Make your heart sacred in each act, in each challenge, as well as in each test.

Make your spirit sacred in each service, in each obstacle, as well as in all that is unknown.

Make your soul sacred in each prayer, in each path trod, as well as in each new learning.

Make your consciousness sacred in each new dawn, within darkness, as well as in each new bridge you must cross.

God is within you, in your inner universe, in what is deepest in your soul, in each part of your divine consciousness.

Make use of His His Majestic Presence, His Inextinguishable Love, and His Powerful Mercy.

In every moment find yourself with your Creator, in all that has been manifested through the Kingdoms of Nature, through the oceans, as well as through the great continents.

See and contemplate God in each one of His humble Aspects and you will find the sacred, what is eternal and always infinite.

God is there, within everyone’s reach and is here for all, until His great Project of Love in humanity is fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you with the Light of the Holy Spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Curitiba, Paraná, to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I come here for a wounded world, and, in My hands, I carry the greatest cause of God, which is the fulfillment of His Plan of Love and Redemption on the surface.

I pray for this cherished Project and every day I relive the Words of the Creator, which He spoke to Me in His Kingdom:

“Dear Universal Mother, supreme and humble Mirror of Love, Your Father and Lord of the Universe asks that you tirelessly go forth to meet souls and the most simple because through them, I will be able to heal the planet and its humanity, I will repopulate the world with hundreds of suns, many more than I have created throughout the Universes.

I will make of each sun a prodigious emanation of My Source and, through them, I will pour out the Divine Codes of My Paternal Heart.

Go ahead, most sweet Lady of the Light, Governor of all the stars, fallen and non-fallen.   Go ahead, appear and announce to the race that I deeply love them and that they are offending Me while setting themselves apart from the Universe of My Love.

Do everything in Your power, You have no boundaries, but rather thousands of angels and devas to reverse the lack of love and to transmute the indifference upon this planet.

You will always hold within Your Heart the unquenchable wisdom of My Words, because, through Your Grace, I will make of hearts luminous trophies of redemption, to place them at the foot of the celestial altar”.

In My silence, children, I hear this proclamation, every day. And I will be able to be the Mother of humanity and of all the Earth, as long as you allow Me to be. Thus, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Behold, My children, the dark night of this world will begin within humankind who, separated from God, offer themselves to be instruments of the enemy of the Creator.

Behold, this night will be long and will seem eternal to those who do not have their strength anchored in the faith of the heart.

Behold, the world will tremble and will experience the consequences of a life empty of spirit and of spiritual meaning.

From Heaven the Celestial Mother will observe Her children who, as they can, will try to disseminate  Her  Words, which at that moment will be echoed by the word of Her little ones.

Behold, this time has already begun, because souls increasingly distance themselves from God and fall into the abysses of this world.

The fortitude of the children of Mary will take root in obedience to all God asks of you through His Messengers, and it is through learning to obey God today that you will know how to obey Him tomorrow, when His voice will be like a whisper within your own heart.

God will always speak to humankind, even if it is as a feeling or an intuition, but for that, today you must build the path of unity with the Father, so that neither chaos nor evil, in battle in the coming times, are able to disturb and destroy that union, which will allow you to hear God.

Behold, My children, the world must face its purification, and many will not want to see that what they experience are the consequences of their own actions and deviations, and they will place the blame for their sufferings on God.

I tell you today to have your spirits be firm in faith and unity with the Heart of the Father. Build in the consciousness a safe space in which you will be able to hear the Voice of God, which will inspire you.

Peace must be a state of consciousness, the result of a spirit of neutrality, which is born in hearts matured by prayer and by divine knowledge. And it is there, in that state of peace, that you will be able to understand the coming events in a different and true way, knowing how to move through the obstacles without becoming lost, and what is most important, being capable of guiding others so that they do not become lost.

Behold, in the dark night of the world, I will call on you to be the torches that will guide humanity. And I do not speak only of a symbol, My children; I speak of a spiritual reality, because if today humanity is already cold and lost, what will happen to everyone in the most critical moments of the purification of the planet?

The faith I build within you will guide the world, and will be the true testimony of the authenticity of My Presence among humankind. I will be alive in the hearts of My children, and My Words, which are eternal, will find the way to perpetuate themselves, echoing in the Word that will come out of your mouths when souls may need encouragement and support.

