The true fruit of prayer is Love and from Love is born the confidence in God.  From this confidence, Faith sprouts as a seed of light so that afterwards it may become a flower that will be at the feet of the Altar of God.

The only path is Hope because from it, Wisdom is born and from Wisdom, the servant consciousness is nourished to someday live in Peace.  From Peace comes meekness, that is the gift of the pacifiers and this meekness is the shield against all restlessness and disturbance.

Fear exists for the lack of confidence, and fear is a misleading weapon that My adversary uses to make the hearts give up on the Path of God.  From this fear, wrath is born and from wrath, comes guilt and oppression, cunnings from the enemy to impede your confirmation to the Plan of God.

But the soul that prays, renews itself and loses all of the fears, does not have anything to gain nor to lose because it is surrendered to the Will of God.  Who lives prayer, bear good fruits, but who prays in sincerity and without automatisms will convert itself into a precious pearl to God.

For this I come to the world to teach you about this school of prayer.  If you enter this path you shall get to know your potentials and virtues.  It is enough to just take the first step so that in a short time you may liberate yourselves from all the codes of superfluous and petty life.

Be today a great mirror of light that, through the loving prayer, reflects to the world the Light of Christ among darkness.

Be pillars of the new time so that My Son may institute His Temple of Mercy in you and, in this way, the basis of the New Humanity will be able to be manifested.

Banish from your consciousness the path of perdition and spiritual blindness, open the eyes and read the message that the Queen of Heaven has written to you.

These are already the last announcements before everything is triggered.  Live in prayer and someday you will be a reflection of a living prayer, permeated by The Spirit of Christ and free from all evil.

The world needs mirrors of prayer, power plants of cosmic and divine fire, that attract towards the planet, the laws of Mercy and Harmony in a time of great imbalances.

The proposal to convert your life is in force.  Adhere to the call and enter the universe of My Heart in order to thus redeem your consciousnesses.


As the roses that open themselves during the dawn, My Heart opens itself on this day by means of the seven rays so that you My dear children, may be able to understand the sacred mysteries that I guard.

I Am the Great Marian Heart that radiates the seven rays.  I Am the ray of Will-Power.  By means of My Heart the Father manifests and realizes His works of Peace.  In this way My Heart, by means of the Will of God, summons all of the creatures so that they may live the Sacred Will.

I Am the ray of Love-Wisdom.  By means of My Heart the Father manifests the Source of His Love and of His Unity for all the Creation.

I Am the ray of Intelligence.  By means of My Divine Thought the Father materializes His precious ideas and all that is thought by the Divine Mind finds space and place to manifest itself.

I Am the ray of Harmony and of Healing.  By means of My Maternity the Father heals the hearts, redeems them and opens to them a door towards redemption.

I Am the ray of Science.  By means of My Word the Father manifests His Scientific and Divine Power and all that has been created can live again its configuration because the Divine Science is the path that materializes the plans of the Creator.

I Am the ray of Devotion.  By means of My Perpetual Prayer the Father relieves humanity.  The universes, suns and stars congregate themselves in their spaces in order to give, from time to time, a spiritual impulse of light to humanity.   My Devotion is ignited in the simple hearts and the power of the ray of My Devotion is able to show itself in the good souls, in those souls that know how to listen to the heart.

I Am the ray of the Rhythm and of the Ceremonial.  By means of My Existence the Father orders the spiritual and material life.  He gestates a unique opportunity of communing with the Greater Source in all of those who follow My call.

My Universal Heart is the regent of all of the rays because the different rays also express themselves over the planetary life and they are like great paths in order to live the experiences of faith, of love and of compassion.

I wish that you also know Me as the Sacred Mother of the Rays.  In this way you will recognize in My presence the faithful and powerful Divinity of God, that from the beginning has been the Source of Love and of Truth.


Dear and beloved children of the Father,

All the offenses that are generated in the world are forgiven day by day through the Unfathomable and Powerful Divine Mercy that springs as a fountain from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Therefore today, My little ones, you must surrender in faith to the infinite mystery of forgiveness and of reparation for the hearts that have fallen into the faults that offend God.

So that the world and the souls may achieve peace and universal harmony necessary in this end of times, My Son needs humble and spontaneous soldiers of Mercy.

