Story of the Apparitions to Mother María Shimani de Montserrat

(Account transmitted by the visionary in 2013)

When we wrote the book that tells of my contact with Christ, at His request, we recounted how our meeting occurred with His Consciousness and the resolve to follow His Path.

And when we were writing those paragraphs for the first time, we realized how the Divinity has a plan for each being on this Earth and how we, human beings, keep ourselves ignorant of this wonderful plan.

Since I was little, I received Christian training in Catholic schools, which forever marked my consciousness, not only as a Christian but also as a human being.

In elementary and high school, I was a student at a school of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary, which accompanied me for a large part of my life.

During my school years, I always had many perceptions, which I held secretly in my heart. Each Thursday, during recess, in the chapel of the school, the change of the Eucharist into the Blessed Sacrament took place. For me it was an incomparable ceremony. I would run to be there at three o'clock on the dot in order not to miss not even a minute of that ceremony. I remember that the priest doing it also used the thurible, and that very specific aroma caused my consciousness to perceive from within me other realities, where I would see Christ, somebody who spoke to me and would tell me that when I was older, He and I would work together for Our Father God.

I did not understand what He was really referring to, but I loved that being so much, that this did not matter. After the ceremony, I remained in ecstasy, contemplating the host, that golden and brilliant sun that I then tried to place, with my intention, within my chest, so that it could remain there. I felt very protected and united with Christ, but did not understand how that was possible. An immense peace and gratitude was established within me.

On each side of the altar there was a full-sized image: looking at Him, on the right was Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and on the left, Joseph, His Father. Before leaving the chapel, I would thank them both for being His parents. In reality, I didn't fully know what I was doing; I only manifested what I felt. I was 8 years old.

Until I became an adult, for me the Virgin Mary was the consciousness that had the Grace of God to be the Mother of the Redeemer on this Earth. It was in the month of June of 1996 when I took a trip to Bolivia, more precisely to Lake Titicaca, where everything would be revealed to me.

At that time, my spiritual search was experiencing its greatest impulse; I had left ordinary life to intensely live this search, which I didn't properly understand why, but which occupied my whole consciousness. I tried to understand why a person, up until then, leading a "successful" ordinary life, had this compelling need to live only for God and His Plan on Earth.

As I traveled to Lake Titicaca, a trip that I made by land from Uruguay, I saw the image of Christ all the time; with open eyes, with eyes closed, while I prayed or looked at the landscape from the window of the bus. His Presence was permanent. Although He had been my companion since I was a child, at that moment I felt in my heart that something was about to happen. The next morning after having arrived at Lake Titicaca, I climbed one of the mountains that are around it, and I was ready to meditate.

Without knowing why, I prayed a few Hail Marys, something that I would never do, and, to my surprise, I began to feel that my heart was beating very fast. I had my eyes closed and in front of me a very white light began to manifest. I opened my eyes and saw that on the mountain a pathway was appearing that went around it, and upon it was a female being, who began to approach.

This being came all dressed in white. It was not very tall and wore a veil on her head. It seemed very young, like sixteen or seventeen years old. Behind this being, a huge angel appeared, that greatly amazed me, because it was ten times bigger that the feminine being. He carried a great sword in his right hand, which shone with a white energy. His wings were enormous and he moved them, and the movement generated a lot of light that expanded all over the mountain and reached the lake.

Instantly, His voice reached my consciousness, which resounded like thunder within me: "I am the Archangel Michael."

I then heard very clearly the soft and firm voice of the feminine being, which said to me: "Daughter, I am your Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today a new stage begins for you. You will work with Me in the plan of rescue of the souls of this world."

I felt an unknown love, something that seized my consciousness. Something new.

In that moment, a replica of the sword the Archangel Michael held in His hand detached and, as it moved toward me, it became smaller and smaller. When it was very close, it didn't measure more than ten centimeters, with a soft movement, it became embedded in my chest. I felt a strong pain and a lot of heat, as if something had melted within my heart.

When I looked at the mountain again, it was no longer there. A huge question appeared in my mind. What was that? Why had the Virgin Mary contacted me? What had all that She said to me mean?

I  felt an indescribable joy, as if my soul were skipping within my being and, at the same time, another part of myself observed the situation in perplexity, not understanding anything and with thousands of questions.