My Son called on you to be the Light of the world and to be visible, on the table, so as to illuminate this home which is the Earth. Make this prophecy and this divine intention come alive, and allow yourselves to be shaped today by what God expects of you, so that tomorrow you see My Words manifested in your lives.

Understand, beloved children, that everything I build within you today is for the salvation of all My children, who tomorrow will need to find encouragement through each one of you, because God will be silent and His Messengers will be silent with Him, emitting only the eternal hope and the infinite Love of Their Hearts to sustain the hearts of those who were united with Them from the beginning.

Everything I tell you and everything I call on you to experience is so that you build a new time and a new life. Allow yourselves to be molded, and if today you do not understand My words, tomorrow you will understand them. 

The One Who loves you, blesses you and guides you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Nazaré, Leiria, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

God will destroy the castles of sand that have been built by humans to lead humanity towards perdition. Thus, God will build, from the inner worlds, the temples of love that the souls have made fruitful through their faith in the Lord. At that moment, Judgment will begin for all humanity.

The simple of heart will receive within their hands the Legacy of the past and those who called themselves powerful will lose all their wealth because the poor of heart will come to know all the mysteries that are written in the great vault of this universe.

It will no longer be necessary to interpret the stars because the new race will know where they come from and what their true origin is. Nobody will be left without knowing what mission they have come to perform out of love for the Universal Project.

At this time, the powerful will no longer have power and the pure of heart will be crowned by the Hands of Christ.

The twelve angelical hosts will descend and a star similar to the ones of the universe will announce the signs of a new stage.

Finally, humanity will awaken and will no longer be within evil because it will have abandoned illusion and entered into the mysteries of the universe.

Later, the obstacles will not exist, neither will what we know as ego. The souls and the consciousnesses of this world will finally become free and happy during the thousand years of peace. Thus, the Eternal Father, in His splendor, will descend and make of this Earth His luminous home throughout the universe.

Prayer to be Recited at the End of Communion to Reconcile with Jesus Christ
By His Sacrifice, we were liberated,
By His Wounds, we were healed.
By His Flagellations, we were forgiven.
By His Falls, we were elevated, 
By His Cross, we were redeemed.
And now, by His Mercy, we are transfigured
and His Spiritual Light, we receive
so that, free of all adversity, we may walk
in the aspiration to one day again find Him,
in His Celestial Glory.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, now and always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The world will be wondering why would I have to come to a place where I had already been, where faith is alive and souls seek My Immaculate Heart? 

Here I am, My children, to renew the hearts of humankind and redirect their goals, reignite their faith and bring them a healing that goes beyond the body. 

My Immaculate Heart comes to institute a universal, celestial and divine healing, which reaches the depths of beings and is reflected in their souls and hearts as an awakening to higher life. 

Humanity still is very imprisoned in itself, children, and the things of God only interest humankind if they bring them some benefit. 

I come because France needs to wake up. The water that I brought forth here comes from God, to wash your spirits and hearts, and not only your bodies.

The greatest healing that I allowed to be born here is the healing of consciousness, of humanity that was blind to the Divine Presence. And here I return, because once again humankind have put blindfolds on their eyes and closed the doors to God. 

Contemplate the God that is beyond human actions and is found within your own heart; a God that shows Himself to the eyes of His children in the strength of the mountains, in the purity of the waters, in the mirror of the heart. 

Contemplate the God that speaks to your spirit and that awakens within you the potential for true love; a God that is beyond institutions and beliefs, and  unites all of them when they open to the Truth and to Divine Unity. 

Contemplate the God that is beyond this world and even beyond the stars; a God that is at the same time on High and within His creatures. In this way, He demonstrates that the infinity He is, is held within His children. 

Contemplate the God of Truth, which is not limited to the human mind and its understanding; a God that is in the sacred books, but is not confined to them, for He encompasses all of life and what is unknown to you of it.  

Contemplate an infinite God, single and powerful, that because of His goodness has made Himself small, in order to dwell within creatures; a God that rejoices with little and that is silent at the great errors of His children, without losing the hope that they will be able to return one day to His Heart. 

