Thursday, August 6 of 2015

Marathon of Divine Mercy

The signs of time have already been written and now they are revealed for the times that will come.

The books open in your presence and the hidden seals of heaven are revealed so that the events may occur on the face of the planet.

But faith will be the forbearance to reach paradise, and your persistence will be found in following the path blindly, the one indicated by the Shepherd, who comes at the end of times to manifest His glory in the new redeemed spirits.

Yesterday I gave you a part of this secret. It is not important, companions, that your hearts understand the Scriptures of the Universe.

It is important, companions, that your spirits adhere to the Laws that I manifest to you so as to be able to live in the Heart of God.

Because if you live the Commandments, the basic Laws proclaimed to Moses, you will be able to live the Laws to come, which will permeate the planet, within its new cosmic time, when the real time of the Universe vibrates in your cells to find the Kingdom of God, that many are losing due to the severity of these times, which commits souls to follow other paths that are not of the Will of My Lord.

I come to remind you of the Commandments and the Laws so that you may correct your lives in time. Thus, My Heart will be permeated in you. We will be one in this new Project and I will be able to walk by your side every day of your life so that you will not feel alone in the darkness of this humanity.

But know that I Am this Great Star, which can shine brightly in your hearts. The most important thing for this new time that is coming, after the 8th of August, is that you experience a perfect communion with Me and that you remember to unify this communion with your peers, loving them more each day, forgiving them, accepting them, and experiencing the cross that they carry, which is heavier than yours.

For this reason, companions, I come to recover in your lives something that has not yet been taught by humanity, which is the spirit of fraternity that is often forgotten due to the superficiality of life, the commitments acquired through this material life.

This fraternity of which I speak to you today is about the unification of your hearts with the Purpose of God. This is why I come to be among you during this special time of prayer and of peace, so that you may leave this holy house strengthened and able to correct your paths.

Because I tell you truly, companions, that your hearts know what is not well, what is not good for My Merciful Heart when you perform actions so normal and common for these times.

But I come, companions, to give you this possibility, opening the fourteenth door of My Heart so that the last ones may enter My Redemptive Project and that it may be fully formed not only by the servers and collaborators of My Mercy, but by the whole world, that truly does not aspire to be with me, because the things I promise are for the next period of humanity.

But from your lives I come to recover the treasures that you once knew in your hearts, those you know as talents, that will be of critical importance and necessity for My Project to be fulfilled in this humanity. If I cannot count on your talents, beyond your abilities, how will the Work of God be fulfilled in this unredeemed humanity?

2000 years ago I incarnated among you in a Spirit of Life, of Mercy and of Redemption so that, through the instruction of My parables and the wonders and miracles of Love, you would be able to evolve towards the Spirit of God and could be a civilization contemplated by the One Source as a real and efficient project that has not yet ended.

Omega will still come. You are fulfilling that promise. You are going through a transition that is just in the beginning steps of this humanity. You will face unknown things, you will see unknown things, you will feel unknown things. But if you are united with My Redemptive Fire and allow yourselves to be burned by My Divine Fire so that your particles may be transfigured, I will be able to show you the true path and you will not miss this last boat that goes by to call for the last ones, those that will form the legion of the 144,000.

Today, before you, through My Heart I manifest the Star of the Light so that it may be the symbol of your guidance and you may never lose the aspiration to find My subtle worlds, where the Kingdom of God remains together with His angels and archangels and the humanities that sanctified themselves in the name of the Lord.

To your origins, toward this infinite and inner paradise, you should take an excellent experience of life, that gives the best fruits, through your experience of faith and of unity.

I need you to be unified not only in prayer but also in daily life; may you unify with your families so that they leave the path of perdition offered by the modernities of these end times, thus forgetting My Gospel, which is the first Law of your life and that you must learn before you die; otherwise, where will the treasure be that I sowed in you so long ago?

I promised My disciples, and the prophets and patriarchs before Me, through My Divine Spirit, the Spirit of God, that I would return in this time, after My Death and Resurrection, to bring you a renewing word, a true and ever more profound celestial knowledge for your lives.

I know, dear companions, that at this moment I tell you many things and that your minds still cannot understand absolutely anything. It is in your hearts where My Sap of Life is, it is in your hearts where God, the Almighty, can dwell, whom I bring at this time so that you may be able to recognize Him through My Glorified Heart.