I tried to calm down, to breathe. In my notebook, which I always carried, I wrote up to the very last detail and said to myself: this you will keep and not tell anybody. And at that point I remembered what I used to repeat to myself when I was a child, each time I had a spiritual experience that I didn't understand: this you will keep and not tell anybody.

But I immediately realized that I was no longer a child, and we were in different times, and if the Virgin Mary had contacted me, something more would happen. As I had always done, I held the experience within me, without any expectation, because I had learned that what is truly of God must materialize on the physical plane in some way. That all we had to do was wait and have faith.

I came down from the mountain; it was around 10:30 in the morning. In the afternoon, I decided to go back. Around 4 pm I was meditating again, this time facing the lake, since the sun was descending over it. It seemed as if time had stopped and nothing existed except this moment and this place. My consciousness was in great peace.

I began to pray, giving God each prayer with great gratitude; I only wanted to pray and give thanks. I didn't know exactly why, because I felt that it wasn't just because of the experience from that morning, but rather for something more that I didn't understand. I had the feeling that this had not yet finished.

Shortly after, while I continued to pray, in an unexpected way, I felt a great need to cry, but not cry out of sadness, rather a profound emotion invaded all of my being. With my face toward the sun and eyes closed, I began to see a great shining. I thought the light of the sun was so strong that it produced this shining and I opened my eyes. But the sun was already less intense because of the hour and I saw that from it a figure came walking toward where I was. It seemed to be a masculine figure, with a light-colored robe down to his feet.

As it approached, I clearly realized that it was a figure, the same as what we know as the Merciful Christ. When I recognized Him, my emotions yielded to a peace that I had never felt until that moment. He came with his right arm stretched out and between His index finger and thumb He held something that intensely shone. In that moment, I felt that I had to keep my eyes fully open and remain in the peace I felt. He approached ever closer in complete silence, with his arm stretched out and the brilliant object between His fingers, which when He approached close enough, I clearly saw was a crystal of about ten centimeters.

I had no idea what was going to happen, but I bravely kept my gaze fixed and my consciousness attentive. My mind had become silent. Everything in me felt it was facing My Lord and that nothing should disturb that moment. He determinedly approached and crossed His hand over my face and placed the crystal in the center of my head. A great radiance was produced in all my consciousness and my head moved back, causing me to close my eyes.

When I opened them, He was no longer there. My heart was beating fast. I began to take deep breaths so as to become quiet. When everything calmed down, an even greater question than that of morning entered my head with a burst.

What was all this? What did I, an ordinary person, have to do with Jesus and Mary? Something exploded in my consciousness, which was asking many questions: Why, why, why...?

I tried to become serene and I came down from the mountain just when evening fell. I decided to eat well, since I felt the need to return to the world of matter, to balance myself and then be able to think calmly.

Before sleeping, I meditated on the matter and only felt a profound peace in my being and the absolute certainty that God would show me, when He wished, what this story was about. Everything that had happened I should hold in my heart, as I had done previously, and that I would come to clearly know what all those things had happened for.

Exactly two months later, I had an even more intense experience with Christ, Who transmitted that He came to remind me of the commitment that I had with Him.

From that moment, innumerable experiences have taken place; among them, the moments in which Mother Mary began to approach with more force and began to transmit that the task with Her would definitely begin.

When Friar Elías came into my life and asked for my assistance to understand why and for what he was seeing the Virgin Mary, I began to better understand more of what had been happening to me throughout all those years.

During that time, She transmitted that my eye, with which I saw Her, needed to rest. That as from that moment, I would hear and see and feel Her and the rest of the Hierarchies with my heart. She asked if I was willing to train "other eyes" and that while I performed that service, mine would enter into a more inner and deeper phase of learning. That instead of seeing with the eyes, I would have the capacity to discern what was true from what was not. I said yes without thinking about it; I only felt the need to obey, without understanding.

She also told me that, at the end of times, my tool would return to the previous activity, after having lived some years of experience with only inner vision. After that training, the two experiences would join into one. I didn't understand much of what it was about, but I also didn't mind. I simply trusted Her completely.

Up until today, I can hear Her very clearly, and I see Her and feel Her within my heart, without doubting that it is real.

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