My children, with the soul, contemplate the real God, your Heavenly Father, from Whom all things come, and not only this world. 

See on the horizon the firmament in which He hopes that, one day, you may walk with your spirits redeemed and awake to universal life. 

Contemplate God as full of mysteries as the human consciousness. What you know about Him is as little as what you know about yourselves. Uncover the Divine Presence and in It, find the truth about your own being. Allow the heart to rise up beyond the spiritual boundaries, and that in a true prayer, it may feel and know what it is unable to explain, but can experience. This truth is the healing for the world. This awakening to a union with God is what will bring you to know peace.

My children are sick in spirit, in mind and in body because they do not know God and thus, they do not know themselves, their own destiny and the true potential that is hidden within them. 

Here I am, beloved children, to reveal to you that the truth is found in the simple and sincere things of the heart. I came to ask you to learn to forgive and understand others, so that they do not alienate the Creator from their lives because of being empty of love and of meaning. 

I come for the youngest, who cannot find God because they came to the world to bring the new, and cannot express themselves when faith is not renewed and does not show them the door to a true path. I come to show you this path, which is not a new religion, but rather a renewal of faith in the human heart, so you may find the Truth and universal life. 

My children, above all, I am here for your essences, because a nation without God is a nation without life and without spiritual meaning. Open your eyes, because the Creator has not withdrawn from your lives; it is humankind who closes their eyes in order not to see Him.

Open your hearts and discover the Divine Presence in the depths of these mountains, and in the purity of its waters, hear God Who calls you to return to His Heart. 

If you listen to My Call, there will be a time of peace so that hearts may be strengthened in light of Justice.

I love you and bless you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and the Immaculate Conception


I come as a new Sun, to illuminate the world and remove it from the darkness.

I come as part of the Holy Heart of God, so that His Name may be known and loved by all creatures.

I come so that humanity may know peace, proclaim it and live it every days of its existence.

I come at a time of wars and conflicts, in which the nations are beginning to collapse, one by one, as a consequence of their actions and their deceptions; due to worldwide deception and blindness, in which humankind lie to one another and to themselves, but they will never deceive God.

I come to a world without brotherhood and without love, in which the nations promote wars and conflicts with one another, to stand out and benefit from the suffering and from the lack of those who suffer from this illusion.

I come for the innocents who are losing themselves in this play of human forces, without understanding why they suffer so much, and who ask themselves where God is to support them.

God, children, contemplates each heart and humanity as a whole. If human beings do not open the doors to Him, do not cry out, do not pray and do not seek peace, how will He be able to reach those who are most in need and feel forgotten, not only by humanity, but also by their Father?

I come for an ignorant humanity, which needs to understand that the time for games and spiritual childishness is over, because of the consequences of their illusions is seen in the decadence of the nations, of the cultures, of the religions, of the souls, of the Kingdoms of Nature.

I come for the Kingdoms, which cannot lift up their word to humanity to ask for Mercy and peace, to ask for the end of the blood shed on the earth and in the oceans, for the end of the martyrdom of the trees, of the imbalance generated in the minerals so that humankind can adorn their bodies and strengthen their illusions.

I come for the consciousness of a planet that is alive, that suffers and endures with all the innocents, both in nature as well as in humanity, and which is not heard except by God and by the Universe, when it calls out for life and for evolution.

I come today to make an appeal together with My children for a world with more peace, so that each one who hears Me may build this peace in their own life, and testify to their transformation, through example and through prayer.

I come to ask you to spread My Call beyond the borders, the beliefs and religions, because I do not ask but for hearts to strengthen their faith, and this being true and pure, and if it leads you into loving a neighbor and God above all things, that you live it fully and without deceptions.

I come to ask you for inner unity among cultures, respect among religions, an understanding of the paths that God inspired His children to live, not so that they compete with each other, but so that, in the diversity of His creatures, each one might find the way to reach His Heart, be it through Buddha, Mohammed, or Christ. If you are sincere and seek to express Love, all will reach God, and there you will understand the essence of unity, which today your minds cannot conceive of because they are so full of human concepts and ideas.

I am here as a simple Mediator, as the Co-redeemer of this Plan of Love, as a Celestial and Divine Mother sent by God to guide humanity to return to the Origin in the Heart of the Celestial Father.

