Musica per la Cura ed Elevazione dell’Umanità

Sabato, 23 de Maggio de 2020

Concert for Peace and Hope

A quarterly project that intends to bring unity and faith to the homes of the world. This special edition will be broadcast live on Misericordia María TV, with English translation, and will not have the physical presence of the public in the auditorium.

Following the instructions of Our Lady, this month includes novelties in the format and scenography of the program, inaugurating a new cycle of the redemptive task performed by the Divine Messengers through music.

The proposal is to dissolve the distances and unite people, regardless of belief and religion, through songs whose universal character touches all hearts. In this way, the Divine Hierarchy will intercede for the attributes of peace and hope to fill the planetary consciousness. < Read the full text here>

Sabato, 23 de Maggio de 2020

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(Brasilia | Brasil)
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Brasilia 20:00
Buenos Aires 20:00
Montevideo 20:00
New York 19:00
London 0:00

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