Dear children, the Universal King of the Love of God, Jesus Christ, awaits daily that through prayer, service and frater- nity new soldiers are able to be His instruments so that His Mercy may be propagated through the world. The hearts still have not understood the true mystery of the merciful Rays of Jesus; therefore today I invite you to propagate this important Grace that My Son is pouring over the whole world.

My children, in His Sorrowful Passion were radiated the highest States of Love that flowed out from the wounded Heart of Jesus. Now resurrected, He calls you to the conversion of your lives and to drink from the Fountain of Christ Itself, which heals all and cures all.

Dear children, it is time to awaken before that magnificent and splendorous Grace of Redemption and Forgiveness in which My Son is calling you to be participants.

May your lives be only Mercy. May your actions be merciful. May your words and thoughts be impregnated by Divine Mercy. May the Fire of the Love of Jesus convert you into instruments of His Unfathomable Mercy.

Dear children, you still have time!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


I bless My little ones in the loving power of Jesus so that your hearts may find the safe refuge inside the Celestial Temple of God.

Dear children, today I invite you to pray with the inner voice of your hearts, because in this exercise you will find the art of living the contemplation of the heart. Today I call you to exercise the contemplative prayer, which means, My dear children, to leave the heart, the mind and the spirit in the Hands of God.

This simple exercise, My children, will help you in the harmony and in the silence that you and the world need so much, a silence that will lead you to find peace.

Dear children, as Mother of Divine Prayer I prepare you for the moments in which prayer must be the sustenance for your lives. Dear children, this is why the prayer that is pronounced with the love of your hearts is so important, in this way your souls will be dialoging with the Most High, moment by moment.

I invite you to help the planet and humanity through the prayer of the heart. I invite you today to find meaning for your lives by means of prayer, your union with the Eternal Father.

In this way, dear children, your hearts will serve as instruments of peace, of love and of hope for the hearts that still remain closed to the call of God.

Your lives must commune at each moment with My Son. Your lives consecrated in Jesus will be Divine lives in the arms of the Creator, because the unfathomable Mercy must be the hope of a new way out for those who seek with the feeling of the heart.

Above all let us pray for peace, and remain in My Maternal Peace.

I thank you, dear children!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My children,

Time is passing in the lives of all souls and, today again I invite you to be in My Peace.

Dear children, in order to remain in this Kingdom I invite you to live in prayer. Today, once again, I reiterate this request in the face of the need for love and unity among the hearts of all My children. When in truth you accept to be in the Celestial Kingdom of Peace your lives will reach harmony and peace in the heart.

When I tell you that time is passing in the lives of My children, it is because few stop to look and to pray to the Heart of My Son. The souls distance themselves from the source of life without noticing, even more so when many hearts reaffirm their personal truth.

Being the Mother, Help of all Christians, and the Queen of Peace, of Love and of Salvation, I ask that you never forget to live in the presence of Jesus. In this way, with a loving gesture that is born from your heart towards the neighbor, you will help to reverse the lack of consciousness and the lack of aspiration to search for Jesus.

As I have said to you before, dear children, He waits for you in the silence of the heart; therefore, do not detain yourselves in time and start to pray at each moment of your lives. The Lord of the Universe will be thankful for your collaboration.

Dear children, for this reason today I tell you to remain in the Love of God, because the Love of God will be the shield for your protection and this Divine Love will serve as help for your decisions in life.

Surrender your very little wills so that the Living Christ may find rest in your dwellings. Light must enter the hearts of all

My children, even more those who must initiate the path of the conversion of the heart.

Let us pray for all of them.

I thank you!

Live in the humility of Jesus.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

Awaken to the call of peace! Today I ask you to open your hearts so that more light from My Immaculate Heart may enter into your lives. My Maternal Light takes you towards the Eternal Redeeming Light of Christ. My prayer gathers you as souls so that together We may pray for peace.

The world changes fast and it is necessary to create pillars of prayer that may be able to harmonize the consciousness of humanity before the events that it produces with its actions.

I tell you, dear children, that the life of prayer will keep you prepared for the times of change. The important thing is that your hearts be participants in the life of the Spirit of God so that you may be able to transmit the Love of the Father to all those who need it.

All My praying children are called in this time to the repara- tion of the soul and the heart through continuous prayer. Your groups of prayer must represent the Heart of the Living Christ for this humanity, and this heart, formed by your prayers, must widely expand love towards the whole world.

