Never forget My Mercy, for you will always need it.

Each time you exercise and practice My Mercy, a miracle of love is generated in your soul and in the soul of the planet.

For through the Chaplet you invoke Mercy due to the merits gained during My sorrowful Passion, and the Father, Who is infinitely merciful, receives this request and, instead of applying His Holy Justice to you or the world, grants His merciful Compassion to all sinners of the world.

Remember that each time you invoke the merits of My Passion, by means of the power of the Rosary of Mercy, you will be opening the Wound on My Side, and from Me will pour out the Light of the Blood and the Water of Christ, over all that has been spiritually corrupted and destroyed.

Happy will be those who always invoke My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, because each time it is necessary, I will submerge and baptize them in the Ocean of My Mercy and I will grant them all the most immense Love of My Heart.

I thank all who present themselves as apostles of My Divine Mercy, because their sufferings will be My sufferings, their sorrows and anguishes will be My sorrows and anguishes, and through the power of My Love, I will free them.

Happy will be those who always trust in My Mercy, for I will not abandon them at the time of their death, but rather will be at their side like the Angel of Resurrection.

I thank you for invoking the Mercy of My Heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


When you pray “For the sake of His sorrowful Passion…” do you know what important deed of Christ you invoke?

In each prayer is encountered a key that opens a new door for the redemption of the soul.

At three in the afternoon I bring to you the Grace of conversion and of the emptiness of oneself.  For this I need that you always remember these prayers, they will serve as a shield for the most important moments.

Let that the powerful ray of each one of them penetrate the depths of the consciousness and in this way be reborn a new being.  Leave upon My Hands your intentions, walk in trust by My side so that I may be able guide you.  I am always with you in the moments of joy, as also in the moments of tests.

You are in My Heart only when you are with Me.  I lead you and I guide you always, do not forget it.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for opening the doors of the heart to My Instruction!

Christ Jesus


In the desert of life there are only summits to be crossed and hills for walking through.  There, on the horizon of your hearts, is found My Venerable Temple, full of love, of unity and faith, an unbreakable space that bears the headwinds and the tremors of others. 

Nothing greater than My Sacerdotal Love will be able to overthrow the temple of your heart.  For this be attentive because you will be on time for returning to the dwelling of the apostles and of the servers of God.

If you did not pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy the temple would have already been overthrown a long time ago.  May your conviction of wanting to be with Me be the permanent impulse to build the new dwelling for My Return.

Be carriers of the flame of My Perpetual Hope and believe in the power of the supreme trust that I deposit from on High into your lives.  Go ahead waiting for the upcoming time of peace of the heart and of all the consciousness.  Together we will construct, through merciful prayer the new trail for the hearts that fall day by day, that totally deny Me and that loose the sacred temple of the heart from great landslides.

Remember that the good Works are fulfilled when the workers build towards the High and the Divine.  In this way nothing that may not be the designs of the Father will be able to interfere in the aim of My Project.

Enter into the highest current of My Merciful Heart.  May nothing totally suffocate you, but may your consciousness always be joyful for serving the King of kings.

In Heaven they talk about the dedication of those who answer to My Call while on Earth the prayerful hearts are raised to the Temple of My Heart.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for opening to Me the door of your inner temple!

Christ Jesus, the High Priest and Guardian of the Temple of the Heart


One month since the last marathon in the blessed City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, My Christic Consciousness returns to the origin of the origin, returns to the place where you have seen Me walking between the orange trees as was prophesized.

May this fourth marathon represent the perfect harmony for the hearts that pray the Chaplet of My Divine Mercy because the lack of harmony in humanity, in the continents, in the oceans and principally in the Kingdoms is leading to a disequilibrium of the axis of the planet.

But the Infinite Source of My Mercy perfectly harmonizes and aligns everyday all of the axes of the Earth and this is always possible when the prayerful ones call Me in prayer.

This fourth marathon that will be realized for the second time in the Marian Center of Aurora will have the purely spiritual aim of being able to repair extremely grave situations that have been gestated in the consciousness of humanity.