I heard your intentions, I received your prayers, and today I open My Arms; I stretch out My Hands to you, blessing you with My golden Mantle of Light, which represents the protection of My Glory over you, which will make you invisible in the face of the deceits of My adversary.

Do not cease praying, just as My Mother has requested. The times will change rapidly, as is happening today. It is something you must perceive soon and you should not accept the signs of nature as something normal. The world faces its first transition, but does not know how it will be.

The soul that prays from the heart, that devoutly unites with My Merciful Spirit, will know where to be and what to do at the exact moment, because I will guide it so that it may enter My Heart through the portal that I open to you today, the portal of My Divinity and of My Spirit, immaculate principle of God for the creatures of the Earth.

And today you will be faced with the teachings that I once gave you, which are the Sacraments; a renewal of your spirits and consequently of your souls, of your material life.

In all this mystery of the Sacrament of My Love you can find the principle of the renewal of your faith and of your hope, so that you are able to go bravely through the end of times and always recognize the Celestial Father in all things, in all the teachings of your lives and at all times.

I do not come to ask you to do difficult things. I come to teach you so that you can do simple things, because in them is God with His Spirit of humility, permeating all things, in all moments of life.

If you trust, you will be doing the correct thing. If you follow My Footsteps, you will not lose the path because you will always see My Feet walking before you towards the Purpose.

We will bless the sacred elements just as I taught the Apostles in Jerusalem. Remember this moment, the moment in which I was baptized and asked My own to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Thus, I became Life in you through the Communion. I washed your past by washing your feet with My Water of Life. And through My Apostles, I anointed you to free you from the spirit of impurity.

What do you think about while I am present?

You must be united with Me to experience this moment as something real so that, through this meeting, your hearts may be wholly in Me. Thus, all will be fulfilled on Earth as in Heaven.

Before the angels of Heaven, we will bless. Benefit from this moment, in order to receive your inner part.

Our Father in Aramaic, in Spanish and in Portuguese.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:"

Mother Clara, please can you present yourself in the House of Prayer."

Song: "Consecration of Saint Claire"

Song: Supreme Son of God

The Sacraments are an opportunity of renewal for souls and a principle of redemption for all beings, for those who experience it in the sincerity and in the love of the heart, where I am always present in everyone.

I thank you!

Go in peace for having prayed with Me, for helping the planet in the aspiration of the new humanity.

I bless you until a new meeting, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

May the bells toll for My Ascension.

"Praise be to God, glorious His Kingdom. Alleluia."

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

"Brothers and Sisters: in a sign of reception"

"Praise be to God, glorious His Kingdom. Alleluia."

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

"We place our hands on our heart and give thanks."



Wednesday, August 5 of 2015

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am present in all hearts and tabernacles of the Earth.

Before My Glorious Presence, I again bring you the spirit of My Peace, so that your hearts can heal from all the wounds caused by the evil of My adversary. But My triumph is close within you.

Happy are those who proclaim My Name and glorify My Father who is in the Heavens. Thus the laws will be fulfilled within your lives, and your hearts will become peaceful through finding the Son of God honored and glorified in these times, walking through this orange grove, pouring out His Grace and Mercy, for a world that is very empty.

But your hearts, companions, can be worthy before Me. And in spite of the errors, the imperfections and the judgements, I can pour out My Divine Mercy upon you. But that Fount will cease; the time is approaching, the great time of Universal Judgement. The angels are preparing the Thrones of God to be able to sound the last trumpets. Who will hear the seventh trumpet of the Great Angel of the Lord?

But if you dwell in My Heart and allow Me to transform you as new clay, so that I may deposit My new wine, you will be protected by My Spirit, filled by My Goodness, and you will be in the Lord, because you will be in My Heart during the most difficult times of the Earth.

Today I revealed this glorious Face to you, companions, so that you may remember that Your King, the humble King before the Almighty God, presents His very simple but real Faces to the world, achieved through His Passion and His Death; and through His Victory on the Cross, and His Resurrection, and His Apparition before humanity, for these very critical times.

