Those who take the steps towards Me will never get lost on the path because My Spirit will reveal all that you may need so that in Me you may be guided to paradise.

Dears, I guard in My Merciful Heart all of the things that afflict the hearts. For this by means of the union with Me and in prayer you will be able to wake up to the new that My Kingdom will bring to you at the right moment.

Go ahead and walk together by My Side because as Father of the souls I will guard each essence in the universe of My Sacred Heart. While you are in this world you will learn much and your feet will not get tired of walking through experiences and growths for the inner life of your souls.

Receive from Me the merit of being in My Celestial Grace and learn that it will be only through the love of the heart that all of the circumstances of life will be healed. Walk towards the encounter with this powerful love of God that will liberate you from your own selves and in this way you will see with clarity the Holy Spirit.

Guard all the simple words in the heart because My Instruction is unique for these critical times.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior. 



Guard your essences in My Heart because there, in this Powerful Heart, evil will not find you. Do not fear the onslaughts that My Sheep may receive because God will always protect you under the intercession of His Celestial Messengers.

Walk through the path of challenges and sacrifice, those which are presenting themselves to your lives, and together with Me drink from the chalice that in this times I Am serving to you for love and mercy.

May nobody despair, but vigil. May the soul vigil with Me because it is not a normal time and many must awake from the dream that the modernities of the world have woven, as for example the competitions.

The best keys to win the battles are love and prayer, an unknown path for those consciousnesses who still must redeem themselves. Unity will mark the next path to be travelled, for this it will be important to answer in an immediate way to the needs that may present themselves.

Be attentive to those who will try to pass off as My Presence because the Earth, your world, in its totality is in redemption. Sustain with your hands the flag of the victory of My Light and even though the wind of the enemy tries to make you fall, do not fear, call My Name that I will quickly answer to your need.

The time that was written is being fulfilled, for this go to the encounter with the world in a careful and prayerful way so that My Followers may be as transparent as water and as invisible as silence.

I Am with you because the definition of the flocks is already coming. In love prepare My Path of return so that I may soon enter your houses.

Wait for Me because I will come in the silence of the night.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for interiorizing My words in the heart.

Christ Jesus, the Consoler. 


My dear brothers and sisters:

May I in this time be able to awake in you the sublime humility of the heart so that your lives may liberate themselves from the identification with the things of the world and, in this way, you may walk in consecration to My Eternal and Sacred Heart.

Dears, may the path of competition and of the recognitions amongst men and women of this world be distant from My servers. May prayer be the only path that takes them towards the encounter with Me, with My Kingdom of Love. Because the love of My Heart and the love amongst My companions will allow them to defeat the great atavisms of consciousness, as are pride and vanity. May your hearts, before these attitudes of the world, strengthen themselves by the living the spirit of fraternity and redemption.

My Blessed Heart is open so that you may adore it as a temple of prayer and devotion, a temple of the Beloved God that will protect you from the attitudes of your own selves. For this go through the path of peace and may peace be the reason to gather in the Light all of My sheep.

I wait for the awakening of new flocks. So that it may happen and all may be partakers of My Mercy My servers will be as the living bridge of love and charity. In this way the greater number of souls will cross the threshold towards My Heart.

I wait for you always in patience and in love. Love each other compassionately, in this way the world will be a little more relieved.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you, children, for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


My Heart needs to have an important space in your lives, a place that is irreplaceable before the presence of My Merciful Face.

But as I come from My Father and I expect that My followers learn, I await that the they offer the space that I need to enter in the dwelling of each heart.

The time of My Coming is approaching and My servants will have to contend with the accelerated rhythm of the changes and with the time that they will have to dedicate to the presence of My Heart. A disciple without an instructor is like walking the paths without a compass.

That the true guide to your souls and your hearts may be the presence of the Sacred Heart, that knows you, loves you, knows well about each of Its Children.  Do not allow that the urgencies of the time, that disturb your harmony, take the time from you to be more in Me.

