In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I ardently waited for this moment, because, in spite of staying in the world, contemplating souls and their needs, contemplating hearts and their supplications, this moment is also a gift for Me.

In a world that agonizes, the Creator makes His Light descend. Among the simplest souls, the Creator manifests His Presence and, amidst the chaos of the end of times, while the cry of the innocent echoes, God manifests Himself among human beings to demonstrate, children, that His Grace is abundant, unfathomable, infinite.

He just needs hearts to say yes, that they learn to listen to His Holy Spirit in order to be at the right place and to do their own part, collaborate with the Hierarchy, as it was said to you when you were preparing your souls for what you experience today.

Today I open My arms and humbly expand the Light that is in My Heart upon the world, so that those agonizing may feel relief, so that those who live in chaos may rediscover peace.

Many fear the Apocalypse, the manifestation of what was written, but you must contemplate the entirety of the promise. There will be suffering, but there will be peace, and, in the hearts of those who believe and have faith, miracles will happen, as it has been throughout the centuries,  throughout times, when pain has been dissipated by the deep love of hearts. Trust that this is possible, and so it will be.

Know how to make of pain the manifestation of God’s Love. Just as the Son transforms miseries into Mercy, making Blood and Water spring from His Heart, so you, children, are potential transformers of the miseries of the world into Divine Mercy, because you were created to renew love and, although this may seem a great utopia in the eyes of humankind, in these times, this truth will be more and more manifested within those who have faith.

But each heart must choose where they will be, which boat they will get on, the one where the Lord rests or the one that is empty. Empty of God, empty of Grace, empty of strength. Filled with the world, filled with human miseries, filled with the old and new capital energies, which make the hearts of humankind shipwreck.

All boats will be launched into the sea. The storm will come for all, but there will be peace where the Lord rests, in spite of the winds, the waves, the storms, there will be peace.

The end of times announces a moment of triumph, the triumph of the Heart of God in those who will persevere, and, it does not matter that they are few, they will generate merits, not only for the human race but also for the races that they do not know, consciousnesses that have committed ancient errors, unknown to the world, but deeply lived in the human consciousness, which even to this day suffers their consequences.

Many ask themselves, “If the end of times has been announced for so many years, prophesied for two thousand years, where is this end? When will it come?”

Children, you must decide to reach this end today, the end of the human condition, of the captivity of this world, the end of childishness, the end of mediocrities, the end of small sins, the small permissions that you give to your hearts to not fulfill the Will of God. You must decide to reach the end today, the end of leaving for later the fulfillment of Divine Will, the end of leaving for later the profound Wills of the Father's Heart as the priority of your lives.

So you ask yourselves what is this Will. If you seek it, you will understand, because, since the Ascension of Christ, His Holy Spirit has been speaking into your hearts.

Who will be willing to listen to Him? Who has silenced their mouths, their minds and their hearts in order to listen to this Spirit?

Many sing, “Come, Holy Spirit! But what will It do when It manifests Itself? What will you do within Its Presence?

The end of times has come. The eyes that cannot see it should open a little more in order to come out of ignorance, of the new capital energy, selfishness, and, its companion, indifference.

Contemplate the world, contemplate those around you. Take time to often contemplate the agony of your own souls, and you will know that the end of times has come.

When will this end come within you? This is a decision of each being.

However, there is an end that can be at any moment. An end that you will not decide yourselves: the end of opportunities, the end of the time of repentance.

Therefore, children, repent now, cry out now, listen now, live now.

If it is not worthwhile to do it for yourselves, do it for the world, for the souls that agonize, for the outraged Kingdoms, for those who have lost faith and do not have the strength to recover it.

If you do not believe in yourselves, believe in Me, because I know that it is possible to transform the world with small actions, to transform souls with small actions, and, that by sowing love among you, within you, this love is sown in the world.

The songs and praises please the Heart of the Father, but it is no longer enough to sing: you need to live it.

In moments like this, the Divine Truth descends to Earth, and the souls that are open can understand this Truth, they can know it, because the Holy Spirit listens through their ears, It opens their hearts, It expands their consciousnesses so that they can understand what they would not be able to understand otherwise.

But, at this moment, cement in your hearts the Graces that descend so that you do not forget when I make the sign of the cross and you leave here.

The greater the chaos in the world, the greater the faith of humanity must be. Do not let yourselves be shaken by what happens on the planet, but transform this into strength, into a spiritual life consolidated by a mature heart, which knows how to balance the events of the world. Do not let yourselves be shaken by the definitions of those you have by your side, because it will be up to each one of you to respond before God for all the Graces received.

But pray for those who give up and for those who weaken, pray for those who become lost, even when they believe that this is not happening. The world embraces those who are weak, closes their eyes, buries their hearts. How will they be able to know the right path? Therefore, pray for them and strengthen their hearts, strengthen their spirits.

Allow higher life to become more and more palpable each day. Open yourselves to discover mysteries, to permeate the unknown within your own hearts, to live potentials that had been hidden, to be that which God calls a human being, that which He created in His image and likeness with deep Love, to renew His Creation and bring it closer to His Divine Source.

I would like to be with you for longer: through My Words, lead you to the depths of your beings, to tell you: “Do not fear, but be strong in God; do not fear, but be true in Christ.”

But I need to return, to keep embracing the world, to keep guiding those who are lost, illuminating those who are in darkness, responding to the small and great requests of those who believe in Me, because when I do these things, I strengthen their faith.

Do not fear to ask. Rejoice when it is concretized, but do not stay there. Strengthen your faith.

This is all I wanted to tell you today. But be attentive, because I may return when God allows Me, when you open the doors to Me, I will be here.

Let us now celebrate the Eucharist, as this second impulse of My Chaste Heart, so that Christ, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph can cause the bread and the wine to be permeated with the strength that you will need in order to live your definition in the coming days.

