Veille de Prière pour la Paix dans les Nations

Jeudi, 12 de mars de 2020
Centro Mariano de Figueira - F2 | Carmo da Cachoeira (MG) | Brésil

At the request of the Glorified Christ Jesus, we announce to everyone that today, March 12, 2020, the Prayer Vigil will begin at 6 pm, Brasília, Brazil time zone, and, exceptionally, will be live transmitted by Misericordia María TV.

This change in schedule is due to the fact that, at the request of Our Lord, the prayer will be carried out, which is a moment of great planetary liberation, and shortly after the end of the prayer, Mother María Shimani will transmit a declaration of the Glorified Christ Jesus for the whole planet. This will have simultaneous translation into English.

The Divine Hierarchy expects everyone to listen carefully and join Their requests.

 Gratitude to all.

Jeudi, 12 de mars de 2020

Live transmission via internet through:
Hora transmisión: 
(Carmo da Cachoeira (MG) | Brésil)
Fuseaux horaires:
Brasilia 18:00
Buenos Aires 18:00
Montevideo 18:00
New York 17:00
Londres 21:00

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Auditório de F2 - Centro Mariano de Figueira
Rodovia Fernão Dias, São Paulo direction, Km 717*
Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
* Entrance by side Restaurante do Nem

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