Letter of the Most Holy Mary to Those Who Say “yes”…

My beloved children,

It is through you, through your sincere prayers and your acts of love, that I can bring to Earth everything that exists in the Universe.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother can show the world the path of redemption and purity.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother can express Her warmest work of love in all the world for souls and for the Kingdoms.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother is able to submerge with all Her Consciousness into the deepest abysses of the Earth and rescue the unrescuable.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother is able, through prayer, to teach you to redeem the most archaic aspects of life, so that your souls may be free to express that which they really are.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother, during each new Vigil of Prayer, offers the Eternal Father the possibility of dismantling the great plans of My adversary.

It is through your most sincere “yes” that your Mother has the permission to act on the planet and in the most dormant humanity, through the ardent devotion and the inner joy of simple hearts.

Dear children, although it does not seem so, the “yes” of humanity could change the events of this world, and its effects would reach beyond the nations, the peoples and even the continents.

Each new “yes” pronounced by souls and expressed through a physical presence in the Vigils of Prayer for Peace in the Nations means for the Universe the chance to act in an operative way in humanity through its angels and the Hierarchies of Light in order to deactivate certain corrupt aspects within the human consciousness that cause it to spiritually retrocede, time after time.

A true and sincere “yes” from a child of Mine in this cycle would make a difference so that the spiritual Hierarchy could be able to help or not help humanity and all that it generates through its actions and its acts.

At this time, a sincere “yes” allows the Eternal Father to move forward with His Designs in the most inferior and lost creatures of humanity.

Even more, if this “yes” is composed  of a disinterested spirit of service, a heartfelt prayer and an unknown love, its repercussions in the human consciousness will be much greater than they seem.

For this reason, My children, a sincere “yes” allows the Universe to act through the Laws of Mercy and Grace, and the cases that are impossible to solve in humanity may be balanced and alleviated.

I invite you to think, feel and meditate upon the power of “yes” of the same “yes” that your Heavenly Mother gave so as to be the spiritual Tabernacle, the humble and most pure womb that would receive Universal Light and invincible Love through the coming of Christ.

May this sincere “yes” that can emerge from your hearts allow you to transcend the times, overcome the most difficult tests within and outside of yourselves, that will open a secure door, where you may find the Presence of the Universal King, Jesus Christ, through it.

Dear children, it will be the “yes” of this current humanity that will cause the planet to be purified and elevated, helping it to free itself of the weight generated by humanity.

It will be the “yes” of souls that will cause this humanity to be of a higher and more mature consciousness.

It will be the “yes” of hearts to the Divine Plan that will change forever the course of all the coming events.

It will be the “yes” of all My beloved children that will defeat the beast of all times.

It will be the “yes” of My children, of the children of Mary, that will open the doors of the Universe for the Return of Christ.

Dare to say “yes” to the Universe and you will not recognize yourselves.

I thank you for responding to My call!
Who blesses you,
Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace