Dear children: live in the Kingdom of eternity, and this will start with the aspiration to live in Him.  Today the Lord and My Immaculate Heart are inviting you to discover this Kingdom through prayer and raised feeling.

This way dear children, the world will be able to be permeated by the light of the victorious Kingdom that many souls are seeking, which is called Inner Paradise. The path of prayer conducts you through the direct track towards My Son, and now My little ones, the souls should remember how important it is too long to live in the Kingdom of Paradise: in the One Kingdom of God.

This is why dear children, I am here among your hearts looking at the path that will lead you to this Kingdom. I invite you today My little ones, to work tirelessly so that each being can have a pure heart; by this way My beloved ones, humanity will find the relief that it is searching for so hard.

Through the persevering path of prayer and pure emotion, I will be able to help you, so that the pain that each one is carrying for so long, can disappear; this way you will live the conversion of the heart.

An Omnipotent part of the Universe is with its arms open. God waits for you every day to walk by Him. Dear children, He will take you to the true state of forgiveness and redemption.

My little ones: the path to forgiveness is open to all; you are not only walkers of prayer, you are also walkers that discover the precepts of God through faith.

Dear children: everybody needs to conduct themselves through love, then nothing can happen to you, because My Heart will be watching over you. My triumph over the world will be perfect, because redemption will be the life for many that due to their own pain have been distant from God. 

Peace is the forthcoming purpose for the world, a true and transparent peace that may change the conscience of many hearts. That is why dear children, I still remain over the world watching over the hearts and life of everyone, so that in consecration they join to the magnificence of My Son up to the last days.

From the heart I prepare you for a new path that all should be in the mood to pass through it, the path of prayer and the track towards Grace. In this route, your hearts will be relieved and from there on there will be no more suffering.

Whoever answers My daily call does so for the world and for the souls who need My Heart. 

Thank you for answering My call. 

Today’s apparition happened during the afternoon, the Divine Mother arrived accompanied by Father Pío, who came full of joy to irradiate us his love and his devotion to the Virgin Mother. The Virgin Mary this day placed us close to Her Immaculate Heart, so that we could feel Her Peace and Her protection as a Mother. This happened at the moment that Our Lady descended from the Heavens to the place of the apparition. She raised our consciousnesses until they came very close to Her Heart. It was for us a special Grace of love that the Divine Mother gave us together in the company of Father Pío. Right after that, the Divine Mother said:


Dear children, why do you cry, even when I love you?

I come to bring you My Celestial Peace which is unmistakable among the creatures. My Kingdom of Peace is for each one of My children and you should no longer suffer, because I, the Queen of Peace, want to make you grow as kind souls of God.

Dear children: today’s world and all that the generations have created will bring you to learn about life. But never forget that I am among you to satiate the thirst for My Son and to indicate to you the path that will lead you to Him. My Heart suffers when I see you sad, it is as if a thousand spears suffocate it. I need you to be as strong as the oak tree, so that the heart can be nourished from true learning.

Remember dear children, that the indomitable faith of the heart will allow you to see clearly the distances that you will still have to go through as souls of God. My dear ones, this is why you must not lose the hope, so that the daily prayer can yield the fruit that it promises you: the fruit of the true love of God.

For this My little ones, in My maternal silence I observe you, because you are still very small within this world and now, little by little have started the steps towards forgetting yourself.

Dear children: prayer said with the heart and together with Me, with My Immaculate Heart, will help you. And when you no longer have strength in the heart to continue, remember dear children, that My Heart will be the sure rest to sleep and wake up in God. I see the world that suffers and wears away by the evident lack of love among the hearts.

During this morning´s attunement in the prayer of the Ave Maria, the Divine Mother appeared to transmit Her message to the souls.

Today the Virgin Mary appeared as the Immaculate Heart, with a clear, patient and serene gaze. During the apparition, that today lasted longer, She showed us a sad face, bathed with tears that fell as far as the base of Her cheeks.


At that moment, opening Her arms, She said:

Dear children:
When a Heart is in pain, it is because it is full of sadness and real prayer will give it a relief. Today I want dear children, that you relieve My Immaculate Heart, because it lives the suffering of the world and of all the souls. The Lord of the Heavens invites you to the hour of reparation, so that you can participate through the sincere act of prayer and fasting.

