May today your beings be covered by the brown mantle of humility in the same way as My Sacred Mother who today wears it in honor and in praise to the God of Love.

May on this 16th day of July, consecrated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, your hearts unite themselves to the power and the strength of the ray of humility that incessantly springs from the Immaculate Heart.

May today, as good children of God, your lives experience the exercise of humility so that they may be able to recognize that God is in all of the simple things as also in the reverent and in the sacred.

Also see the ray of humility in the priests, those who day by day preach the Word of Life that must always be full of the charisma of humility and of simplicity in all, because these are My True Disciples and Apostles.

Remain day by day seeking humility in your prayers as well as in your tasks. Do all in the name of the sacred humility so that it may be graced by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as it was once in the Cenacle of the Virgin Mary.

A path to enter into sacred humility is to ask the Holy Spirit to cover you with Its divine light and to show you how to live in humility, to live in this way in detachment from your own selves.

This is My current Aspiration, that each day that passes you be true disciples of humility so that competence, arrogance and vanity may disappear from your consciousnesses. When you assume to live in humility and for the humility of God you will recognize the times in which you hide under your veils.

I ask you that you do not confront them, but that you give them the order of transformation and of transcendence because in this way you will be in harmony. Walk through the same pathway of the Cross, the one that I walked for you, and feel humility as a table of salvation and of obedience to the greater laws and to your spirits.

Today I ask you that every day before three in the afternoon you always re-read the last message that has been posted, because in humility you will understand again what it is that I request from you day by day.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living through the Spirit of Humility!

Christ Jesus, the humble Shepherd.

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Queen of Peace and Reconciliation, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dear children,

Once again I beg you to follow all My Messages with your heart, because it is now the time for you to live My Words; they have tried to build something unbreakable within your beings. Now, God has requested that, after all I have given My dear children, I give Him the fruits of what I placed in each one of your hearts.

For this reason, My maternal consciousness manifests itself through spiritual impulses to all those who open to receive the knowledge of other Laws, Laws that are not present in your beings, but Laws to which you can be united.

My Work is a work of peace, of fraternity, and of brotherhood.

All the pieces that I shape day after day are then given to My Son, so that He may direct them toward their final mission. But some of these pieces, which are part of the All, are difficult to polish. For this reason, My Love is profound and true for all of you; it tries to banish that which should now die so that the new spirit may be born.

Throughout the centuries, I have always warned humanity that if it did not change its attitude, difficult times would come to the door of the life of each being. Now, these times have come, times of wrong actions in abortions, suicide, lies, power, and dishonor, which in some hearts overflow more than a river.

But My Heart, which is patient and meek, wants to lead you into finding the Truth, the Truth of God for your lives, because it will be through your transparency and your prayer that you will transform into that which God so expects, and in this way, you as part of all this unique humanity, will help it to quickly change.

Do not forget, My dear children, that what was written in the Sacred Bible is being fulfilled, in a way that many do not perceive because of being full of other things instead of holding tight to the powers of prayer.

If the world truly wanted to be in the Kingdom of God, it would no longer commit certain actions that always harm the most helpless and the poor.

Thus, My Love enters the world as a new Law so that My children react; these are no longer times for experiencing small insignificant matters, but rather it is time to acquire a greater strength through the Holy Spirit so as to help the Plans of God.

Through Grace and Mercy, I know that you will be able to accompany Me and will take the mature steps toward the change that will cause you to live freedom. Today, more than ever, the flocks of Christ must be a single one, so that through prayer, you create a protective wall that separates you from evil and unites you more with the Almighty God.

Dear children, I have wanted to be faithful to you in light of the planetary situation, for it is time to live life from another inner posture; because your inner universe in this time must collaborate with the Plan of the universe. You must be carriers of the new Christic codes that My Son is pouring into those that said 'yes' to Him.

Thus, it is time to remove the old from you, that which hurts in the depths of your hearts, so that in prayer, you may achieve the precious strength that radiates forgiveness.

Dear children, I want to prepare you and instruct you, because the Woman Clothed with the Sun is announcing Herself to the world for the last time before the birth of the New Humanity.

I thank you for maturing in faith and trust in God!

Who blesses you always,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace and of Reconciliation



I am present in your lives to teach you to forgive and to love.

If you were truly able to trust in My Mercy all the days a little more the past that disturbs you and makes you restless would be dissolved by the light that would enter inside of you from My Sacred Heart.

But you still have the opportunity of living by means of My Merciful Rays because in this way My Plan will be able to be fulfilled in those who I always call, the most imperfect ones and the most forgotten ones. My Graces of redemption and light are poured in the simplest ones. For this try to always have a heart as pure and as crystalline, as loving and as compassionate as My Unfathomable Heart.

