My dears:

Not even the weakest of My servers will fall down because My Spirit will give them the strength which they need to comply with the commandments of the Lord.

For this, I tell you again: do not fear! But yes, assume the very important part that My Father has entrusted to you, the conversion of hearts to the sublime Heart of the Shepherd.

My dears, when I return I will not carry the cross of the world, but I will come in Glory to relieve the weight that today the world carries. I will come to remind you to whom you belong and to where you must go in the next cycle.

I will not come to announce the end of times, but I will come to announce a new time of Graces for humanity. I will come to resuscitate the ones who are dead in spirit and in life. I will come to elevate those who, in hope, sustained the torch of light and of redemption.

May no one decay before My Coming, but may you bear the universal fire that comes to purify the impurities of all of humanity. And this universal fire will be lighter if you pray, if you pray with the spiritual potency of the humble heart.

Dear friends of path:

May not even the last of My Sheep be lost and, if you vigil with Me, you will vigil with love for all of My Flocks, even though My Hand will not stop those who may want to do their own will. We are in the cycle of supreme obedience and in obeying you will be firm in the next steps.

My Light accompanies you. My warriors of Mercy, do not lower the arms! But raise them so that the nets of the Great Fisherman may be able to be thrown on Earth for the salvation of the ones who are lonely and forgotten.

My friends:

The time is marking a new encounter and for this your hearts must be prepared by prayer. Let us pray for the world. The Grace of My Father must descend, have awareness of what I tell you.

Under the power of the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


If you call me by My Name, My Merciful Heart will be present amongst you.

If you adore Me as a Sacerdotal Consciousness in the Eucharist, My Redeeming Heart will redeem you and free you from sin.

If you call Me to enter your house, I will do so because you will be opening the door so that My Heart may dwell perpetually amongst you.

Dear ones: if you are in My Universal and Celestial Fire, My Most Sacred Flames will burn everything that does not form part of the Good and of the Light. When you purify the body, the feeling and thought, My Wonders accompany you to relieve your transition until the total transcendence of self.

I do not return to give you suffering, this I have already lived for you and I know that pain is still not liberated from the heart of people. But My Fire purifies you, at the same time It consecrates you as souls worthy to live in the Kingdom of My Father.

My Source is another of the glorified gifts that My Father has conceded to Me in order to baptize in My Love all those who have committed themselves with Me for this final time.

I Am the Vigilante, I Am the primordial Guardian of all of the Christic essences. Do not fear in this time for what you may be seeing of yourselves. This is what I give you, My friends, the true face of what My sheep are.

For this I come back, I come back between clouds, rays, stars, lights and suns to demonstrate to the world that the Son of the Man is who complies with the Highest requests of the Creator. I take between My arms your hearts and I contemplate you with My only aspiration, which is that you, in simplicity, reach Eternity.

My Kingdom, the one which was announced, is near, more than all of My Flocks may imagine. First will come the Holy Spirit which will prepare in wisdom the soldiers so that they may face the battle between Heaven and the Earth.

All will be healed, even the smallest particle created by My Father.  At the end all will be redeemed and consecrated through the centuries of the centuries to My Holy Lord.

Be encouraged by the presence of My Heart, live all of the days in My Redeeming Law.

Under the Grace of My Father, be merciful.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

At the end of the daily message the Master opened His Arms and radiated towards those present an intense light of love and said: “I know that still not all understand the commandments, for this I tell you that My Beatitudes are Commandments too”.

At this moment Master Jesus transmitted the following prayer: 

Prayer to live the Commandments of the Lord

May the Laws be the manifested life between Heaven and Earth.

May the Law of the Divine Purpose
permeate our cells with light.

May the Celestial Laws
be an expression of the laws on Earth.

May I consecrate myself everyday to the Highest Law of God.

May the Holy Spirit
be the path to live the Sacred Commandments.

Through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
may our souls find the living of the Divine Laws.

May humanity be redeemed and forgiven
by the Merciful Law.

In the Celestial Father,
may we live forever the Eternal Law of His Grace.


Christ Jesus, your Eternal Lord.