I leave you My blessing and My Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It is by the simplest merits that I am here today, also for those that are deepest and most true, for they come from the intention of souls to praise God, to consecrate not only a space but also their lives to His Heart.

When you pray, children, your prayers touch different spaces of consciousness. Some of these spaces, of these inner movements, generate merits so that Graces of the Spiritual Universe may descend to Earth. Other inner spaces generate merits so that cosmic Graces, which come from spaces unknown to the majority of humanity, may reach the Earth.

And it is there, through the simplicity of the heart and the deep love of consciousnesses for God, where the inner doors open to the human potential which unites Heaven and Earth, where your consciousnesses unite directly with God and from Him receive Divine Graces, such as the one you experience today.

I come because of the merits of the simple, because of the service and the unconditional love.

You do not need to go far to serve this world; you need to do true, sincere things with the essence of your heart. In this way, understand how I, in a carpentry shop, with My little Child, would generate merits for the salvation of the world, for the rescue of souls and of the Kingdoms of Nature.

Thus you, cutting each small piece of wood, painting, preparing the spaces, organizing each detail with love, also carried out a planetary service, and you do not know this mystery that I come to reveal to you today.

Human life must be simple but true, sincere, full of a love that is unknown to the majority of humanity, even though it pulsates within them.

The Grace that you are receiving today was not thought of by Me. I, in obedience, was waiting in the Universe, just as I also served on Earth; I simply waited silently, praying in the depths of My Heart for all those servers of the Plan of God, when the Father turned His Eyes to the Earth, and, pronouncing the Name of His Spirit, Adonai sent Me to the world as His Servant so that His children could learn about the simplicity of heart through their own experience.

Many wonder what is the service that the Light-Communities generate through their simple everyday life, they believe they should do great things, seen as great by the eyes of the world. But I tell you, children, that it is here, in this small temple, with wood and earth, where nobody can see you, that God places His Eyes on you, and you can find Him within yourselves.

This is the greatest service that a human being can render of themselves, to the whole race, to all of Creation, for this is where you manifest what you really are, and the Purpose of the Father is fulfilled.

Even when there were disagreements, disputes, in the depth of the hearts, a purpose beat to manifest a temple, a space for adoration, and this is what I want you to learn today. Love goes beyond what you appear to be.

You will not stop experiencing conflicts, tests, challenges; but you must keep in your own heart, in the depths of your inner self, the living purpose of being a temple of adoration for God, a temple that unites Heaven and Earth, a temple through which the immaterial Rays of the universe flow, a temple through which the Thought and the Will of God can descend upon Earth and upon the most lost souls, a temple through which Grace descends for those impossible situations, for the souls that are most lost in the hells and purgatories of this world, where humanity, and often times the universe itself, believes there is no solution, that there is no salvation or redemption that could come.

The human heart, when it is sincere, can generate merits so the Grace of God may permeate these spaces. This happens in a simple way, every day, when you simply seek to be a temple of adoration for God.

The planet is agonizing as never before, nature is agonizing, men and women of the world are agonizing.

Who will build this temple within themselves? Who will strive and persist, as was done here? It is delayed, persistence is needed, many barriers exist, yet it is manifested. This is how it should happen inside of you.

Observe how the building of this place occurred, and learn about yourselves.

You receive a divine inspiration, a pure intention to manifest something simple, but made with love. Many ideas emerge, many wishes, many plans that come from the mind and sometimes conceal the Plan of God, and you get confused. Many challenges emerge, many tests, you do not find the resources within yourselves to manifest something, even though it may be simple for God.

But when you are persistent, you begin, little by little, and you persist and persist in the face of tiredness, hopelessness, sorrows, heartbreak, you do not lose the Divine Purpose: to be a temple for God.

And thus, children, little by little, the more love you bring into what you do and experience, the more Love that descends to the world and manifests, broadens, expands upon you and upon all of humanity.

Thus, one day you can see the results of what God has built within you, which was not only through His blessings but also through your hands, your efforts, your heart.

This is how it should be, every day, in all things, to manifest the Plan of God. This is how the service of a being consecrated to the Father should be.

Many more tests will come, unimaginable, unthinkable challenges for humankind. Many times you will feel hopelessness, sadness and even despair, but what is most important is to not lose the essence of the purpose within you.

Do not let this light go out, do not let this will dim away, do not let Grace be lost. In spite of everything that you will see in the world in the times to come, always remember to look inward and find the Divine Purpose there, in the depths of the heart.

You must persist in love even when it may seem to be meaningless. You must persist in hope, even when you seem crazy, for in the world there will not be hope. You must persist in the faith that, just as today, before your efforts, Heaven will open, in a greater proportion, before the efforts of the planet and the simple merits generated by a few human beings. The Heavens will open for the coming of your Redeemer, and, when you least expect it, just like today, He will come and gladden your hearts, and bring you breath when you lack air.

Always remember that everything has a purpose; the difficulties forge strength.

To dive into the unknown will cause you to know who you are; to lose your fear of entering the mystery, of expanding your knowledge, wisdom, everything that you have learned about spirituality, inner life, up until today, will free you to understand the Thought and the Wisdom of God, just as it is.

Thus, do not fear, but trust and strengthen your faith.

With My Heart rejoicing, together with the Angels and Archangels that today draw close to the Earth, I come to thank you, because your lives do not belong to you; your actions, your thoughts and your words do not belong to you. From the moment that you consecrate yourselves to the Father, everything you do becomes sacred and generates merits for all humanity and for the whole planet, and, today I tell you, for the whole universe.

Be glad in your hearts and renew yourselves in My Peace.

I leave you My blessing, and, once again, I tell you, that I am with you, as is the Celestial Father, all the time.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I bring you the Reliquary of My Heart, a spiritual and divine Reliquary that contains within itself the path that I have trodden since I emerged as an essence from the Heart of God.