I want that there exist new Christ’s who may be true apostles, who may demonstrate to the world that it is possible to live in God and for God as something beautiful and wonderful for the life of each soul. For this I need that you leave the garments from the past so that your heart and spirit may see itself free from every stain. The path to achieve this is the merciful prayer and the purification for these new times.

Each one, as a child of God, will receive the part that he or she must purify either in temperament or in consciousness. I only need your loving permission so that My Mercy may be able to be poured in all that your little beings may need.

The time has come in which the Master of the Light of the Father may gather again His friends for the Supper with the aim of renovating you in spirit and of baptizing you again with the Water of Life of Christ Jesus.

Know that the burning times have come for all and your perseverance and love for seeking Me all the time in My Mercy will be what will unite you to My Heart, and in this way you will be relived from all evil. Do not complain, do not punish your being anymore because in you is God and in God is His Beloved Son who comes to announce to you the Good News of Mercy and of Redemption.

I need you firm in spite of the falls, radiating love and peacefulness in spite of the great tribulations of life because then I will truly confirm with who I will be until the end of times.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 

Weekly message received of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in Montevideo, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

Uruguay Marian Mission will be the name of the task of the present groups of prayer that will collaborate in the creation of the nineteen new Marian groups that will represent the department of Uruguay.

Under this emblem:  Walking through Mary, also the pilgrims of other nations will be able to collaborate with love so that this work of the end of time may be carried out.

Dear children, when My maternal Heart asks you for this mission, it is because God observes that your hearts will be able to help all of Uruguay, to reach yet another time of peace.

My children, you will be precursor apostles of My Immaculate Heart for this sacred and immaculate mission, handed to you by the Queen of Heaven, to be able to rapidly expand throughout Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and, afterward, throughout all the Americas.

Dear children, it will be through you that God will be able to make many of His children pray again so that the whole world reconciles with Him and returns to the Kingdom of Heaven.

My children, My Heart of Mother will accompany the paths that your feet will walk upon. Therefore, do not fear about where to start, it is time for your pure hearts to be able to reflect the true love they keep for God and for His Son Jesus, thus you will learn to love the Will of God for yourselves.

I invite you, dear children, to unite in spirit to this Marian Project. The new Light-Network of Uruguay has reached the moment of awakening, as it has awakened other neighboring nations. The spiritual purpose is that, at the end, when the groups pray much for their own countries, God looks at them, contemplates them and gives them the forgiveness they need to enter into Paradise.

Dear children, I am with you, because soon you will see the fruits of conversion within your hearts and within the hearts of all your brothers and sisters. Enter the Kingdom of My Heart in trust, because, thus, I will guide you and mark the steps for you to find My Son, Jesus.

Now, I need in these times of missionaries that you not only experience prayer but also experience service to reach the redemption of the heart.

Dear children, I need you, day by day, and I count on you so that through this mission, which will start in the month of June of this year, you can bring me closer Me to many of My children who have separated themselves from My maternity.

If you respond to this call, Uruguay will be in other planes of the Creator, try to be in My Peace and in My Love because, in this way, I will comfort you.

I thank you for awakening to this call!

Who blesses and loves  you,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



My beloved children of the world,

In this time, in which humanity has forgotten about God, the Creator sends again His Messengers so that His children can find the path they have lost.

Few in this world believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary speaks with Her children. Few believe in the Second Coming of the Redeemer. Few live a true life of the spirit.

Thus, humanity has lost its connection with the divine and eternal, with the true and the wise. This humanity, asleep and ignorant of the mysteries of this life of the spirit, clings more to their material conquests than to the cry pronounced by their soul, imprisoned within the prison of the personality.

My children, My announcement in this time is for everyone, so that once again you may set your eyes on the High and seek God Almighty in your hearts.

The Second Coming of Christ is already a reality in the Heavens and will be a reality soon on Earth. Those who believe in none of this will see the signs that will announce His Return in the skies and thus the souls will awaken. All will see, especially those who do not believe.

Together let us wait for the new time, for everything that I tell you will become a reality in this world.

I love you and protect you.

Thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Queen of Peace



Dear children,

Remembering the miracle of the Wedding at Cana, today I ask you that, through prayer, your hearts be converted as Jesus converted the water into wine. The mystery of this miracle is to be found in the love that you can have before the Father.

Therefore, children, on this day accompany Jesus in the conversion of humanity which is in need of Mercy and Forgiveness.