Dear children: while the world and humanity have already passed many trials, today it lives the trial of decision. For this My little ones, through fervent and loving prayer, many souls that are far apart from God could be guided even close to My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children: carry in your hearts the signal of My Maternal presence, so that as servants of God you proclaim My Peace from your hearts. This is My call for each one of you; whoever is in Me will lack nothing and this way, can be blessed by the light of My eternal Heart.

Beloved children and little souls: the Heavens send you a special Grace for this time, which is My Maternal presence among your small hearts. For this I call you to a profound prayer for the world that is burning in flames, the same way that many souls that have been lost.

My Voice announces to you that it is already the moment for the conversion of the heart, the conversion of the life, the conversion of the thought and the conversion of all the souls. I announce Myself to your hearts, so that you recognize the Will of God. My Interior Grace is the last path that My Heart is showing to the souls.

Peace! Peace! Peace! for all the human beings!

That none may lose the light of their heart, because if souls despair, it is because they still do not know how to live in God. Much prayer is needed in order that all My children may see the path towards the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Dear children the relief of all suffering is achieved with prayer, when each of you will trust in the light that will arrive to you through it. In this way, little children, you will be able to recognize the Will of God, a Will that will radiate truth and compassion for each one of your hearts.

Dear children, embrace for this time the power of love that prayer has when it is done with the heart. In this way you will be collaborating in simplicity with the relief of the pain of many souls, those that the Lord has asked Me to help. All of them are brother and sister souls that you may love and feel in prayer, loving those you do not know and those that are far away, there in all these souls there will begin to gestate true fraternity.

Dear children, let us proceed affirming the importance of prayers, which elevate the hearts in state and in feeling. We are already in the time to manifest the spirit of fraternity. The Merciful Lord has asked that many hearts, as many as possible, start to live with humility in the spirit of fraternity. If the world would be more loving and fraternal, one with the others, the plans of God could be at this moment be different.

For this My dears, I come to your hearts to give to you My Peace, so that all of you can walk towards the spirit of fraternity. The world is sick but we could cure it when, each one of your hearts, before each prayer, does everything with the heart. The Lord contemplates the honesty of your souls and the love that radiates from prayer.

Let us live in Peace to be able to live in the love of My Blessed Son Jesus.

In the Love of God,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

That Peace be in the hearts…

Dear children, receive My call with your hearts and with your arms opened. I Am the Mother of the Relief and of the Assistance that comes to the world to shelter the little hearts. There is still much through which My Heart must pass to alleviate pain.

I only ask of you today, My dear children, that in face of all the inner suffering you remain in My Immaculate Heart. I, in this hour of surrender and renunciation, will be there to support the steps of your hearts. Here on Earth there is still much to restore and forgive, but the most urgent is that we must pray so that the ultimate Celestial Graces may descend.

Dear children, in truth I say to you that My Heart of Mother is open; it is humble and it is simple for each one of you. May My Love never be separated from the hearts that have been consecrated to My Immaculate Heart. For this, little ones, the suffering that the Lord may send to your hearts, you must live it with the utmost joy, so that this pain, permeated by love, may free the evil that the world lives.

I conduct you through the path that My Son promised you to live. He is the path, is the truth, and is the life, for all the hearts that will accept to live it. There is a way by which to go; there is a truth about your existences as souls and as hearts; and there is a new life that through My Son you will discover in the path of prayer. Only aspire, My little ones, to find day by day the path to Christ. He will strengthen your hearts during the hours of trial.

The most essential of all, My dear children, is that your hearts will not lose the joy of serving and of smiling because, in these moments, such is the will of the Lord: He wants to see your hearts full of gratitude and of joy.

The mission of all My children in the world will be to convert their hearts to the Will of the Lord without any fear. For this, My little ones, I am among you announcing the upcoming time of Peace for the world.

Let us pray. Gratitude for responding to My call.

A lesson in Maternal love

Dear children, today let us celebrate with immense bliss, because the Lord has sent Me to you to announce to you My daily messages.  Let us commemorate today the first month of the celestial announcements that My Immaculate Heart delivers to your little hearts.  Accompany My path of Mother and Pilgrim of souls, so that My Immaculate Heart may triumph in the entire world.

