who has assembled them in this desert of Shambhala to discover the inner purpose in each being, in each one of My children, of My companions.

It is thanks to everyone's efforts and to the reception you have given My Sacred Heart, that this work will expand even more. And that will require from all of you, companions, a heartful confidence in the projects of My Father and in the requests of the Divine Messengers, who intercede for you and for millions of souls in the world through this Universal Work. Because it is the Universe that congregates you, that unites you, that brings you together in the name of the Lord, the Almighty God.

And even in your weaknesses, My Spirit fills you, vivifies you, restores you so that you may continue onward.

If today, in this Sacred Center of Prayer, dedicated to the Sacred Hearts of Christ, of Mary and of Saint Joseph, there are more than five hundred souls assembled, how many souls do you think there are, at this moment, united with My Merciful Heart and through this meeting?

It is for this reason that I have asked you to come here. But I do not want the hearts that could not come to feel distressed, because if the praying hearts of the world are united with My Heart, they are also here. But those who had the Grace of coming to My meeting, to also receive My Graces, it is because the Universe is showing you that it is possible to give more of yourselves, and for each one to leave their own place. Because in truth, companions, you never lose anything, but rather you gain the treasures of Heaven, which are available for the hearts receptive to the call of the Son of God.

If I unite you all in Shambhala, it is to renew the original vows that you made to My Christic Spirit in Gethsemane, in the place of the flogging, at the gates of the sepulcher, or in the Ascension.

How many of you are resuming what you had left behind with Me?

And I lovingly bring you this memory, companions, because your spirits must actively participate in this co-redemptive work that prepares the return of Christ, your Lord, in this crucial time of the planet.

Thus, I have called you to Shambhala so that you could return to the heart of the Heart, to the essence of the true Essence, to the original principle, from yourselves to purity.

Today, the rays expanded by Me unite all of you with My Sacred Heart and in this way, I demonstrate to you that My Work is done in different ways and through different paths, when these obey the Law of the Lord and do not get involved with other things that are not the experiencing of the Sacred Heart of Jesus or of the Celestial Father Himself, who loves you and gathers you together again.

And thus, as you have responded to Me on this day of Mercy, in which the Infinite approaches humanity to remind it that it has to repent, let go of the reins and walk free on the pathway of redemption, I am calling on you to concretize My Works, to open your arms, to expand your hearts in the Love of My living Heart so that more souls may assemble. The souls that follow God through other paths, paths that are to be found in the spirit of all the beings where God dwells, where He gathers them all, without separation or differences, without creeds or religions, because the true religion is Love.

It is in Love that you must re-connect again and again in these end times, because it is the Love of God that will allow you to see things and to help those most in need in such difficult times. It is the Love that is also born of Shambhala and that assembles the self-summoned to respond to the Celestial Hierarchy.

This is the path that the Universal Hierarchy offers for all those who were once beginners and who are now disciples of My Mercy. It is this Mercy that I want to expand over the world through your hearts and through your living experience without fantasies or forms, without illusions or deceit.

I want you to definitely be rays of My Heart. I want you to decide upon a single path, which My Mother has offered you for so many years and many did not understand what it meant. And after all you have experienced through the times, your experiences and tests, you have opened your eyes to recognize that there had not been anything hidden in this, there was no mystery, no question, only the essence of the Love of the Sacred Hearts that entered the consciousness of your work at the request of the Almighty God, to change you into that which you still have not achieved: to be true apostles of My Heart.

And now, companions, in this desert of Shambhala, which is revealing many treasures to you, many signs of light for the soul and the spirit, do you now believe you are My apostles?

You are being formed by Myself for something definitive that is unknown to you. But as much as you do not understand, God will always show you His Truth in the small details.

If you believe that I am here present among you to love you again and again, believe that you are on the path which you were called to travel in this end time.

Through this inner retreat in Shambhala and through merciful prayer, hearts unite with My Spirit and the works manifest for all those who say "yes" to My sacred call.

While you are being purified, do not desist. My Feet will not fail to walk by your side. My Heart will illumine your paths and you will be able to see on the horizon the Star of God that is guiding you toward an encounter with the real refuge that emerges from My Unfathomable Heart.

I prepare you for carrying out a planetary work through humanitarian missions, for that is only a small sample of what the Plan can accomplish in these times. But more is still necessary.

Follow My Path with valor, because on this day I also prepare you so that you may meet Me in the Sacred Week in the month of March, because we will gather together again in this Marian Center of Aurora to take another step forward, in the absolute trust that with your willingness, inner and spiritual, you will be able to unite with the Universe and bring to Earth what He is giving to all through His celestial treasures.

My wish, companions, is that every day you raise your arms to Heaven, just as you have done today, to confirm My Mercy among you and in each part of the planet. Because in spite of wars continuing and massacres occurring without mercy or compassion in the hearts of unrighteous men and women, My Christic Spirit in each disciple will never die, because those who believe in Me have eternal life.

"Lord of the Universe, Father Abba, who rules all the worlds, dimensions and planes, who lives intensely as a spark of light in all spaces, who expresses in the most subtle forms, elements and vibrations, who unites, Father, with the spirits that invoke You, who makes Yourself present to assist Your children, who is reflected and shows Yourself in the elements, in the wind, in the water, in the fire, in the earth, and in life, whose Spirit fills all that was created in likeness of You; today I ask You, Father Abba, to piously help those who are self-summoned, for if from the beginning you called on them to live Your Work, I again offer You My Merciful and Glorified Heart so that You may redeem them.

Because just as the spear pierced My Heart to pour out Mercy, today I intercede for you, before your small heart, small human heart, small soul that must live its divinity and its ascension. I intercede before the Father Abba so that you may fulfill your part in this infinite Project of the Universe.

Listen, Father, to the crying of those who pronounce Your Words in daily prayers, listen to the voice of the hearts that feel the love of Your Spirit and of Your invisible Presence on all the planes. But distance them, Father, from the great adversary. Free souls through the prayers that Your children offer to Your Pure and Great Heart.

Do not look at the errors of the world. Let Your Heart not be wounded by the sins of humanity, but rather let It be restored through the prayerful balm of Your children, who in faithfulness and faith, aspire to follow Your Path.

Today I intercede between the Universe and the Earth, between the Cosmos and souls, asking, Beloved Father, that You give them the strength and conviction to live Your Plan, redemption to purify their spirits and a love so deep, divine and real, that it invades each part of their bodies and their cells, just as You, Father, have filled Me in the Resurrection.

Eternal Father, if You are glorified in Your Son, glorify Yourself, Father, in those that listen to You.

I offer You My Heart so that It may be the portal that leads hearts to the Purpose.

When all have finally awakened, I will be able to merge with Your Spirit, Beloved Father, and We will be one with Your children forever.


I wait for you in the Sacred Week to experience a moment of renewal, because this is now the last time that I come to meet you before everything happens.

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