I will not be able to carry My Message to the whole world. Not everyone will be able to hear My Words at this very moment. But the Omnipresent Spirit of the Son of God, who is in the Heavens, speaks to all the inner worlds of the creatures, because the hour of consciousness is arriving; so that they may awaken to their realities, so that they may see their mistakes and debts, without feeling guilt, nor disturbance.

I come to show you a new path, that path that I showed the Twelve. But today I show this real and pure path to all of humanity.

Just as the heart of My Church listens to Me, extended throughout the four corners of the Earth, I wish for all hearts outside of My church to listen to Me; mainly those that have followed other paths, forgetting the Will of God and the importance of seeking the Kingdom of God.

I reach My Hands out towards you today. I pour out My Grace, My Universal Grace, which emerged after My Mercy, at the moment in which I resurrected physically and demonstrated to humanity, at that time, that the Son of God made man and consciousness, made the Living Christ in the spirit of all beings, is alive and has never died.

I showed you how to defeat death, this death that corrodes and causes your bodies to become corrupt.

But I teach you, companions, that, through the giving of My Spirit for each one of you, you will find this inner resurrection that in these so difficult times everyone is invited to live. To attain the spiritual resurrection, companions, you must first die to your debts, do not feel any fault for knowing yourselves, just as you are.

I come to reveal that which is true that exists within you, which is the gift that God placed, through My Heart, into your lives. In this way, My Stars of Light ignite in your hearts and the appeals of all the children of God throughout the planet, redeemed by Christ, Your Lord, are heard at the Thrones of Heaven.

The angels can stop the Justice of God, the Justice of the Seven Angels of the Great Lord that are about to sound their trumpets. But now sounds the last one, that will reverberate upon the planet and echo throughout the Universe, in this Milky Way, in which you experience this Project of the Creator.

But I come before the great time and while the signs are shown. I come at this time to demonstrate to you the last path, so that you may know how to return to God through My Heart and not suffer the consequences of an action of a mistaken humanity, which continues to outrage the Heart of the Eternal God, of the Elohim, of the living God, resplendent and one, in the maximum expression of His celestial sphere.

Therefore, today I tell you, companions, that through My living glorification before your eyes, this part of the One Consciousness of God, manifested through Christ the Redeemer, is present here, in Aurora, receiving your spirits and your families, so that you may hear My urgent Call to the great change, the great moment of your intense purification. But if your meek, receptive and awakened hearts trust in Me, I promise that you will not suffer.

But your lives and your generations must be purified before the end time, before you will experience with Me the second Supper, after the return of Christ, Your Lord.

How will I be able to visit your homes, companions, if your hearts are not purified in the Lord?

The Messiah, the Redeemer, purified Himself in the Sacred Temple of the Lord. For this reason, companions, you must live the same Law that I lived. I bring you a renewing Law that has no suffering, but rather a deep peace of experiencing a true transformation in God and a perfect communion with His Divine Laws.

The doorways of this Kingdom present in this holy place are open as of today. Happy are those who contemplate the Spiritual Light of the Creator in these spaces blessed by the Divine Messengers, for this belongs to God and to no human of the Earth, and no one can give judgment before the Project of God.

Woe to those priests who did not listen to the Word of the Virgin Mary and who excommunicated all of My companions in the face of the injustice that this cruel world commits.

I do not come to teach you the paths of injustice. I come to teach you the path of peace, the true ecumenism of the heart, which has no boundaries, nor languages.

The real language of the one hundred and forty-four thousand will be the language of the heart, the vibration of love, unity and fraternity. In this way, you will be in communion with the Laws of the Creator and you will not become lost in superficial things.

It will be too late for those who have not believed what spiritually happened here; because there will be witnesses that will sign the Sacred Book of God, this story of the end time. Deeply embrace My Heart, and feel My Will, which wants to transform you into new flocks consecrated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

To Saint Margaret Alacoque, I revealed this mystery of My Heart, surrounded by thorns for the events that would take place in the end of times. But now I bring you My Glory, the Glory of My living Heart, which is the last offer that gives itself to your spirits so that you may live salvation and not constantly justify yourselves, but rather justify yourselves through My heart, full of Water and of Blood for this humanity that must live the Project of God.

I come to show the paths outside of My church, the paths towards the Lord for all those who lost them due to human cruelty, the lies and the deceit of the claws of My adversary. But I Am your true Sun, which descends from the Celestial Universe to bring light to the shadows and the darkness.