Like the beat of My Heart is the pulse of My Love for you, it is infinite, constant, uninterrupted, compassionate, prodigious and redemptive. In this way I want to teach you to live My Love in you, a love that heals, a love that redeems, a love that accepts My Mercy to reach redemption.

Whoever loves their friends will be giving all for the whole, will be giving life for the purpose of My Father. I hope that as a flock you grow up and mature in love and in truth because My Sacred Heart throughout the centuries has already seen the world suffering much, and I continue on seeing it suffering intensely. If you do not live in My Love and My Love does not live among you it will be like building temples of sand that will soon fall down at the first onslaught of the times.

If you make an effort all of the days to seek My compassionate Love you will find the fastest path to transcend your lives, because between the disciple and the master there must reign a fraternal love that may dissolve the cunning of the enemy. If you live in My Merciful Love your hearts will receive the clarity and the wisdom that you need all of the days. Remember that My Love is also present as much in the difficulties as in the joys.

Dears, how will you reach Christification if not only through the tests that may confirm the amplitude of your inner love? For this the paths of transformation and of consecration are for the brave who encourage themselves to follow it for a Greater Love. My path marks a new trail of possibilities and of deep changes because in My wise and prodigious Love will be erased the wounds, the separations and the dislikes. My Love can be present among the hearts of two beings that love each other, that love the task that God entrusted to them for love.

Now My purifying fire is removing the last particles that rusted the good wineskins from being full of other elements. My fire liberates but at the same time it sustains and forgives all that must be given to the universe so that it may be converted by Me.

I am present even in the bitterest moments of life because to those who follow My Path I give them to drink from the vinegar that they gave me on the Cross, so that by seeing yourselves completely you may know what it is that which must not live anymore in your dwelling places.

My Passion has redeemed you and My Mercy heals you and liberates you from past. It is time to throw yourself with confidence to the merciful love of My Celestial Ocean.

Under the Divine Love of God, live My commandments.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Peace for all.

Christ Jesus.


Fear no longer, I come to the world to awaken in you My Eternal Grace. I come to the world again to close the doors of evil but firstly I come to your hearts so that they may be liberated from any distress, pain or fatigue.

My Redeeming Love transfigures you, then it consecrates you and later it elevates you, forgives you and redeems you.

My dear followers:

While you glimpse the sublime power of My ocean of Mercy, many souls which I have thirst for lose themselves in the desires and the gratifications of the world. The true promise for your lives is the redemption and the sanctification of your souls, hearts and essences.

However, there is no other way but to pass ardently through My transmuting Fire, a divine fire which purifies you and liberates you, turns you more sublime as consciousnesses that work on Earth for the beloved Plans of God.

Today for the first time My Voice extends itself and diffuses itself through three of My Children so that you may feel with the heart how are the merciful power and the love of My Father. Opening one more time the doors of Heavens My Heart today gives you, as I have said, to the arms of the Creator.

Cheer up My Companions, to follow the course and the path that leave My Footprints for the return. See for this time the special Grace that waits for you because in every circumstance I love you, I know you well and I understand the inner world of all.

Allow that the Love of My Heart, the one which manifests itself in some of My Children, may heal and strengthen you, encouraging you to go forward without any fear. Remember that your sacred tabernacle of adoration is the power of My Most Sacred Heart, a Heart that relieves you, Light that leads you and renovates you all of the days.

Under the Grace of God, be merciful.

Thank you for receiving me today in your spirits!

Christ Jesus, your Redeemer.


Be calm in My Heart because inside of My Soul you will find the relief and the true comfort that no one will be able to give you. As I come from the Source of Love, this love I pour over the souls and over their mistakes, but in this time, My dears, the one who weakens themselves by not trusting My Mercy must learn much.

My constancy is to sustain you in all of the moments of life, including in those moments in which you by yourselves as persons are not able to overcome. When I talk to you about the Source of wonders I talk about the moment of Grace that you can live with Me.

But today may your hearts not close themselves from the tests and indifferences that exist between souls. You must remember that while you are on Earth there will be much to forgive and to purify.  To enter the Kingdom of Heavens you must consecrate yourselves as the little heart of a child where there is no sadness, lack of love, nor rivalries between consciousnesses.

You will be able to see how the heart of a child is: pure, transparent, crystalline, simple, happy and free. This is what you sometimes lose in your hearts by the interference of your ideas, understandings and aspirations. For this the world is how it is, it is a world to redeem again and to free it from all of the indifferences that do not allow manifesting the Love of God between souls.

Try to have in these moments the heart of a child and perceive thus how your deepest feelings are, above all, those that are kept in the consciousness. I meet today with the desert that many of My children are crossing. I Am the spring that will quench you completely and that will give you Life so that through Me you may renovate yourselves.

Now you must learn to live My message so that My words may not become a theory but a Path of transformation for your hearts.

Under the Love of God, be humble, and brothers and sisters.

Thank you for guarding and living My words from the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



May today you rest your beings in the Source of My Mercy, the one which will take away your thirst.

I am with you accompanying your steps because after each state and inner test comes the victory of being able to transcend yourself. My dear ones, within a cycle of purification, allow yourselves to be  purified, so that during the encounter with the Father you may reaffirm your vows with the Plan of Love.

I contemplate you all of the days of prayer. I lead you in the same way that the sailor does who directs the boat towards Paradise. You are My followers, I Am your Shepherd.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer. 


Dear children,

As the Lady of Divine Defense, today I call you to pray for the protection of the Marian Centers and especially, for My National Marian Center of Luján that in these days has experienced critical situations.

Therefore, My children, with the flag of peace in My hands, I invite you to pilgrimage, out of love, to the homes most in need in this region, and through service and giving, to supply that which My children from the region of Luján may need.

Dear children, My Marian Centers are in your hands and God contemplates the honorable grace that all My children can offer and perform through service of help and prayer to those most in need. Today I not only invite you to prayer, but also to serve in the end of these times.

My Son calls you all to be merciful and the hour has now come to surrender everything to the Lord for the salvation of souls.

Children of My Son Jesus, sheep of His beloved flock, as the Universal Mother and the Mother of Perpetual Help, I am calling you to pray for the Centers of Peace and also to serve, in a selfless and true way, My children that during these days have suffered the consequences of the flood in their homes and families, but above all, within their hearts. In reverence I call you all to be conscious and collaborate in My universal task of salvation.

Dear children, My Protecting Mantle of Mercy and Love is over you. I pray for you perpetually. I pray for you asking God for your salvation, asking for His Mercy. Time runs fast and humanity must pray more to prevent irreparable events.

Therefore, My children, I am with you, walking as Mother, step by step, by your side and as the Guardian of Faith for your hearts.

Dear children, we are in the time of the purification of the mind and heart. Therefore I invite you to pray sincerely because in this way you will be protected under My Maternal Light.

Dear children, opening My arms to help all souls, especially the Sanctuary of Luján, I ask you on this day to pilgrimage serving God and giving your love to your brothers and sisters, faithful devotees of My Immaculate Heart.

I ask you to go to Luján on these days to bring the love of My Resurrected Son, and also so that your hands may donate charity and humility to those who have been affected by the storm that took place in that region.

Dear children, you will have two tasks to accomplish before God:

To serve the brothers and sisters of Luján and pray with them so that the hearts of My children are repaired. I will thank you for responding to this important call.

To meet with Me in My monthly apparition that will take place on the 3rd of this month in the city of Buenos Aires, at 7:30 p.m., when My Maternal Heart will prepare your hearts and hands to go and serve Luján in the name of Christ. This task of service will continue until when your hearts indicate to you.

Dear children, will you help Me?

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

The Lady of Divine Defense


My Maternal Heart comes to your lives to alleviate you from all pain, suffering and incomprehension. The Sacred Heart of My Son comes to your lives to redeem you and to lead you towards the path of salvation.

Dear children, calling again each one of your lives, today the Lord asks you to purify your hearts from any feeling that does not belong to the Light, because if you do this through the exercise of prayer, your souls will be helping to alleviate the great rage that a part of humanity lives. This is a feeling that distances the hearts from the One and Only loving Heart of God.

Therefore, My little ones, may your hearts be hearts of children: pure, crystalline and truthful hearts that, renewed in Jesus, may love again, creating in this way a bridge of peace between Heaven and Earth, uniting the Divine Spirit of God with the little spirit of each one of My children.

