Friday, January 19 of 2018

Where I come from love is scarce and the suffering of souls does not allow them to receive the Grace and Mercy of God.

As a servant of the Creator of all things, I entered the deep abysses of this planet to have a different reality be made known to all hearts, which their eyes could not see, which they could not feel, or understand that it existed.

A part of this suffering I have brought here and you may ask yourselves why. So that you may see, children, that truly, you have everything; all you have left to do is give all of yourselves for those who are truly in need.

In spite of My bringing this suffering so that it may be liberated, this is not the only thing which I place before your hearts; I also bring you hope and the Grace of liberation, so that you may believe that it is possible to transform everything, even the most ancient wounds, the deepest sufferings, the worst mistakes made; it is possible to transform everything.

This abyss which I show you today comes from the heart of a wounded nation. Wounded by the ignorance of humankind, by the distance that lies between the human heart and the Heart of God, when you do not want to see Him. But in the same way, children, from the same heart of this nation, deeper than all abysses, more powerful than ignorance, than indifference, than pain, I bring you a new hope.

From the depths of the heart of this wounded nation, I cause an essence to emerge that does not come from this world, but rather from the Heart of God. Today, this essence is incomprehensible to you, because it is unknown, but it is as bright as a thousand suns and as palpable as you are for the world.

This essence which was hidden now starts to pulsate, because it has received a new opportunity. This essence crossed the abysses which enshrouded it, and silently, it also crossed borders, and withdrawing from this wounded nation, found rest in another place.

I am speaking of the heart of Roraima. This does not mean, children, that your beloved brothers and sisters of Venezuela no longer have hope; on the contrary, this essence which now emerges and prepares to express itself, comes to aid all souls, comes to aid its children, those who have committed to it since the beginning of this creation; who have committed themselves, also, to purify their lives and to persevere, trusting in this plan of love.

Why do I speak to you of these things, being here, apparently so far away from the heart of Roraima?  Because this is My home. Here I protect My words and I pronounce them to the world with the authority the Creator has granted Me to instruct and to awaken souls. Here I reveal mysteries, separate from human understanding, because My words are like codes of light and of love that transform and uplift you, so that you may reach that place where the Creator waits for you, where you should have been from the beginning.

This is why from here, from My home, I give impulse to the heart of Roraima and I protect it so that its essence may be safeguarded and no longer be in captivity in this world, as so many souls are in this time. The essence of Roraima frees itself, so that souls may also be freed, and in spite of the pain and the tests that they will keep experiencing, may the inner strength of the children of Roraima not be destroyed, and the love which they have found, the happiness and the hope, not disappear from their hearts.

Apparently, the enemy celebrates a triumph, but God, children, celebrates the victory of His creatures through the love which overcomes all suffering, just as His Son overcame it when on the cross.

For its children, the essence of Roraima will be like the archangels and the celestial armies which supported the Cross of Christ until the end. It frees itself so that its light may sustain them, in spite of the Calvary of this world, and heal them, even though the body appears to decline. And if all the cells disappeared and the consciousness encounters what it calls death, the essence of Roraima will show them the real life, which is still unknown to humanity because it is so imprisoned in the illusions of this world.

Today is the day of a new beginning, a day to raise your faces to God and cry out for renovation.

The essence of Roraima will have a lot to rebuild, and although keeping silent, its silence speaks louder than all the cries of pain of this world.

With this I tell you, children, that the world will come to know its purification in this cycle, but also an unknown hope, just as Aurora has awakened in these last days through the Voice of the Mother of the World, which echoed in the universes and opened again the sources of healing for the Earth.

This healing, like a spring coming from the Kingdom of Aurora, is also arriving silently to those essences that were silent and hidden in the depths of the planet, as if they did not exist, as if no one knew them because, by the Law of God, they should be silent, so that then the time would come when their voices resounded again, when the sound of these divine essences, held in the depths of the Earth, could make themselves heard in the heart of humankind, and all the mysteries hidden on Earth, to emerge in this time and awaken the creatures, should reveal themselves to the hearts of humankind.

Those who were thought to be crazy will be the only ones who will be right and will know to be standing when these mysteries are revealed. May all the teachings which brought you here be the basis for this new stairway, which you must start climbing as from this new cycle. Do not hold on only to what you already know. Let wisdom and knowledge be renewed within you, so that you may be instruments for the renewal of this humanity, so that what seems new to you be the obvious, that which God has thought from the beginning, but which humanity never lived.

May all that you have already learned give you strength so that you may learn again. Be like the children who know nothing and are open to all things. Who throw themselves into truth with intensity, who do not let doubts take over their minds, and with happiness and without fear, follow this path which God points out to them with His invisible hands.

The essence of Roraima has already touched the heart of Brazil, so that her children might shelter it. Now, children, companions, and servers will have a lot to do, to build, to manifest, to awaken, to transform, and to experience, to give a chance to others.

And your siblings in Boa Vista now need your help. Because the difficulties already transcend their human capabilities and their hearts are somewhat tired. Be this hand which reaches out and this heart which comes to renew, as new blood in the veins of your siblings, who until today have persevered in service and in this mission which goes far beyond their tasks, their daily activities, and that which their eyes may see.

This mission is making them grow, but God cannot allow his children to lose their strength and do things which they are not ready for; this is why they need more hands, hearts, and above all, consciousnesses ready to serve.

There is a lot which you still should know, not only about the essence of Roraima, but also about so many essences that are hidden in this world. In the way that children learn how to read and spell out the first letters, I teach you the mysteries of God.

When you grow up you will discover that not just a phrase was hidden in My words, but an entire history, a history of the creation of this humanity, of the present, and of the triumph of God in the defeat of human ignorance, pride, and selfishness.

With this, children, I bless you and I thank you for being here.

Today I want to leave you a special grace, as a symbol of this suffering which I came to heal, of this fortitude that I came to awaken, so that hearts may transcend the pain, the sadness, or the illness, and may recognize that, separate from your tests, God calls you to a greater surpassing, to an experience of love which, just like His Son, transcends any bodily suffering, inner or spiritual, because it is in this is way that love becomes real and crosses dimensions.

Offer this grace to those who do not know the Grace of God, who do not see it, and who plunge deeper each day into their suffering and into their pain.

To those who seek, they will always be given. If it were not this way, the words of the Son of God would not be real. Trust His promises and live them in this time.

Let us sing so that humanity may receive this grace.

With this I bless you and bless all of humanity, with the authority which God has granted me, to intercede for souls and lift them up to His Heart.

Go now, children, and with this impulse in your consciousnesses, multiply it to offer it at the foot of the altar of your Master and Lord, when on this night His Feet touch the Earth.

I thank you and again I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in peace and carry this peace to the world.