May this Sacred Reliquary be like a door for you, an entryway to the Celestial Kingdom through humility, yielding, surrender and, above all, children, renunciation, a gift that elevates you and brings you close to God, as it drew My Heart close throughout the course of time.

Today, contemplate within yourselves, the Reliquary of My Heart, not just to look at it, but also to enter into it, to discover what is held beyond this humble Heart that comes to the world, simply to be a bridge.

Close your eyes and see in front of you a Heart that beats within a Reliquary of wood, which signifies the humility of the one that was molded by the Creator throughout the course of time.

See how this Heart opens into a great light that embraces you, envelopes you and carries you into a new reality. Cross this light and, beyond it, find infinity.

Just for an instant, allow yourselves to live as essences, and not as human beings; let your essences feel and live this experience.

Let your body dissolve, for an instant, into the infinity of this celestial universe; here, contemplate the stars, the galaxies, the suns, the universes, and allow yourselves to go beyond.

There is a great Light, there is a perfect Source that, like a magnet, calls for you to return. Feel yourselves drawn to it and enter into it; feel this white brilliant Light that pulsates in a deep silence, that envelopes all Creation, a silence more powerful than all words and all sounds. From this silence comes sound, from this Source emerges the Word. Allow yourselves to be in the Heart of God.

Within this great Light, contemplate an altar. Perceive the angels, the archangels and the choirs of the blessed, that with their spirits sing a sound, which can be heard with the spirit.

The angels, prostrate before the altar, adore Creation, finding in it all types of life that manifest on this planet and manifests in other worlds, beyond the Earth, in other universes, in other evolutions.

Feel yourselves as small as nothing and, at the same time, children, experience being alive in everything. Feel the Kingdom of God. Let each cell, each atom, experience this Kingdom, and discover it within itself.

Now begin to feel how this Kingdom expands from the inside out. As if within your hearts there were a great explosion of light taking place. And that Light, which you contemplate in infinity, manifests within you. In it exists all attributes, all gifts, all virtues. In it is all of Creation.

Feel, children, how God manifests within and outside of you. Feel all of life in your essence, each creature, each being, each essence.

That which you manifest as a group is like a great infinity, in which each consciousness is represented through the particles of light that live within your atoms. Understand unity in this way.

The Celestial Church, children, is not a construction that floats in infinity, in the Celestial Universe. The Celestial Church is this inner temple, where Creation is recreated, time after time.

The Celestial Church is what I reveal to you today: this Kingdom that dwells within you and which is called "Temple", so that you may understand that which is Sacred.

What I bring you today must not be understood with the mind, it must not be felt with your emotions, but rather experienced by your essences.

In this Kingdom is held all of life. Within you is held all of life. For this reason, understand that in this same way, My Heart beats in your hearts, and your hearts beat in Mine.

The time has come for humanity to understand the unity that justifies their existence, that reveals their purpose, and that is not only life on Earth, but a unity with all life.

I have already told you all these things many times; in many ways, I have brought you this Kingdom. But today, children, I place you within It. I reveal to you that this Kingdom lives within you so that you may remain in it, in Its revelation, all the time.

Many seek universal realities and many cling to the reality of Earth. Many aspire to a higher knowledge and want to know more, want to meet the life that manifests in the universe, like in the interior of the Earth and upon all the planets. And others cling to what they know about the Earth, they believe that the Kingdom of God is just this life.

And ignorance manifests in those two ways, because universal life goes beyond everything that you understand, in the same way as life on Earth.

The time has come to transcend matter, the matter that dwells in the universe, like this that dwells on Earth, because otherwise, you will not be able to manifest the Kingdom of God, live It or be It, because that is your spiritual mission, for this you were created, for more than a dialogue with God. Your mission is not just to listen to the Voice of the Creator, but to live It, recreate His Creation, experiencing His Presence within you.

The time is already arriving, when all the illusion experienced by humanity will fall apart. And it will be in that moment, children, that the memory of My words must emerge within you, must transcend the human condition, the mind, the understanding, the feelings; it must dissolve them in the revelation of the Divine Presence.

What dwells within you, not even the angels and archangels can live, this is why you must not cling to the things of the world, not cling to everything you lived in the universe before coming to the world, because everything was a lesson so that you could get here.



I do not want to diminish existence with what I tell you today, but I want to lead you into a profound spiritual experience, so that you can experience something that goes beyond, something that you have not lived at any moment in your evolution, but that time will arrive to be experienced, and that time is not far away.

In this time of the planet, these two realities confront one another. The human condition seems to be more real than ever and beings experience that battle, many times without understanding it.

The Universe of God, His Celestial Kingdom, pushes from the inside out and aspires to manifest, and your human condition resists and tries not to break, and affirms itself in all the spaces of the consciousness that it can reach: in matter, in mind, in feelings, the body, the consciousness and the subconscious.

As much as that has strength, it has no power. Power comes from spirit, a spirit that shouts and expands within you. Listen, children, this crying comes from the essence. Let this force that recreates Creation reveal itself, manifest itself.

Everything that I am telling you is achieved through three keys, which in truth are one: humility, renunciation and surrender.

Through humility, all doors will be opened for you, so that you not only understand all the sciences and be knowledgeable about all life, but you will also be able to go beyond that and live the revelation of the Divine Presence, of the human purpose.

Through renunciation, you will be free of yourselves, of all human concepts, of all your wills and aspirations, and your most spiritual goals; empty of all that which you believe you know, of all that which you believe you have gained as experience.

Through surrender, everything will be accomplished, because you will be like that essence suspended in infinity, like in the infinity within yourself. You will love the nothing and you will discover everything in the Heart of your Creator. Everything I tell you today, I can say, because I experienced this, little by little, step by step, throughout My evolution.

