Second Message

And you will see the Son of God come with the victorious Cross of Emmanuel, illuminating the four corners of Earth, all races and all peoples, so that the Merciful Love of My Heart may triumph again and the doors may open for the reconciliation of souls with the Universe and life.

This victorious Cross of Emmanuel will announce a new time for the planet and its humanity.

Happy will be those who venerate it with the humility of the heart, because in the coming time they will be recognized as Children of God.

Happy will be those who believe in its power, because they will be assembled at the foot of the Cross of Emmanuel to be blessed and filled by the Holy Spirit.

And finally, companions, through the powerful Cross of Emmanuel, all adversity and evil will be defeated, and in unity with the Father, your hearts will blossom in love and in faith.

When you see the Son of God come with the victorious Cross of Emmanuel, it will be the signal that the end time is approaching; it will be the moment when your hearts must be prepared to receive what you have waited for so long.

This Cross comes to close all that is uncertain, and open the Source of Love for hearts.

The Cross of Emmanuel brings the spirit of redemption for souls and for all fallen spirits. It has the authority to bring liberation to the world and redemption for nations, because in it are kept the codes of the sacred merits of the Passion of your Lord.

In the sacred Cross of Emmanuel is kept the experience lived by Christ on Earth, the incalculable value of His sufferings, of all His sufferings and of all His agonies for the conversion and redemption of the fallen spirits of this planet; and also because of His most precious Blood poured out during His Passion and until His Death on the Cross.

The victorious Cross of Emmanuel holds, in essence, up to the last moment in which your Master and Lord expired on the Cross, giving up His Spirit to the Father, so that it would be resurrected on the third day.

Blessed will be who, in humility, contemplates the victorious Cross of Emmanuel and who asks something of the Father for any consciousness that is lost or fallen, because on the third day the Father will hear them and will respond to their plea.

This powerful Cross of Emmanuel is the symbol for the visible and invisible worlds, for the spiritual, mental, and material plane.

In it, the Father has left the merits that His Beloved Son achieved from His Birth to His Ascension into the Heavens, until before leaving this planet and rising up to the Universe.

The sacred and powerful Cross of Emmanuel brings the alliance and the union of souls with God, with His Divine Project, with His Divine Idea, with His Divine Thought, and with the purpose that each being, and creature of this humanity must manifest for the end of these times.

It is the blue symbol that defeats darkness.

There is no spirit or consciousness that can resist the victorious Cross of Emmanuel and the merits it holds, merits achieved by Christ during His passage on Earth.

The victorious Cross of Emmanuel is the symbol of union of the spiritual Universe with the material Universe, of the Source of the Father with the essence of His creatures, in all of this Universe and in others.

His Beloved Son and the holy angels of Heaven prostrate themselves before the victorious Cross of Emmanuel, because it overcomes the enemy, defeats the impious, purifies the unrighteous, and redeems those who are lost.

Open your hearts to this great moment of the descent the powerful Light of Emmanuel so that souls may abandon their inner deserts and all their agonies, so that the spirits of this Earth can be re-ignited by the powerful Light of Emmanuel that comes to meet the spirit of His children, to fill them with His Gifts and with all His Graces.

When you live some obstacle or some difficulty, prostrate yourselves before the powerful and victorious Cross of Emmanuel and contemplate it, lit up and bright, and see how it penetrates spaces and planes, filling them with Light and Mercy, and in this way, your sufferings will dissolve.

Powerful Father of the Universe, Beloved and Resplendent Emmanuel!

Today Your Son offers the symbol for the redemption of souls and of all this planet.

Your Son places the powerful Cross of Emmanuel on Your Altar so that, for all sacrifices, afflictions, and sufferings lived by Your Beloved Son, Your Graces and Mercies may return to souls, that the essence of evil may be dissolved, and that Your Divine and Glorious Hope shine within hearts.

O Glorious Cross of Emmanuel, which comes to the world to assist souls, which descends in Glory to ignite hearts, which comes to aid the unredeemed!

O Holy Father!

May your powerful Blue Cross cause Your Purpose to be fulfilled in souls, so that evil may be dissolved and joy may return to the clean hearts, and thus we may live in communion with Your Spirit and Your Divinity.

Today I illumine you with the powerful Cross of Emmanuel so that all may be transformed and transmuted.

You will see the Spirit of the Father shine at the Marian Centers, which, being imperceptible and silent, comes to the world to gather together the flocks of God and take them to an encounter with the Return of Christ.

Heaven gives you one more symbol of redemption and of mercy.

May the Cross be the impulse for the return to your origins, and in essence, to your beginning.

And thus, you will be able to live the Plan as God has designed it in His Merciful Heart.

Do not fear, the suffering of the world will end, but humanity still must learn what it has not learnt.

My Heart and My Life give you the powerful and victorious Cross of Emmanuel so that it may illumine the paths of the disciples of Christ, of the peoples of God, of the servants of the Plan during the time of the great tribulation.

When I Am no longer among you, not even here, you will have what can be used: the powerful Cross of Emmanuel, and you will remember, at each moment, the Sacrifice of the Son of God and all the merits that He achieved through His sorrowful Passion.

May the Spirit of the Father descend to the Sacred Centers and may souls listen within to the Voice and Echo of God, so they may walk towards a meeting with the victorious Cross of Emmanuel, which will be the portal of union with the Universe and the stars.

O Holy Purpose of Emmanuel, make Yourself visible to the souls of the world!

May the chains of perdition be broken, May hearts be liberated, and may souls find communion with Your Spirit.

After two thousand and eighteen years, your Master and Lord descends in Aurora, with the powerful and victorious Cross of Emmanuel to illumine the visible and invisible spaces, to give the Grace of redemption to and healing to all fallen spirits.

And together with His Angels of Heaven, the Master sings Hallelujah because His expected Return to humanity is fulfilled, at the end of the cycle, under the Glory and the Power of Emmanuel.

In this Marathon, may souls be able to revive their commitment to the Most High rather than to the low.

May souls be able to again awaken the essence of their purpose, so as to abide by the Will of the Father, and thus respond to His call, in the end of this time.

I come here, bringing in My Hands the powerful and victorious Cross of Emmanuel so that the doors may be closed, and the Kingdom of God descend, in order to transfigure the hearts and lives of all people.

Beloved Father Emmanuel, breath of the Powerful Spirit of God, inextinguishable and irrefutable  Essence, powerful code of redemption and of cosmic liberation!

Rebuild, in this race, Your sacred Principles, so that under the powerful Blue Light of Your Divine Consciousness, souls may take flight towards Your Source, and thus meld with Your Glorious and Living Heart.

Just like the powerful and victorious Cross of Emmanuel, I give you the Sacrament of Communion with My Body and with My Blood, so that you may again vivify your commitment to the Father and His Sacred Plan.

As done more than two thousand and eighteen years ago, I again say to you to eat because this is My Body, which has been given for the unrighteous and the traitors, for the redemption of all souls and of all sinners, so that, someday, they may awaken to the Truth that is the Love and Unity with the Father.

In the same way, I tell you to drink because this is My Blood, of the New Covenant, which comes to purify you and sanctify you in communion with humility and with truth.

Receive this Sacrament in the name of Emmanuel, in order that not only the Universe may fulfill the Divine Purpose, but that all souls, all peoples, and all races may awaken to redemption and to healing in these times.

And thus, I leave you with the Blessing of Emmanuel, preparing you for the day of the consecration of His victorious and powerful Cross, in which many more spirits, scattered throughout this planet, will surrender when the Cross is ignited and unites with the Father, and the Father unites with His children.

I bless you, and offer this Meeting of prayer for those who are no longer here, and for those who have closed their heart to the Truth for fear, for trepidation, or by dissociation.

May one small particle of the sacred Light of Emmanuel reach these souls so that the Plan be rebuilt, just as God has thought it.

Carrying in My Hand the powerful Cross of Emmanuel, lit up and resplendent, bringing Heaven to Earth, bringing God to Aurora, I prepare you for these days of reconfirmation and for the experience of Christic Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


While Our Sacred Hearts are here today, present among you, your Celestial Mother opens the doors so that an infinite legion of angels may invade Earth, in order to pour out on this humanity the Graces of God, those which the Sacred Family of Nazareth once received at the Manger in Bethlehem.

Those same merits that were granted to the Three Sacred Hearts are arriving through The Most Chaste Saint Joseph and your Celestial Mother to all the families of the world.

The legion of angels that your Celestial Mother sends today towards the five continents has the divine Purpose of dissipating and disarming the plans of My adversary.

Each prayer that was pronounced today with the sincerity of your hearts, My children, allowed the Sacred Hearts to expand their Graces over this suffering and divided world.

I would like this same spiritual impulse to emerge from your hearts so that a new spiritual family may be born, first in your essences, to later emerge in the consciousness of humanity, free of separations, outrages, and indifferences.

Today the Sacred Family comes through your hearts to the families that are enslaved by work, by manual exploitation, and by the sale of thousands of innocent lives that are imprisoned by the chains of other human beings in this world.

Your prayers reached all those hearts that lost faith and trust in God because their lives were completely empty.

Lastly, My children, on this day of spiritual blessing I would like you to offer the Eucharist for the inner restoration of hearts wounded by so many outrages and exploitations.

I thank those who made my coming to Argentina possible and I hope to soon be together with My children to praise God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Not even the heaviest yoke can make you give up this path. All sacrifice, when lived with love, becomes light and simple.

The weight of the Cross of Christ was not in the wood He was carrying. His sacrifice did not lie in the pain of His wounds. He was carrying the sins of the world that had been committed until that moment, and was also forgiving there all those which would be committed throughout time.

Incomprehensible to the human mind was the weight of that cross, just as incomprehensible to many today is the weight that some companions of Christ carry to prepare His return. Because both the Cross of Christ and the cross of these times hold in themselves a burden invisible to human eyes, yet almost palpable to those who carry it. This burden, which exists in the consciousness, is carried to transform that which must be healed in the human consciousness itself.

In the same way that the merits attained on the cross of Christ were only seen after the Resurrection of Jesus, the merits of the burdens carried in these times, for many will only be seen after the return of Christ and the establishment of the new life on Earth.

Those who understand the life of the spirit will not be confused by the appearances of matter and will live the love and unity needed to cross the obstacles that will come. But many others will fall through a lack of understanding and through the inability to live a higher reality and to transcend material happenings, just as occurred with many in the time of Christ.

In a spiritually similar way, the happenings are repeated for the establishment of the Plan of God, because the science that carries them into the manifestation of this Plan is always the same. For this reason, you must observe the life of Christ and reach the essence of the Teaching that He left you, and not only the facts. The facts may change, but the essence of the experience that you must live is the same.

The happenings themselves are leading you to that experience: the same tests, the same temptations, the same burdens. It will be enough now that from you spring the same perseverance, the same unity with God, the same surrender, and the same love of Christ.

The path to Christification is now proclaimed and your feet are already called to step upon this way. It will be up to each one the way you will live the Passion of these times, carrying with love your own cross or being a burden carried by others.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To be nothing is to discover the truth about yourself. To lose your own identity or individuality is to reach the Origin of all, where there is no other thing but the unity with the Whole.

To come to be nothing is a great challenge because the individual identity of each consciousness was built beyond this world and this life, in others experiences of the soul and of the spirit that transcend what you know about yourselves today.

Great, children, is the mystery of the Divine Will because the Creator, who was One, divided Himself into three and, thus, in many others particles of life, whose true mission is discovering themselves in unity with Him again.