Dear children, may your lives reflect the teachings of Jesus in spirit and in essence. May your arms be open, free and prepared to receive those that are most in need of Mercy.

Little children, today I am calling you to live this miracle of the Wedding at Cana in your hearts so that your consciousnesses may live the great example of conversion that My Son realized in the name of the Love of God.

When Jesus converted the water into wine, He was instructing us about how the Love of God converts the impure into the Pure, the irreparable into the Repairable, the faults into Mercy, the darkness into Light. For this reason, dear children, may today your prayer be a new conversion of Cana, a demonstration of the love that each one of you keeps for God.

But this love that you keep must be radiated in brotherhood to all because in this way all will be uniting to the great web of love and fraternity.

Your redemption will begin when you recognize that you are a part of God and that God is a part of you, because in this simple exercise you will be collaborating in the spiritual elevation of humanity.

Therefore, it is important to pray every day, even more so in this time of urgent changes in each one of My children. But if you are under the Light of the Holy Spirit your hearts will receive, once again, the Grace of Forgiveness.

Be in My Peace and seek to be in My Maternal Peace.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call today!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

In the eyes of God, the soul always loves.

In the eyes of God, the soul lives its faith.

In the eyes of God, the soul walks and ascends.

In the eyes of God, the soul is in God.

In the eyes of God, the soul recognizes the path towards Christ.

In the eyes of God, the soul drinks from the Fount of the Love of God.

In the eyes of God, the soul grows and finds strength in the Heart of God.

In the eyes of God, all souls are equal and all of them are united to the Creating Principle of God, because in the eyes of God one lives the great mysteries of the Heart of God.

Dear children, today I invite you all to remain under the merciful gaze of God, because in the eyes of God your hearts will become inseparable from the life of prayer, and the Great and Divine Spirit of God will allow you to know the humility that you need in order to fulfill His One and Only Will.

My children, when I invite you to be under the gaze of God, it is for you to recognize that you are not walking alone and that, united to His heart, you will be guided by Love and by the Holy Spirit.

Little children, many hearts still are not under the kind gaze of God. The Father is close to each one of His beloved children and you, in the name of Love, can help so that the whole world may be under His gaze.

Each child of this humanity must open the treasury of the heart in order to reach the gaze of God.

My Father, the Most High, is in your hearts and therefore I invite you to search for Him within your beings because many children easily forget God in the heart. Your attention to be in God will alleviate the martyrdom that He receives from the constant offenses of humanity.

If humanity were in the Mercy of God, it would be a merciful humanity. You are still in time to find the Source of the Love of God in your hearts, because My Maternal Aspiration is that you learn to love as Jesus loved.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My children,

In this important time, remember the one and only Guiding Star that illuminates you, that governs you, that loves you, that conducts you towards the Infinite Universe of God. Remember the Master of masters. Remember in your lives the Instructor, the Shepherd, the Essence of the Love of God.

My children, love Jesus Christ, live in Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ!

Dear children, today I call you to pray for peace, the peace that is urgent in the essences and in the souls of all of My children. Today I invite you to serve the Creator with the heart, to give yourselves to God with the heart and to remain in the arms of God, your Omnipresent and Eternal Father.

Dear children, little children, do not fear, do not fear for anything! Embrace Jesus with your arms, feel His Unfathomable and Magnificent Heart of Mercy, keep your life under His rays and keep vigil in prayer for the existence of each brother and sister.

My children, if you accept to give your life, your soul and your existence to Christ, what will you lose? What will you find in your hearts? Today I will tell you. Dear children, your lives in Christ, in My Son, will find comfort, relief, love, trust in God and eternity.

Dear children, as the Mother of Divine Eternity I ask you: trust! Trust in My Maternal and Universal call, because God only asks Me that your hearts be resplendent and consecrated at the feet of the Creator.

My maternal soul searches for souls that aspire to find peace, forgiveness and redemption. My children, My voice reverberates silently in your hearts for only one reason: to live in Christ, awaiting His celestial arrival.

In union with all of My children, I thank you for your response throughout this last year.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


The arms of God, the Most High, are open for all of you to enter into the pure Heart of Love. With this I want to tell you that the Universe awaits daily the coming of more souls towards the Kingdom of the Creator.

My children, a path to this encounter with the Universe of God is the Light-Star of My Son. In Jesus you will lose the fears of consecrating your life to the Will of the Creator.

Many souls lack the Presence of the Love of God because they put their personal will in first place. My Son teaches you how to be partakers of this Greater Will, which you will be able to find by means of the prayer of the heart. It is through prayer that you will find the true essence of the Will of God because your hearts are donated to the universe during prayer.