Your challenge today is to live it intensely, in this end of times, in an accelerated way, intense, and you are ready for that.

Just like all of life, My Heart will beat within you, all My instructions will resonate in this great silence that holds, not only all sound, but also all wisdom. For this reason, children, look for that within yourselves, in prayer, whenever you need it.

When you feel that matter is struggling against the spirit, and your human condition seems to have more strength than your essences, simply become silent and look within yourselves for that source of life. Place your forehead upon the ground and cry out to God so that He may manifest from the inside out, and from the outside inward, encompassing all the spaces, defeating all battles, revealing His triumph within your lives.

Do not seek to understand what I tell you, but experience it. Contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart, you will always find this doorway that will allow you to remember everything I told you so that you may experience it.

The Reliquary of My Heart is not an object that you will contemplate without understanding. The Reliquary of My Heart is simply a symbol that allows your matter to remember spiritual life through the senses.

Through your eyes, you will open a window so that your essences may again find God, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart. It is a profound science, which is not explained with the mind, but you will be able to experience it each time that you open your heart. For this reason, when you are before the Reliquary, simply remain in silence. Feel that, through your eyes, your essences can contemplate a path and journey with it.

I could be by your side, all day, telling you about all the things I have learned, but I want you to learn to find Me within you, in the same way with Christ, with the Virgin Mary, with God Himself and all His creatures.

The time has come for a more profound cycle and I warn you that, in the same way that this cycle is profound, your battles will also be profound and inexplicable.

Many times it will seem as if you have heard no instruction from the Hierarchy, and mundane life will express within you with all its strength. Observe this, perceive it, and return to the point of meeting with God within yourselves until, little by little, and with a great deal of effort, that battle may be won by the Creator within you.

Understand each other's tests, understand your weaknesses, but do not justify them through the human condition.

Help each other, remind each other that spiritual life dwells within. Elevate to the Heart of God. Remember that you are preparing the return of His Son to the world. Place your consciousness in that.

With My presence and My words, I bless all these elements on the Altar and I tell you that, in the same way that the Divine Messengers bless each sacred object, the priests also have the authority to do this.

All the gifts and promises that manifest in these objects, as a divine gift for souls, will manifest in the same way when the priests unite Heaven and Earth to bless you from the heart. For this reason, trust that all the medallions and all the sacred objects that will manifest over time will be carriers of Grace and of the divine promise, for all souls.

Bring the altar here with the elements for the Consecration of the Eucharist.

Friar Zeferias. 

Consecrating this Eucharist in My Presence, pray for all the priests of the world, so that the Kingdom of God in them may manifest always.

Friar Zeferias: On that night, when Our Lord celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples and apostles, He took the bread and elevated it to the Heavens, giving thanks to God for the sacrifice He would live for all of us, and the Eternal Father blessed the bread, transforming it into the Body of Christ. Jesus then broke the bread and gave it to His disciples, saying to them: "Take and all eat of it, for this is My Body, which will be given up for you."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. Amen.

In the same way, Jesus took the Chalice in His Hands and raised it to the Heavens, and then passed it on to His disciples, saying to them: "Take and all drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant, which will be poured out for you, for your salvation, redemption and remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me until the end of times, when I am to return to this world."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You. Amen.

Let us all together speak the prayer that the Lord taught us, uniting with this holy Communion with His Body and His Blood.

Our Father (in Portuguese)

Behold, here is the Body and the Blood of Christ, the Lamb of God, that removes the sins from the world.

Blessed are they who are part of this Supper of the Lord, because death will no longer touch them and they will know eternal life. Amen.

May the Peace and the Mercy of Christ descend to Earth!

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the word and I shall be healed.

We sound the bell three times, announcing the spiritual Communion of all souls with Christ.

Let the Eucharist be your sustenance and remind you, every day, of the true reason for your existence. In this way, children, the triumph of God will manifest in your lives.

Remember My words and all I have told you throughout the course of these years, and remember to find Me within you. I will be with you all the time. Receive My blessing and My peace, which will resonate within you throughout the centuries and into eternity.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And to bid farewell, you will sing a song that will remind you that you must continue to sow love and the good within humanity.

Do not forget that I once requested that you never remain with resentment in your hearts, but that you forgive each other, be reconciled with each other, serve one another and let the world know the freedom that lies within asking for forgiveness, and loving one another as God loves you, so that peace may reign in all nations, so that good may reign in all families, and so that the Heart of God may triumph in all His children.

You will end this day by celebrating and sowing love in all of humanity, in all the Kingdoms and in the whole planet. I thank you.


Sister Lucía de Jesús: Let us sing in Spanish, "Sowing Love in Humanity."


In the same way that My Heart only managed to believe in the coming of the Messiah when I held Him within My arms, in the same way that the apostles and disciples of Jesus only truly believed that He was the Christ when they saw Him rise, many of you also, children, will only understand what you are a part of when the Heavens open before your eyes and, in the middle of the chaos of the world, the Glory of the Kingdom will manifest through the Son of God.

Humanity makes spiritual life out to be special, and material life to be the reality, losing the purpose of its existence, which is a perfect unity with the Creator, a profound and true relationship with God that not even the angels can experience.

This is what you were created for, children, but your mind was strengthened more than your faith, and the potential to love remained hidden in the deepest spaces of your consciousnesses.

However, I tell you that when God has a Purpose and a Plan for His children, it manifests beyond your beliefs, your deceits and your apparent limitations, just as it has done throughout the centuries.

The Creator did not wait for faith in the hearts of humankind to then reveal His greatness. He revealed Himself amid the hearts that seemed blind, and with His Light, He gave them back their vision. He revealed Himself to ignorant hearts that yet had the commitment to manifest His Plan.