I invite you to be bearers of My Peace; believe in it because the Peace of the Lord is necessary in all humanity in these moments.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Only find refuge in the House of God.
Only wait for the coming of My Son with joy.
Only await in prayer to find peace.

Dear children,

Today I call you to revere God, the Great Creator of the Universe. Each new day must be a praise to the Lord because in this way your lives will be partakers of His Law of Love and Forgiveness.

My children forget the Eternal Father. Today I remind you that you must always return to the Universe elevated, as souls, through prayer. Wait with joy for the coming of the Messenger of God, the King of the Redeeming Love, My Glorified Son, because while waiting, you are opening your hearts for the new that comes from Jesus.

Revere the Creator as a Path of Consecration of your lives to the Will of the Father. Know, My children, that in each act of reverence you will be praising God and in this way you will form part of the harmony that the world needs and has lost because it forgot to praise the Creator.

Today I invite you to remember this act of reverence because it will lead you to live in the devotion of the heart, a pathway that opens to the encounter with faith.

Dear children, if humanity loved God the Creator, the plans would already be different. As a Mediator, I want to make you discover His Love in each one of your hearts. It is time to recognize that without Jesus, you will not be able see the path clearly. Jesus is the vision that, as Light, illuminates life in order to redeem it. And for this to happen, it is important to pray with the heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


In truth I tell you, dearest children, that whoever remains under the Light of My Immaculate Heart will always be able

to be guided, as long as you remember that you must be loving, helpful and compassionate with your fellow humans so that My Plans of Peace may be fulfilled in all nations of the Earth.

This is why, My children, today I invite you to be an active part of the power of prayer so that your lives may be a principle of Creation in the Hands of God and the sound of love that is born from His Voice.

It is important, dear children, to be what God wants you to be in this time. As instruments of the Father, carry My Peace today because there are many who still do not have it and need it. You will be potential roses in My garden only when you unite to Me in the prayer of the heart. Thus you will radiate to the world the Light that it needs in these times of changes.

Dear children, correspond to what God asks of you today: to be true children of God in the prayer of the heart and in peace because in this way you will be helping the inner harmony that many of My children need.

The Kingdom of My Peace wants to dwell in the lives of all, but I still find places that are not filled with My Maternal Love. Therefore today I invite you to be empty, empty as was My Son Jesus at the moment of carrying the cross and reaching the Calvary.

Imitate Jesus in the simple examples so that your lives may find the path of humility that all humanity should travel before the throne of God.

The Source of Love is springing up in the name of the Father through My Maternal Immaculate Heart so that you may rec- ognize that I love you and that I accompany you as the Lady of Eternal Graces.

I thank you for corresponding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Dear children,

Never lose the delight of living in the Lord and the joy of responding to His Divine Will.   You My children, already know that humanity needs much prayer to be able to relieve from the Heart of the Father all the suffering that it lives.

As the Grace and Reconciliation that have been the two keys that opened new doors for you, today I ask that always you remember all the children that unconscious and without inner guidance, are on their way to the abyss through the temptations of this world epoch.

You, in prayer may help all these beloved children that do not live in God but that tempted, fall without the salvation of the soul.  God wants for this hour to arrive with His Fountain of Mercy and Prodigies, through all the Marian hearts that answer the call for peace and redemption of all creatures of this world.

For this dear children, all prayers that you practice during this time will have repercussions for the time of the so called final judgment.

My call asks you to unite your hearts to the Divine Heart of My Son so that thus the world, through the consecrated hearts, may be saved and redeemed.

Dear children, no soul is far from its own judgment with God.  For this He invites you to live in reconciliation and in prayer, to be able to manifest harmony and peace in you.

Know My children, that My Heart of Mother awaits you in prayer because the prayer from the heart awakens faith that is supported by the Flame of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.


Little children,

Remember being as children so as to be in the Victorious Kingdom of the Lord. With your pure hearts you will find the doors to the Heavens. In the prayer of the Heart you will find a lovely refuge that I prepare for you inside My Immaculate Heart.

And if you are in My Son, the Master of Love, you will know the outpouring of His Grace and His Mercy for this new time that comes for humanity.

The harmony in your hearts together with the act of daily prayer helps to dissolve the great evils and sufferings that many souls live. So that the Light of Christ will be present in each life on Earth you must, in the prayer of the heart, give the permission so that mercy may act in the world.

