Sowing Love in Humanity

"You must trust this: that each one of your actions are valuable before the universe, and that with one of your steps towards light, we can change the destiny of humanity." Saint Joseph

Sowing Love in Humanity

Only Love Can Heal the Pain

In a message transmitted to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús on the 23rd of September of 2015, Saint Joseph invited us to participate in a Campaign that He called “Sowing Love in Humanity.”

The purpose of this call is to create a great network of love and solidarity. He instructed us: “Either as a service, going to a place that needs much love, or within your families, defeat pride and fear, and perform an act of love as your hearts indicate.”

In this way, according to Saint Joseph, through a simple gesture of fraternity and reconciliation, we will be able to convey the principle of healing to many souls, and thus balance many situations of disharmony on the planet.

May we address the request of our beloved Instructor and dedicate ourselves to live the Forgiveness and Love of God in our hearts for the good of all.

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Register in a photo or video the various
Ways of Sowing Love in Humanity

Sowing Love in Humanity from Asociación María on Vimeo.

It is important that everyone record their experiences, which can be done through stories, photos or videos. In 26th September, 2015, St. Joseph told us: "To know and understand what I say, it is necessary for you to experience for yourselves. That is why I ask you for that Campaign, which is so simple and yet so great in the eyes of God. If you truly follow it and offer your actions to God, they will have incalculable planetary repercussions."

This material must be sent to the secretariat of the Campaign for Peace, according to the following options:

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