Prayer to the Lord of the Swords

Prayer to the Lord of the Swords


On July 17, 2021, Our Lord said:

"Recognize the Face of the Lord of the Swords, because, through His Presence, you will win and you will not fear the end of times, but rather, as warrior apostles of Peace, of Mercy and of Good, you will bring My Christic Love to all who need it. (...) May the prayer that I taught you today be essential for you so that you may prepare for the end of these times, so that the sword of the human heart may be the one that, through love and charity, makes Mercy descend upon these times."



O, Lord of the Swords, Sublime Heart of Jesus!
May my lips never pronounce any evil,
may my prayer be converted into a sublime word
so that the sword of my heart
only emits love and compassion
toward all planes of consciousness.

O, Lord of the Swords!
Root out the cells of evil,
liberate the chains of perdition
so that we may recognize the Face of Your Return
in this final time of humanity.


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