Musica per la Cura ed Elevazione dell’Umanità

Lunedì, 23 de Dicembre de 2019
Carmo da Cachoeira (MG) | Brasile


Gabriela Carmo: 26 years old singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Salvador, Bahia. With a career dedicated to Christian music, she began by playing the violin, drums and other percussion instruments when she was six years old, and she has appeared publicly since she was 14. "My purpose is to disseminate the Kingdom of God through song and to carry a message of love and peace to everyone, where Jesus is the center of everything," she affirmed.

Lunedì, 23 de Dicembre de 2019

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(Carmo da Cachoeira (MG) | Brasile)
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Brasilia 20:00
Buenos Aires 20:00
Montevideo 20:00
New York 18:00
London 23:00

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