Youth Festival for Peace

일요일, 26 de 1월 de 2020
Santa Fe | Argentina

The Youth Festival for Peace is a reunion of young people from all over the world to experience moments of fraternity and spirituality, where prayer, art, music and service are united with a proposal for peace. It is part of the Youth Campaign for Peace is an ecumenical movement that aspires to raise the awareness of each young person and to awaken in the heart principles of the common good through spiritual pursuit and fraternal actions.

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일요일, 26 de 1월 de 2020

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(Santa Fe | Argentina)
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(Santa Fe | Argentina)

8:30 am – Opening
9:00 am – Yoga
9:40 am – Snacks for everyone
10:15 am – Sound attunement
10:30 am – Musical presentations with live world broadcast
12:00 pm – Round table: Light – Illuminate the world with the flame of the heart.
12:30 pm – Music round
1:15 pm – Vegan lunch for everyone
2:00 pm – Musical performances (soloists, bands, live performances)
4:00 pm – Snacks for everyone
5:00 pm – Musical presentations with live world broadcast
6:30 pm – Ecumenical Communion

The art gallery will be open throughout the festival


Ríos de Gula
Calle (street) 1º de Enero, Dique II
Puerto de Santa Fe - Santa Fe, Argentina

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