I come, dear companions, to open the fourteenth and final door, the one which is indicated in this world for the return of Christ, your Lord.

Fourteen will be the angelic legions that will sing to the Elohim the Sacred Names of God to announce to the world that the Son of God will come among the clouds, surrounded by the Universe, bringing the message of the new humanity. And from that point, everything will be consummated, and everything will begin again, with a new humanity.

Do you yearn for that? Do you know what it means, companions, to be a part of the humanity of Christ? This mystery is unknown to the theologians. It will be truly known by those who dwell within My Heart and wants nothing for themself, for I come to guide you, I come to fulfill the promise, that one which I dictated before My Ascension.

Do you believe that this is happening now? First I must bring you My Divinity. My Glorified Body cannot show Itself to you, because of the impurities that this world lives today. But My Mercy and My Grace are part of the Breath of Spirit; It will bring everyone the opportunity of redemption.

Open the windows of this entire house, with harmony and with peace, without losing the silence that I build within you.

Those who are in the other places, outside of this house, stand up. And now come here, walking gently, like the angels do. Do not lose your concentration. It is part of the divine practice of peace. You will surround this house, and thus I will bless you in the name of the Lord.

Prepare yourselves. Come walking in peace; I guide your steps, I open the doors for those who have them closed. Keep peace.

I am present here and within those who open their hearts.

I come for all, mainly for those who are not here and who have forgotten My Redeeming Path.

I come to show you the new law, the Law of the Heart, known by very few. It is a precious mystery that comes to be revealed to the current world, so that the hearts may convert, unbind their ties, and achieve liberation through My living heart.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Our Lord is calling two sisters to come in His Name, to hold the sacred elements.

This will be the moment of the Universal Consecration of My living, glorified and merciful Heart, for all of humanity.

Let us stand up for the consecration.

Do you remember the prayer that I gave you in Ecuador, when you were visiting that sacred place where My Mother appeared, in Cuenca?

Do you remember what I said to you there, on top of those hills, where clear water flowed and the sky looked like it was present there, surrounding you all the time, in that experience of love with the Divinity? 


In the name of the Christ of Light, 
I reveal my aspirations to God, 
so that He may ennoble them 
and receive them into His hands.

In the name of the Christ of Light, 
I offer myself to Eternal Life, to surrender, 
to the dissolution of guilt, of fear and sorrows,
so that they may be converted into the Love of Christ. 

In the name of the Christ of Light, 
I open my heart to receive the Flame of the Holy Spirit, 
so that it may be radiated to other hearts.

In the name of the Christ of Light, 
I confess myself before Him
so that He may forgive my actions, my thoughts
and my debts to God.



Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón:

At this moment, the Lord presents us with a golden basket of light so that each one of us may place an intention in that basket, as if it were a molecule of light, an aspiration of asking God for something, through His Son.

He asks that our intentions be true, something that until today we have not been unable to resolve.

The Lord tells us:

This is why I Am the Shepherd who loves all His sheep, despite how they are, for My Eyes of Light look into your hearts and I see the talent of peace that I placed within your essences two thousand years ago. Happy are those who walk by My side and find this communion with Me once again.

In the name of Adonai, before the angels of Heaven, the celestial choirs, before the Universal Mother, Mother of the new humanity, before the Holy Spirit, which fills you and renews you, before the blessed who achieved Christification through the absolute giving of their lives, of their missions, before the entire Universe that gathers together all the Galaxies, assembles all the stars and suns, before the Elohim, the Resplendent, the Creator Fathers called Archangels, before the Thrones of God in His seventh sacred level, before His Most Pure and Divine Spirit, in Divine Consciousness of Peace, opening My Arms and pouring out My Rays, I bless you in the holy name of the Father, in the sacred name of the Son, the blessed named of the Holy Spirit, so that the seed of the new humanity may awaken.

Before the Thrones, let us now consecrate these sacraments that will be a source of forgiveness, of hope, of peace and of relief for all those who believe in My Path, in My Truth and in My Life.

Let us sing.

Let your voice be heard before God.

Sing louder.

In this Cenacle of Redemption, I leave you peace, I give you peace, so that you may live in peace.

I thank you for having responded to this sacred request.

Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us!

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more