For this, through the Kingdom of Aurora and through the Lady of Aurora all of the prayers will be elevated to Heaven during this marathon so that they may be presented before the Thrones of God.  In this way Your Mother, by means of the loving intercession of Her Son Jesus, will ask for more Peace and for more Mercy for the whole world.

My principle intention for this fourth marathon will be the spiritual unity between the four Marian Centers, the one of Aurora, the one of Figueira, the one of the Holy Spirit and the one of the Child King.  This will permit the great celestial spheres to be radiated from the universe towards the Earth and once again that humanity be relieved.

All of the groups of prayer that follow the inner construction of these marathons will also be able to be united under the impulse of merciful prayer.

The Kingdom of Aurora expects that by the end of the 13th day of November Heaven will have complied with the task of redeeming the souls of this world.  Each new encounter with Me promises a change in the consciousness, in the life and in the cells of the physical body for those who open themselves in trust to My Redeeming Call.

With joy Heaven will be united again with the sacred lands of Aurora and this will be possible because of your fellowship with Christ.


My Eternal Dwelling of the Heart has its house in the great infinite ocean of My Divine Mercy.

All of the days at three in the afternoon I wait for that the thirsty souls and the devout souls to direct themselves to Me and to travel by means of the Chaplet until the center of the home of My Heart.  There, humbly, I will talk to your heart about the things of God.  In this way I will relieve your inner beings from the constant pressure that this world of today generates so that you may arrive to My House of the eternal dwelling.

Today I ask you to make the decision of living ardently the hour of the Mercy of God.  Thus you will permit in a simple way that the most sublime Graces, those that your souls need, may be received in this time of tests and of tribulation.

It is so simple to enter into My Mercy that the souls are discouraged when they begin to pray with Me.  But that devotion that I need from you must overcome the obstacles of inertia and of material density and this will be possible when only your hearts say to Me: “Jesus, I trust in You”.  

Through this constant affirmation you will open the doors of My Source, this is the key that will liberate you from perdition and from the temptation of the world.  For this, before each new test, declare and affirm: “Jesus, I trust in You” because this affirmation that was given to Sister Faustina has the power of defeating any evil in the natural environment of your lives and of your inner beings.

Remember that I trust in you.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


My Mercy arrives to the most unprotected places in the consciousness and in the soul of all My children.

Especially at three o’clock in the afternoon, My Ocean traverses as a river all the corners in the hearts to encourage them to continue forward through the path of conversion.

The Chaplet constructs new bridges of salvation and of piety for all the souls.

For this I ask you to be firm despite everything, because My Heart will protect you from any plan of the enemy. I am in Mercy with you.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


I choose the hearts so that they may transmit in these times My Renewed Messages. This has a spiritual and divine aim because in them I try to repose with My Sacred Heart, aspiring that those who are awakening to Me and who return after such a long time may resume My Path of Holiness.

As a Son and Eternal Server of God, I come to the world to remove from My Disciples the weight that cause the past, impeding the materialization of My Project in each little soul. For this in this last cycle I renew My Soldiers through the path of merciful prayer, that which is consecrated to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.

This Chaplet will not only remind you day by day of My Passion so that you may imitate It, but It also reunites the universal powers that imprint themselves as codes of light in the soul that prays this powerful sacrament of prayer.

Prayer for Me is a great redeeming sacrament along with communion. These two sacerdotal principles will allow you to be closer to Me and, from the ecumenical perspective, to rescue the importance of living of My Body and of My Blood out of love and for the salvation of those who have, for a long time, communed with the modernities of the world and not with My Savior Spirit.

You will encounter Me, as has been said to you, in all of the sanctuaries of the Earth. For this go in trust to the shepherds, and to the consecrated ones, so that they may offer My Body and My Blood, symbols of eternal union with the Glorious Father of the Heights.

Today I remind you of these things because the moment has arrived for the existence of a universal order in everything, and in order for this to be a reality in your spirits, you must exercise the sacred sacraments.

I listen to you in the silence. I bless you in the prayer. I baptize you with the Water of Life in each confession. I surrender Myself to you in the Sacred Communion.

For this be attentive to the signs of the new times because only that soul that lives through the love of the heart will be able to recognize Me in My Return to the world.