My beloveds, in this way go on preparing your hearts for the encounter with Me, for this end of the month (December).  Contemplate in prayer the infinite Love that My Heart of Peace has for each one of the souls.

For this, My little ones, I say to you that My Immaculate Heart counts on each one of your little hearts.  My feet are landing on the world to establish the Kingdom of Peace of our most revered and merciful Father.  My mantle is over the world to protect and shelter the hearts that, in trust, are open to My Maternal Love.  I will not be able to do anything for all those children that daily distance themselves from the path of God.  I will only be able to pray and intercede as the Mother of Mercy.

However, My dear children, your hearts may assist Me in the relief of the great sufferings of the soul and of the heart of many children live in the world, and this will happen through the strength of your daily prayers.  When you come to love the Power of prayer My little ones, I will be able to say that your hearts will be doing works of humility and of donation.

Know, My little ones, that My eyes are over the world to contemplate it and to rescue it in this ultimate definitive hour that is arriving for many souls.  Lift up with fervor the prayers to the Heavens; there I will be able to radiate My wonders over the afflicted hearts.

My ultimate hour of Peace wants to announce itself to all the hearts.  Give out My call in the dwellings that still do not seek Me.  Proclaim My good news of Peace and of Redemption to My children so that the conversion of the spirit may be manifested in the hearts.

Trust in My Maternal Love and you shall be saved.  Commune with My Divine Presence so that your hearts may be liberated of all pain and may be reborn as little lights for the Lord.

Dear children, the Lord needs to avail Himself of you every day in this life and during all the time that passes by.  For this, My most little hearts, lay hold your hands on My mantle of Light, so that under My humble feet you may see the path that I will indicate to the Throne of the Lord.

Let us pray for peace in the world and especially let us pray for all those hearts that live day after day suffocated by suffering and that are lost in the confusion of the heart.  To alleviate all these ills, My little ones, I am in perpetual need of your prayers.  Thus, My dears, many hearts that in this ultimate time are lost may be rescued from the twilight of life and of the world, and thus be saved.

The Lord, that is dignified, wondrous, and merciful wants, through My Maternal presence, to safeguard all the hearts that, without perceiving It are distanced from His Heart of Love.  Now, My soldiers, has arrived the time of giving everything out of love to the Supreme Father; this will add to the liberation of the great faults that many people commit unjustly towards the Divine Heart of God.

To you My little ones, that as servants of prayer respond to My call of Peace, I say: that I, the Queen of Peace, count on the pulse of your hearts that, full of prayer and of mercy, will assist in the harmonization of many blind hearts.

My Divine Light, light that monthly I Am bringing you to your hearts, is the same that must be radiated to your brothers and sisters, those who wait to rest in My arms of maternity.  For this, My dear children, each day of service that passes will have the value of years to rescue the hearts, that are absent from the Most Beloved Lord of the Heavens.

The soul that vigils in prayer will be in the Kingdom of My Heart.

Dear children: today is special because we have prepared the ministry of My coming to your hearts, for the 12th and 13th of this month. Let us sow in the hearts the message of the Good News, because My call will spring again as a fountain to the hearts.

I wait for you as on every day, invaded by the light of the restoring prayer.

My little ones:

Each encounter and each Apparition in each one of your hearts signifies a unique moment of rescue of souls that are forgotten, in desperation and in suffering. For this, My dears, I count on your prayers, so that they may fill the Earth with peace, and open the Heavens where is found the Most Beloved and Merciful Redeemer of all the creatures.

For the days of the 12th and 13th of this month permit that My Maternal Love may invade you to the depths, so that you may recognize in this way My universal presence. Especially My dears, allow yourselves to feel in your hearts the victorious coming of My Celestial Light.

Reunited in prayer and in peace I shall find you, listening from the Heavens to the call of all My children. I trust that each one of your little hearts will accompany the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

Who adores you in the Glorified Christ,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  

Dear children, rest your souls on My Maternal Heart, so that I may give to you the Kingdom of My Universal Peace. Wash your wounds with the Source of the Living Christ, because in this way I will dry you and I will protect you. Find in My Heart the Flame, that which will illuminate you by the paths of the mission of love and of peace. Clench the love in your hearts, a love that I irradiate to you from My Immaculate Heart; because the moment will arrive to confirm yourselves before God, before His Grace and His Will.