I do not ask you to worship Me, but rather that you listen to Me and unite with the Purpose that I bring you, recognizing it as true in light of the need of the world.

It is not I, My children, who needs your prayers. It is you, as humanity, who must learn how to pray, to save yourselves and to lift this world out of blindness and the spiritual and almost physical captivity in which it finds itself.

I only ask that you unite with God and understand His Love for life and for each one of His creatures. To understand each human being, as well as each element and species in nature, as a precious jewel of the Creator, an indivisible part of the Heart of the Father. Each time one of His children is lost, it is His Heart that suffers, that grieves and that dies with this little essence that comes from Him.

My Call is for Peace, for Truth and for the experiencing of Love among creatures. All the mysteries will be revealed to the eyes that live in this way, responding to My call. And everything will be fulfilled if My requests are fulfilled in your lives.

I love you and I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Assisi, Perugia, Italy, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón


You will never lose the inner strength to do things if your life is in the Hands of God. You may lose material strength through sacrifice, but you must know that what you will be losing will be the potency and the action of capital sin.

Strive without fear, because I will take care of the rest. Nobody will be outside of the Purpose if they always joyfully fulfill that which so much pleases the Lord.

Sacrifice, surrender and silence are not liked by those who are influenced by the world. Avoid the outer from calling you; just concentrate on the inner richness and you will be on the correct path.

Teach your fellow beings the power of transformation, and, in this way, the first New Christs will be born within the planetary consciousness.

Simply allow the power of Faith and the Will of God to fill you; in this way, you will learn about the existence of other worlds that are also filled by the Wisdom of God.

In spite of everything, do not give up. I am here and, through you, I will perform wonders throughout the Universes of God.

Worship the Son, the Only Begotten, and everything will always be in peace.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Lisbon, Portugal to Rome, Italy, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

In these times, My children of the world place their attention upon all that is external, neglecting their great inner world, where God dwells.

Few of My children place their attention upon the infinite richness of their inner world, and this is painful for Our God.

Hearts are trapped by all that they call "innovative" and great planetary hypnotism surrounds the planet, especially humanity.

For this reason, I have asked My beloved Son for permission to return to the world as many times as necessary so that your Heavenly Mother may awaken humanity ahead of time.

With the prayers of My children, I can intercede. With the prayers of My children, I can reach where the greatest planetary need exists.

Now your Heavenly Mother, the Queen of Peace, goes on pilgrimage with you to Italy, with the mission that the sacred ecumenical union among all believers of Christ, Our Lord, may be accomplished.

I accompany you, guide you and protect you with the maternal Light of My Heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and is among you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today I bless you so that you see My Peace born in you.

Today I bless you so that you live My trust.

Today I bless you so that you lose your fears and so that on this path you find the Inner Christ.

Today I bless you and thus I renew your strength.

Today I bless you and give you the balm of My maternal love.

Today I bless you and place you at My side so that, very close to me, you hear My voice and feel God.

Today I bless you so that you are with Me and you regain the hope of always wanting to be in God.

Today I bless you for all the planet, I bless you for those who are mistreated, for those who feel hungry, for those who experience the wars and have lost the light in their hearts.

Today I bless you and bring you closer to My Mercy, because in this fount everything is renewed.

Today I bless you for those who are not blessed, for those who suffer, and have closed their hearts to the Love of God.

Today I bless you so that you may be within My arms, because your soul will feel the caress and the love of My hands, just as Jesus felt the refuge of His Mother at the foot of the Cross.

Today I bless you so that you move forward, transcending the abysses, fulfilling the challenges, loving sacrifice for the emergence of a new humanity.

Today I bless you so that you accept your Cross, and thus experience with Me the painful and heavy Cross of the world.

Today I bless you so that you take My hands and rest upon My chest and so listen to the inner melodies of My Heart; there, everything will be healed and nothing bad will happen, because you will be with Me, waiting to experience the new restoring Communion with Christ, our Lord, and He will bless you with all the Love of His Divine Heart, and we will thus be together in unity and in compassion.

So be it.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Each prayer pronounced with love is like a flower that opens itself in My garden. It is a Grace that can be shed upon some consciousness of this planet.

