The Ministry of Faith

As a Gift of God that arises in the human heart, I come to awaken in you, My children, the Ministry of Faith, so that you may be participants in these times as instruments of the Creator, supporters of souls and of His Plan for the Earth.

I want you, in these times, to live the Ministry of Faith, which is born from trust in the Divine Purpose, and from the devotion that souls awaken when praying with the heart.

Faith is the universal attribute that will cause beings to stay away from illusion and from human confusion.

Faith will keep you within the truth, when most souls will doubt the events they are experiencing, even knowing that chaos is precipitating over the Earth.

Faith is the stronghold of the spirit and the sustainment of the soul; it is what clears eyes blurred by fear and by suffering, so that they may see God.

Faith transforms your way of understanding life, and what was formerly a punishment becomes justice; what was suffering, becomes joy and divine triumph; what was renunciation, becomes divine victory in the soul that understands that defeat in human eyes is the victory of the Heart of God.

I come to awaken in your lives, children, the true Faith, so that you may believe in My words and live them with the heart. I come to strengthen you in the higher understanding of these times, dispelling fear and uncertainty from your hearts.

I want you to cling to the power of Faith and the certainty that I am here and that I instruct you and sustain you so that you may fulfill the Plans of God in these times of greater chaos.

Divine justice is only just approaching this world, but anointed by the power of Faith, you will be able to move past the obstacles characteristic of these moments of tribulation, and even though it may not be possible to prevent the learning that humanity in general must experience, you may be those whose fortitude will inspire others and who will sustain this world, when your brothers and sisters are not able to bear it.


Dear children,

Today I present Myself before your hearts as the Mother of Guadalupe and Mother of all your Aztec spirits.

I come on this day to Mexico to bless it again and to remind you about your essential purity, because in spite of all you have experienced over the centuries, that purity has not yet been dissipated by My enemy.

By opening your hearts to Mine, My children, I wish you to feel that in this moment your nation must be protected from the influences of other nations.

With this I want to tell you that, for your hearts and lives to be protected from all things, you must keep alive the devotion and the love that characterize you as a nation and as a people.

In the simplicity of your heart, I wanted all of you to recover the values of faith and of purity, so that all the descendants of the Aztecs who live today in Mexico may be able to express the inner love that you achieved in times past.

It is through the spiritual union that your original peoples had with the Universe that the key is to be found which will open the new doors to the future, and where all of your souls will recover the sense of being present and collaborating in this planetary cycle.

I have come as Guadalupe to unite what the white man was decimating in the indigenous consciousness.

For this reason, children, today is the day in which your Aztec consciousnesses, in the name of that incalculable love that you have built inside of yourselves as a people, must forgive the consciousness of the Europeans for having destroyed an entire millenary culture.

In you, My children of Mexico, is the potential for being able to live and express the Mercy of God.

It is in this way that your Mother of Guadalupe, surrounded by all the stars of the Universe, returns to your nation to establish this definite act of forgiveness and of reconciliation as an important moment for liberating all of the past.

Your devotion to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe has generated an intimate and beautiful filiation of all your people in the Mexican nation with the Mother of God.

Because of this, My children, thanks to the Celestial Father and to all of My children that have collaborated so that this sacred mission could be fulfilled, I was able to return today to your land to fill it again with the codes of love and of pity.

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Mexico City, Mexico, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear and beloved children of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the United States:

In the name of Peace, today Our Sacred Hearts descend, opening the door of the hearts that were closed before to Our pure Love.

That is how, dear children, your Celestial Mother, the Guadalupana, presents Herself again in Mexico to remind you of your spiritual filiation with God and, especially, with all the redemptive Work of My Son.

Today, I wish that your hearts shine before My maternal Light, that in silence, guides you every day toward the Purpose of God.

It is why, finally, My children, I am among you to bring to this nation the light of My Grace and My Love.

Dear children, today your Celestial Mother descended from Tepeyac to bring to humanity the reminder that it must reincarnate the purity of heart, so that the "powerful" nations of the world do not  provoke the Wrath of God.

Wanting to bring Peace to the world, I invite you, My beloved children, to persevere in Christ, in this way you will collaborate so that nothing will be lost, not even the entire nations that compromise themselves every day with the forces of evil and chaos.

But before the time of the great purification is fulfilled, we come to open the doors of your hearts, so that many more souls can penetrate the mystery of the Love of God through purity, service and charity for the suffering planet.

Dear children, your Celestial Mother approaches your human reality so that you, in faith, find again the purity that you experienced in other times and radiated to the Kingdoms of Nature and to the whole universe.

