While the world and humanity define their path to the Eternity of God, the time of Divine Justice approaches to reverse all the causes that have been generated in this humanity.

Dear children, for this time of emergency I call you all to be peacemakers and transmitters of the purpose of God on Earth. In this way and through the prayer of the heart, you will be in time for Divine Mercy to go on working in the hearts of all My children.

As Mother of Divine Justice, dear children, I ask that you do not waste time and that you open your hearts because, as in Medjugorje, these are My last warnings for the conscience of all My children to reflect and awaken for the reality of this time.

Dear children, do not see Justice as a punishment; Divine Justice will put in order that which humanity has altered from the Will of God.

Little children, pray, pray and only pray! So that the Love of God can touch all My children. Know that your honest and sincere prayer of the heart will define, as in Fatima, the next path of humanity.

As a Mediator, I ask that your praying voices help humanity, placing each of your supplications at the feet of the Creator.

Dear children, a great mediator is My Son Jesus; so unite your souls to the Will of My Son so that your hearts can find true guidance. In Jesus you will resuscitate life. In Jesus you will remedy the pain of the past. In Christ you will follow the path of Mercy and Redemption.

Do not feel fear because today I am among you and with all the hearts of the world, calling you to pray for peace and the conversion of this entire humanity.

Through forgiveness, redeem all the past and with joy together with My Son quench the thirst for love. Be consistent with each other because at the end of this cycle in the world the time has come to manifest the sacred teachings that My Son left you:

Loving is forgiving.

Donating is surrendering.

Trusting is living in faith.

I thank you for answering My call on this day.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


The Virgin Mary adds:

“My children, I have seen and I have considered, in My Plan of Love, that for the times of emergency My Voice must go on echoing in the hearts that still do not listen to Me. Because of this, from today on, all the monthly Apparitions will be public and open to everyone. This is so that My message reverberates in the conscience.
I thank you!”

The arms of God, the Highest are open for all of you to enter into the Pure Heart of love. With this I want to tell you that the universe is waiting, daily the venue of more souls towards the Kingdom of the Creator.

My children, a path to this meeting with the universe of God is the Light-Star of My Son. In Jesus you will lose the fear for consecrating your life to the Will of the Creator.

Many souls lack the presence of the  love of God love, because they put first their personal will. My Son teaches you how to be participants of that Greater Will, the one you could find through the prayer of the heart. Is through the prayer that you will find the truly essence of the Will of God because your hearts are donated to the Universe during prayer.

Dear children, today I ask you to pray for those who live their own will and that are far away of the true purpose of God, that is the eternal life through His Mercy Love. The world will be able to be better, from the moment it accepts that God is the Only path for the life of every soul because is in God that all life can be conducted towards light.

My children, acknowledge that it came the time to the world to recognize the existence of the Creator. That’s why, one of the reasons for so much prayer is the great need for salvation of many of My Children.

As Co-Redeemer I ask you to contemplate every day the lovely Heart of God. Every time your hearts are in God, the world will be safer.

I thank you!

Thank you for considering My Call in your lives.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children, praised be Jesus in your hearts and in your lives.

My children, as yesterday with My maternal presence in Buenos Aires, today I invite you to consider these last words, this last call that My Heart of Light announces to each of your lives.

With this I want to tell you My dear children, that praying to God every day is very important because it is the prayer of your hearts that will help you in the time that will come. The praying life is for all souls; prayer is a permanent exercise for your existence. Your collaboration to the Plan of God must be conscious every day.

Dear children, I introduce you into My school of prayer so that your hearts learn to love the life of the spirit, the Spirit of God. A path to arrive at the Highest is My Son Jesus; as souls you have complete permission to claim for the presence of Jesus. God the Father gave you His Son to give everyone salvation and forgiveness.

Now the world is in a different cycle and God sends His Messengers to announce the new cycle of change. My children, in prayer you will not lose anything. You only need to form strong praying groups so that from Heaven God can help all the souls.

My Maternal Heart invites you to assume the time that humanity is living, a time of pain in the heart and lack of control. I call you to be servers of Peace because it is necessary for life on Earth.