Be brave before the final changes foreseen for humanity; keep the memory of My Presence in you lives so that you will be able to have a firm heart to take the steps; a contemplative soul to adore Me; and a peaceful spirit to carry the immensity of My Peace.

I give you My Peace, and with My Peace I redeem you, and I love you deeply.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for taking My words to the heart!

Christ Jesus.


My heart feels and receives today the embrace of your love. Today My Heart prays, prays for the world and in silence contemplates the great moment for the souls. For this My Sacerdotal Priesthood congregates in prayer the believers and not believers because the Immaculate Heart prepares and gestates the inner temple in the hearts, hearts where the Sacred Heart intends to dwell.

My dears, in the second day of vigil in which you will receive the Virginal and Maternal presence of the Mother of the World, I ask you that from now on you cultivate in yourselves a meek heart, a trusting heart that will have engraved the powerful standard of My Heart to achieve the victory of the Kingdom of Heavens in the opaque kingdoms of the Earth.

Above all things and situations I ask you to contemplate the greatness that My Father has created through Nature and through the Kingdoms. Every space manifested by the All Powerful must be contemplated with love and devotion because Creation must also be the motive of your perpetual prayer of the heart.

If you contemplate Creation, this divine manifestation of My Father will also be saved again. Some of My New Disciples must also take the torch of peace and love so that all may awaken to the urgent moment that, as humanity, we are living.

It is indispensable to watch for all in vigil and in prayer, in this way My Heart will pleased  by listening to your voices and by contemplating the beauty of your souls.

My dears, may the reason for your life be the consecration of your hearts to My Sacred Heart and thus, as souls, you will open the door to those to whom it has a long time been definitively closed to the life of spirit.

But My unfathomable Mercy returns before My Presence to liberate from the fire of hell those who have fallen in the abysses of illusion, desires and modernity. The magnificent key of your protection will be the love that you may live through prayer.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My last words in the heart, preparing words.

Peace on Earth.

Christ Jesus. 


My dears:

Not even at the times of the battles will My Merciful Heart separate itself from you, from your little essences.

For this in joy, and in this day of the new reparation, I call you to the deep prayer that is born from the soul and that contemplates the compassion of God because, above all things, My Heart conducts you and gathers you in the name of Peace and of Light.

I accompany this end of time from up close. My eyes observe the gazes of the souls in desolation and lack of faith.

I ask you, My dear friends: go to all of them by means of the powerful impetus that the prayer made with the heart cultivates. Dears, My Soul will be part of your soul, My Blood will be part of your blood, My Water will be part of your water just by opening the doors to other children. I am with you and I vigil all of the flocks, even more those that recently awake to the true presence of My Heart.

Under the Merciful Love of the Father, be blessed missionaries of peace.

Thank you for venerating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


Only through the call of the Holy Spirit can the soul advance. In this way it will not fall back and it will be able to recognize that, through each fault committed and not transcended, it will be able heal itself every day a little more.  

On the path of the sanctification of the spirit and of the divinization of matter whatever seems to corrode us must be expelled and whatever encourages the sacred must stay in the consciousness. 

Nothing is separated on the path of transformation. First we must recognize that we are nothing so that afterwards we may be able to form part of the Whole. Path after path travelled one encounters many obstacles and the soul must be the master that may conduct life, sensations, feelings and thoughts.

If the consciousness manages to merge itself with the rhythm of the soul, other realities and possibilities will present themselves at the door of life. Deep changes will happen when the consciousness recognizes that in making mistakes one transcends and in experimenting one consecrates oneself.

I am speaking to you about entering in another law. I speak to you about the absolute consecration of spirit and of matter and this is what will be difficult for those to reach who have offered themselves to this path of Christic life.

But the Heart of the Great Master is the Mediator between the earthly tests and the spirit, the Heart of the Master is the Comforter and the Reconciler between the life and the spirit of each being. 

For this it will be important to consider that in the Holy Spirit new doors will be able to be opened because the gifts of the Father will be transmitted to the heart of the creatures.

