Prayer of Saint Pio to Mary, Most Holy Mother

Prayer of Saint Pio to Mary, Most Holy Mother


from Your Joy comes the blessed fruit,
from the full fruit comes life,
from life is born love and peace
and from peace we are elevated to Eternity.

Pious and kind Mother,
from Your breast is born the Original Source
and from this Source is nourished the spirit that,
guarded in Your lap,

receives from You the Celestial Grace.

all the children come from You,
this is greatness in Heaven
and Divine Victory on Earth,
because only through Your Immaculate Heart
are we born to the life of the spirit,
only through You

do we find the path to live Eternal Faith.

From the Maternal Source is born life,
from life the God of Love is glorified
because the infinite truth
arises from the kind presence,
that You, Mother,
reveal to Your children.

We are born from You to live the life of Christ,
for You we rise up to serve the Supreme.

Oh Mother of Kindness!
Queen among all women,
may Your fruit bloom
in the hearts that have trusted in Your Grace.
May humanity be the new blessed fruit,
redeemed by You,
in Glory to the Celestial Father.


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