So, each time that one prays with the heart, new Graces and affluents of Mercy rise to be shed upon some situation of the planet. See, therefore, the importance of both a life of prayer and of union with God.

No matter how difficult something may seem, prayer has the power of changing the destiny, following the principles of the Celestial Laws.

Prayer can straighten and correct what is deviated or even what is not clear.

Prayer is the hope of the meek and the burning fire of the peacemakers. It is the form each soul has to communicate with God and to convert each moment of prayer in an opportunity to be in communion with the Highest, as well as to make flourish in My maternal garden, many, but many more Graces.

Prayer is the food that should never lack to the spirit and the water of life that the soul should always have.

Prayer is the portal that will lead you to peace and to awakening.

It is the greatest medicine to heal any spiritual necessity.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

In these times, God offers you a purification of consciousness so that you may take the steps toward a definite consecration.

In spite of being unknown to everyone, the purification of these times is the impulse of the universe, which is present to take apart the oldest and most resistant structures.

When souls trust, they adhere to this current process of purification and allow themselves to be renewed. The experience becomes milder for the consciousness that has never learned to be purified and to be freed from its own abysses.

On the contrary, if the soul places an inner barrier so that the purification cannot take place, it must unavoidably face the impact of the impulse of the universe, which fosters that purification in these times. The result of this will be a painful experience.

This is why My Son on the Cross taught you how to yield to Greater Will and how to lose your fear of not being able to control everything.

The impulse of purification comes in these times to the human consciousness to place it at another point in its evolution and awakening.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Sacred House of Mary, Madre Paulista, city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

On this day, God has more Mercy for the world on seeing that a great number of His servers strive and struggle tirelessly to fulfill the Plan of Love.

And so, My children, your Heavenly Mother receives permission to reach those places in the Work, where greater and more urgent help is needed.

The offering of each collaborator of the Plan builds and rebuilds what has already begun. It is in this way that the adherence of consciousnesses collaborates in the manifestation of that precious Plan of Salvation, of which many form part of.

So that this Plan of Salvation to be fulfilled in these times, the collaborators of the Plan must spiritually work twice as hard as they have worked, so as to not fall neither into the dimension of hypnotism nor into blindness.

Thus, children, your contribution at each stage of this Plan of Love allows the reinforcement of the protective barriers that separate souls from the abysses of perdition and constant illusion.

The path of the oldest collaborators of the Plan will be to place themselves on the step which  corresponds to each one, and above all, to unite, no matter what happens, so that this Work, which is of all My serving children, may be accomplished.

Remain attentive, available and in constant giving.  In this way, children, you will maintain the doors open to My divine intercession, and the Islands of Salvation will always be protected by the Celestial Universe and by all its angels.

It is time to extend your arms further into service and not to lower them, for the Lord needs you to be able to have an awareness and love for the true spiritual reality of these times.

Lastly, My children, remember that these Islands of Salvation are your homes of light, they are seedbeds for new lost souls to awaken.

Thus, if you live each stage of the Work with profound surrender and self-giving, I assure you that you will be far from human indifference, and above all, from illusion.

The Work must be accomplished until My Son returns, and you have been called for that great and challenging mission.

I thank you for responding to My call, to the call of the Lord.

Who blesses you, under the Light of the Holy Spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Heart of Mary: A Portal towards God

Dear children,

Little by little, I teach you to be permanently in contact with God. Because of this, in this time, My Heart will act as the Portal towards God for each one of you.

I need you to take a step towards spiritual maturity and that you not waste time seeking human happiness far from God.

I offer you a single path; every day and for some time longer I bring you the possibility of reencountering the Celestial Father.

I hope that your eyes open and especially that your inner ears may hear with attention and concentration the Mysteries of God that I am revealing to you in this time.

Dear children, the portal of My Heart will guide you to the House of the Father, and in the House of the Father you will be one in essence, in spirit, and in life.

It is time, dear children, that you penetrate the revelations of these times and that as from this cycle you be able to understand and live the divine treasure that is being given to you.

No consciousness on this planet, in this or any other time, has come to know and to penetrate the mystery about the Aspects of God.

