To the youth of the planet

Children, this is the beginning of a new cycle for the planetary consciousness. Next August will mark the time of even deeper definitions for souls, and the Youth Festival for Peace comes to open the doors of this cycle for all young people of the Earth.

You must be aware that your mission does not start or finish in this Festival, because it is the beginning of a path which will be endless, profound and painful for many, a path of transformation, of definition, a path to discover the truth about yourselves and lose the fear of expressing it.

I tell you that it will be a painful path because the current youth is very involved with superficialities, in a poorly profound life from a spiritual point of view. It is a youth educated to think only in themselves, in their own advantage, in their own pleasure. It is a youth built in an era of permanent involutive stimuli, a youth that represents the last cycles of the old humankind and that is completely impregnated by the patterns left by all the previous generations.

This is the youth that must live the transition of the planet and bear the currents that will descend to reform the Earth and to attract a new life. This youth will have to say “no” to all the patterns they carry in their consciousness – as a compiled set of human experiences of all eras of humanity – in order to be nothing and be reborn in life as children of God.

Thus, children, see that the Youth Festival for Peace is only a door that opens in the consciousness of the youth and that very timidly shows you the rising of a new Sun in the horizon.

Being the beginning of a new spiritual cycle, although it may not seem to be so, the Youth Festival for Peace will place your consciousnesses before an inner synthesis, perhaps even sooner than the Festival happens.

That will be so because those who first say “yes” are the spearhead that breaks the old barriers and opens the consciousness for the new. These must be the example for those who will come afterwards, and to be so they will be forged in the invisible of the spirit.

May the young people awake for a new time and a new life. May they prepare their spirits to sustain the planet with peace and inner harmony and may they be the sowers of the future, preparing life of those who will be the youth of the new Earth.


Dear servants of the Most High God,

On this day I tell you that, in order that you may yet live in this world, the Superior Laws that are lived in the universe, you must find the sacred again.

The sacred is the gift of knowing the presence of God in all things. The sacred fulfills the soul and approaches the spirit to the corrupted matter, so that it can make it pure and clear.

To find the sacred is a simple way to say that the consciousness is walking the path of the Universal Laws. And the key to discover the sacred in all things is reverence.

Every day, the forces of opposition to the Plan of God try to destroy the sacred as a concept in the human life, and this begins from childhood, degenerating the family relationships.

It is for this reason that My Chaste Heart descends to the world, in order to make a special plea to the families. As well as I could live the sacred, together with the Holy Family of Nazareth, today I ask you to look after the sacred within your families.

That, from childhood, children may come to know love, reverence for God, as well as for their neighbor; reverence for ceremonies, for prayer, for the Kingdoms of Nature, for life.

The purity that the little ones bring, may it not be lost from their hearts. Beware of the influences that they receive; give preference to the contact with the Kingdoms of Nature rather than the contact with technologies. Do not seek only to distract your children, siblings, grandchildren, nephews and nieces; but instead assume these little souls and be the example for them to follow. May they find, in the life of spirit, the joy of being in life, and this will happen through your example.

A life empty of love, empty of God and of His Holy Spirit is creating the current youth of the world, those that no longer find a meaning for living, because their souls, that came to the world in this time to fulfill a specific mission, are not finding, in that which the planet offers, what God has entrusted to them.

Therefore, look after the youth and the children of the world and make yourselves responsible for those who are by your side. Show them the life of spirit, of prayer, of spiritual quest, of things that transcend life in matter.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.