That has not changed. Souls still need to be awakened and, as much as the Voice of God resounds among you, as it resounded through His Son, you will only be able to truly awaken when you see Him face to face, accomplishing His promises, making the prophecies come alive that will unite and awaken the peoples, cultures, beliefs and races, because it is the human heart itself that will awaken, and the human essence that will beat, recognizing the Presence of God in His Son. And this essence, children, has no race, creed, culture or religion.

What the men and the women of the world will feel within themselves will not be silenced by anything, and not even by their deepest convictions will they be able to stop what they feel inside. Everything will fall apart: the concepts, the sciences, the beliefs and even faith. Everything will take on new meaning, a new life, a new value.

In one second, in human hearts, the understanding of life will be destroyed and rebuilt. And for that day you must prepare your hearts.

Until that happens, pray and persevere. Remember that this day will come, and be ready to live it.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Blessed are they who, in spite of all gifts received, always allow themselves to be shaped and corrected by the Hands of God.

Blessed are they who never cease to be apprentices, those who never miss the chance to observe, learn and grow, each day, further becoming representatives of the good and of the peace in the world.

Blessed are they who teach through example, and from their mouths comes forth wise words that love, and with love correct that which was off of the path and the Purpose of God.

Blessed are they who seek humility, those who work so that others may grow, those who love the steps taken and the opportunities received by their brothers and sisters.

Blessed are they who observe the faults of others with compassion and do not affirm and reaffirm the error of a neighbor in order to justify their own errors, and feel themselves to be better than the rest.

Blessed are they who know how to be silent in order to bring peace, but who do not stop speaking to condemn with their thoughts, but rather they stop speaking in order to open their heart and, in thought, pray to attract Mercy.

Blessed are they who are transparent before God and their neighbors, those who free themselves from their ties through confession with Christ, those who do not fear to be seen as imperfect, weak and small in the eyes of the world.

Blessed are they who, in spite of everything, believe and seek the Kingdom of God within themselves, those who do not deny their human condition, but rather recognize it as a passage to something greater.

Blessed are they who see the sacred within life on Earth, those who are not satisfied with the energies of the world and who simply walk toward the Heart of God.

Blessed are they who believe in the celestial spheres, in universal and higher life, those who know themselves to be only a small part of an immense and unknown life.

Blessed are they who always recognize themselves as ignorant, but who do not remain as such. Blessed are they who open so that, into their ignorance, God may pour wisdom, and blessed are they who are always willing to go into infinity, from the simple fact of knowing themselves to be a part of it.

Blessed are they who love from the heart, because their own love will show them the path.

Blessed are they who aspire to be blessed and who strive for it, holding the fulfillment of the Will and the Plan of God as their only aspirations. Their efforts will be rewarded with a perfect union with the Creator.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Whenever you cry out for peace, I will be there. My Heart is attentive to each plea, to each cry, to each sincere heart that ignites the light of its essence, even in the deepest abysses of the planetary consciousness.

When you pray from the heart, your voices are like melodies that resound between the dimensions and reach the Celestial Altars, moving the Heart of God, that responds to the plea of His children with pity, healing and Mercy, with the Truth that awakens you from the sleep of the world and allows you to return to His Heart.

Whenever you pray, remember to do so truthfully, placing attention upon each word, with life within everything that you pronounce, sing or offer, because the miracle of prayer is still a mystery to the human heart. But today, I tell you, children, that it is this mystery, held within your hearts, that reveals the true potential of human beings.

It is when you pray with sincerity, overcoming all shame, fear and the human condition, that you can experience what you are and discover your most pure and spiritual potentials.

I do not speak of universal life, I do not speak of material realities, but about your essences, of that which makes you in likeness to God, that which many think they know, feel and live, under the guidance of the essence, yet it is not so.

The more you pray, the more you will be able to ascend toward that deep space of consciousness. When you set aside your fears and all that you think about yourselves, when you place yourselves in the Presence of God, and only in Him, to enter into a profound dialogue with the Creator, this is when you can begin to come to know yourselves.

Self-knowledge begins with confession, when you allow yourselves to be transparent, without layers, without veils, and you allow yourselves to not only be exposed to God, but also allow that God be Who touches you with His Hands and shows you this about yourselves, that which you still do not know.

Why do I tell you these things today?

Because in these last years, this is the synthesis of all that I have to tell you; pray, in truth, in confession, before God, disengaging from everything that you believe about yourselves. Lose the fear and the shame of not being what you built for so long on Earth and beyond it, and let the Hand of God cleanse you and show you something wonderful about yourselves, you who are nothing, except a pure, divine essence, part of the Creator, capable of recreating and renewing all of His Creation.

Each time you pray, let it be in truth and, little by little, your lives will be a constant confession, in which you will not need to be alone to be transparent, but rather you will find yourselves in the Presence of God at all times, and all that you do will be real, in everything that your essence will express.

On this day of renewal and of Graces, I come to tell you something that you think you already know but, in truth, you still need to risk discovering. Pray and continue to pray, until you are nothing, and then find everything, until the mysteries cease to be mysteries.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Pray for each other, just as you pray for the wounded planet, just as you pray about your deepest miseries, just as you cry out about your greatest difficulties.

Pray for each other, just as you pray for the nations in conflict, just as you pray for those who are hungry and cold, for those who have no hope and for those who are afraid.

Pray for each other, just as you pray for the Kingdoms of Nature, assaulted and unloved, mutilated and not understood by humankind.

In this way, children, with love, pity and mercy, you must pray for each other, because when you pray for a fellow being, you are praying for the planet; when you pray for a fellow being, you are praying for the Kingdoms of Nature and for the nations.

When a heart triumphs in God, all Creation triumphs with it; it learns, grows and triumphs with those who defeat their own selves.

For this reason, do not be indifferent to the suffering of those who you have by your side, but be attentive and, when you perceive a need, pray, cry out, plead for each other, so that your cry may be the voice of those who have no more strength to pray for themselves.