Let us pray, dear children, My Heart will guide you.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

I will not get tired of coming into your lives because as the Mother of Mercy the merit for all the souls of the world is salvation.

Dear children, with your hearts open you will reach eternity, for this today I invite you to consider as primary the life of prayer.

In this way your lives will be inside the Kingdom of the Creator. My children, as the Lady of Peace today I ask you to pray, to pray with your hearts because the entire Universe of God is attentive to the supplications of all My children.

For this, dear children, sustain prayer with your hands so that it, as a light in the world, may aid those who need it the most. Open the Doors of the Heavens through prayer. Everything is allowed when all is born in a pure form from the heart.

Today stay in Me and do not fear for anything; it is already the moment to praise the one who has created you for love and for devotion. He is your Only and Omnipotent God.

Dear children, the time of Mercy is running out so fast in the life of all the souls, therefore this call for this divine presence that is born from the surrendered and loving Heart of My Son.

Everyone is invited to live in this unfathomable presence of Jesus in your lives. The Priest of Love, with His arms open to the world awaits you and tells you that it is already the moment to prepare the inner temple for His Return. The sacred words pronounced yesterday by the Redeemer will come true in these times of today.

My children, wait day by day for the silent coming of My Son, He is your guiding Star, He is the fountain that will quench any thirst that your hearts may have in these moments.

Drink from the Fountain and wash your faces with the Divine Water that has sprung from My Son because in this offer from Jesus you will find the Law of love.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

Today I ask you that your hearts do not lose the Peace that my son is handing you throughout my maternal presence.

Children of mine, opening My Perpetual and Immaculate heart, I ask you to come into it, so that I may be able to elevate the consciences to the arms of the Creator.

Today it is a moment for your lives to be taken into the heart of God throughout the imperious exercise of the heart prayer. All of you, My Dear children, are co- responsible of my Marian Mission here on Earth. For that I not only ask you to open your hearts to My call, but  also to My requests for the salvation of the souls of God.

May your lives for this time, represent the path the Christ followed here on Earth. For that, dear children, it is important that all of you stay under the light of the Holy Spirit, because it has come the time to love, forgive, accept, give and fraternize your lives with each  one of the hearts on the world, even those hearts that you do not know.

The whole mankind is inside the Great ship of God, that being about to leave to the infinite, waits for the last flocks that are called to elevate themselves by the arms of the Creator.

Dear children, this call that God has made throughout my monthly come, has a spiritual reason that throughout the time  my heart of peace is building in your  little mansions .

All the life of prayer will allow your hearts to unite themselves among each other, especially unite yourselves in the call that My Voice pronounces every day. The New Time has not come yet to My children; a lot must  be forgiven  and conciliate inside the heart, but  yes, my Little ones, it has come the moment  to the Good New that I bring you, for you to be part  of the Kingdom of God.

Children of mine, the promise is for all. You just need to say "yes” to heaven.

I thank you.

Thank you for responding to my call for mankind

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

On a day as this August 11, but in the month of February in Lourdes, My Immaculate Heart brought to the world the universal mantle of healing to all My children. I asked My daughter Bernadette to dig the fountain so that all the generations can use it, in the loving union that all souls must search in God.

Today in this time of great definitions, I have been accompanying you for five years. I contemplate you and I only ask that you are inexhaustible sources of prayer.

Dear children, the world still has not prostrated at the feet of the Creator. As Mother of the healing of the souls I ask you to keep praying, praying with the power of love from each of your hearts. This will allow the Universe of God to act on all the consciences, especially those that need the Redeeming Light of My Son.

Dear children, I invite you in a special way for this August 11 to convert your lives into a state of prayer, into a new proverb of light that can be irradiated to humanity.

I lead you through the New Paths of the shepherds, shepherds that you must love and respect because My Son has elected them to announce the Kingdom of God.

Dear and little children, the time is coming to unite what the consciences of all My children have separated through time. The only reconnection for all the souls is the Divine Heart of My Son because it is in My Son that you can find the Peace and the Forgiveness of God, which many need.