The Fountain of Divine Mercy needs praying missionaries that can answer the call for peace that My Immaculate Heart pronounce to the world, an urgent call for the reparation of all people, believers and atheists, those who need the Grace of redemption to be able to be in the omnipotent reconciliation and mercy of God the Father.

For all this dear children, My Marian Voice calls you to live the time of true and constant prayer for the souls of this world and for the souls from purgatory.

Every creature of this age that was born from the Heart of God, but that has come by other paths to insurmountable trials and learnings, all of them must become able to be rescued and saved for this time.

My Maternal Heart invites you to convert yourselves into continuous prayer so that each of your lives represents a flame of prayer for this current humanity that must reach the Grace of conversion.

My Marian Spirit is with each one of your hearts that form the groups of prayer and also with those children who in solitude pray alone.

My Merciful Heart wants to touch with Its Light all creatures that are on the face of the Earth because I want to bring all to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Dear and beloved children,

Before anything that happens in the world you must irradiate the absolute peace of the heart which is coming to life in each one of My children through the daily coming of My Immaculate Heart for your lives.

That today, My children, may harmony prevail in your hearts so that the peace of Christ may settle in them. It is necessary to have much bravery for this time, a bravery that brings you to donate yourselves to God so that the plans of My Peace are fulfilled throughout the world.

Today I call you in a special way to convert yourselves into a point of prayer and devotion so that in this way the angels may help in the salvation of many souls. For this dear children, I place you close to the Kingdom of the Lord and thus your hearts will participate in the inner communion with My Son.

Today I also invite you in obedience to live from prayer, as a primary instrument that will quench the thirst of the spirit and will allow you to meet with My Son, who awaits you in love and in forgiveness.

For this dear children, open the doors of your hearts so that My Heart of Peace may sow itself in your lives and thus you may see the purpose of the Creator. Through absolute trust in God you may accompany step by step, My plans of salvation for each one of the souls.

Awaken in your lives that which My Son has left you as a legacy: the Good News and live them as precious precepts for the transformation and the consecration to God the Father.

May the Holy Spirit be the guidance for each one of My children. Start this day in prayer because you know that I support you above all things.

I love you. Be in My Maternal Peace.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Dear children,

Peace comes when it is requested through daily prayer. Peace is constructed as an Inner Temple and it has its foundations in love and in harmony. Divine Love and harmony is what is lacking in the world; therefore in prayer are to be found the keys that will allow all to live in true peace.

Dear children, Peace is like the great guiding star that the world needs today so that the events in humanity can change. Peace radiates hope to you and hope will bring you forgiveness together with Mercy. For this reason you must build the path of prayer like a beautiful garden of roses so that together, in fraternity, you may all feel and see in your hearts the different talents that the soul in prayer awakens.

Today, dear children, I give you the seven talents of prayer:

The talent of Love, through the absolute giving of the heart;

The talent of Peace, through the hope that can be emanated from life;

The talent of Joy, through harmony;

The talent of Compassion, through humility in the heart;

The talent of Faith, through perseverance in prayer;

The talent of Light, through the communion with Christ;

The talent of Mercy, through daily forgiveness that is emanated from the life of the soul.

Prayer awakens talents in the hearts that follow the path of inner communion with My Glorified Son.

Dear children, the path of prayer is deep and beautiful for your hearts. This is why I invite you to walk in confidence within the ocean of prayer so that your souls may find, in each moment, the Love and the Face of My Son.

Little children, in prayer the paths open so that the devotion to My Immaculate Heart may arrive as an inflowing of Grace for all of My children. Wait, each new day, for the Peace of God in your hearts.

Thank you for responding to My call.

May the Divine Hope spring in each soul.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


The true mental problems of humanity not only emerge from a spiritual, soul, intuitive or physical situation, but they are also reflections of a great disharmony in the incarnated life and in the unjust relationship with the Kingdoms of Nature.

But there are many more factors, besides those mentioned. Each consciousness carries a history that is also cosmic and unknown, a history not yet revealed to the majority, a history that had a veil placed over it so that the soul that is still going through its experience on Earth would be able to bear its transformation and redemption.

But there is an important factor in mental illness, which is the lack of love that the consciousness itself may have felt during its first years of life or during its gestation in the maternal womb. 

The cause of the mental maladjustments, spiritually speaking, has different provenances and origins. But there are sequels that the consciousness begins to manifest until it manages to perceive the reality it is going through, or not.