Dear children, a path for your hearts to be healed is to imitate the little and Divine Child Jesus who, with His purity and innocence, transmitted the essence of True Love to humanity. The little Child Jesus left upon this world the Spirit of the Love of God through His surrender for each one of you.

This is the love that I want My children to cultivate in their hearts; this is the love that emanates from the Sacred Heart constantly. It is the love that Jesus gives without tiring, such a compassionate love. He Himself consecrated each one of you to the essence of the Love of My Immaculate Heart.

I reiterate, My children, that when I talk to you about being little children, it is so that with this attitude you may purify the rage that is lived in the world. If you renewed yourselves in the spirit of love, humanity would be able to receive the Grace of Compassion.

Dear children, as a Mediator I call you to pray, to pray for peace in the mind and in the heart of each one of My children. I will, once again, be grateful for your responsiveness to the Plans of the Creator.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Embrace strongly the call to conversion that My Immaculate Heart pronounces to each one of your lives. Recognize, dear children, that the conversion will be accomplished through the exercise of the prayer of the heart. Always live in the aspiration to a life within the Laws of the Lord. May your spirit and your little soul remain in this Kingdom and may nothing allow them to descend from It.

Dear children, My Maternal Voice calls you month by month to remind you about the importance of the conversion that must be manifested in your thoughts, in your feelings and, above all, in your essential life. And this will begin through the path of prayer.

I want to lead you to live in the Divine Presence that is called Love in the Heart. My little ones, to receive this Celestial Grace of Divine Love, you must feel and act in the name of this Love so that, strengthened by prayer, you may help many of My children who are losing this Primordial Essence of God.

Also, dear children, you will see the world in the way it is seen from the Universe of God and you will also see the great separation that exists between souls and My Son. He shows you the path towards the new, the Sacred and the Divine. Therefore pray, and do not stop praying in order to help all those who need to live this Divine Love in this definitive time.

My children, supplicate, aspire to live in the essence of this Love so your life will be in God, it will be repaired, and any pain from your hearts will be erased.

In joy, purify your feelings and accept My arms so that the Light of My Maternal Heart may illuminate the path to redemption for you. The Love of God must be the premise of prayer for all My children because in Love you will find Celestial Peace.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

When you live in the Will of the Father, you will recognize, by means of prayer, the immensity of works of Love, Pity and Mercy that He realizes in this whole world.

When you live in the Will of the Lord you will recognize your preferences and your goals and you will know which of them to purify.

When you live in the Will of God, you will feel what Good is so that imitating it, your lives may also conduct other souls.

When you live in the Will of My Son, you will recognize the One who, with so much love, speaks to you day by day and you will be able to value everything that has been given to your hearts.

When many of My children live in the Will of the Father, you will recognize My messages and you will confirm all the maternal instruction given month by month.

When humanity lives in the Will of the Holy Spirit, everyone will know where they are and that at this moment they are invited to travel the new pathway of Christ.

When the hearts live in the Will of God, they will be able to surrender life into the Hands of the Creator, and they will stop controlling their own lives. This will allow God to express His Universe in each one of His children.

My children, if humanity already lived in the Will of the Lord, conflict would end in the world and Celestial Peace would be present, there would be no separation within families and only unity would reign; everything would be rebuilt so that God would be able to make Himself present in the hearts of His children.

But still, dear children, souls do not live in the Will of God because they fear what Love, the Eternal God, may aspire to do in each essence. If humanity were already in the Will of the Lord the plans would change, and Divine Mercy would be the Light expanded in all the corners of this world.

While souls do not live in the Divine Will of God, I ask you for constant prayer so that the soul may recognize the path it is being called to travel, the path of Redeeming Love.

You, My little ones, can aspire to live in this unfathomable Will of God because this feeling will please the Heart of God, and you will help Me in this mission of the Queen of Peace.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Do not fear being before God, He loves you. My Son contemplates you and I protect you under My protecting Mantle.

God knows your skills and virtues, Christ knows the power of talents and My Heart assists all those who, with love in the heart, call Me.