The Creator multiplied Himself in the universes, in the galaxies, in the constellations, in the stars, in the planets, in the beings, in the Kingdoms of Nature; He created the evolutionary scale that it is nothing more than the path of return to the Origin. The Creator opened the dimensions from matter to the superuniverses, and closed –from the top down– the doors that lead to Him. And the only key that opens these doors is love.

To be nothing, children, is to discover the truth about yourselves. To be nothing as individuals, as personalities, as separated particles of God, is to know that the Creator is who lives within each being; He is who animates life.  The one who discovers oneself in God and God in oneself lives the plenitude.

Lose the fear of losing yourselves, because it is lost from yourselves that you will find yourselves. To be nothing is to discover the truth about yourselves.

The illusion of the illusions is to believe that you are something, to celebrate merits and to cry the defeats. God is the one who lives in each creature; His is the victory of Your lives and to Him belongs your evolution, towards Him is the path of the return, in Him are enclosed all the sciences, all the rays, all the worlds, all life.

The Creator emanates life, which must return to Him: it is the eternal cycle of building and believing yourself to be something to, then, deconstruct yourself, know that you are nothing and in the nothingness discover the Whole, God, the One and Only and Immutable in His Infinity, static in His permanent movement.

The quest of nothingness is not sad. To lose yourself is not to die, it is to find yourself. To die is not to end, it is to start over again.

To know is not to be. That is why I tell you these things.

Children, more than knowing the science of nothingness, you must live it. That is why I tell you things that many times you already know, because yesterday was the era of knowing and today is time of being.

Your Father and Friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


For the divine Life to find in your heart a door to enter into humanity, you must have the manifestation of this life as priority.

When you are conscious that the most important is the union with God, you do it at each moment and you do not need to be closed in a chapel for this, because there are many forms to be united with the Father and one of them is to be His worker and building in the world His Work, so that not only you, child, but many others, unite themselves with Him.

You would not have to lose the opportunity to contemplate the Heart of God and to be perfectly united with Him, but as long as your tasks are still for yourself, they will separate you from God and, even if you believe that you do it for Him, you will not be able to find this union in your work.

The depth of the consciousness of each one is only known by themselves, and if you search it within you, you will know if your intention is to build something for God or if you are searching to big up yourself and receive the merits for fulfilling these tasks that you help to manifest.

Why did Santa Teresa of Jesus attain contemplation, if she spent so many days and so many hours occupying herself with foundations, constructions, with forming consecrated beings, with contacts in society?

Because she knew that what she was doing did not have any other end but to manifest a work that allowed the union of the human heart with God.

How could Father Pio contemplate if he was so busy with confessions, with administrating the construction of a hospital, with the pain that the wounds on his body caused him and also the wounds of his heart, caused by the incomprehension of beings?

Because he knew that everything he did had no other end but to expand a divine reign whose king he was not, it was Christ.

Child, if you want to grow as a soul, as a consciousness and as a servant of God and if you want to be a real instrument of God and builder of His Work in the world, forget from now onwards the merits that you may want for yourself.

If you are doing something and deep inside you gratify yourself for manifesting it, meditate and ask for mercy for your ignorance and for wanting to be recognized for a work that is not yours. In each moment, meditate on your intentions, and everything that you do, do it for God and not for yourself.

If in your activities you exercise what I tell you and in everything you are searching to please the Lord and to create conditions so that humanity has a form to unite itself to Him, when the moment to pray arrives, it will not cost you so much to find the Father, because in no moment you left Him.

Thus, child, your life will not be anymore an eternal falling and getting up, an eternal distancing and approaching yourself to God, and every day, in every liturgy, you will have the opportunity to unite yourself even more with Him.

The possibility to evolve and to fly to sublime worlds or to stay within yourself, with the illusionary merits of a task that is not yours, remains in your hands.

For the inner growth of humanity and its union with God I tell you these things.