I Am the Living and Eternal Heart. I Am the Heart that wants to beat strong inside of your beings when only you abandon yourselves in My Paternal Spirit.

Under the Mercy of the Father, I thank you all for having accompanied the great purpose of the Plan of God!

Peace and Good for My children,

Christ Jesus, the Universal King


Dear pilgrims of My Divine Mercy:

The Marathon of prayer is approaching in the eve of an Encounter with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  In this way the Grace of God will be pouring Itself once again through the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

This month of July is the merciful month and the month of August will be also because The Great Maternal Consciousnesses will be weaving with Her hands the networks of salvation.  For this it will be important to arrive to the Marian Center of Aurora with a spirit of devotion and of mercy because in this way your hearts will be approaching to the source of the Piety and of the Healing of the Immaculate Heart.

The Marathon of the Divine Mercy has the purpose of motivating the hearts to an ardent praying of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, prayers that I Myself gave to My Former Apostle of Mercy, to your venerable Sister Faustina Kowalska.

This Marathon will leave seeds sown in the hearts that may join themselves in this important exercise of prayer because one’s own state of permanent prayer during more than five continuous hours will work for itself in your beings and you will feel My Presence very near.

The important thing, My Pilgrims, will be that you offer one more time this Marathon of prayer as a sacrifice of love and of renunciation for the salvation of the souls that are consumed in the fire of hell and for the peace that must reign in these times in the heart of all of the beings of the Earth.

My Presence will be felt through prayers and canticles that you may sing to Me with love and devotion.

As My Divine Mother has said, My Children, the pilgrims will give testimony to the union that you have with Me through the praying practice of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. In this way My inner Ears shall be attentive when at every fifty beads the pilgrims with loud voice repeat to all of their brothers and sisters: “For the Sake of His Sorrowful Passion…” and the other children shall answer: “Have Mercy on us and on the whole world”.

In this way you will enter into My Ocean of Graces that has been waiting for a long time to wash from your hearts every stain and to renew them through My Love.

To all of the pilgrims of the entire world I wish from My Paternal Spirit a good journey of prayer for the good of all this humanity.

Under the Merciful Love of God, be blessed.


Who truly and without rush prays the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy will be able to receive the precious and glorified codes of light that My Consciousness achieved on the Mount of the Olives in My agony. It also achieved them during the flagellation and with the Blood poured during the painful crowning of thorns and when I carried your cross to the Calvary and also during My Crucifixion on the Cross.

All those codes will enter in the soul that at three in the afternoon may use correctly and with devotion to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, because at this hour it will not only pray with the heart but I will let it know the power of My Sublime Grace and in this way your hearts will get to know the passages of My Passion step by step such as I lived it.

Enter from this moment on in the science of My Mercy and be thankful for being able to understand in these times of chaos each one of the infinite mysteries that guards My Sacred Heart. If you accept, with consciousness, to learn to live the life of prayer your superior consciousness will be available to help in My Plan of Salvation and, consequently, your more earthly beings will count on the aid of the greater spirit of your true beings.

In this way I prepare hearts so that they may be workers of the Plan and consciousnesses that may be servers of My Eternal Father. Today I pour to you the wisdom that guards My Christified Consciousness so that you may understand that it is possible to be consecrated to My Lord when you simply say yes, because in this way your will will be surrendered so that may awaken in your hearts the Divine Will.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for understanding My words with the spirit of the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Silence and mercy will allow you to discover in which point your consciousness finds itself. The true act of silence consists not only in not talking but it also includes the thoughts and the feelings.

The world became habituated to talking permanently and its own noises now touch the deeper levels of consciousness, generating a lack of contact with God the Creator.

By means of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy you will be able to elevate your hearts up to the state of silence of My Sacred Heart. See that, in order for Me to appear day by day to transmit to you My Message of instruction, My Consciousness emerges through the harmony of silence. If the consciousnesses that are upon the surface of the planet practiced this sacrament of silence, many internal and external situations of the world would be balanced in unison with the flowing of prayer.

