Rosary of the Humility of Christ

Rosary of the Humility of Christ


On September 18, 2019, our Lord presented us with a new spiritual exercise that He called: "Rosary of the Humility of Christ."

He invites each one of us to do this Rosary daily, or in those moments when we most need it, when we most need to seek and find, within ourselves, the connection with the spirit of His holy Humility.



On the union bead, we will pray:

Lord, make me an instrument of Your Peace
so that Holy Humility may dwell in me
and thus your Divine Will may be fulfilled.


On each decade:

Spirit of the Humility of Christ,
dwell within me.


"Sometimes, going through the doorway of humiliation means lowering your head so that, completely bowed down, you can enter into My Kingdom. This state is achieved with a great and deep humility, which will allow you to always recognize that you are nothing and that your life and your consciousness belong to God."  Christ Jesus, September 18, 2019

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