Dear children, today I ask you to pray for all those who live their own will and that are far from the true Purpose of God, which is the eternal life through His Merciful Love. The world will able to be better when it accepts that God is the Only pathway for the life of every soul, because it is in God that all life can be conducted towards the Light.

My children, know that the moment has come for the world to recognize the existence of the Creator. Therefore, one of the reasons for so much prayer is the great need for salvation of many of My children.

As Co-Redeemer I ask you to contemplate every day the lov- ing Heart of God. Each time that your hearts are in God, the world will be safer.

I thank you!

Thank you for considering My call in your life.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Daily Messages

The world offends Christ, because there are still only a few children that repair in prayer to His Divine Heart.  It is time for the conversion of all lives, those that still in this time have not lived reconciliation.

Dear children, for all this, may your faces never lack the joy of being with Me.   I love you and accompany you in all the changes that your hearts must live.  Ask for My Son’s aid because He, in His Merciful Power, will save you and will forgive you.

I want to leave you today the fountain of forgiveness because this is the only path that will take you to the meeting with God. Allow each one of your lives to be reconciled with God day by day, the Highest and Supreme.

Dear children, act as souls of the Father that in the exercise of prayer find strength and faith for the changes. Still humanity must pray much more, so that it receives the Grace of the merciful forgiveness.

If you are in My Son and you adore the Heart of My Son you may take the steps for the times that will come to the world. For this, live from the joy of the heart so that your hearts receive the pleasure of forgiveness and reconciliation with the Supreme Father.

The gratitude for each step that your lives are taking will show you with wisdom the next path that My Son will light up to you with the Power of the Light of His Sacred Heart.

So that your hearts are strengthened, repeat with love and humility:


Lord, give me merciful eyes,
so that my glance
may see the need in each place.

Lord, give me a silent mouth,
so that it only pronounces
words of love and light.

Lord, give me a humble path,
so that my feet walk
through the path of simplicity.

Lord, give me crystalline ears,
so that I only hear
Your words in every place.

Lord, give me a pure heart,
so that it keeps hope
and in Your Divine Mercy
it reaches redemption.

Lord, give me prodigious hands,
so that I only donate and serve
those in need of You.



Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Beloved children of God, many still do not believe in the true call of the Queen of Peace. Therefore today I ask you and I tell you, little children: come to Me, because if you come, you will be in My Son, you will be in My Divine Peace.

No longer fear for that which still does not change in the heart. It is important, dear children, that your hearts be in immense joy when My Immaculate Heart comes to the encounter with all of you. You are My beloved children.

And the world, what is it to My Heart? Do you know?

I tell you, dear children, that humanity has been blessed throughout time by the merciful rays of God. God does not have rage for the world. God is Love. God is Truth. God is Hope and Forgiveness. God is the Primordial Source of Peace for the hearts. If you, My children, take the steps in the con- secration to My Immaculate Heart, I tell you that you will be doing it for all My other children who deny the Celestial Love of God.

Today I come to your little hearts with a small piece of My Heaven so that you may be able to venerate and honor it for love of the Creator of All.

Dear children, this little piece of the Great Heaven is My Immaculate Heart, which must be repaired from all the offenses that It receives from the children of this humanity. But the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy is still present for those who may cry out for this divine aspect of Redemption that My Son radiates to the world.

In this exercise with Divine Mercy you will prepare the path for the time of Justice, for the second saving return of Christ, My Universal Son.

Live in the source of meekness, because thus you will find the path of humility.

Let us pray, little children; pray more!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

In the great battles, prayer wins through the love that each soul pours, from within, for the other souls.

My little ones, today I invite you to pray with sincerity for the restoration of all souls that were immersed in the path of festivities through the impulses of the earthly life. I call you today to the reparative prayer for all hearts that, without knowing, have lost the brightness of the flame that united them with the Creator God.

Therefore, My little ones, to relieve the pain of the souls that have distanced themselves from their true Father of Love, I call you to collaborate in humility with all these souls through your union with the Heavens in the daily exercise of prayer.

Many hearts on this day will feel distanced from everything and they will not be able to understand why. For this reason, My little children, I call you, who by Grace have known the power of prayer, to exercise the love in the heart for all brothers and sisters who through these worldly festivities are deceived by the false love.

To come to know the Divine Love, we must pray and thus tepid souls will be able to strengthen themselves in this last hour in the world. My Blessed Mercy is being poured over all hearts, but now My Immaculate Heart needs true missionaries of prayer.