This is how, My children, through experiencing your original purity, the Eternal Father and all His angels will have permission for many things, that are already lost in the abysses of humanity and of the consciousness, to be rescued.

I come again to Mexico to consecrate it once more to My maternal Immaculate Heart, for in this way, I will be able to reach, through your hearts, the most chaotic situations that this beloved planet experiences.


Dear children:

My intention is to bring peace and light to the world directly from the Celestial Kingdom through your simple and profound prayers. Each time that you say the prayer of the Hail Mary, you allow for My Rays, the Rays of My Divine Consciousness, to penetrate the suffering Earth, and to awaken deep healing within hearts.

Therefore, dear children, I ask you to never get tired of praying with fervor and heart because an important spiritual chemistry is established between your sincere prayers and My intercession for the world. It is as if the door of the Kingdom of God never closed, through which every day I can send to Heaven the lost souls for them to receive an opportunity.

Dear children, it pleases Me to listen, to feel and to hear you through the word of prayer. It is like a clamor, a supplication of the hearts that is permanently heard from Earth and for all of humanity in need.

It is so that from cycle to cycle, with faith and hope, I invite you to renew yourselves and to start losing the fears, the feeling that you might fail and go backwards. Dear children, do not think about your captivity anymore. Remember that I took each one of you out from this state of consciousness. I placed you in My arms for you to be able to feel until the end of days My Immaculate Love.

I invite you to keep faith. The tests can be great, but the love will always be infinite and invincible.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who always accompanies you without delay,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear and treasured prayerful children,

While new doors of Light open, other uncertain doors close, and the spiritual consciousness of some nations finds itself free of the evils generated by constant errors.

Venezuela and its people, so loved by Me, must finally be free of that captivity in which they were placed. In this way, through the power of the permanent prayer of everyone, the great and last knot will be untied; and the people, without violence or mistreatment, will be freed from that whole chain of errors.

Continue to pray with faith, in spite of what happens or what you experience, dear children of Venezuela. I am your inseparable Mother and I come to lead you on the path of true freedom that is unknown to My enemy.

Trust in Me and I will always open the doors of love to you, rather than that of suffering.

With faith and hope, proclaim the victory that My beloved Son has achieved in you and be His new witnesses, so that love and redemption may triumph.

Remember that part of what you are experiencing today is the consequence of the mistreatment of the Kingdoms of Nature, mainly the Mineral Kingdom.

With Mercy and Piety, ask that the compassion of the Celestial Father be poured out over all your beloved people and that your Heavenly Mother may have first place as regent of Venezuela.

With the gentleness of My Immaculate Heart, I again invite you to peace, for in peace you will find the way, the truth and the renewal of your lives.

Do not give up, persevere and show the universe that you know how to transcend the errors of your peers with acts full of Piety and of Mercy.

From your people I want the triumph of love so that the hunger, the looting and the war may end soon.

I pray that your nation returns to the joy of experiencing national peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who supports you unconditionally,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today My Voice is heard, just like the Voice of My Son, on all four corners of the Earth. They are the Voices that originate from the divine Verb and that reveal certain truths that, according to humankind, bring divisive consequences within and outside of the Holy Church.

As in Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, and at Aurora during My first apparition, at that moment no one could recognize who I was.

The spirit of sobriety of the Church has caused it to protect the faith of followers. But in truth, very few were able, over time and without confirmatory miracles from Heaven, to believe from the first.

This kind of faith is in very few, because it is a faith that does not reject, but neither does it accept or complain; that faith that is in very few only comes with wisdom and without repudiation, because in truth, no member of this humanity knows the Plan of God.

It is thus, dear children, that God manifests His Purpose in a way that not all accept, because that purpose leads to transformation and to change.

I am not saying, My children, that the church change or not in the face of the true presence of the Mother of God. I have appeared throughout time where the Father has asked Me to, always to deliver a message of peace and of warning that the majority does not receive with fervor.

It has already been written that the Woman of the Apocalypse would come and we are at that moment; this causes certain actions and thoughts to be modified, because all has to be in favor of the Plan of God and not in favor of the plan of humankind.

When an announcement comes from Heaven, somewhere in the world, and this is continuous and sure, the first step of humankind is to omit this call and refute it to all souls. This closes the heart of followers and causes them lose the Grace of being directly assisted by Heaven.

None of the apparitions of your Heavenly Mother is accepted before time; in this way, in order to preserve and protect the trust of hearts, the Father has asked Me in other eras to make miracles, and in this cycle, the greatest miracle is that I am among you, preaching and opening the consciousness to the truth that many of My children want to hide and thus reject.

Each soul is free and will be so until the end of their days, but the Graces that I pour out in each place are unique and are not repeated.


