Encuentro con la Virgen María

星期五, 13 de 十二月 de 2019
Centro Mariano de Aurora | Paysandú | Uruguay

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PS.: The visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús will not be present today, as he was requested by the Divine Hierarchy to support another task. The Message of the Virgin Mary will be received in a reserved way and shared with everyone at the end of the meeting. Also, for this reason, there will not be a consecration of new Children of Mary.

星期五, 13 de 十二月 de 2019

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(Paysandú | Uruguay)
Brasilia 19:30
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Montevideo 19:30
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London 22:30

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Centro Mariano de Aurora.
Camino Tierras Coloradas Km 13 (camino de la gruta del Padre Pío).
Localizado ao norte do Departamento de Paysandú, a 20km da ciudad de Salto.
Paysandú, Uruguay.


(+598) 9911 9429

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