Child, at the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, cry out for mercy and discernment, so that your steps may be right, and the path chosen by you always take you to the Heart of God.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, let yourself be flooded by the Humility that comes from the Heart of God.

Your Lord is already beginning to take the first steps towards the Earth and it will not be the gold of the world that will make you shine before the Eyes of God, for Him to find you. It will be the pearl revealed in your heart, when you clean and purify the mud of your miseries, that, for God will be the sign and the seal so that He may find the redeemed-on Earth.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, do not let the shame and fear of seeing yourself humiliated be greater than the Grace of achieving humility. Let yourself be stripped away of the things of the world and let them only belong to its vanities.

The day will come in which God will seek to receive from you the multiplication of the treasures given to you, but if you have not known them, how will you come to multiply them?

God did not give you the riches of the Earth, but rather the virtues hidden in the heart, sometimes even covered over by skills and good appearances, but those are really not what your Creator expects from you.

At the doorway of a last and definite cycle for humanity, search in your heart for the greater virtue of giving up, the treasure of faith, the richness of charity, the joy of surrender. Heaven and Earth will pass, but what God placed inside of you will multiply.

Give yourself up, as God gave Himself up, becoming a child in the arms of the Most Holy Mary,

Give yourself up, as the Creator did, escaping death and going to Egypt, in profound surrender in the hands of His Holy Children, made His Parents there.

Give yourself up, in the silence of God, denied on the Earth He had chosen to sanctify, walking towards distant peoples who would know how to listen to Him.

Give yourself up, as does God Who know how to forgive, who throws casts upon the ground the stones of the sins of men and does not throw but Forgiveness and Mercy at them.



When the universe gives you graces, distribute them to the world through merciful acts, prayers, silence, joy and experiencing of virtues.

When Heaven opens Itself before your eyes, even if often the limitation of the human eyes cannot see It, contemplate with the inner gaze this unfathomable Grace of the Divine presence and cry out for the planet, for the ignorant, for those asleep. Offer the Father a true transformation, a true miracle for His Creation. That by contemplating the world His wounded Heart may find a relief in your permanent effort.

I will not ask you, My child, that you do not fall or do not sin anymore because this world will always lead you to fall and, even if you do not want it, a part of you always sins because in some form it collaborates with the human degradation.

What I will ask you today is that, if you fall, that you get up; if you sin, that you clean your stains with the Forgiveness and the Divine Mercy, with the true repentance, this one that will help you not always to make the same mistakes.

Your weaknesses are the same as many of your brothers and sisters of the world; therefore, find the strength to surpass them in the permanent offer to do it for others, for those who are blind of spirit.

Today, child, I will offer you a path of reparation, a path in which your life becomes a planetary service, in which all your acts, thoughts and feelings are offered to God to repair something. If you do it so, you will make fewer mistakes and you will meditate before acting, because your consciousness will remind you that everything you do is for God.

Offer to Father your daily attempt to overcome yourself and, if you are not able to do so, offer Him your intention and persistence. Never give up, child, because the merits are found in the heart and in the consciousness of those who have pure intentions.

Many times the sincere intention to overcome something and the eternal attempt of doing so is worth more than the act of the one who overcomes themselves easily every day. A sinner who tries to get out of sin is worth more than the saint who is so by nature.

Make of your life a permanent repair of the Wounds of God and may He find in you a true relief.

I leave you My Blessing and My Grace, for you to take fruitful steps.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Greater misery than the material misery is the lack of compassion and of unity among human beings.

To lack the necessary is the consequence of an even greater lack, a lack that is not individual but that is human: a lack of love in the hearts.

To be poor and miserable physically, children, is not the greatest of evils. To be poor of virtues and miserable in spirit is what hinders the human being to share bread for the body. Where there is no compassion, there is no equality. Where there is indifference, there can be no fraternity and balance.