I place My hands on your heads to pray to My Son for you so that some day you may attain the total consecration of your consciousnesses.

I accompany you on this path so that you may find My Son and are able to recognize Him in your hearts and lives.

I arrive on this day to consecrate you again to the Heart of God, because the hour indicates that the moment has come for your consciousnesses to receive the greater impulse of being apostles of My Beloved Son.

I encourage you to move ahead despite all the tests; your faith must always be strong so that you may conquer the path of sacrifice and of holy humility.

I leave you My Heart as a shield against all adversity; I leave you My eternal Peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

On this day, I invite you to contemplate the Plan of God and its Purpose in each action of life, in each service, in the accomplishment of His Divine Will.

Today I invite you to love this Plan unconditionally and not to reject it, as does the majority of Humanity.

Dear children, in this way, by loving the Purpose above everything, you will always be in the correct path and in the right direction, and you will never stop attending to the needs that present themselves in your life.

To love God’s Plan unconditionally so that it fulfills itself, means to renounce without understanding and accepting with all the inner openness of your hearts.

Millions of souls seek, through different paths, to know about their purpose in this life, and this leads them to lose themselves on paths foreign to their capabilities.

I would like, My children, that you understand that their still exist consciences that, having received the call in their lives, decided on their own to separate from the Divine Purpose of the father.

I ask all of you that, conscience of the path of prayer that you are realizing in these times, just seek to lovingly fulfill with what is asked of you, without any criticism or judgement.

The Greater Good is very great and you still do not know it because humanity is always immersed in the laws of matter.

So that your hearts are consistent with the Plan of God, I invite you to adopt it and live it so that this experience multiplies in you the absolute confidence that everything that you are living is part of a wise and infinite Greater Will.

Today I leave you this instruction, dear children, because there is no time to lose, only faith will suffice and by faith walk forward.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Making you aware of the Superior Life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


It is time to recognize the Truth of God, My children, to remove from your consciousness the ignorance about itself and to experience divine filiation as an everyday principle.

It is time to recognize your own essence and in humility turn to the Creator of all things, He who dwells within yourselves, and let Him expand and definitely establish His Reign.

I have come to the Kingdom of Lys, beloved children, for a Universal Purpose rather than a human purpose. I have come because this is My spiritual and divine Kingdom, where that which is most pure in each consciousness is held. It is from the Kingdom of Lys that I safeguard the essences and protect all My children from themselves and from My adversary.

The keys that open the doors of this Kingdom are faith and ardent devotion, and it is this faith and this devotion which I came to renew within My children so that, through their awakening, the doors of the Kingdom of Lys may be open for all of humanity and for all the Kingdoms of Nature, which also have their purity safeguarded in Lys.

While the critical times begin and many of My children are lost in the darkness, especially in the north of the planet, it is necessary that the doors of Lys be open so that, in recognizing their own essence, discovering and experiencing their filiation with God, souls are not extinguished and discouraged in the face of challenges and the abysses into which My adversary propels them.

Children, we are in a great battle for the triumph of Peace and you must be aware of this. The Kingdom of Lys must count on awake soldiers on the surface of the Earth so that, aware of the spiritual and physical situation of the planet, they may be guardians of the spring that flows from Lys to sustain souls in truth and in love, and that they not allow themselves to be lost nor deceived by the confusion of these times.


Dear children,

Doubt is an energy opposite to trust and when it emerges, My adversary takes advantage to sow it in the consciousness of one with a weak faith.

Doubt is more harmful when it is transmitted to other consciousnesses that should not be infected by it.

When the energy of doubt is placed in other hearts without judgment or control, the consciousness instantly becomes an instrument of the adversary, because My enemy likes to feed, without having to work hard, on all that the doubtful emanate.

The energy of doubt appears in the depths of the consciousness when the latter constantly remembers their past, and reveals this to other hearts. It is at that moment, by opening an uncertain door to the past, the consciousness that doubts is cunningly placed by My adversary in a place and space of consciousness where they should no longer be, and this is more jeopardizing for one who already walks the path of My Son.

It is like taking many steps backward and not being able to get out of this space.

After the doubt, other aspects appear that are part of the human condition, which the consciousness itself must transform and transcend.

It is not appropriate for a disciple of Christ to be satisfied with their life through constantly remembering the past, and see those events as something wonderful.

Doubt is sowed when the consciousness has great difficulty in loving obedience to God and their fellow beings, as well as living it.

Doubt settles into the consciousness when words split apart what takes such an effort to build and when unelevated comments come out of the mouth of the disciple.