It is through the Holy Spirit of God that the transcendence of the impossible turns possible. You must allow that your dwelling place be touched by the unknown Light of the Father, Light of wisdom, everlasting Light that comes from Peace. While you walk in this material life your spirit will find the abysses proper to matter, the ones that you must transcend.

However, we must not close the eyes in order to escape, but we must open them to find the spirit that has its dwelling place in the depths of your soul, that which will save you in the difficult moments. You can count on the infinite compassion of My Heart.

Courage to the Christians, hope to those who have said yes to consecration in the end of times.


Children and companions of Mine:

I love the bravery of those pilgrims that with faith in the Higher and the heart surrendered to the Lord accomplish the celestial call of the Divine Mother from Heaven.

In this first special Apparition, together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I want to pour over you My Blessing; especially to all the pilgrims of My Holy Mother who, on this 25th day of February, in conditions of effort, prayer and sacrifice have corresponded to the divine call of Our Father.

Today I say to you My Companions, that the merciful rays that sprout from the Most Holy Heart of Jesus have been able to touch the heart and the essence of many souls that suffered agony in the hells of this world.

With this I want to say that the Merciful Christ embraced your sincere offer of prayer and of ascent to the Hill of Salta during these two past days, and the day of today has culminated with the divine accomplishment of the redeeming task of Christ before the souls in agony and perdition.

The Heavens, My children, will be touching with love your hearts, because I will pour My Graces over those who today, during the peregrination of the heart, gave Me an absolute yes. I share with your souls My Gratitude and Divine Graces, because you have received for this task the absolution of the possible offenses that wounded the Most Holy Heart of Christ.

Out of Love to the One and Only Father, the Divine Mercy is in this moment pouring itself victoriously not only over you but also over those who, condemned to hell and to purgatory, have received liberation and the tablet of salvation.

For this I say to all: “By their fruits you will know them and by them you will be saved, because they will be called servers of Christ…”.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed by My Restoring Love.

Thank you for answering and for listening to the divine call!

Christ Jesus


My dears:

I Am present on all of the paths of life and, as a conductor of souls, I guide all of those who open themselves towards the Beloved Kingdom of My Father. I share My Love with all of the flocks and I prepare, in the heart of My children, the inner dwelling that will receive Me when soon returns My Spirit.

I accept all of My Children and I especially love those who are indifferent to My Law of redemption. In them I will try to redeem the past and, through the Source of My Mercy, I will want to give them life and salvation to take them out from the abysses of sin in which they live.

I need all of the days of My Disciples of Mercy that, entirely surrendered to My Sacred Heart, love the difficulties because this will make them more humble; that renounce to themselves because this will make them simpler, and that accept the tests and the challenges because this will make them wiser and more charitable.

In My School there are many flocks but still, few are the sheep who have the courage to follow Me in faith and in surrender. In My Arms I will always receive you and I will give you My Kind Comfort because I expect from My ones the promptness and the relief that your hearts may generate through good and through wise examples of love towards the peers.

As all know, My Light diffuses itself and awakens in those hearts that open to Me the door of the inner temple of the spirit so that My Merciful Consciousness may enter and remold the spaces in the consciousness.

I Am the carpenter, son and companion of Saint Joseph, Most Chaste Heart. I Am the one who molds with the hands the new wineskins, those which will receive the light and the water of conversion. I will put My New Wineskins over My New Supper, the one which I will soon share with all in My Return.

The new wineskins will serve as springs of pure and crystalline water to My other Flocks. They will receive, through My Instruments, the Redeeming Water of Life, Water that I will spiritually give to drink to all of those who recognize in Glory the coming of the Son of God.

Under the Love of God, be blessed of heart.

Thank you for waiting for My Words from the Heart!

Christ Jesus. 


Like the beat of My Heart is the pulse of My Love for you, it is infinite, constant, uninterrupted, compassionate, prodigious and redemptive. In this way I want to teach you to live My Love in you, a love that heals, a love that redeems, a love that accepts My Mercy to reach redemption.

