Prayer for the occasion of the Centenary of Apparitions of Fatima

Prayer for the occasion of the Centenary of Apparitions of Fatima


Prayer recited by the Most Holy Virgin Mary on May 2017


You are the Sun of the Universe that illuminated the corners of the planet.
With Your Love and with Your Grace, You saved humanity.

Mother, You made Yourself small and humble through the shepherds
and, as it was in the Beginning, You revealed to all the Mercy of God.

You bestowed to hearts the power of the Holy Rosary,
and thus You allowed souls to blossom like sparks of light.

You came to meet us, dear Mother,
to free us from perdition and destruction.

The call of Your message in Fatima
resounds today in our hearts, and we comply with it.

May Your Hands guide us as we serve.

May Your Feet always guide us along the good path.

May Your gaze of love illuminate the steps that we must take
toward the Plan of the Creator.

May no one in this world be forgotten.

May we be more fraternal with each other.

Let any indifference in the human consciousness dissipate
so that, yielded and surrendered at Your humble Feet,
Mother and Queen of the Rosary,
humanity may be converted in the new,
in consecration, hope and love.

So be it.



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