All the roots of the human condition are transmuted with determination. One who follows My Son cannot come and go on two paths, because one day they will face their reality in an unknown way.

Transparency, humility and silence stop certain aspects from keeping the consciousness tied to all the destructive aspect that My adversary radiates.

When this reality of the consciousness is not treated with seriousness and transparency, by the Law of Hierarchy, the Divinity can only observe and pray, as It does with the majority of humanity.

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

One who lives for God and lovingly works for Him forgets about any kind of results and deeply loves the unknown, without knowing if someday they will receive an answer.

For this reason, true missionaries are very few at this time. But the soul that is encouraged to cross the threshold toward the fulfillment of the Will of the Father, will receive everything they need to accomplish their task.

When the consciousness takes some time to respond or delays doing so because of the ordinary matters of life, the Grace of God receives the inner call of that soul that cannot act freely. At that moment, children, between the soul and the universe a late response is generated, and the universe itself will have to wait for a new cycle to be able to send the message or the instructions in some way to that consciousness.

On the other hand, when the soul, blindly and without preconceptions or ideas, spiritually adheres to the Will of God without anything stopping it, the whole universe that surrounds that soul becomes dynamic and invincible, because there is a perfect relationship between that soul and the continuous flow of the universe.

In this time, to respond to the Will of God, for humanity, means to have no limitations nor impose anything, because this is the time of the test of faith and of absolute trust that everything that must be accomplished is within the life and the heart of each human being.

In this definitive time, through their actions, souls will define all things, even their own spiritual destiny.

With the infinite universe of duality being present, souls must choose which path to follow and which experience to have without feeling tied to anything. Everything that happens afterward will be the result of a true choice. For this reason, the call of the universe descends so that the eyes of the soul may be open and not lose the awareness and the opportunity to serve and transform.

As your Messengers, We know that each soul is in a different school. The universe expects everyone to someday become awake and accomplish the mission that My Son has entrusted to you in the end of times.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is in prayer for all,

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Like the winter sun, warm and welcoming, I come to you to pour upon you, in faith, all My Graces and to open the doors toward the path of deep conversion.

For this reason, today the Aurora of Love clothes itself in light and in healing, to receive those who pray who will participate in this pillar of planetary prayer for all of humanity.

It will be thus, dear children, that Aurora will again be able to work with the planet and with all of sleeping humanity, so that at least it may awaken from its deep sleep.

On this day, dear children, the bell towers of Heaven will be sounding to assemble all the angels, which will accompany the ceremony of the Redeemer during the meeting for prayer.

If souls opened their consciousnesses and even more, their hearts, they could increasingly understand what it is that happens when they assemble to experience the extremely potent channel of Prayer for Peace, and in this way, their lives would rapidly change.

Dear children, I leave you with the intention of a good and victorious work. This Marathon will invite you to withdrawal, to unity, and above all, to trust in God. Thus, dear children, you will be able to embrace His Purpose with greater firmness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In prayer with you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted on the Eagle of Light bus during the journey from the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

To love the Plan of God means to experience certain challenges that go beyond the maturity of the consciousness. Each challenge placed on the path of the disciple, be it physical, mental or spiritual, is so the consciousness may take a greater step than one has ever taken.

That moment is interpreted as a transition when the shift is from one school to another, or as a purification when something inner is purified. One who has faith, will manage to overcome both challenges and will be able to teach others who are going through the same lessons how to do it. This does not mean that the Father wishes for what is most difficult for His children, for He is the Father of Love.

When the life of an initiate draws closer to the path of holiness or of a total consecration to the Plan of God, the spirit forges other experiences so that the soul, the mind and the heart of each being is able to be defined.

There will never be two paths to come to Christ; it is for this reason that all souls, at a certain moment in their lives, have the possibility of choosing the path of perpetual discipleship or the path of ministry; one will place them in the school of instruction of life and the other on the path to learning to serve better every day.

 At this time, a large part of humanity is being placed on the path of purification so that, at some point, souls may define the next steps of their evolution.

The trajectory of the spirit is traced by the experiences in life, those of the soul and by the decisions made by the spirit of each being on facing the Call of God.

In this last cycle, there are many souls that are placed on the path of complete surrender. This allows the consciousness to face and come to know aspects of their being that were previously purified over longer periods.

Due to the need for pure souls on Earth, the Plan changed the direction of events. With souls in a greater state of purity, humanity will be saved, and the less prepared consciousnesses are called upon to accomplish this purpose.

It could be that your life is within that project and you have not yet perceived this; today I come to reveal it to you. Take care of this sacred request of God.

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

While the events of life and of the whole planet are rapidly developing in humanity, I invite you to seek the path of serenity, to then find peace.