Humanity is still in the path of offenses and this affects the life of the spirit; as Intercessor of all souls I call you to pray with the heart so that more light can be lit in those who walk through darkness. My Son is the Light of the world and you are possible sparks of the eternal shine of His Sacred Heart.

My children, it is time to raise your arms and clamor for mercy through prayer so that the whole Creator Universe can transform what humanity still does not change.

All My little ones are in the last time of Mercy as was announced by My Son to the world, the time for Divine Justice will come. Love the Law to be able to love the Divine Universe of God. Remember the commandments; renew your vow with the Creator.

I guide you and place you near My Son

Do you accept the coming of His Kingdom?

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Keep praying every day because humanity’s supplication is being heard.

My children, with all of you in the center of My Immaculate Heart, today I call you to the preparation of the heart through the praying vigil that all My children are being called to do on August 11 of 2012.

Dear children, God is receiving true impulses of love from all of you, for this I invite you to continue praying for the world. My Immaculate Heart elevates the supplications of all My children and God in His infinite Mercy contemplates the love of all His children.

Dear children, go ahead, go ahead! And do not stop the victorious art of prayer. This is the time to share, your prayer is equivalent to the charity of many hands. Through the coming of My Son everyone can be touched by the mercy of the Redeemer.

It is time to spread the importance of praying for love and for the redemption of all My children. You, My little ones, have received the greatest instrument from the Universe of God and this instrument is called the prayer of the heart.

For this reason, extending My Merciful Arms and My Mantle of Light on all who need it, today I ask you to continue on the Christian path that is being built from your hearts.

My Son, under the High Glory of God, contemplates you with His Eyes of compassion. He invites you to work for Celestial Peace and in the name of Celestial Peace it is time to help the world, the kingdoms and humanity.

May the Holy Spirit be the flame of wisdom in the hearts of all My children. Always, and whenever you allow Me to, I will accompany you because I love you.

In the Merciful Love: praised be the Redeemer!

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Peace! Peace! Peace in the hearts of all My children! Come to My Kingdom because in this place of love and peace My Immaculate Heart will heal you. Open your arms and receive the flame from My Heart that will illuminate you to travel the new path with My Son, a path called redemption.

Dear children may your hearts rejoice because My Immaculate Peace is with each of you. Know well that all your prayers count in the Universe, especially the prayers that come from the essence of the heart.

Today I ask you that each day you await Me because in prayer My merciful eyes will contemplate you thus preparing the salvation of all the essences of God.

The world waits for your prayers and so do all My children; for this contemplate in mercy because each of the Kingdoms created by the wise hands of God need all My children who are on Earth.

Dear children you have the primary key of the prayer of the heart which will open the fountains in Heaven so that more mercy may descend.

My children you have in your hands the possibility of making a decision for a new life and My Son Jesus, the Great Guardian of all the hearts, waits for you so that, united in vigil and in prayer you help the hearts of all the souls who are deaf and do not hear the Voice of My Heart.

I thank you for your persistence. Walk to the light, forgetting the past with love so that your spirit can be born.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My Eternal Peace frees and forgives the souls of all their faults.

Dear children today, pouring the Grace of forgiveness, I ask you: pray with the heart! And pray with all the love that God has placed in each of you throughout your lives.

My children, live in the Fountain of Grace that God has allowed Me, through love and redemption to pour on all humanity.

For this dear children, pray with constancy and faith so that the custodian angels of the Lord can guide you through the new path of fraternity.

Today I invite you to convert your lives into a pure rose.

Do not fear, I am with you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

I wait every day that in the groups of prayer you pray the rosary for light in the world and for peace in all My children. I await you in prayer so that together with Me we contemplate the luminous and redeeming Face of My Son.

As the Mother of humanity I call you to strengthen the groups of prayer through the prayer of the heart and by reading My daily words.

Dear children, through prayer I want you to trust the existence and the power of Divine Mercy. You are invited to stay close to My Son so that He, as a High Priest, can baptize you with His Gifts of Peace.

For this time you are contemplated from Heaven and My shower of Graces awaits the awakening of the hearts of all My children. For this to happen I invite you to deepen into the path of prayer because God the Father wants to fill all the souls with His Mercy.