For this reason, dear children, may the joy of living in God and of giving yourselves to God prevail within you today. Every mistake the world makes can be forgiven. Therefore, look back no longer, see the celestial hope that emerges on the horizon.

Just keep your hearts open so that the Holy Spirit may fill them and purify them. It is necessary, My children, to keep the heart pure so that the feelings and thoughts before God may be pure. Do not be afflicted by how much you see that still needs to be transformed: the life of consecration is eternal and everything begins now.

Be carriers of the joy of My Maternal Heart because the world needs relief and you can help with prayer. Elevate your consciousnesses to the Door of the Heavens and ask with compassion for Mercy, My Son will hear you because His Rays are still over the world.

Build with your hands the bridge towards the prayer of the heart.

If you have fallen, I will lift you.

If your hearts are discouraged, I will make them joyful.

God is everything for your lives, God is Love and Truth for your hearts.

Today, stay in Jesus because His Sacred Heart will alleviate you, and It will repair you with His Compassion.

Accept the time of Mercy that is still left and be brave praying soldiers willing to consecrate your lives to the God of Love, the Only One for all.

I hear your prayers when they are born in the essence of the heart.

Rise, as Jesus said, and do not become faint.

Be spirits in transformation.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


As the Mother of the Eternal Graces I want, at the end of these times, to convert your hearts into hearts renewed by the Glorious Love of God, because My Immaculate Heart promises this.

Dear children, much suffering invades the purity of the hearts. To be able to restore them, today I ask you to pray, to pray with the love of your hearts so that God, the Creator may be able to listen to you as humanity. If souls do not pray for the souls most in need, the Inexhaustible Graces of My Heart will not be able to be poured over those children that urgently need them.

For this reason, My children, we are in the time of the purification of feelings and thoughts that do not correspond to the One and Only Law of Universal Love. As the accumulation of feelings increases in the entire world, I ask you to pray with the heart because in this way I will be able to place all creatures under the repairing and redeeming fount of the Divine Mercy of My Son.

The Rays of Pity and Mercy of Jesus are still among you and over all of humanity. But many forget how important these Graces are and the enemy succeeds in distancing them from the source of these Graces.

This is why, as the Guardian of the Hearts, today I invite you to revere the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In His hands of Light He holds the sword of Redemption, which will be able to cut off and liberate all evils.

You, dear children, will be able to be the servers and the instruments of God that may consciously intervene in prayer and with love for all souls.

Remember that fasting, as an offer, helps in the descent of a Special Grace for the souls in Purgatory.

Reality and Truth are approaching the life of all My children; the Law of the Love of God is available to those who, as Jesus, may want to learn to love like Christ loved on the cross.

Ignite My Hope in your hearts, for the salvation of all.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

As the Lady of the Pains I ask God for all My children so that My Immaculate Heart may intercede before each one of them. Today I ask you for more prayer with the heart so that God the Father will hear My supplications for the world.

Those who do not live the conversion of life, how can they overcome the changes that will happen for purification of the souls?

Remember My children, in contemplation and in renunciation from the heart you will encounter the true mysteries of the Will of God that humanity still cannot live.

My Heart wants to bring to you each day the presence of My Son so that you, imitating the Shepherd’s blissfulness, may dissolve through fraternal love the great evil that this world lives.

From epoch to epoch My Immaculate Heart brings a message for the conversion of all. Because of this, for this time, the conversion and the detachment from all faults through true prayer of the heart will allow you to live the reconciliation in the Lord.

Dear children, I carry on My face a tear that speaks about the pain of this humanity. I await in the hope that My children who are distant from God may approach themselves to Him. I pray for all of them and place them near My Maternal Spirit so that they reach redemption and conversion.

Humanity still must live acts of deep humility to be able to relieve the offenses that God’s Heart receives. For this, My praying children may relieve the heart of the Father through unity among souls, love among the hearts and peace in all places of the Earth. This will help the conversion of many children that need it.

The time of the calling is now, so little children, redeem, redeem, redeem what is still not redeemed, so you may please the Father for so many offenses that He receives from this world.

Be joyful so your hearts approach themselves to purity.

I thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Dear children,

If humanity lived the precepts of God, that is, the Commandments, the world would be different. Therefore, dear children, My Heart is present in each one of you because as humanity, you need the Graces and the Love of My Maternal Heart.

My children, today I call you to renew the devotion to My Immaculate Heart and if you do so, little children, God, the Source of Love, will act through My Son who has resurrected, and through Me, the Universal Mother.

Today I want to bring you all towards the true feeling of prayer, which must be primordial and important in each one of your lives and in this time of changes that you are living in the world.

Today, also, as My Son has done, I extend My arms of peace for those who may accept to live My call as a group and as an individual mission for each one of your hearts.

Know, dear children, that My voice announces itself to the world in this time of purification. This is why I invite you to join the forces of your hearts together in unity and in peace. In this way, these attributes will uplift humanity even more towards the Kingdom of God and you, as souls, will be united to Me.

When I say to you: “Thank you for responding to My call” it is so that you may know that My Maternal and Immaculate Heart is embracing many souls that are unknown to you and that live in this world. These souls need My Heart, because if My Heart were not among you as humanity, many Plans of Peace that My Heart propagates would not be able to be fulfilled.

For this reason, My children, I carry you daily in My Heart and today I tell you again: Thank you for responding to My call.

Peace! Peace! Peace for all!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


The enemy wants to overthrow My Plans of Peace. For this reason, dear children, I count on each one of your prayers. This will allow the Light of My Immaculate Heart to continue to be poured upon the world. Live in My Peace, My children, and no longer allow yourselves to offend God. Open your hearts so that My Rays of Grace and Mercy may purify you.

My little children, do not fear for all that which you cannot yet resolve; if you trust in the Purpose of the Father you will be able to be guided towards the Light of God.

Dear children, My Immaculate Heart must be the bridge for your lives that will bring you close to My Son. While the world still does not hear the voice of this Faithful Servant of God, I ask you to pray. Pray with the truth and the transparency of your hearts, because if you do, God will avail Himself of each one of you.

My children, it is enough that you live within My Immaculate Heart, because in this way your lives will be transformed into flames of peace that My Heart will extend over the world. For this to happen, dear children, your hearts only need to seek to live in the purity and in the absolute love that My Son radiates to your lives.

Know, My children, that it is now time for the conversion of your hearts, hearts that form part of this humanity.

Conversion is to live in prayer. Conversion is to redeem oneself. Conversion is to accept the call of God.

Whenever you fall into fault against God, just repeat in your hearts:

Request of Redemption to the Celestial Father

My Lord,
My God,
Father of the Celestial Universe,
redeem my heart and purify my life
so that, absolved by Your Forgiveness,
I may recognize that Your Love protects us
and Your Merciful Peace
reconciles us with the Light of Your Glorified Son.


Dear children, I follow you closely in this Redeeming Easter of Christ.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

Today raise Your arms towards the Celestial Kingdom of My Heart so that your hearts may be able to be purified. The soul that surrenders to the Will of the Father, My children, is a soul that gives itself and trusts in the True Love of God.

Dear children, in order for the changes in life to be manifested in these final times, it is necessary to accept, with braveness, the conversion of the heart. When you have converted the heart, you will know that faith has alighted like a living flame in your lives.

Dear children, while a part of the world dissipates itself from not recognizing God, I ask you for constant prayer so that My Immaculate Heart may assist all the children of the world. For a greater conversion of the heart, it is necessary that the changes of life happen through consecration to My Immaculate Heart.

Therefore, dear children, live the power and strength of the heart through love so that life may, every day, be as an Inner Temple to God. The path of pilgrimage in each one of you must reach the depths of the soul, thus the victory of the Love of My Son will touch each one of your souls. I wait for you in prayer as wayfarers and as hearts that at each moment aspire to find the Father.

Dear children, souls easily forget the Presence of the Universal Father. For this reason I am amongst you so that all of you may remember how important is to be in the Lord. The Lord guides you. The Lord knows you. The Lord loves you. Therefore, live the ultimate time of Mercy.

The world cries out for conversion, but it does not know how to start to live its own rehabilitation. I invite you to contemplate prayer from the highest place in your hearts. There you will find Me converting the world and the souls through My Immaculate Love.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Wisdom for your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more