Today I invite you to the conversion of your hearts through the unity of each soul with Christ: the Resuscitated and the Redeemer Lord. He prepares His Return to the center of love in each heart.

For this, My little ones, many of you will suffer to alleviate the great pain of many souls, with the mission of restoring the faults committed to My Immaculate Heart. Everything that was said before is being dictated by the actions of humans; for this we must pray, so that many souls may be conducted by the wisdom of God.

The souls live without peace, you My little ones, already have seen with your eyes through spiritual service. My Immaculate Heart suffers when so many children get lost. For this carry in your hearts the emblem of gratitude and of perseverance, they are necessary to sustain the life in the Faith of the Lord.

Throughout this last time, My apparitions will awaken many children who will be conducted again in front of the Throne of My Father. For this I count on you, My little ones, so that in prayer everyone will be redeemed in My Immaculate Peace.

Guard in your hearts My words, so that they may reverberate like seeds for the coming time. I am walking with each one of your little hearts.

Who guides you always,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.


You must not fear seeing and recognizing the parts of your being that resist and struggle in order not to transform.

When you are finally already aware of what has caused you to fall and fall, throughout the ages, you will be able to resolve it from another perspective.

To redeem the lowest aspects of the consciousness will not be an easy path, because you have to remember love, every day. Because if you do not have love, you will make your soul, mind and body sick. 

You must proceed with a great deal of peace and strategy, because the most resistant aspects of the consciousness will want to maintain their space and resist.

Think and observe for a moment upon how they are very ancient aspects, that your consciousness nourished and strengthened over the course of time. But now that you have the grace of becoming free, do not oppose these aspects nor struggle with them, because a revolution will occur within you when you try to forge their release.

Trust in the Grace of the Sacraments and in the power of the surrender of your being, for in this way, you will gradually transform your being, your life and all of your consciousness.

Do not suffer, for you will not obtain any result. Remember that you are aware and that the blessed day will come in which everything will be transmuted forever, and you will be in Me and I in you.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Let those who are tired and overwhelmed come to Me.

Let those who purify themselves and learn to be redeemed come to Me.

Let those who suffer and endure the consequences of these times come to Me, for I can renew all things, I can provide understanding for all situations and experiences.

Let those who are most in need of peace come to Me, and I will carry them into My Heart so that they feel encouraged and have the strength of knowing that any test or situation has an end and a reason for each being.

Come to Me, all those who need meaning in life, and an explanation for all that has happened, for I will have you understand with your heart all that you need to understand.

In this time, come to Me, and you will be able to recognize your worthiness before the Celestial Father and, in this way, you will know that you were always His children, and you always will be, you will not lose the spiritual paternity that you can experience with the One.

Come to Me and all will pass, for who comes to Me learns to truly love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Souls sometimes choose to follow their own path, even after having been called by God to accomplish an important task.

When the soul abandons a call, that is undeniable and has a divine reason, it disconnects from the essence of its purpose and cannot evolve. It remains at the general level, as do souls that for some reason or motive have disregarded the call of God.

In this sense, the soul enters the planetary wheel of lessons, and everything that it could have avoided learning, upon responding to the call, turns into a scenario of endless experiences and continuous suffering, for having chosen the path opposite to Divine Will.

But those who make this choice, in opposition to Divine Will, and who have an eternal commitment with Me, forever lose the state of Grace, because they choose to experience the state of disgrace.

Souls do not believe that the Law is truly severe, because as above, so below, and thus, as within, so on the outer.

Nobody can hide their spiritual commitment with Me, as if wanting to hide from everybody the sun that shines upon them. 

The one who misses the opportunity of fulfilling the divine summoning will never be able to be happy, because their spirit will remain in constant emptiness.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


These are times of spiritual needs, but also of material ones.

These are times when only the opening of the heart and willingness will allow for bringing healing and redemption for souls.

Therefore, this is the time for embracing the needs of those who suffer, as well as welcoming those who have never been loved.

This is the time for expressing that which each heart holds, in order to awaken good, peace and solidarity.

In this sense, I wish to tell you that just as the seasons change, the needs of the souls also change.