To live in the silence and to experience it as a true source of inner communication between souls, the human being must love silence. The evolution of a soul will not advance if it only looks for silence. The consciousness must want to actually be in silence so that the effect of this immaterial source may act in all of the levels of the being.

Dears, you will encounter God in the silence of a prayer but in this time the word of the prayer also must be pronounced so that the souls may be able to be elevated up to the regency of other laws.

For this try to be and to live in the silence because in this way your soul will always show you the moment of changing and that which must be transformed. If the world in its majority made silence for just a day, the path of humanity would already be other.

For this God sustains His Will and accomplishes It in the silent hearts. It is possible to begin to live in the silence whenever the heart is willing to live it based on prayer.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


In the ocean of My Mercy, the deepest wounds are healed through the Spirit in all the consciousnesses that awaken to the devotion for My Sacred Heart.

In the fountain of My Graces, the souls find always the joy to be able to renew themselves and in this way liberate themselves from the past.

All of those who venerate My Merciful Heart and invoke the power of My Blood and of My Water, are renewed from the most sublime part of their beings and these wonders poured by My Sacerdotal Consciousness touch even your material life. 

In the precious hour of three o'clock in the afternoon the hearts of all the beings of the world, spiritually are contemplated in Mercy by My paternal Vision and by the effect of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy; in this way My Heart of Love pours Its Pity over those who are condemning themselves day by day to the underworlds of hell.

In this time of great changes for the interior of many souls, My inexhaustible Ocean crosses the deepest thresholds of hell; so that in this way someday, under the powerful protection of the Celestial Armies, My Heart may liberate and obtain the victory of the Kingdom of God over obscurity, and all evil may be dissolved from the heart of the proud and of the vain.

The Infinite Love, one time reached by My Heart on the Cross, has awakened the Glory over the death towards which humanity was heading, the death of the spirit of all of humanity.  It was in this way that God sent from Heaven one part of His Great Consciousness, the First Son was born, out of love He liberated the world from sin, and now in humility serves God eternally, out of love for His Brothers and Sisters of the Earth.

And one day, in the same way that He elevated Himself, He will appear among the clouds and a great Merciful Sun will shine in the essence of all the hearts, those that will be able to recognize the path of return to the House of the Celestial Father, and the Divine Mercy will finish pouring itself over the world, so that it may reach redemption.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


I come and I return to the world in the search for new custodians of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

As I did with Saint Faustina Kowalska I Am congregating apostles of the Divine Mercy of Christ Jesus so that, in the same way that the apostles and disciples did in the past, you may diffuse, before My Return, the merits achieved by My Sacred Heart.

For this I Am preparing day by day, through My Words, all of the souls that in the love of the Plan of God may want humbly and simply to represent Me as springs and rays of My Merciful Heart to the entire world.

As I once called and searched for the fisherman from Galilee, today as Fisherman and Master of hearts I convoke to My Table those ones who, together with Me and before My Eternal Father from the Heights, have committed themselves to be the living word, example and testimony of My redeeming Message in their lives.

Today My Heart flourishes with love and honor for all of those who in this time and without knowing anything call for My Divine Mercy, because all of those who pray the Sacred Chaplet of the Divine Mercy of Jesus at three in the afternoon are spiritually liberated by the redeeming power of My Blood and are reconciled by the endless strength of the Source of My Eternal Water.

In reverence to those who in love realize and pray with Me this exercise of the Divine Mercy My Consciousness will show itself to you as a Savior. At the hour of the death I will not be your judge nor executioner, I will be the Source that will nourish you and will free you from any pain that you may have caused to the Heart of My Father during your passage through the Earth.

To those who until the last minute of life may pray with effort and love the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy I say that they will quickly pass through the garden of My Kingdom, they will rest in My Arms and they will know the unfathomable power of My Love.

For this in your hands is the safe key for your salvation for all of the days of your lives. And for those who may diffuse the Grace of praying this Chaplet of the Mercy, in Heaven they will be recognized as disciples of My Sacred Heart.

In truth I tell you that you still do not know the greatness of the Love of God in My Eternal and Glorified Heart. Today I encourage you to love the Divine Mercy because this is the necessary door for your salvation.

Under the Mercy and the Glory of God, be blessed.

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