I leave you My blessing.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Message of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

I want My Omnipresence to be demonstrated to the world and that the Power of My Heart, which is incomprehensible to many, is able to touch your lives to completely transform them.

One day, I will look down from the Kingdom of the Heavens and in the world, I will contemplate the fruits of so many impulses sent by God.

Today I want to calm your hearts, so that you may know that the steps are being taken in your spirits and that your souls are complying with the many impulses you have received. 

I tell you this, for I see many hearts that are distressed, because they believe that they are not responding to My call; but I tell you, My dears, that your souls are precious in the Eyes of God, Who does not find in the world those who open their hearts to live His Words, which descend through His Messengers.

While My Voice resounds in unison through so many hearts, it also enters into your essences and strengthens them.

I see in your lives today the fruits of prayer, because divine purity already has room in your essences, and many can confirm what I tell you.

My dears, although the times place you in many tests and the life in matter as well as the life of the spirit demand more and more attention from your beings, I want you to be firm on this path and to  count on My maternal assistance.

Many suffer because they do not truly believe in the miraculous power of divine transformation, which transforms the hardest clay into a cup to be filled by the Love of God and by His Holy Spirit.

My beloved ones, let the Gift of Hope be a reality for all the beings of this world, because it is possible to experience a special state of Grace in this time and become a sacred instrument of God, who permanently accomplishes His Plan.

My beloved ones, do not be afraid of healing your hearts and of surrendering your faults to Me. Do not be ashamed of what you once were or what you still want to be because of the impulses of the world; rather, just as you are, walk towards these arms that open to your hearts and invite them into a divine embrace.

May the power of My Immaculate Heart transform your souls and essences and give you the courage and valor to continue forward.

Do not fear, do not stop; only walk and abandon the past. I will gather up what you leave along the way and carry it to the Feet of the Creator as a sample of the transformation of humanity, so as to generate merits for others to receive redemption.

I fondly love you and I thank you, today and forever, for responding to My Divine Call.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



May the Glory of God live and reign in each one of your hearts.

Dear children, with deep joy I traverse the world and My pilgrim steps conduct Me to those most in need, so that they may awaken the eternal Faith in My Immaculate Heart and the Love for it.

I come as Queen of Peace to establish My Kingdom in the world, because this Earth needs to awaken for Peace, and above all because the human heart needs this universal and divine attribute.

I come today bringing the Peace of My Heart as a primordial attribute for life on Earth, because those who have become peacemakers will not perish before the tribulations that the world already lives.

By the Lord's request I traverse all the nations pacifying the souls so that before the greatest test, the last threshold to be crossed by the consciousness, His creatures may take the steps they need to take, in profound harmony.

Those who have eyes to see and heart to feel know how much the world needs Peace to balance the many conflicts that there are among the beings, among the nations, and between humans and God.

I return to the world once and once more, to give testimony, through My presence, of the existence of a Greater Universe that is alive and full and that awaits the awakening of all beings.

Despite not having the permission to show Myself to the eyes of all My children, still, I can show Myself to the heart of all of those who open the doors to Me.  My presence in your lives does not happen in the mind, My dears, but in the depths of the heart.

Each one of My little children will receive the touch of My Peace, in the form that they need it, and in the form they permit Me to do it.

To the simple souls, devout and of open heart, My kingdom will be shown, but it will not be out of favor to them but out of their own merit.  Their faith will open the doors of Heaven, and the key that blossomed from their hearts will show them the entrance to this Kingdom.

Today I want you to understand that the primordial reason for the existence of all is the awakening of true Love, the Love that donates all of itself, and becomes empty before the Universe.  My Heart, the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus come, in this time of changes, to show you the path that must be traversed, that unlike what many think is a path of simplicity and humility.

It happens that My children are so separated from Divine life, that many have lost the link with the celestial attributes that were infused in them at their origin.  But today I call you to not be discouraged, because each one of the virtues to be lived is latent in the interior of each one of you, and little by little you will be able to find them, as you seek them.

