Apparition of the Virgin Mary

월요일, 13 de 5월 de 2019
Palermo | Italy

Since 2007, the Virgin Mary has been instructing humanity through visionary monks of the Grace Mercy Order. On this special journey, the participants are invited to pray and sing in devotion to the Most Holy Virgin, preparing the moment when She will transmit Her Message to all those present.

The monthly Apparitions of the Virgin Mary take place on the 13th and the 25th of each month.

월요일, 13 de 5월 de 2019

Live transmission via internet through:
Hora transmisión: 
(Palermo | Italy)
Brasilia 13:30
Buenos Aires 13:30
Montevideo 13:30
New York 12:30
London 17:30

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Saracen Sands Hotel & Congress Centre
Via Libertà, 128/A
90040 Isola delle Femmine
Palermo, Italy

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