While the human being participates in the massacre of animals, deforestation, the extracting of minerals and petroleum, there will be an increasing mental imbalance as a common denominator in humanity.

The suffering caused by the race itself will have to be compensated for and balanced in some way.

Mental maladjustments, in the majority of cases, opens uncertain doors that can be contained with adding the energy of medications, and the consequences of the maladjustments occur because of losing common sense, vision and mission of the purpose, and especially because of the absence of contact with the soul.

These are the times in which love will be able to sustain that which the majority of humanity despises and rejects.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

To live unconditional love is, from the beginning to the end, to accept a painful or unjust situation; in the same way that I, being the Son of God, accepted your sins out of Love.

To live unconditional love is to always say "yes" in any circumstance, without trying to escape the urgent reality or the situation that presents itself.

To live unconditional love is, because of love, to bear everything that is opposed to balance, knowing that, above all, harmony must prevail amongst all.

To live unconditional love is to never go back, but rather to advance, surpassing oneself because of love and with reverence for something greater and infinite.

To live unconditional love is to become spiritually untiring, but it is also to respect the time and the rhythm of the bodies.

To live unconditional love is to not see the errors, even though they may be too big; it is to do what is best, the maximum for another; it is to take risks, without constraints, so that the brother or sister may have a new opportunity until they learn, on their own, to value life and all that the Universe gave them.

To live unconditional love is also to say "no" because of love, without fear of what will happen, being aware that this "no" is just and is free of preferences.

To live unconditional love is to not set a schedule for God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part V

At the highest points of the House of Redemption, within the three areas constituted as Redemption 1, 2, and 3, systems must be installed to obtain alternative solar and wind energies.

For this reason, some of the consecrated and residents of the Light-Community must know how to work with these resources through an academic formation about renewable and alternative energies.

This experience in Aurora, after a while, will also allow us to perceive the different alternative energies that can be developed in the other Light-Communities.

It will be an indispensable and essential resource for the Light-Communities, in the long term, to be able to count on these means which nature and the climate offer within each region of the planet.

In this sense, the academic formation of the residents and of the consecrated, focused upon the alternative energies, will allow for further development in the field of knowledge and of intelligence, with the objective of seeking the resources to cover the needs of each Marian Center, as well as of each Light-Community.

For these coming times, it will also be necessary to have an awareness about the correct use of electric power, which supplies about 98.9% of the needs of humanity since its exacerbated consumption harms the Kingdoms of Nature and all of the ecosystems.

Bringing to conscious awareness the fact that everything necessary for living is within the Kingdoms of Nature, the human being will awaken their sleeping senses, which will help them to perceive reality without the need to harm nature.

It is time for human beings to learn to respect Creation and all its components through a more equitable and harmonious way of life.

To develop alternative energies in Aurora will require the formation of a group of brothers and sisters dedicated to academically instructing themselves, as well as for developing the necessary projects.

Aurora has the potential for the utilization of alternative energies through the Sun, the wind, and water.

I thank you for considering all of the Projects of God!


Songs of Figueira – “From these hills”

Within this song of Figueira, we can testify and feel the expression of the gift of faith, in an aspiration to attain this profound contact with the soul.

“From these hills” is a song that reveals to us a priestly lineage, an intermediate bridge for earthly life that allows accessing contact from Above.

In this sense, the song offers harmony and also affirms the response that the Eternal Father, time and again, radiates to His children.

The state of retreat grants the deepening of this contact with the Above and with the Universe.

For this reason, the retreat facilitates this inner state of communication with the Higher Laws and allows us to place our consciousness before what will be necessary to transform in these times.

Faith is this higher gift that, day by day, strengthens our commitment with the Above. In this way, the soul, within this fortitude, will be prepared to assume responsibilities and thus carry forward the purpose of its mission.

For this reason, the song, at a moment, reveals that Figueira gives it peace. Which means that Figueira, as a sacred tree of wisdom, offers seeds of instruction and knowledge so that the consciousnesses may awaken and learn to uplift.

The song invokes harmony because under the principle of harmony lies the path of inner unity. Thus, the souls separate and liberate themselves from the superficial conflicts that lead to disharmony.

This song also attracts evolutionary principles, and, at the same time, through simple examples, it teaches how to correctly contact higher life.

By opening to this contact with the higher levels of consciousness, the soul will be able to love the First Law and, thus, be beyond itself to be able to be in the Whole.