Be the voices for one another, be the fire for one another, draw from the Heavens the Graces and Mercies for one another and, in this way, you will achieve peace.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In this time of definition, children, all beings, in different degrees, are being obliged to confront within themselves both human will and Divine Will, the old and the new human.

Within the human will are held all the beliefs about life, about yourselves, about God and His Plan, about your personal mission and how to move it forward, about knowledge, wisdom, truth and ignorance.

Within Divine Will, something profoundly unknown and silent is held, that with its simple approach, knocks down walls and structures, transforms, modifies and renews that which was out of place within beings.

But holding on to what is unknown is not easy to do. Allowing for the transformation of one's most formed and oldest convictions in the consciousness, in order to walk toward something that is unknown, where the human consciousness does not have roots but only spirit, is the great challenge of these times.

And how can this be carried out?

There will be no other way of going through this moment, children, except by praying, yielding more deeply each day and opening yourselves to a more true relationship with God so that, in this way, you may recognize Him, even in the invisible, even in the silence, so that you may know how to distinguish His Will, beyond the shouts of human wills.

During this time of the planet, you will only be sustained by a real relationship between God and humankind. It is about the experience of the Covenant already realized by Christ that must now be experienced by the beings. But in your relationship with God, there is no past, there is no human condition, flesh does not prevail, but only spirit.

To go through the doorway toward the Meeting, you will have to defeat shame, beliefs, convictions, personal plans, wills, conditions, fears and desires, goals and aspirations. It is in the void where you will find the answer and the correct vestments for going through the narrow doorway, where only spirit and love fit.

Pray to understand what I tell you. Become silent so that, in communion with silence, you may know how to listen to the Voice of the One who, even having manifested the Word, speaks through silence.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Be at the Reliquary of My Heart simply to confess your deepest miseries, like a child who can divest themselves of their shame with their father.

Be at the Reliquary of My Heart to present your defects and difficulties to Me, the vices you have not overcome, your most entrenched fears, your lacks of understanding most difficult for you to shape, your resistances hardest to break, your walls, your limits.

Be at the Reliquary of My Heart and, even though you cannot manage to say anything, offer Me your silence, your incapacity to surrender, of letting go of the reins of your life, of exposing your heart and feeling yourself to be weak and small.

Be at the Reliquary of My Heart and show Me your sorrows, but also your joys, tell Me about your defeats and also your victories, so that I, child, may dissolve your illusions with My Love, strengthen your virtues with My Grace, and show you in the mirror of the Reliquary of My Heart that to be human is more than what you have discovered about yourself up to now.

Let Me show you your truth, what hides beyond your appearances, what is hidden beyond your confessed weaknesses. Human beings are not just a mixture of miseries and virtues, of flesh and spirit, but they are the spirit, overlaid and hidden in what until now you believe is your only truth.

Contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart not to find Me, but rather to find you, and in you, God.

You have My blessing for that.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



May your heart always be clean so that you may receive God within you, hear His Words and follow His steps.

May your heart be pure, a human and divine heart, where the Spirit of God can dwell and guide you at each instant of life.

To consolidate a sacred dwelling place within you, child, you need to learn from determination; not the determination that is the result of human will and impulses, but rather the determination that is the result of love, the dialogue and communion with God, the determination that is born of the will, to reciprocate with Divine Will and fully be Its dwelling, Its instrument.

Spiritual determination must be born within you so that you may mature and consolidate the Purpose of God for your lives, every day. This determination comes from the love for Christ and forms ever more intensely as your heart becomes more united with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Confession to God every day strengthens the determination within you to follow in His footsteps. Confession renews your heart and gives you the impulse to begin anew, in spite of the falls, and to not desist, in spite of challenges.

Adoration of the Eucharistic Body of Christ will fill your being with Divine Grace and strengthen the determination within you, to know how to say 'no' to the temptations and stimuli that repeatedly cause you to fall.

Thus, understand, child, that to develop holy determination within your heart, which leads to a pure heart, you need to fill it with the Grace that a sincere relationship with Christ brings into your life by means of daily confession and adoration, because these two moments will be like drinking from the Fount of the Love of God so as to love His Will and His perfect Thought, to listen to His designs and renew your commitment with Him, so that you may know how to be in this world and defeat its stimuli.

In these times of many battles, that become stuck in the invisible field of the human mind, feelings and senses, the spiritual determination will be the necessary gift for you to manage to stay on your feet. For this reason, seek this Grace and cultivate this gift within your heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To reach the Heart of God, you do not need great science and deep philosophies, you do not need formulas or even eternal practices. What you need, child, is a sincere heart, pure and redeemed in front of the Father.

All spiritual practices and exercises will forge a transformation for your consciousness within you, and they will allow you to remain in union with the Creator, and may this not be for just an instant, but rather become a permanent state of consciousness.

But to touch the Heart of God, to feel It and know It, you only need a sincere heart that is willing to come to the Father in confession, in adoration, in communion and in surrender. To feel Him, experience within yourself what He really is, and in coming to know God, also come to know yourself.

For this reason, before anything else, and even though you may not have the strength or inspiration, simply be with a sincere heart before the Creator, simply be with a surrendered heart at His Altar. Place yourself as an offering at His Feet and let Him make Himself felt. In the Divine Presence, everything in your life will regain its meaning, your efforts will be of value and their weight will be less, because the Love of God within you will speak louder; your battles will be light, not because they will be easier, but because your heart is no longer loose within the winds of darkness, but anchored in the Presence of God, from where no wind will be able to remove you.

