72a Marathon de la Divine Miséricorde

Vendredi, 5 de juillet de 2019
Carmo da Cachoeira (MG) | Brésil

Free Admission

NOTE: Responding to the request of the Divine Hierarchy, during the whole month of July the visionaries will be in a restoration retreat. The messages that correspond to each Apparition will be received privately, recorded and shared in a video that will be transmitted at the end of each meeting.

Vendredi, 5 de juillet de 2019

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(Carmo da Cachoeira (MG) | Brésil)
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Brasilia 8:00
Buenos Aires 8:00
Montevideo 8:00
New York 7:00
Londres 12:00

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(Carmo da Cachoeira (MG) | Brésil)
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