I will accompany you as the Guardian of souls and as a Master of prayer.  All My little ones are called to the time of the reparation of the spirit through the power of prayer.

Have absolute faith and beneath the Holy Spirit, walk towards My arms; I will comfort you as I once comforted Jesus. I love you.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

Keep My maternal words in your hearts so that you never forget that all of them come from the Lord. Awaken in you the Sacred Spirit of God, turn your lives into a great dove of light that transmits peace to those who do not have it and faith to those who have lost it.

Dear children, you are My missionaries of peace, this you must remember well; it is a mission of peace and redemption that My Immaculate Heart invites you to live day by day.

Know that I am here because I love you and My Son Jesus sends Me to the world as a mediator between the souls and God the Father. I am the maternal flame of love and aid; I want to teach you not to waste time in the normal actions. Each new day your spirit must place itself before the Will of God so that the hearts recognize that they are called to live in the Eternal Kingdom of God.

Dear children, with supreme aspiration for My children, aspiration that I contemplate in My hands, today I invite you to recognize the importance of an honest prayer that can aid the world with light. My little ones, you are called to be the disciples of My Son, you are called to unite Heaven and Earth through an honest prayer of the heart.

It is time, My little ones! It is time for you to open your arms and receive the maternal Grace that My Heart of Peace is pouring! Many of My children of this humanity waste precious time of life in the illusion. I call you with a loud voice to reflection, so that your hearts can shine in the Throne of the Eternity of God.

Know well My dear children, that I need you despite everything because My Son is coming and He will touch each heart before you are called consciously. I invite you to the sincere preparation of life through prayer.

Awaken, My little ones!

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In Jesus you will discover the true path to find peace. For this dear children, opening My merciful arms today I ask you above all things: come to Me because if you do this My Immaculate Heart will help you.

Today especially I open My protective mantle so that each of My children place themselves under Me through the prayer of the heart, so that My rays of the eternal light of God can illuminate you and show you the just and holy path you are invited to travel, as did My Son once for all humanity.

Dear children, for this do not lose the strength of faith and devotion to My Immaculate Heart; I want to make you be born again as Jesus made brother Lazarus resurrect. Dear children, it is time to walk forward so that you can see the eternal light of Divine Mercy that My Son wants to give you.

Go forward and do not waste time because My Son needs you strong and brave as the flight of the birds in the morning.

Dear children, today I invite you to pray for light in the heart, I call you to remain in joy because this will allow you to awaken to the inner presence of the Holy Spirit in each of you. Get to know the gifts of the Holy Spirit through prayer.

Stay in My arms, trust this surrender that My Heart makes for you today.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In My Spiritual and Immaculate Heart you will find the protection and the help that My Maternal Love wants to pour on each of the sheep of Christ.

Dear children, with your hearts Above I invite you to be in peace and to search for this eternal peace deep in your souls. It is time to prepare the heart for the coming of the Good News that My Son will announce for each one of your lives.

My children, looking at this world with compassion I ask you: pray with the heart! Because if you do not pray with the heart, the precious instrument that God has given you will lose the spiritual strength that it has. The world lacks a deep and loving life of prayer; through this prayer all My children can be guided, as the Holy Spirit has guided My Immaculate Heart.

My Maternal Heart counts on all the open hearts to answer My call, a call that My Voice announces from Heaven to this entire humanity that is deaf to the divine call of the conversion of the heart.

For this dear children, I invite you to convert all that still needs to be converted by the merciful fire of My Son. I talk to you with love so that your consciences awaken and do not fall asleep when My Voice is lovingly manifested to you.

I ask that you follow the path of consecration to My Heart because in this way you will give Me permission to guide you to the state of peace that you must live now as a premise for your lives.

Dear children, never stop praying. Constantly elevate the prayer to Heaven; God, always mindful of the supplications of My children, will answer you. Trust Him so that in this way you love the Celestial Will.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

While from Heaven God the Father keeps His sacred gaze on all humanity, dear children, today I call you, as every day, to the reparation of the heart through prayer. A great number of souls await the prayers of all the Marian missionaries consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, souls that are far from the path of sanctity and that walk through paths without aim in life.