Everything begins, child, with confession, yielding, surrender, adoration, and thus a perfect communion with God. And this can happen in silence, in spiritual joy, in the profound mourning of the soul, in prayer or in adoration, in your own life. You only need a sincere heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


At all the Marian Centers, through the Reliquary of My Heart, I will be the doorkeeper and the protector, the guardian of the spiritual relics and of the divine gifts that are held within the sacred places, erected in honor of God and for the manifestation of His Plan.

The Reliquary of My Heart will be the protector of all the virtues achieved by souls. It will be the guardian of the evolution of those who said 'yes' to God, and each time that you should contemplate it with love, you will not only be receiving within yourselves that which I once achieved through humility and spiritual emptiness, but also, children, you will be safeguarded by Me, Who before God has received the authority to be your father and guardian in these times of transition.

It is for this reason that, in the face of the difficulties that seem impossible to you to transform, pray with Me, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart. When the desert is greater than your faith, pray with Me, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart. When the energies of the world within you seem to battle with your purest principles, pray with Me, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart.

And so that all the souls of the world may have the chance to be before the Reliquary of My Heart, I ask that every 19th of the month, in a simple way, the Reliquary of My Heart be transmitted live, for one hour, so that all those who want to be before It in silence, may do so. This practice will allow you to find peace and to strengthen all the virtues that you have already achieved with you.

In this time of transition, I will be the guardian of your souls, your father and companion who, in silence, will follow your steps so that you not become lost, but that you may be always in Christ.

It is in this way, children, that I ask that every 19th day, of each month, at 7 pm, your hearts unite in prayer. Especially those who today cannot be at the Marian Centers, so that they may also receive the Graces and the Gifts that emerge from the Reliquary of My Heart for the world.

If you do this simple exercise on the day of the Celebration of the Heart of Saint Joseph, not only for yourselves but also for all the souls of the world, you will be able to intercede with Me for the greatest sinners and for those who are self-condemned, so that those souls may open their eyes and find the light and salvation in Christ.

I wait for you in prayer and I bless you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Vigil in prayer so that your heart is willing to embrace the mysteries of the Celestial Kingdom as never before experienced by humanity.

Vigil in prayer so that your consciousness may know how to recognize the visible signs of the Presence of God, and It may transform you inside and out.

Vigil in prayer so that, with an empty heart, you may be able to receive all the divine gifts that, as a last impulse, are being delivered to humanity. Let these gifts become life, becoming fruit within you, that which will take you to participate in a new Earth, a new time.

Vigil in prayer so that the many traps of the enemy do not confuse you and do not make you perish before you reach within yourself the renewal of the Love of God.

Just pray, child, and vigil in prayer, because the time has come for the  definition of each being, and every instant must be a moment for you to confirm your vows with God.

Vigil in prayer and do not allow it to be you who becomes taken off of the path.

Vigil in prayer to know how to ask for help in the right moment, to know how to cry out to God for His Grace. 

Vigil in prayer to see when the other needs you, even in silence.

Vigil in prayer, to understand that your life, as small as it may seem, can transform other lives, when you know how to be an instrument of God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Do not measure your possibilities according to your own strength. Do not look to concretize the Plan of God only with your own hands. Do not think that you are not capable of doing and experiencing this or that thing because you cannot find the possibilities within.

Look at the history of those who accomplished the Will of God and expressed it, manifesting the part that was theirs to do of the Divine Work of the Creator. Was it them on their own who were the builders of that Work?

Your human possibilities and what you know of yourself does not matter much at the moment of concretizing Divine Work. What matters is your capacity to go beyond yourself, of focusing your eyes, your thoughts and your heart on God and saying:

do Your Work within me and through me,
fulfill Your promises, manifest Your Spirit
and make of my empty heart Your dwelling.
I am Yours.

This, child, should be your prayer in the times that will come.

Do not look at your imperfections, but rather at the Perfection of God. In order not to limit the Divine Work to your possibilities, do not even look to your skills and virtues, but simply be an empty instrument, the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, always willing to follow paths that are not within your mind, that were not laid out by you, but by God.

Trust that within a heart, empty and willing for the Creator, lies His miracles in action, and you will become a living miracle.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



May peace reign in your heart so that you know how to understand these times and search for strength in the correct place of your consciousness and your heart.

There will be days in which your weaknesses will go beyond your capacity to overcome yourself and continue on, but in these moments, child, find a place in your heart where you are safe. Look for the Love of Christ, the memory of the embrace of your Lord; look for the knowledge of the Divine Presence, that the Eyes of the Creator are focused on you; be in silence in nature, observe the sun that is born and goes down, bringing peace and retreat toward your heart; look for hope in the Words already pronounced by God through His Messengers; sit in silence and solitude just to breathe and be grateful, and in your weakness, say:

Lord, here am I,
weak within myself,
seeking your fortitude,
looking for a way of remaining in You.
May Your Grace descend upon me,
in my already revealed weakness, revealing
Your greatness, still hidden within my heart.
Come, Lord,
and, knowing the world
and my weaknesses,
now reveal Your strength, Your miracle,
Your power, Your Grace and Your Mercy
because, on my own, I am nothing,
but You within me can do all things.

And pronouncing this and any confessions that may emerge from your heart, make space so that God may reveal, not only your emptiness and smallness, but also His greatness, His miracle, His power.

Choose, child, in the depths of your weaknesses, to make space so that Christ may reveal His Grace to the world through the living testimony of your heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Constancy and perseverance, children, will be your allies in these times of transition. These spiritual attributes, which emerge from the Source of the Ray of the Will of God, must always be present.

Being constant in prayer, in service, in fraternity, in meekness, in compassion, in faith and in mercy will always allow you to transform the human condition a little more each day.

To be persevering in the goals that you have and in the purpose that you establish of not falling into the same distractions, temptations and errors, will consolidate the transformation within you, in the deepest levels of your consciousnesses, and will not allow you, in the moment of your final trial, as part of humanity, to fall into tests that already seemed to have been overcome. 