Do not be indignant about the inhuman misery in which your brothers and sisters live, if compassion and fraternity are still missing in you – and with this you collaborate in the growth of indifference and of social inequality in which you live nowadays as a civilization.

Children, may there be more action and less emotion in your lives. May you be more ready to act and not let yourselves get involved by feelings that do not make the spirit grow. If you are facing the misery of your brothers and sisters, do not only give them bread, but, besides bread, also give your own life, offering your transformation in reparation for the lack that exists in the human consciousness and that results in this misery that impregnates matter.

Love, feel your neighbor with compassion, be fraternal, overcome the indifference, overcome selfishness, surrender to fraternity and erase from your consciousnesses the fear of missing something in the future – this fear that makes you keep everything for yourselves. These codes, children, are the ones that make the difference – when deposited in the human consciousness.



Each mission will bring you a new learning and a new form of understanding life.

The real reason for the existence of the group of missionaries of peace is not so much the material service that you do, but rather the act of going towards the need of your neighbors to heal the roots of evil that placed them in this condition of needy.

The most important is acting with the heart, and the experience – that you place in the human consciousness – of this learning of service. With your indigenous brothers and sisters you have learned about meekness, a meekness that transcends the material reality in which they live.

These brothers and sisters of yours had everything – because they were united with all things, with the whole life, with the Creator – and everything was taken away from them, because they lost almost all their possibility to express themselves, and in many cases they no longer have a vehicle to unite themselves to God, that is, a natural environment, preserved and harmonious; they only have their own inner world.

The indigenous consciousness, in spite of everything, does not cease to teach something to the human heart, because at this time, children, even if they are not able to express themselves as a people, as a culture and as an essence, they are placing in the consciousness of humanity as a whole, the principles of perseverance, of strength, and of peace, independently of the state the world around them is.

I do not say with this that your brothers and sisters do not suffer with the state of degeneration of the planet, because the sorrow of these hearts and what they carry as pain in the indigenous essence are not understandable for the modern human being of nowadays.

What I tell you is that peace inside them – in spite of the suffering, misery and oppression – is something that remains. The fight for not being corrupted by the present forces is constant and hard for everyone, but they do not lose faith in remaining as a people on Earth, and even in being able one day to return to the origins and recover the purity they are losing.

Learn with this faith so that when time comes to rebuild the Earth you do not lose peace and the certainty of being able to keep standing and to recover the likeness with God that you have lost along so much waywardness.

I leave you My Peace and My wishes that new missions might arise.


To My missionary of peace children


As an inner synthesis of the mission in Paraguay, recognize everything that in the last days has been transforming within each one of you and offer it to God.

Offer to the Father your expectations, your aspirations of having done more than you did, of taking to your brothers and sisters a more concrete aid, that would bring them a more worthy and healthy life.

Offer to the Father the aspiration of having taught and of having learned with the original peoples, of giving them love and charity and of receiving a learning of simplicity and purity.

Offer to the Father everything that in the last days was healed and transmuted in the human consciousness as the mistakes from the past.

Offer to the Father your efforts of each day, for following what I had told you and also every time in which you forgot My words.

I would like that this mission would mark an inner deepening of the missionary of peace task, a greater disposition of the apprentices of the Christic charity in fulfilling a spiritual role and not only a material one. May the mission, that happens in spirit, be an increasingly priority in your lives.

Each time that you learn to value what happens in the invisible worlds and understand that it is there that the real mission has its results, as Divinity, We can open other paths in the human consciousness and liberate situations each time more profound and rooted, each time more ancient and unconscious for the present humanity.

Children, there are not many missionaries of the present days who serve in matter being conscious of spiritual reflections of their mission. It is therefore that the Creator is so attentive to your movements and follows you with so much love by means of Our Presence and Our Words.

May the missionary of peace spirit expand itself in the human consciousness and may your disposition in deepening the inner transformation – as a form to give a more crystalline service each day – be as a code for humanity that will impel it; an example that gives other servers a spiritual meaning to their own service.