For this My children, as mediator in this world of today, I call you to contemplate the Merciful Face of Jesus as the only path for the redemption of the heart. These times distract the souls more each day and they are led to intentions that distance the hearts from the path to God.

Today I call you to pray with all the heart so that God hears your supplications for the salvation of all the children in the world.

With a thorn thrust in My Maternal Heart, today I ask that through prayer you repair My Immaculate Heart, so that as Mother of Mercy I can support for a while longer all the hearts that are getting lost.

May all My children be led by My Maternal Heart so that all creatures raise their arms and beg for pity.

Dear children, it is time to get to know the life of prayer; a prayer that, by the divine power it acquires, will support and protect you in the moments of the end of the cycle in the world. You need to be reborn through prayer as precious instruments in the hands of God.

All My children are called to collaborate with the planet. It is necessary that all of you know that someone in this humanity must intercede before the Universe of the Creator. For this My Son has given you the shepherds; pray for them so that the Holy Spirit guides you in these moments.

I thank you for your prayers!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As the Lady of the roses I want to bring you to My celestial Garden so that all souls, gathered as roses, can stay in the promised Paradise of the Lord.

Dear children, these promises are beautiful but today I invite you to the conversion of your life, the forgiveness of the past and the reconciliation of your hearts with each of your equals. Remember My children, that in each brother and sister there is Christ, My Resurrected Son; for this I invite you to be consistent with the Kingdom of Peace so that it is present in each of My children.

No longer fear for that which still does not change in the world, the prayer of the heart is necessary to find the Light of the Father. Little children, for this as pure essences run to the feet of the Creator because if this gesture is sincere in the offer of prayer, the Omnipotent Lord will fill you with His infinite repairing Graces.

Today I observe you and place you inside the Celestial Kingdom; the entire great humanity that does not want to change towards the plans of God, because it lives its own decision of life, is placed inside the Celestial Kingdom of prayer so that with My custodian angels we pray for the salvation and redemption of all My children.

My children, it corresponds to all of you to answer all the requests announced by our God in each of your hearts. I want to make you grow from the heart so that many of My children can imitate your simple path of consecration to the Holy Heart of Jesus.

It is time to repair the great causes that have distanced the souls from God; I come here to each of you as a mediator and as the Mother of Jesus, the Redeemer, your Savior.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

Do you await each day for the coming of My Maternal Word?

I want to instruct you, so that your hearts recognize the presence of God in all Universal Life.

I want to make you see the reality that the world lives for lack of the prayer of the heart.

I want to awaken My soldiers from their sleep so that all souls serve their equals through prayer.

For this, My children, today I invite you to consider as sacred each one of My loving words, words of God that I give you in My daily message. In this way your lives may recognize that only I, as Mother of all, want to bring you to where Jesus is, so that you redeem your lives, your actions and your hearts in Peace.

The Lord, God the Father, promises a well of Graces for all those who hear His Voice, uttered by His Favorite Son and His Faithful Servant of Nazareth.

Dear children, for this reason the moment you are living with Me is the last moment and will not repeat, because the coming of the Light of the Divine Heaven tries to awaken your consciousness and of all My other children in this world. Keep each one of My instructions as a gift and sow them so that they can sprout in the time of the return of My Son.

In this way your hearts, trained by the prayer of the heart, can testify to the presence of Christ in your lives and especially testify to all those who still do not believe in My Son’s Mercy.

And finally My dear children, remember that your souls are blessed daily by the Holy Spirit through Me and this is because I love you.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Do not worry your hearts anymore; believe the mystery of love that I am revealing to you. This, My children, will allow you to live the absolute trust in My Son and in My Maternal Heart.

Dear children, always raise your prayers to Heaven, they are well received by the Great Heart of God because in this way the Grace of reparation can act as the fire of the Holy Spirit and convert the pain of your hearts.

My little ones, today I invite you to keep praying the mysteries of the contemplation of the rosary, so that in each of the events that My Son lived you can learn about love, sacrifice, surrender and faith. By lack of these principles in the heart and in the life of many of My children, humanity has made mistakes that have offended God Creator.