In this sense, dear children, the arrival and the descent of the Aspects of the Father over certain areas of the planet are due first to planetary need, and in second place, to the inner union of the different Faces of Christ.

Never before in the history of humanity, after the Ascension of Jesus, has the world known the cosmic Faces of Christ, that is to say, the spiritual and divine aspects of the Redeemer.

Because of this, dear children, this union of the divine Aspects of Christ is part of the stage previous to His second and last coming.

The human consciousness of today, which is submerged in the appearances of illusion and is distanced from the soul, will experience the upcoming events as something renewing and at the same time as a cycle of deep spiritual and inner definition.

This spiritual union or fusion of the aspects or of the divine Faces of Christ, after the revelations made by My own Son as the Sacred Heart, the Merciful Christ, and the Glorified Christ, mark a before and an after in human science in this acute stage of the Earth, something that does not have a mental explanation.

After the three important revelations about the Faces of Christ, My Son comes to unite them in this time so that an important universal impulse may be given, and at that conjuncture, the spiritual union of the divine Aspects of Christ may definitely open the doors of the spiritual, mental, and material Universes so that the One Consciousness, called God, this time may manifest through the Aspects of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Thus, in this unique event that will prepare the Apocalypse of humanity, hundreds of souls will be unexpectedly touched, and overnight they will consecrate themselves to the Plan of God in a way never seen before.

This is why this spiritual impulse, which Christ is giving on levels higher than the seventh dimension of consciousness, brings as a result the transfiguration of the corrupted human state into an incorrupt state, free from debts and regressions.

The spiritual and autonomous arrival of the Aspects of God to the Marian Centers in first place promises to help that part of the human consciousness that is in extreme and serious danger of becoming compromised with forces of the planetary chaos.

In this cycle, the union and the adherence of each soul with the sublime Aspects of God will allow certain evolutionary principles, heretofore lost, to be reestablish.

It is time to cross the Portal of My Maternal Heart to be able to come to know the divine Mysteries in depth.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you on this day,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Feel My Heart as the only fortress for your soul and spirit.

Feel how in My Heart you can find God and He can be with you.

Feel how everything is perfect when you contemplate the humility of My Heart and how everything is renewed from the moment in which you say “yes” to God.

Feel My Heart as the refuge and also as the protection in the face of all adversity and danger.

It is this Pure Heart that I offer to My children, it is the reason that they receive all the Graces of God.

This is the Immaculate Heart that intercedes for souls and for the planet, it is the Heart that opens so that all of humanity may enter into the Source of Healing.

This Heart offers Itself all the time so as to be able to remedy the errors and bring a ray of hope to the world.

Who lives in My Heart will always be able to correspond with the Creator, and, in this way, Divine Will shall become a process of realization within souls.

Look at this Heart which has suffered for Its children and which still must be repaired with the love of those who persevere on the path of My Beloved Son.

This is the Heart that will make of your life the moment of inner triumph and the expression of redemption.

I thank you for responding to My Call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Today your Mother of the World contemplates humanity with serenity and compassion. With My eyes full of tears and anguish, I see many of My beloved children in worldly blindness and hypnotized by indifference. Where is the Christ who was born a few days ago within you? I ask you, My beloveds, do not forget Him or turn your back to Him, because this Christ who lives in you waits patiently to be attended and filled with much love.

To all those who today elevate their thoughts and hearts to Heaven, I ask: pray, pray and adore My Son in the Blessed Sacrament. May this year that ends, a year full of misfortunes and unconsciousness, be liberated so that next year will be one with more light and more mercy. Therefore, I ask all of My children of the world to have God present, at least do this for all those who will distance themselves during this night of their true and most pure innocence.

I would like you to celebrate with Me the triumph of the Sacred Hearts, more than the change of one year and the end of a cycle. Let us pray, dear children, because the year that is approaching will be harder than the past one, and I see how many consciousnesses decide for other things and resist more each day. Give, not as the world gives, but give a beautiful smile to the Mother of God, give love, mercy and compassion so that the ignorance of the world may be balanced.

Love and understand each other a little bit more every day and no longer close your hearts. I am teaching all My servers to love sacrifice, for this sacrifice to be at least similar to the one that My Son offered in solitude, abandonment and silence.