Service ennobles the soul and brings the spirit of charity to the world, which is so scarce amongst everyone. When a heart discovers the love of service, it is fulfilled and finds a safe path for its own consecration.

The second step, after selfless service, under the spirit of charity, is conscious sacrifice in the name of the sufferings of Christ. As simple as what you do may seem, whenever you offer your actions to the reparation of the Heart of Christ, your offers are accepted, and the Sacred Heart is alleviated.

I have consecrated this house to My Chaste Heart so that here you can live simplicity, charity and love amongst all of you. I want to make each serving heart a source of peace for this planet.

Many think it is necessary to perform great works and travel very far so that the service is valid and true, but I tell you that it was in a simple carpenter’s shop where I rendered the greatest service of My little Spirit, and there I found holiness and the door to Divinity, which I reached beside My Son.

Holiness in the life of each being does not depend on the external circumstances that you experience, for it depends only on each heart, on the willingness of each one to make their own existence sacred.

If in the service you provide, you offer your actions to God, you will discover many mysteries that will be revealed to you as understandings, sometimes inexplicable, that come from the heart, and that only to the heart will they be clear.

As Father of all servers, I pledge to be present among you whenever you invoke My Presence through prayer, through charity, and through acts of compassion and fraternity.

I pledge to intercede for souls and the Kingdoms of Nature in this prayer room of charity.

I will only ask you to remember Me and that you make this space into a place of joy, charity and unity between humankind and God.

I would like for an image of My Chaste Heart to be at the entrance of this house, consecrating and blessing this place, which will radiate the inspiration of service towards the souls who must approach during these times.

I bless you and I guard you.

Your Father and Friend,



Discover in service the ennoblement of soul and spirit, the birth of universal love, because only when the need of your neighbor transcends yours, can you understand a little the essence of the true love that you came to learn in this world.

Understand that when you serve, it is not only the act of serving that liberates the souls from the hells of this world but it is also the love and fraternal charity that you imprint in your actions and the sincerity with which you transcend your fears and limitations; doing that which you have never thought to do is that which really unites your hands to the Hands of the Creator and makes your service sacred.

Go and meet the poorest; go far away into the abysses searching for those who need your union with God. Go where the helpless do not know hope, where the sick do not know faith, where those starving do not know mercy, where the poor do not know the wealth of fully living in the Spirit of God. Imprint all these attributes in the silence of your mouth and in the sincere acts of your hands, in the profound beat of your heart.

Place in service the hope that this world will reach redemption, that souls will recognize unity and love.

You do not need to preach because, in these times, words are sometimes very imperfect. Choose to give an example of peace-making, fraternity, selfless surrender.

Never expect people to thank you for the service you render. Do not expect returns, do not seek results. Place in the soil the seed of a tree that maybe you will not even see grow, but trust that it will bear fruits for a future time when there is starvation and that it will provide shade so that those tired of so much walking may find a place to rest.

Just like you ignite your heart in the service to the poorest, also ignite it in the service to those who are beside you. You often worry about the far-away souls that become lost, but you do not see those who are becoming lost for not finding a little support, help, compassion and fraternity from you.



If you want to see fraternity being the premise for the human relationships in the world, elect to be fraternal above all your needs. You already know how to do it and how to be it, but you still have not been willing to come out of your comfort for this.

I know that, for many, it is beautiful to admire the spirit of service and of charity in the other, and it is much easier to think that, for yourself, it will happen in another way, because you will be fraternal and charitable based on your points of view, but not as God calls you to live.

Your consciousness has already a sufficiently resounding voice in your interior to indicate you the path and show you the moment and the situations that need you. Be mature to promptly say “yes” and to assume an act of charity, as simple as it may be, as the most important one.

Learn to be in the present without immaturity, and yes, to take your responsibilities and to watch over the task you have been assigned to, but never ceasing to help the neighbor, when any situation presents itself.