For this, dear children, the prayer of the heart and the prayer among united souls will open the Celestial Door, so that all these gifts can awaken in your lives and in this way each of your little hearts become a faithful instrument of the Creator.

If humanity only stopped to think if it is in the true path of God, many consequences could be stopped and humanity would avoid living the Law of the Universe. But if there are true groups of prayer that answer My call for peace, My maternal promise is to intercede for everyone, especially those who do not have God on the heart.

In this definitive time, it is necessary to learn to grow; you have many keys. Today again I bring you: Love, Prayer, Sacrifice and Devotion. All of them can awaken other more beautiful keys.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Opening My arms once more, today I tell you, dear children, that if you are as children and come to Me you will be in the new Paradise of God. Day by day the world use up the precious resources that God has given you through each of the Kingdoms.

For this, dear children, the time of offenses to the Kingdoms will end and humanity must account for everything it has received from the hands of the Creator. It is time for pride to disappear from the hearts of My children so that the true Peace of God settles in the lives of all My children.

I ask you to be strong in the prayer of the heart so that the Celestial Grace can convert and repair everything humanity hurts before God.

Dear children, this is a time of transition your lives are going through, so these are not normal times. I call you to the awakening so that your hearts can be before each event in the world and you, as servants of My Son, participate in everything, collaborating with the sincere prayer I ask from you, a prayer that is a source of love for everyone.

In this way My children, you can have the presence of My Son Jesus perpetually in your souls and in your hearts. You who are more open to the prayer of the heart, must convert not only to sanctity but also into servers of this blind humanity through prayer.

Know, My children, that the Grace of reparation is in your hands and it comes with the prayer made with the heart. If I repeat this, it is because you still need to exercise My requests more.

I thank you for your answer!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Today, My children, I invite you to remain in the Kingdom of Heaven as the only aspiration you must awaken for this time. All your hearts must look at the horizon of God and, in this way, experience the coming of His Kingdom of Peace to the Earth.

Dear children, with your gazes directed to Heaven, I call you to intercede for all My children out of Mercy, through the ardent prayer of the heart. This, coming from each of your hearts, will be a simple act of love for humanity.

As Guardian of Faith in the hearts, live the perpetual hope that My Immaculate Heart has for the conversion of the world. Little children, you are participants in this cycle of salvation that My Son promises to all the children of God, especially those who live irreparable faults.

Still the Fountain of Jesus’ Mercy is poured on the world; it is enough that more hearts believe in this Mystery of My Son so that the Grace can descend over humanity.

For this, dear children, go and tell everyone that My Son wants to help and consecrate all the children of the Father as new fountains of life for this world in pain.

As Marian soldiers united to My Immaculate Heart, I ask you that you correspond to the great call My Heart is announcing to all of you, a call to accept the time of the descent of Mercy to My children, before the time of Divine Justice comes.

Dear children you are in My arms, as also in the Heart of God. Live this time as a time to pray more and more with the heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Today I want to see the maternal joy of My Heart spring up in My children, because of everything God has asked Me to give you with love and devotion throughout this time.

For this, dear children, it is important that your hearts revere the Creator, My Son who will return, and the Holy Spirit, because if it were like this all of you would be inside the Great Spirit of the Holy Trinity.

My children this simple act of love and reverence will keep you stable during the new time that will come. For this, dear children, I invite you to pray with the heart because with each day of prayer your lives must deepen more into the Kingdom of the Lord.

So that each of your souls finds rest in God you only need to say “yes” to Him every day, so that His Merciful Love guides you and accompanies you, especially in this hour.

I want your lives to be participants of the Kingdom where My Immaculate Heart is. For this I talk to you today about the importance of living a life of prayer, as a service to all this humanity.

As souls it is time for you to be in the arms of My Son who, as a Good Shepherd, wants you to know the essence of Celestial Peace. Live and be participants of each one of Christ’s promises through the act of the prayer of the heart and also remembering the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount.

When My Son talked about the blissful, He was inviting you to sanctify your lives in the Lord. For this, dear children, through the example of humility and charity all of you will move towards the state of true consecration.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 


Who are we?

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A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.