This aspiration, to live the life of the spirit correctly, brings the consciousness to the inner encounter with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


In the silence of My Heart and in the stillness of My Soul I contemplate all things and I try to have you find your correct path. There are a few of them that cause My Heart to suffer, above all when there is no consciousness or resolution to carry forward the great changes.

Thus, I find the places I have consecrated to be like abandoned; places where before  divine energy existed, which now, for some reason, is not there.

For Me, this demonstrates a lack of consideration, or the lack of valuing things that come from Grace, since it was the energy itself of Grace that granted wonders and miracles in the hallowed places.

When a place consecrated by God is neglected, it is because of the loss of love that exists for all that was once received, and that is first reflected in the consciousness.

Thus, the Celestial Hierarchy hopes that the consciousness that might be neglecting the divine energy, which is a treasure from Heaven, may someday awaken and recognize it.

But when there is no true interest or ardent devotion, everything becomes difficult, and little by little, the great defects of neglect begin to be noticed in all details and in all places.

Only the spiritual Hierarchy has the authority to redo all things, since, in an occult sense, there are places already consecrated that must not be lost.

For that reason, I come to raise up with My own Hands that which is fallen; I come, in love, to erect again what is already fallen to the ground.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Brothers and sisters,

Remember that I Am your King of Peace and that through My Peace you will encounter the path of harmony that you so much seek.

Today I invite you to be constant and patient for the path of surrender and of emptiness of oneself that you have decided to live with Me. As good disciples I reunite you to remind you that every day you must forgive and work so that this loving forgiveness is radiated to the entire world because it will be through you that I will manage to realize My Plans.

I remind you of the importance of also working for the deep unity between your hearts. In this way you will allow that the new celestial designs be manifested in those who need a warm word of comfort.

I intend to prepare you as simple mediators of prayer and of charity. There are many souls that need the same daily impulse that I deposit in you to be able to take the steps towards the Temple of My Sacred Heart.

For this I also remind you to live every day in the essence of humility so that the proud and vain life may be dispelled as the mist at dawn. I ask you to be one with Me because only through Me will you be able to be one with your peers. Only encourage yourselves to be corrected and to the live transformation of your hearts because you have already said yes to Me.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.



If there is love between brothers and sisters you will free yourselves from entering into false judgments. If there is love between brothers and sisters it will not matter who makes a mistake, what will matter will be that the other brother or sister loves beyond the mistake.

This is what My disciples have to learn, to love each other above all things so that they may get to know the mutual respect between beings. If there is no harmony peace will not be able to exist and if peace is lacking there love and unity will be lacking. All has its cycle, including the great tests, but it is in them where the great weaknesses make themselves evident. Who has more consciousness must remember that God does not deal with human mistakes, but with compassion which is the action of acting and forgiving through peace.

For this: be careful with saying that which is not well known or what is not understood because this will be like feeding the wolf. While you are in this world, all will learn. My second coming is to remove the crown of illusion that many carry over themselves, above all in those who deny My Heart.

For this I bring you My Celestial Peace so that you may heal yourselves and love each other. Do not forget the power of love because the love of a soul is that which accepts the mistakes of its peers and which helps to comfort the despair of the neighbor. Thus you will be able to know that your Christification has a long path to travel. You are just at the beginning of My Christic journey. 

Under the Mercy of God, be loving and patient.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, your Savior. 

Daily Message received in the city of Medjugorje, Bosnia and Hezergovina, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Wherever you go, try to rescue the spiritual principles with your heart so that, litlle by little, the sacred may awaken and reveal its mysteries.

Allow peace to dwell within you and for reverence to live in your consciousness so that you can recognize the presence of the Hierarchy in sacred places, beyond human appearances.

May your heart always be raised to the heights, united and in tune with the Divine Purpose so that, in this way, child, you may provide a service to the world, of uniting the higher dimensions with life on Earth in order to liberate what is dark on the planet by means of harmony and of the elevation of consciousness.

Humanity must enter a new cycle to approach divine reality, and that cycle is of a deeper and more true inner contact, for this is what will allow beings to discern and to take the correct steps in the time that will come. Your consciousness must learn to be kept elevated beyond chaos and appearances, laid on the Truth by means of love, of silence and of prayer. Thus, you shall not only find peace, but you shall be a vehicle of this peace for the world.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Who are we?

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A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.