For this reason, through the pilgrimages, I take you and place you before meeting all needs, mainly those that require greater love and forgiveness.

This is why the experience with the Sacraments during these last years have represented the possibility that all could learn to avail themselves of the Christic Love, in order to know how to share it and give it, in the same way that I give you My Heart as a safe refuge.

Thus, I wish to tell you that only during the pilgrimages, beginning with the next meeting of prayer for the Amazon, pilgrims shall be welcomed and, according to their needs, they may approach one of the Sacraments in order to receive it.

For this, as from the next month, the 4th shall be eliminated and on the 5th and 6th, during the process of the Marathon during the morning, Sacraments shall be offered to those who need them.

In this way, two or three confessionals, two spaces for the Sacrament of Baptism as well as for Foot-Washing, and one space for the Sacrament of Anointing and the Anointing of the sick shall be placed.

Thus, while the exercise of the Marathon is taking place, the spiritual needs of souls will be served, and at the same time souls will receive the Graces they need.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



I taught Saint Camillus of Lellis to bring love and charity to the most ill.

Today, I teach you the same so that this love may be present in the servers and collaborators of the Service Nuclei.

May it reach all souls that will be in this acute moment of humanity. Many souls still need this love that I give you, in each new meeting, so that the life and heart of those who suffer may be relieved.

This is the time to give spiritual, mental and material relief. It is no longer time to complain nor judge, it is time to bring Greater Love to the sick and suffering world.

Therefore, Saint Camillus loyally followed My inner Inspiration, until Saint Camilus and his work of service for the sick gave birth to the Red Cross, which to this day gives an impulse to millions of souls at the service of the neediest.

Saint Camillus of Lellis had within him certain spiritual rules and keys, which will help you when welcoming and giving love to those who suffer in this time of various inexplicable diseases.

Saint Camillus felt within his heart that love should always come first, before action, because in this way the action of charity and service would be filled with the Greater Love and then the Law of inner Healing would be established.

Saint Camillus felt that to serve selflessly, one should first give of themselves completely, without making any requisites nor conditions at the moment of offering to serve.

Saint Camillus felt that to spiritually help the one who was sick and suffering, the server should enter the suffering of the other to be able to understand on a deep level what their neighbor was experiencing.

And lastly, it was fundamental for Saint Camillus to see in the other the living Christ, the Christ who suffers and agonizes from human indifference and ignorance.

This was what gave an impulse to Saint Camillus to live entirely for others, beyond limits.

May these impulses help all servers of healing to bring the Presence of the Lord to those who suffer, so that forgiveness may be established in the consciousness of who needs it.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!


In order for your being to become depersonalized and truly become different, sometimes certain tests or learnings arrive, that perhaps for your mind make no sense or have no explanation.

But for God, everything that happens to you indeed has an explanation, and the Father will always hope that every experience that you may live or go through will help you to take steps in the evolution of your soul and your essence.

Only certain experiences can help you perceive that, if in truth a situation did not exist, which made you change your position or your opinion, you would not by any means manage to take the Christic steps that at this moment and in this time, I need you to be able to take.

Thus, your irritation or discouragement have no value because you must know that your destiny is already written in the Heart of God.

When there is suffering, lack of understanding or tension, it is because you still have not managed to clearly perceive that there is something within you that must die forever and no longer be there.

It is only with faith and a great deal of determination that you will manage to overcome the limits of consciousness, but for me it does not matter if you do not manage to do so; what really matters is that you try again, every day.

Allow yourself to be guided by what the Universe and spiritual wisdom are gradually showing you and never try to modify the occurrences, because then you would be delayed much longer before finally being able to reach Me.

Trust, surrender and be nothing; in this way, you will allow Me to be part of you.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Prayer of the divested soul
If my suffering, Lord, even seemingly small,
serves as a relief from suffering for my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my emptiness, dryness, agony and abandonment from You
serves as assistance, encouragement and joy for my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my tiredness, desert and aridity
serves to fill the emptiness, the aridity and the desert of my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my nights of harassment, battles or solitude
serve to give strength, encouragement and faith to my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If the lack that I sometimes feel of You, the absence of consolation
and the increase in work pleases Your wounded Heart,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my despair, my torments and my dark nights
help to save lost, abandoned and unloved souls,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If I do not receive love and only contempt,
if I do not feel understood and only judged,
if at this moment I do not find the meaning of being by Your side,
beloved Christ, may Your Will be done, Lord.
Give me the inner strength to fear nothing.
Every day give me the bravery to learn
to come out of myself, more each day.
Give me the love to learn to love and accept my fellow being,

Place your achievements, aspirations and renunciations within My Garden. Cover this Garden with the greatest affection of your soul and, detaching yourself of everything, open yourself to live and practice My Will.