Dear children, let us pray so that next year your Holy Mother of Light might not have to cry, although My supplications and My petitions will be continuous, relieve My Heart from the serious sins I see being committed every day throughout the world.

At last, forgive yourselves, and you will be forgiven, and humanity will miraculously be forgiven when on this night somebody may feel encouraged to tell Me “Yes, my Mother, today I will be with You at all costs for the triumph of Your Immaculate Heart.” Thus, God will have infinite pity for all nations, for all the continents and for all consciousnesses that on this night will spiritually confirm their alliance with evil. But know that, in spite of all, dear children, it is your lives and your acts that make My Heart triumph, day by day.

And if you have come until here on this pilgrimage with Me in prayer and to all these nations, it is because only the Grace of God allows for some things, only sincere love conceives and generates a sacred opportunity for souls.

Dear children, I apologize for this declaration that I bring you today, but I promised, since My Assumption, to only tell the truth to the world.

For all efforts and for all renunciations, I thank you for following Me throughout this planetary Calvary.

Who loves and blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


The Most Blessed among all women was proclaimed the Servant of God! Mother of all creatures, Mother of all life, because She gestated, within Her womb, The One that represents all things.

Beloved children, the memory of the birth of Jesus must be renewed in each heart, in each consciousness, because, in truth, every year, when you are before this sacred day, you are faced with the opportunity of moving deeper into the greatest mystery of Creation: when God became life in His creatures, crossing the celestial dimensions and all universal existence, to reach that which is most dense, of all that was created. 

You are faced with the opportunity of renewing this divine creation and to perceive that the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem was not only a historical and universal fact, in reality, My children, it was a symbol sent by God so that, from that moment on, He could be alive in all humankind.

The Creator came to awaken in the human heart the perfect resemblance to His Most Sacred and Blessed Heart, because His perfection could not remain hidden in the hearts of His children while they were becoming lost and self-degenerating, due to them not knowing this, due to them not discovering this within themselves.

My Beloved Son is still alive, and, at each Christmas, He renews the mystery of the divine presence in the hearts of human beings.

God the Father, from the Center of Creation, observes humanity in silence and allows His Son to go through the homes, the streets, the abysses, the churches, the basements… wherever there is a human heart, there will He be, in omnipresence, waiting for one of His companions to remember, with sincerity, His birth, and to ardently aspire to see Him return.

The Creator, dear children, gives humankind infinite gifts and the possibilities of evolving and reaching perfection, but His children are distracted, and, in everything, they become involved with matter, forgetting to look toward Heaven.

On this day of Glory and rejoicing, few are those who truly thank God for having made Himself flesh among humankind; for having made of Himself a Son, when He is the Father of all life.

Where are the humble mangers so that Christ may be reborn? Did anyone remember to prepare it within their own spirits?

My Son awaits you, He waits so that you may understand that He will not arrive at the inns of Bethlehem, where comfort and ambition reign. He will want to withdraw from the world, to retreat into silence, in a simple and humble place, where unity with all Kingdoms of Nature lives.

Search for this space, beloved children, within yourselves. Ask the Star of Bethlehem to guide you and show you the path, because the Light is ready to return to the world. Within you and in the consciousness of the planet, the contractions of the purification for a universal birth have already begun, in which the old will give way to the new human being.

Cry out to Christ, that He may make you reborn, and cry out for His birth within each one of you. Aspire to let the old human being end its cycle within you so that the Gifts of the Spirit of God may awaken, those that will make you similar to Him.

Christ is reborn today in the hearts that say yes to Him, and He will be reborn every day in those who open the doors of their inner beings to Him, because, in Eternity, where time does not exist, every day is a day for a new Christ to be born.

I love you and I bless you, with My Son in My arms, so that through Him I may embrace all creatures. 

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


I am that white mountain of light that souls aspire to find in their inner world in order to ascend to its highest point and feel that a purpose has been fulfilled.

I am that white mountain of light that everyone hopes to come to know and climb so that, at each level, the soul feels complete when it is able to walk it.

I am that white mountain of light that attracts consciousnesses like a magnet so that, in union with it and its natural beauty, hearts transform into worshippers and contemplatives of Creation.

I am that white mountain of light that radiates a subtle energy capable of redeeming lives and rehabilitating hearts.