With the praying beings in the world, the planet will be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, after everything that will happen with humankind and the peoples. But if there are not true hearts donated to prayer, it will cost much to the world to surrender itself at the feet of the Supreme God. Humanity in each little heart is being called by My Immaculate Heart to consecrate itself to God in the redeeming prayer.

Still there is much to learn in this world, but My Heart prepares the hearts for the final time. I am in each one of you, perceiving and loving you as the Mother of Peace. It is necessary, My little ones, that all come to know the Kingdom of Peace in order to recognize thus that the Light of God is close to each soul that seeks it.

God loves you. God wants to redeem you. God awaits each heart to surrender itself before His Merciful Love. There is still time for all hearts to convert themselves. Heaven is opening its doors for those who, even without understanding, may aspire for their own rehabilitation. The Divine Lord awaits you for the supper of communion with His Most Holy Heart.

Who contemplates you from the Heart,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


I come from Heaven towards you, as the birds at dawn. I am the Lady Clothed with the Sun, the One that announces the Hour of Eternal Peace to the children on the Earth. I am the Bright Star of love for your heart. I am the Servant of the Lord, the One who brings to your soul the Mercy of the Heights.

May your heart honor the Lord God, Almighty over all existence. May your soul praise the wonders that it receives by Grace. I offer you My Immaculate Heart so that your inner world may become a reflection in the dark night.

Awaken before Me to life and await in My hope the return of the Savior. Only find relief and love in My Words. Embrace with trust My Protecting Mantle. I come from Heaven with the divine hope of a reunion with each one of My children. I prepare hearts for the new time and the immaculate fruit of prayer is the key that opens the Doors of the Heavens.

Smile daily at My Face. I know the awakening of your True Love for Me. I know how many steps you have taken in con- secration. I know how much you have walked seeking refuge and Light for your heart. I come towards you from the Heights to give you the Redemption and the Peace of the Greater Heavens. I come from Heaven so that you may recognize the presence of My Maternal Heart.

Dear children, the Lord blesses you today consecrating His Graces of Love and Peace for your hearts. When you elevate your hearts in unity towards God, Divine Mercy that is Work and that is Life, will be able to penetrate the hearts that are asleep and in pain. For this reason I come to you, to announce to you that we are now in the Time of Peace, a Peace that will be gestated through constant and loving prayer from all souls.

Today I call you to elevate the heart through the sacred attribute of prayer and in this bridge of elevation, My Immaculate Heart will assist you. Many are the souls in need of your prayers. Each word of prayer realized with firmness and love has repercussions in the life of the world. Therefore, My little ones, in this tough time in which humanity lives, each true prayer will be able to assist the souls that, on Earth, lose themselves in the influence of contrary actions in the world.

For this, My dear soldiers of Light, you must affirm your hearts in the depths of My Heart because I, the Mother of Peace, will listen to their echo. The hour of salvation is the last Grace that will come from the Heavens to the hearts that are still distant from God.

Know, My little ones: God loves your hearts despite the offenses that many children commit daily towards His Heart. For this reason I invite you to pray for the worldwide restoration of the unprotected hearts. My Maternal Light is descending over Uruguay, especially over all the hearts that month after month wait for Me in the Home of Adoration.*

May the shine of your eyes imitate My Eternal Light in your pilgrim lives. I will be waiting for you soon, at the end of this month of December. New flowers will open for the pure spirits that live in the Lord. I call you to live in God.

Who guides you and loves you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


* Located at the Marian Center of Aurora in Paysandú, Uruguay.


My dear ones,

The Lord has a predilection for all hearts, even more for those that accept His Immense and Glorified Love.

Today I call you to remain in the glory of the Lord, to praise Him and honor Him for His good works. He has given us life and existence. He has radiated Our Hearts with His Infinite Grace. He loves us and wishes to radiate to each soul, the Kingdom of His Love.

Therefore, My little ones, the first lesson for the disciple is the gratitude of the heart, in order to be able to learn to love all creatures in this way.

Today I give My Immaculate Love to you so that your hearts may recognize God, as much in the works, in Love, in Light, as in the instruction. Your eyes will remain more luminous and joyful when the Lord sends you His Glory.

For this we must pray daily out of love for all the souls that have seen God but that have not listened to Him. Today let us go, My dear ones, to the rescue and to the redemption of all the hearts that are lost without perceiving it. I ask you to allow the Source of Mercy to spring up to all fallen hearts.

The Lord has given you much; now is the moment and the time of eternal giving. Thus you will know the prodigious ministry of charity. Thus you will know God in all creatures. Thus you will be able to see the expansion of Divine Love in hearts.

Who loves you unconditionally,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more