01 Jun

15 years of Instructions: time to study the Words of Light that will prepare us for new challenges

The Sacred Hearts announced that 2023 marks the definitive opportunity for the veils of human consciousness to tear and, thus, each person can awaken, in the most natural and least abrupt way possible, to the true purpose of being incarnated on this planet. For this reason, Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph have been asking us to dedicate ourselves to studying the Spiritual Instruction transmitted over these 15 years. According to Them, this is the moment to make an internal synthesis, to remember and memorize the Teachings that were given to the souls that...
29 May

In June, month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we will continue to receive new Graces and Teachings for these times

After performing a sequence of Apparitions in Brazil, illuminating and mobilizing the souls of this nation, Christ Jesus and the Virgin Mary will resume, as of this month, Their redemptive task in Europe, together with the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, on the other...
25 May

Request of the Virgin Mary: Renewal of the Prayer for Peace in the Families

In Her special Apparition on May 8, 2023 , The Most Holy Mary made a strong appeal for us to pray for the families of the world. She stated that in the midst of the crisis on the planet, reflected in the hypnosis caused by modernity, conflicts and in the loss of values, families are perishing, forgetting their...

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Dear Children,

Today, your Heavenly Mother places Her gaze upon the wounded Africa so that its people may find, through the consolation of the Mother of God, the inner strength they need to go forward.

Africa is My beloved people, a people often forgotten and hurt by the sophisticated slavery of these times.

As Lady of the Divine Word, I come to ask My children not to forget the needs of My beloved Africa; because, as long as these urgent needs are not met by all of humanity, the time of peace that the world so desperately seeks will not come.

Through certain events, the voice and cry of My beloved children of Africa are silenced so that their suffering will not be known.

Therefore, just as in this past month I invited you to pray for the families, today I call you not to forget to pray for My wounded Africa; because I need your hearts, which already have everything, to feel sensitive for those who suffer the most.

Not a day can pass when you do not think of My children of Africa. I would like you to know and understand, someday, the importance of having more missionaries in Africa.

I pray, day and night, for those who are discarded.

I pray, day and night, for those who are neglected.

I pray, day and night, for those who are forgotten.

I pray, day and night, for those who do not listen with sensitivity to the cry and the call of Africa.

My Heart of a Mother is with Africa.

My Grace sustains the faith of all Africans. My Love shelters and consoles them in difficult hours.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of all of Africa

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Prayer for Peace in the Nations

Upcoming prayers

Prière pour la Paix dans les Pays Francophones (Prayer for Peace in the French-speaking Countries)
Sunday 4
| 7:00 pm
Paris | France
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 4 | 2:00 pm
Praying for Peace in Mexico, Central America and Caribbean
Sunday 4
| 5:00 pm
City of Mexico | Mexico
Multiple languages
Brasília Time: 
Sunday 4 | 8:00 pm
Prayer for the Spiritual Purpose of Brazil and for the Angel of the Brazilian Nation
Monday 5
| 7:00 am
Brasilia | Brazil
Brasília Time: 
Monday 5 | 7:00 am
Marathon of Divine Mercy: 1,200 beads of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy
Monday 5
| 10:00 am
Brasilia | Brazil
Portuguese, Spanish and English
Brasília Time: 
Monday 5 | 10:00 am
Prayer for Peace in the Families
Monday 5
| 6:00 pm
Lisbon | Portugal
Portuguese, Spanish and English
Brasília Time: 
Monday 5 | 2:00 pm
Praying for Peace in Hungary (A Békéért Imádkozva Magyarországon, Az Isteni Irgalmasság Rózsafüzére)
Monday 5
| 9:30 pm
Budapest | Hungary
Brasília Time: 
Monday 5 | 4:30 pm
Prayer for The Unborn
Monday 5
| 7:30 pm
Buenos Aires | Argentina
Portuguese, Spanish and English
Brasília Time: 
Monday 5 | 7:30 pm

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