Cry out to God for this Grace, that through His Will and His Power, you may be constant and persevering in the fulfillment of His Law.

You are still in time for building within yourselves, on the unconscious levels of your being, a true strength that will sustain you and support you in these times in which humanity, as a whole, will only find balance in God and in the stronghold on the rock erected within your own heart.

Practice with the little things. Be vigilant with yourselves and, in this way, you will always find peace.

Choose the Love of God rather than the things of the world.

Ask for the Grace and Help of Heaven, and each day do your part.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Since His crucifixion, and for eternity, from the Heart of Christ emerge Blood and Water, dripping little by little over the world and over Creation. For as long as you pray to His Divine Mercy, for as long as you live under that Law, being merciful, those drops of Blood and Water will touch souls, cleansing their eyes so that they may see a new path, and cleansing their hearts so that they may be worthy of walking upon it.

In these times, children, you need to learn to contemplate and love the signs of your salvation, as are the Blood and Water that emerge from the Heart of Christ.

To remain with your hearts in balance, growing in the spiritual life, with true foundations, it is not enough to live by your own efforts and knowledge or from all the Grace received; you also need to experience the yielding and the love that the contemplation of the sacrifice of Christ leads you into experiencing.

There is a unique power in the Blood of Christ: the power to restore, heal and redeem that which is impossible. The Blood of Christ is the foundation for all redemption, it is the meaning of spirituality in this world, it is the secret to holiness, the doorway toward yielding, the revelation of the deepest mysteries of Love for all Creation. And to enter into this mystery, it is enough that you sincerely cry out for Mercy, that you spiritually contemplate the Cross of Christ, always elevated to the inner levels of the human consciousness, and reliving His Passion repeatedly, to again find the meaning of your lives.

Contemplating the Blood of Christ, you will find the Gifts of His Spirit, the unity of a Triune God, Who surrenders out of love in each instant; you will relive the humility of knowing yourselves to be small in front of such an immense love, and at the same time, the Grace of knowing yourselves to be called to imitate that love.

Pray for Mercy and live the bases of all true spirituality. Within the Blood of Christ lies the foundation for all religious life. Pray for one another, contemplating the Blood of Christ and, above all, yield at the foot of His Cross and you will understand what I tell  you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Learn to contemplate and adore the Blood of Christ, knowing that each drop poured out by the Lord represents His unlimited Love for each being and for life itself.

Place your eyes on the Christ of Calvary and know that His Love, even without the Cross, has already surpassed and renewed all of Creation, but His offer went further, and pouring out Blood and Water, He perpetuated the Grace of salvation and redemption for all beings of Earth and beyond it.

May your eyes, placed upon the poured Blood of Christ, grant you the understanding and the experience of that which yielding and surrender are, that which giving all for love is.

The Water that was poured by Christ represented the unlimited Mercy that, along with pouring out all His Blood, He also poured out Water in order to give all of Himself, in matter and in spirit.

Together, Blood and Water represent the mystery of a Love still not understood by humankind; that Love that you are called upon to renew and to surpass so that everything may be recreated and evolution may find a new beginning, a greater life of union with the Creator Father.

Begin, then, by contemplating within your heart the Blood of Christ and the Water that was poured out from His Body so that you may penetrate His Mysteries and they may inspire you, and lead to a more true likeness with the Love of Christ.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



When the time comes, Knowledge, Truth and the Light of the Universe of God will reveal itself on its own, and there will be no dogma, doctrine or institution that will be able to hide what will emerge within the beings, just like in the heights of the Heavens.

The cosmos within creatures will pulsate, and from this same infinity in Heaven will emerge the signs of a new time, of a new life that reveals and manifests the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom not understood and still unknown to humankind.

When the time comes, the silence of those who persisted will be their greatest instrument to allow the revelation of the truth, because the truth will not emerge from the words of human beings, but rather from their living examples, the signs of Heaven, and the very Voice of God who, after having been in silence, will allow His Word to resound with the power of a thousand trumpets over the world.

For this reason, do not want to convince, do not want to do it yourselves, do not want to transform the world with words, but rather with example, the testimony that speaks for itself. And when humankind becomes silent, the Voice of God will reverberate.

Let His Kingdom, always alive in those who allow for Its expression, be what will reveal the path to the world.

Let these be your constant aspirations: with the example, announce; with the word, pray and proclaim the Grace of God; with your life, express His Kingdom; with your heart, renew His Love.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To prepare for death: an art of love and surrender before God.

To prepare for death, children, is in reality a daily act of keeping the heart clean and empty of the things of the world, of fearing God and of surrendering to His Celestial Will.

To prepare for death should be a constant act in which the consciousness wakes up each day, knowing that it may be the last, and lives each instant giving the best of themselves so that the Will of God may be realized.

To fear God is in truth to love Him above all things, and to not hesitate when the moment comes to give up the things of the world in order to embrace His Celestial Universe.

Each day of your lives, you should prepare for death, in the sense of allowing gratitude, yielding, love and surrender to permeate all your atoms and enter into the deepest fears of your beings, not only those that are hidden within the human soul but, above all, those that are part of the material condition of human beings and that permeate even your bones.

To defeat these fears, you must love more, each day. But do not just love the world, love God, love life and know that life is not limited to planet Earth; to know that a greater and eternal life awaits you and that in order to always be worthy of it, it is enough that you carry with you the Love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit within your hearts.

For this reason, carry forward the practice of loving, of being grateful and of surrendering to God, every day. Aspire to discover a Greater Kingdom within you, in the world and beyond it, and thus you will discover the unity between the realities of life and that death is a step toward a greater life, where mysteries do not exist but rather only truth and the transparency of knowing oneself to be a child of God, returning to His Heart.

Each day, children, let the Love of the Creator expand within you and allow It to replace your deepest fears.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph




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