Whoever loves their friends will be giving all for the whole, will be giving life for the purpose of My Father. I hope that as a flock you grow up and mature in love and in truth because My Sacred Heart throughout the centuries has already seen the world suffering much, and I continue on seeing it suffering intensely. If you do not live in My Love and My Love does not live among you it will be like building temples of sand that will soon fall down at the first onslaught of the times.

If you make an effort all of the days to seek My compassionate Love you will find the fastest path to transcend your lives, because between the disciple and the master there must reign a fraternal love that may dissolve the cunning of the enemy. If you live in My Merciful Love your hearts will receive the clarity and the wisdom that you need all of the days. Remember that My Love is also present as much in the difficulties as in the joys.

Dears, how will you reach Christification if not only through the tests that may confirm the amplitude of your inner love? For this the paths of transformation and of consecration are for the brave who encourage themselves to follow it for a Greater Love. My path marks a new trail of possibilities and of deep changes because in My wise and prodigious Love will be erased the wounds, the separations and the dislikes. My Love can be present among the hearts of two beings that love each other, that love the task that God entrusted to them for love.

Now My purifying fire is removing the last particles that rusted the good wineskins from being full of other elements. My fire liberates but at the same time it sustains and forgives all that must be given to the universe so that it may be converted by Me.

I am present even in the bitterest moments of life because to those who follow My Path I give them to drink from the vinegar that they gave me on the Cross, so that by seeing yourselves completely you may know what it is that which must not live anymore in your dwelling places.


My Sacred Heart rejoices when the sheep return to My flock.

My Heart expands with peace and joy when, among brothers and sisters from the same path, they recognize themselves for love to God.

My Sacred Heart rejoices to see returning to Me those to whom I have belonged.

Each soul has its path drawn through the Will of God. My feet mark the new path for those who will return in time. For this, with courage we must sustain the torch of the transmuting fire that My Heart is giving to you.

Before any test do not allow yourselves to fall down into the abysm and, by means of prayer, illuminate your steps towards the Good and the Light.

I Am amongst you to leave you My legacy, the one which must be considered by all of the groups that pray together with Me. This legacy speaks of the sublime journey that My christified Heart lived on Earth. Follow the signs and the signals that I am revealing to you.

How will you be able to live the Eternal Life if it is not through the faith of My Heart? I wait in silence for those souls that will walk, in less than six months, towards My flock. The sign that has given by My Mother shows you the time of the great purification, of the changes in the consciousness and in this movement there is time to change the everyday life.

Carry in your hearts the visible sign of My Redeeming Cross. I Am with you in the inner of the heart.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


My dears:

If you live every day in My Eternal Reconciliation, among your hearts you will recognize My Sacred Heart of Love. If you aspire to be in My Spirit you will know where to walk because My Light will guide you even through paths distant from Me.

My companions today I show you that all of you can live in My Glorious Pity and Redemption because as Soul and as Heart I recognize your limitations and aspirations. For this do not lower your arms, allow that with your arms open My Heart may irradiate to your essences in order to be able to purify you and form you as the new and awaited Christs of the new time.  

The new Christs are the ones who most fail me but who in the end recognize me. The new Christs are the ones who serve me, even without transcending their limitations. The new Christs are the ones who least transform themselves but at the moment of the encounter with Me, My Heart invades them.

The new Christs are the ones who still are not prepared, they are the ones who are the most immature because those who serve me the most, those who surrender themselves the most, those who empty themselves the most and are more humble and forgetful of themselves, these are My servers, the ones who will prepare the earth so that the new harvest may arrive, the new presence of the Christs.

I ask you nothing else than to be faithful to My Cause and to My Will because this will allow you to consecrate your hearts to My Eternal Essence. If you still are in your own inner desert, walk! Walk towards Me! Even in the dusk because My Mercy will guide each of your steps.

I hope that you will surrender yourselves completely to My Heart. I await this moment to be able to love you and strengthen you in the mission that My Father entrusted you. The desert of life empties the consciousness and allows, in the reflection, to strengthen the love in the essence. Remember that you are My Christic essences; you are My disciples of the new age of redemption.

Under the Love of God be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Heart in your hearts!

