Come to My altar.

Feel the simplicity of the Sacred Family in this place, just like in past times.

Nothing that you experience today is new for your consciousnesses. Many of you were gathered together around the Sacred Hearts, in a simple life, although full of great mysteries. You used to know us in Nazareth and walked with us on pilgrimage to Jerusalem to praise God and offer Him your own life and all of eternity. You did not know that eternity would not be Paradise, but that you would return so many times to the world to fulfill the promise you made to the Creator, until today when we were able to meet again to finalize this mission that began so long ago.

Humanity gradually transformed over the years, the centuries. A part of it drew closer to the Truth; another completely embraced the illusions of this world.

You embraced illusion many times, but in the depths of your consciousnesses, you knew that the Truth awaited you, because a commitment to God is not undone even with the worst experience on Earth. Those who one day offered their life to the Creator will always have their lives in the Hands of God. That connection with the Father, in spite of being forgotten so many times, is never undone. You needed to experience the things of the world to know the things of Heaven, that is why it was part of the human experience.

Now, children, the moment has come, as it did in Jerusalem, for renewing your commitments to the Father, of knowing universal Laws, of remembering the origin, of again seeing Divine Will rather than your own as the priority.

The peoples of Jerusalem had many defects and many difficulties; however, they had a unique virtue, which was faith, absolute faith; the certainty that one day, this so imperfect planet would be the sacred soil of a land consecrated to the divine Plans. Even today, many wait for this aspiration to be concretized, that this long awaited new Jerusalem will emerge.

In truth I tell you that the divine principles have for a long time already been residing on Earth, within it, at its higher levels. In the same way, these divine principles already live in you, within you, at your higher levels. Something exists, between the depths of each being and higher life, that must serve as a bridge to unite the dimensions, unite the levels of consciousness into a single consciousness. It is this part of your beings and this part of life on Earth that must learn to live in unity. Little by little, you gradually recognize the principle of unity in your lives. Little by little, it manifests, expresses, and unites you again, in essence, with the Creator of all things.

As I have already said, you must build this union with divine Life in the little details, because it will not be magic that will cause you to discover your likeness with God, that with a breath will dissolve your defects and your imperfections and will make you in likeness to the Father. You came to this world so that, through permanent striving, you would be able to return to the origin. The great school of Earth is in this mystery that, through the small things, you are able to discover the great ones.

Many of you, children, are already discovering that truth and know you can have great works recognized by everyone, but be imperfect in your human consciousnesses. You know that if you do not heal those small details in yourselves, you can pretend (appear) to be many things, but will not reach the divine goal. For this reason, many are striving to transcend what they appear to be and become it for real.

These are the results of My words within you. This year has gone by fast and many feel they did not take any steps, but the fact of recognizing your imperfections already means, children, that a little humility is alive in you. The fact of recognizing the need that My Chaste Heart should continue to accompany you is already a real signal to the Father that you are a little closer to unveiling His Mysteries.

Today, I make you transparent before God and before yourselves. Let that inner synthesis take place, so that you may feel all that you still must transform, but that you may also feel all the potential that exists for you to continue forward. Let Me show your heart the real state of the human consciousness and also the real goal for humanity.

In this way, little by little, you will know the truth in all its aspects. To know the truth is not to contemplate your own miseries nor to ignore them because you know they are part of a higher being. To recognize the truth is to observe everything, from the most unconscious to the higher, and in this way, be able to take more concrete, more mature steps.

My words are different from those of Mary and  Jesus, because My Heart was as human as yours. My great mission was to transcend this humanity and discover the likeness with God. Christ was the Son of the Living God, Who walked among humankind. Mary was the most pure womb of Creation, that gestates all the essences and came to the Earth so that, through Her Purity, the Son of God could reach the world. And My Chaste Heart, in spite of having been prepared by the Creator, had to defeat its humanity in the smallest details. That is why I come today to teach you to do it.

I speak about humility and about simplicity so much because this was My school for reaching God, a school that you must attend to be able to take your own steps.

Today I confess to you that, before the Father, I asked permission to remain among humankind, because during this year, in which I came to the world for the first time every day, I recognized humanity once again; I remembered all that I saw as a man on Earth and how I needed the Presence of God to be able to reach Him. I know that these times are much more difficult than the time in which I lived. This is the reason, children, why I made this request to God.

I will ask that, with My words, you write a new book, which will be the story of the life of Saint Joseph. I will tell this story every day in the coming year, but you will only know it when I have finished it. It is in this way that, publicly, you will know My messages every Friday and, every day, I will tell a story that you must wait for, but that will be gradually built within each one of you, in the silence of your hearts. When that story has been written, it will be the story of the human heart that was written again, so that you could experience this synthesis in  the end of times and that in a simple way, you achieve that absolute transformation.

With the Most Holy Mary, I learned to intercede for the world, observing Her permanent prayers, Her Rosary that never ceased to move through Her fingers. I learned to love the human heart and to ardently aspire to one day achieve the likeness with God.

Just like Me, children, also learn with your Most Holy Mother; learn from this love, this unconditionality, this permanent service to the human heart, to the planet and all the Kingdoms of Nature.

I hope that in the coming cycle, during the following year, which will be the last awakening of humanity, you are all able to carry out your mission.

May the silence of Mary and Her divine humility also teach you many things.

Bring now the bread and the wine so that I may consecrate them through the priestly authority granted Me by the Lord.  That, together with Mary, we may be able to make of this bread the Living Body of Christ and, of this wine, His Precious Blood that, running through your veins, may change the human condition and draw you closer to the Heart of Christ.

Now sing and give thanks to God for having granted His servant this new opportunity to accompany humankind.

I unite My heart with the Heart of Christ, Who will always be My Master and King, as He is for all of you. In this perfect and absolute union, may it be Him, like in past times, Who consecrates these elements and changes them into His Body and His Blood.

I want you to understand that the more Graces you receive from the Heavens, the greater is your responsibility for the Plans of God. Thus, do not only smile at Me when I tell you that I will remain in the world, and that once a week, you will be able to listen to My Words, because this means, children, that I will tell you other things you must experience.

With the Most Holy Mary, I bless you. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Continue in peace and in profound joy. I thank you.