Awaken, My little ones, awaken! Because higher life awaits you, and My presence calls you to experience this sublime reality. For this I am here today among you, and I welcome you into My mantle, protecting you and leading you always.

I thank this city for opening to Me the doors of the heart.

I thank each devout soul that clamored for My presence in this place, and today I say to you:

Here I am, My dears; your Divine Mother has come to the encounter with you.

May Peace reign in your lives!

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace


My dears,

Today I want to confirm to your hearts that My Mantle must be a single mantle of light that covers all of humanity. I want each corner of this Mantle to be sustained by the hands of My children, those who have given themselves to My Heart, independent of religion, belief, or race.

My Heart contemplates hearts, souls, and spirits, and there, where My gaze can reach, there is no difference between My children.

My dears, My Word arrives in this time in many places of the world and, in all of them, My Message is the same, a message of peace, of union between peoples and nations, races and religions.

Humanity itself created its own separation, so that each one, in their own way, could find God, and now My Heart comes to unite all of My children under My Mantle of Light.

As the Mother of all humanity, I come to ask you to pray for one another, so that all of My children may know My Heart and thus reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let there be no competition, envy, nor any distinction between My little ones, because today I tell you that all the creatures that your eyes can see and your hearts can feel must equally enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 

All of My children must walk together to achieve the Grace of being by My side. And it does not matter to the Heart of God who will arrive first at His Kingdom, nor does it matter to Him the number of merits generated to reach Paradise. 

My Heart descends to Earth bringing the boat of salvation for souls and for all Kingdoms, and this boat will only return to the Kingdom of God when the last of My children has entered it.

Today My Heart invites you to awaken to love and fraternity; it invites you to see the hearts of the world through My eyes and, when you see any creature before yourselves, aspire with the heart that it may find Me, that it may walk towards the Heart of God, through the Heart of Christ.

If each time that you see a brother or a sister you silently send them an impulse of love and hope, so that they may one day find the Kingdom of Heaven, the impulse will reach these hearts and will open the door for the Love of God to enter these souls. In this way, you will be intercessors of souls before God, working for all of His children.

If you never forget that all creatures, absolutely all of them, must reach the Kingdom of Heaven, little by little competition will be erased from your hearts and celestial fraternity will be drawn with a pencil of light.

Place your hearts in this simple lesson of peace and allow love to accompany your thoughts and let the heart be the guide of your lives.

Always pray for one another.

I thank you for praying with Me and for receiving Me today.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

As Mother of the Good Advice, today I tell you My children: be in My Peace, trust in My Peace, live in My Peace, so that this celestial and inner serenity that many of My children lack may come to all through the imperious strength of the prayer of the heart.

Today I am with you, tomorrow in the Celestial Kingdom of God the world must be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, this is My divine mission for this time.

For this dear children, the offer on your part, by means of the exercise of prayer and of a life of sanctity, manifested in fraternity, in charity, in service and in love to the neighbor, all this will count for the merits of the salvation of the world, for the salvation of all the souls who are without God, even those who still believe they are in Him but whose lives take them away from the Heart of God.

So, beloved children, the most loving act of reparation for all faults comitted against the Universe of God is the prayer and the fraternal donation for others.

I want to tell you, My little children, that each step you give through prayer will be collaborating for peace in the world.

The Grace and the Love of God will be the strength for all the Marian missionaries who are on their way to the consecration of My Immaculate Heart.

Also, today I tell you, My little creatures, to not have fear for anything. I will be in your hearts when you allow it. Know that I am a Messenger of God who wants to let you know the infinite love of the Father in My Son Jesus.

Your hearts must be prepared for when the One Son of God returns to the meeting of all the hearts. Trust in His Merciful Love because each one of you may be in this immense and compassionate love of Jesus.

Let us pray for all the reasons that hearts need before God the Father.

Thank you for answering My call.


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