I am that sacred mountain of light that manifests itself as a goal within consciousnesses so that they dare to ascend to the sacred space of their inner world.

I am that white mountain of light that activates devotion for all that has been created and allows souls to find God through the inner mountain.

I am that white mountain of light that gives the consciousness the impulse to go beyond itself every day so that at the summit the consciousness may reach a sacred union with the Creator.

I am that white mountain of light that holds the most valuable treasures of Christ. In essence, I am the Mount Shasta of Light.

I thank you for responding to My Call.

Who elevates your consciousnesses,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Faith can put you in another place of the plane of spirit, faith can carry you into an unknown state, which unites with God, and is within God.

Faith is a powerful gift, which elevates you and guides you upon the path of truth and mercy.

Faith is something deeply inner, because it is the living testimony of the prayerful soul that is before its Beloved Father.

It is in this way, dear children, that faith is like the joy the soul lives when it is carrying out the Designs of God.

Faith is an attribute that affirms you, day by day, in your trust in God and in His infinite Purpose. Because faith has the capacity to carry you into living a much deeper and truer love, a moment of peace that can permeate the whole consciousness.

Faith as essence is the rudder for the humble and simple of heart, because in faith the bridges to brotherhood are built, and this consolidates the union among souls.

Faith puts you in permanent service to humanity and to the planet.

The key of faith will be fundamental in these times, because in faith all souls will find hope.

Live in faith and faith will guide you always.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who in faith elevates you to the Heart of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The reason for expanding this sacred mission throughout the world is to embrace and meet the spiritual needs that some nations are experiencing in these times; humanitarian and social situations that must maintain balance so that peace not be lost.

It is in this way that My intention of reaching the United States, even if just one state, is an ardent and divine aspiration because, there, many children live there deep sleep of these times, and, most of all, they do not find the real God, but rather the god of material life and of modernity.

Through this pilgrimage that we have carried out up to now, dear children, I wish with all My Heart and Soul that the United States may not lose the little spirituality that it has left.

It is for this purpose that, through the Lady of Guadalupe, I will enter with all My legions of angels into the United States so that the most important spiritual part of this country, which is the region of Mount Shasta, may not be erased from the mental or spiritual consciousness of the North Americans.

On another occasion, and through other apparitions, I announced Myself in New York to warn the North American people that if they did not change, their destiny would be one of unhappiness.

Today, with all the fruits achieved through the love of the Central Americans, your Heavenly Mother, in this inexplicable spiritual respite, will enter the State of California, specifically the city of San Francisco so that from there a social and human collapse may be avoided.

 It will be from San Francisco where Our Sacred Hearts will finish this sacred mission and from where everything will be fulfilled.

As from now, and in confidence, I will thank all the pilgrims of the world that will allow Me to reach the United States through their prayers and donations.

In this way, the borders between the nations and the peoples will not be closed, and, at least among the simplest children of North America, bridges will exist that will unite that which the surface humankind wants to separate.

As of now, I thank you for accompanying Me.

Who blesses you on this mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Managua, Nicaragua to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

When an alliance between Heaven and Earth is established many internal things come into play. This is due to the simple fact that there is a liberation from the chaos so that this alliance is possible, and because, at the same time, the servants closest to Me offer themselves entirely in life to generate the planetary redemption at whatever cost.

Thus, the permanent sacrifice and the service that makes you strong and invincible takes place, not because of your strengths or abilities. These consciousnesses, without perceiving it, receive an inner strength from the Holy Spirit to be able to take forward the different phases of the Will of God.

That is why, beloved children, in order to establish once again the alliance that Earth lost with Heaven and with the whole universe, it will be necessary that the new apostles offer themselves to experience indelible things, to the point of serving and performing tasks never experienced before. But know, My children, that although it does not seem or feel like it, your Heavenly Mother is on top of all this mission, following you from Her maternal silence and taking care of each detail.

This union, which has been built among My praying children, inexplicably allowed the debts of the nations to be miraculously liberated and relieved to avoid losing more souls into the planetary abysses. It is thus that I guide you and I do not leave you alone, because I know that within My Love you will be able to serve God, your Father of Love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who impels you to a greater service,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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