Remember that, before being an entrepreneur of Christ, you are His servant. For this reason, before thinking about the achievement of your own goals, even if they are for the Lord, be humble and a servant of the Christ who inhabits in the interior of your brothers and sisters and who hide Himself in the hidden side of all things. If you proceed like this, you already will see how great goal will achieve the Lord by means of you, who does not only have the appearance, but also the spirit in Christ.

Do not go about observing your brothers and sisters: be yourself unique, different, authentic and true in all things, trying to live what you already know, without expecting the others to do it. Because you also know that everything needs an engine to impel to transformation. Be yourself this living engine, encouraged by the Spirit of Christ.

Give your tiredness to the arms of charity and elect to yourself the eternal rest and not the temporary one. It will no longer be the resting that will nourish your bodies in these times, because it will only be the fullness in the Spirit of God and the experience of the Gospel of Christ that will keep you standing up. Therefore, be as you have studied.

Do not let any indication of your inner world to pass unnoticed to you: respond to the voice of the heart in everything; thus, it will speak each day louder within you.


Live with faith the times of overcoming yourselves while you are still in an environment of harmony and peace. Discover how your being reacts when it sees itself before the different obstacles which present themselves to you in this time, and learn to control your consciousness and to find peace.

Observe yourself and perceive what makes you transpose the limits and go beyond what you have imagined for yourself. Perceive the power of the Love of God in your interior, which calls you to the permanent overcoming.

Even if you are overcoming yourself each day, whenever you think you are at your limit, make it in peace and without losing the clear goal of your spirit. Do not let the difficulties make your eyes blurry, and your heart blind. Observe yourself with attention and learn to take each step in its time.

As well as you, many will be called to the transcendence of their own limitations, but few will be the ones prepared with anticipation for that. Live each day with much attention, observing yourself carefully and learning with yourself, because if you recognize your own mechanisms, you will be able to help others who have the same difficulties, but who may not have the same possibility of being in a peaceful environment at the time of their own purification.

All that you live today, all the opportunities which are given to you are there so that you can be formed as a server of God and become a companion of Christ, so that your example and your experience are useful for others. For this reason, make everything in favor of the others and you will be in the right path.

Build the fortress in your interior with the intention of supporting others; thus, without you noticing it, there will be a King living in this dwelling, because He will find it safe to make of it His refugee. This King will not only be yours, but also of the whole Universe, who is your Lord, Christ Jesus.

Who blesses you and protects you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In order for that which you consider necessary for your lives to manifest, you must first, in your own hearts, contemplate the needs of the world, of your fellow beings, and of the Kingdoms of Nature.

God, who is perfect, will always send His protection and care to those who care for their brothers and sisters - their fellow beings and the least of them. The Lord has a preference for manifesting the needs of those that do not think of themselves and who place others first, before all things.

When something does not flow and does not manifest in your lives, ask yourselves why, and for what reason you desire such a thing.

Remember that you must forget yourselves every day, and allow the Lord to work His wonderful miracle in your lives and pour His infinite Graces upon them.

Do not limit the Power of God, asking Him for what you need, all the time; before this, observe what a neighbor most needs, and provide it. Some will need your respect; others, your obedience; some, your love; others, your silence; some, your words; others, your most secret prayers.

Some will need you to pray for them; others, that you pray with them. Some will need material things; others, symbolic acts, filled with the love which holds the true intention of that action. Many will need your example; for this reason, observe the needs of others, all the time.

If you lived according to charity and fraternity, not only regarding material things, but also regarding spiritual things, you would find a short path toward God and achieve all that you always wanted, and yet never achieved, because you looked for them along the wrong paths. The Graces of Spirit are achieved through spiritual paths. Virtues are gained when virtues are given. Graces are received by those who open themselves to live through the granting of Grace.

Learn, little children of God, to observe life from this other point of view. When you are faced with a great opportunity, seek who is most in need, and then you will see how it will come to you, without you even realizing it.


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