Meetings with The Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph

星期二, 19 de 十一月 de 2019
Carmo da Cachoeira | Minas Gerais | 巴西

Every 19th day of the month, devotees and pilgrims gather to pray and study the teachings of the humble instructor, and to receive impulses of inestimable value. In this meeting with the Most Chaste Heart, Saint Joseph transmits His Message to those present by means of the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús.

星期二, 19 de 十一月 de 2019

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(Carmo da Cachoeira | Minas Gerais | 巴西)
Brasilia 11:00
Buenos Aires 11:00
Montevideo 11:00
New York 9:00
London 14:00

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