Completely surrender to Me to the point that you become nothing and, in that nothingness, in that emptiness and absolute resignation, you have the Grace that all My Projects may be deposited in you.   

I know that it is not easy to abandon your own will, but make this opportunity that I give you the possibility of accomplishing My wishes and aspirations, just as many have accomplished them in other times.

Now it is time to watch your own consciousness, to avoid it from placing you into difficulties.

If you live with gratitude, that which I ask of you and need, you will not have reasons to suffer from anything. Suffering, anguish and desolation are consequences of a life that does not accept from the heart the Will of God, and takes years to realize that the Will of the Father must be accomplished.

Decide to give great steps with obedience and resignation, and thus you will always find and discover the sense of serving Me in each moment.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Those who have nothing, those who want nothing, those who are poor of spirit and pure of heart will be the pillars of the redemptive work of My Mercy.

In those who aspire for nothing, in those who expect nothing, in those who are empty of themselves establish the pillars of the work of My Mercy and through them I can do more than with hundreds of workers in a vineyard.

By your fruits, you will be recognized, because all that you unite to in Heaven will be united on Earth, and all that you disunite with in Heaven will be disunited on Earth.

This is the time to recognize the virtues and gifts that I make flourish within the hearts of the simple. But it is also time to recognize My Face in the neighbor, in the one who is alone, in the one who is sick, in the thirsty and in the one in agony, because all you do for the smallest on Mine, you are doing to Me.

This is the moment to relieve the heavy cross of suffering, of indifference and of error that hundreds of souls commit, day by day, before the salvific Love of God.

It is the time that, within each one of you, you confirm your surrender to My Sacred Heart.

I bless you and thank you for keeping My Words in your heart.

Your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ

Daily Message received in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The time is approaching when the doors of the terrestrial hells will close and where the souls will pass from a level of suffering towards a level of Light and Mercy.

This will happen through the prayer column established on the surface of the Earth, an inner exercise that will sustain any consciousness and under any situation.

The Prayer for the Nations will continue to grow as a task and as a purpose and, each day that passes, more souls will be touched and called to participate in this luminous network of prayer, preciously formed by all the beings of prayer and goodwill of this planet.

This spiritual and, at the same time, human foundation, is what your Redeemer will use to prepare nations, people and cultures in order to welcome the second coming of your Redeemer.

This is the time to have knowledge of this internal purpose that is being carried out, day by day, in the life of those who participate in this proposal, and thus each prayer becomes a possible instrument that, in humility and selflessness, is capable of carrying forward the Love of God and His Messengers, to any part of the world and under any circumstance,

Magnificent is the internal network of prayer that unites nations and peoples, a network created and protected by the Celestial Mother.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


What I most love is to be able to guide My sheep and that My sheep accomplish, in obedience and in love, all that I tell them.

That is the principal reason for being here again on Earth. There would not be any other reason, because My life exists because My sheep are present, who I love with all of My Heart, which I contemplate with devotion and reverence so that they always dare to do the good and to live for celestial peace in My Name.

But when My sheep do not listen to Me and do not trust in what I tell them, I can do nothing, only observe and wait.

In this time, I no longer want to see My sheep suffer because of their own mistakes and deceits. I promise you a fertile and fruitful soil to manifest the New Earth.

But in truth I tell you, this is the time of the definition of those who will be with Me or not, and that will depend on the trust and the faith that you give your Master and Lord.

There will no longer be any time to justify yourselves nor to place the responsibility on your brothers and sisters because of your own actions. This is the time of adulthood and of being able to see everything with maturity, without emotions or lamentations.

This is the time to give everything for Me or to retreat. It is no longer the time for the tepid of heart. I need you present in the love that surrenders without conditions or without personal benefits.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.