Christ Jesus.

       At the end of the message Christ started to say to us: “Go in Peace, go in Peace” and it was at this moment that He dictated to us the following prayer:


May your hearts be filled by the Grace, Peace and the Mercy of Christ.

Today, children, My prayer is for you to find God, to live His words, His instructions, delivered to the world through His Messengers.

My prayer is for you to know how to overcome yourselves, each day, finding in your own surrender and in the aspiration to live Christic Love, the strength to elevate, overcome harassments and adversities and find peace.

My prayer is for you to learn to serve your brothers and sisters, learn how to say yes without conditions, in the spirit of patience and fraternity, humility and love.

Today, My prayer is for the servers of Christ to discover themselves as His companions and always aspire to give one step more, and become His friends, espoused souls of His Sacred Heart and faithful imitators of His Christic path.

My prayer today, before God, is of surrender. I surrender to the Father each word said throughout these last years, each impulse that I gave you with My word, with My silence and with My Love, so that you may seek in God the fruits of this surrender.

The door has already been opened to you. The way has already been shown. Today, My prayer is for you to walk without fear and tepidness of heart.

Be souls firm in Christ, renewed in God and willing to fulfill His Plan. 

For this I bless you and, with love, I accompany you, today and always. 

Your Father and eternal Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



As a Carpenter, I gradually molded the raw wood of you heart, so that you could discover the treasure that is within you.

As a Shepherd, I gradually conducted your paths, just as My Son taught Me, so that you could reach His Sacred Heart.

As a Father, I gradually polished your more human aspects, showing you what you are not, so that you could know the truth about yourself.

As a Friend, I was ever present, making Myself felt in each trial and bringing peace to your heart, to calm your anguishes and illuminate your abysses.

As a Companion, I gradually opened the doors of Heaven for you, pointing to the rocks on the path and accompanying your steps, so that you could make the Love of God triumph within your heart.

Now, child, I come, as a Servant of God, to show you a broader and deeper path, albeit invisible and hidden.

I come to show the path so that you may live My words, experience My instructions and thus, you may not only see how My Heart reaches the world, every day, but you may come with Me, enter the Portals and find your Celestial Father, Your Creator and Creator of all things.

I am Your Servant. He is your Lord. I have come here for you, so that you may accompany Me toward His Heart, and this path is trodden in silence, in the depth of your inner world, crossing the door of your essence that leads you to God.

Come, for the hour has arrived. Hear My silence and follow My walk. I come to make room for the voice of God within your heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While souls pilgrimage within the Marian Centers, they comfort the Heart of God and relieve the wounds that human indifference causes in the depth of this Sacred Heart.

The souls that peregrinate in the Marian Centers are also restorative because they are not only healing and repairing their own being and spirit, but they are healing and repairing human consciousness, so often distant from the Heart of the Father.

To peregrinate to the Marian Centers is like walking to the House of the Lord, climbing the steps to His Celestial Church and being before His Divine Altar, to live redemption and thus open the doors for others to also be able to live it.

In these times of chaos and of indifference in the world, the Heart of God finds His encouragement and joy in the souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers, because, in spite of their lives and responsibilities, they recognize the importance and urgency to create a real bond with God withinin their interior.

This world, children, needs restorative souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers not only to find Peace, but also to open the Fountain of Peace to the world.

The souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers are also seeding beings because, like birds of light, they seek the seeds of the new life in the Source and take them to their homes, cities, nations, fertilizing this principle of newness in the human consciousness.

The pilgrims who arrive in the Marian Centers receive from the Father His Grace and bring it to multiply in the world, wherever they are.

The importance of peregrinating to the Marian Center is still unknown to many, because the mysteries that are kept as spiritual treasures in the inner counterpart of the Marian Centers have not yet been revealed to the human beings.

Happy are those who pilgrimage to the Marian Centers because they become instruments of the Lord and bearers of the new life over the Earth, even though they do not know it.

Today, children, I thank you for being pilgrims and for having come to the Marian Centers in search of peace.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.