The root of human history and of all terrestrial conditions is being removed; that which for centuries was controlled by power, by pride, or even by resistance, is being taken out of the hands of those who believe they have governorship over things. Thus, dear children, do not be surprised by what you may see and what you may know; the prophecy of My Son is being fulfilled: "Stone will not remain upon stone," and that is already a reality in the whole planet and mainly in the inner being of everybody.

An apparent lack of guidance will be generated; thus, for a long time I have been calling on you to live true prayer. It will be the attributes of the Universal Mother, in this definitive cycle, that will replace the shortcomings that souls will experience at the moment of losing control over things. For this reason, dear children, embrace the opportunity of being purified quickly so that, prepared by prayer, you wait for the glorious Coming of Christ.

I declare, children, that there will be no consciousness or space that will be free of purification. Faith and constancy will be the motto of the peace-bringers of My Son; this will make you stronger in love and in truth.

See what is emerging from yourselves and do not look at it with contempt, but rather with Mercy, because it will be the Mercy of God that will save you in this hour of planetary transition.

Live Mercy and practice it; it will be fundamental so that your hearts can follow the purification of your fellow beings.

I leave you My Peace because it is what you need today; do not lose it for any reason. Peace sustains everything, inside and outside of beings.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In the Mercy of the Father, you are contemplated by

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Beloved children,

In order for peace to be established, ignorance must be dissipated from the hearts and consciousnesses of human beings.

This sacred planet is being taken to the abyss by the actions and the ideas of those who believe themselves wise but who ignore the truth, even about themselves. How to live in wisdom, if you, My dears, do not even know the truth about yourselves, about your origin and the real reason why you came to this world?

The path to discovering the truth is considered by many to be the path of the ignorant; those who seek to develop faith in order to unveil heavenly mysteries are often considered lost and blind by the great powers of this material world.

Children, very unhappy is the heart that is blind to the things of God or has a tepid and superficial faith, only to give the appearance to society that it follows a path that leads to the Father.

My beloved ones, at this moment, on the planet, when a definition is demanded of all consciousnesses, you must give everything for love of God. The definition of your lives must be complete and absolute, because this is the only way to not be deceived by the enemy and by yourselves. Because I tell you that the very human tendencies, those that have been rooted in your consciousness for so many centuries of uncertain and diverted experiences, can lead you to the abyss, without My adversary having to make any effort.

Children, do not think that My words threaten or come to cause you fear, because, otherwise, how will I reveal to you the truth about these times?


Dear children:

Pray with your heart every day and in any circumstance for your prayer to reach the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Pray with faith and confidence to reach the end of the path of your conversion.

Pray with hope and joy for the gifts of Heaven to always descend as the rain that moistens the earth.

Pray in brotherhood and fraternity for the old patterns of the consciousness of humanity to be able to be changed by those of the universal life, by the principles of good behavior.

Pray with fervor and enthusiasm so that all souls be touched by the same fire that touched your hearts.

Dear children, pray with Me in humility and reverence for the gifts of My Son to spring in you.

Only pray with Me and I will be with you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who encourages you to life of prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

On this day, I invite you to prepare yourselves for the prayer meeting that is coming. This is a reason for your lives to be available for the fulfillment of the Divine Will.

I wish, My children, that your hearts would always walk in faith so that from now on you will be prepared to be touched by the flame of the Holy Spirit.

At this time, may your hearts be in prayer and in communion with My Son so that, strengthened in faith, you can take steps towards the consecration to the Celestial Father.

Children, as Your Mother I guide you through the path of sanctity and service to those most in need.

Many spiritual wounds still must be healed by the balm that prayer itself provides.

In tune with all that will happen in the coming prayer meeting I hand you, My children, the keys of forgiveness and mercy so that everything is under the shelter of the Celestial Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In faith and love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Through spiritual struggles, peace will be achieved; this is why the next path to follow in this planetary situation is defined at this decisive hour.

Dear children, today I need you to keep your faith ignited, the faith of the heart and the soul, so that in this way, the love of your hearts defeats My adversary. He does not know love, and fears divine and higher love.

Therefore, My children, with spears of love in your hands, battle for peace by radiating love and compassion in the face of so much human cruelty.

My children, the humanitarian mission in Turkey has moved the spiritual planes. All that produces chaos, as well as terrorism, and the annihilation of innocent people, generates a form of permanent spiritual battle in which the legions of light and the forces of chaos produced by the actions of humanity battle to define the reign.

The Almighty knows that all this is happening and that, day after day, this compromises humanity.

The prayers of all is a powerful weapon that causes terror and fear to disappear from hearts, because the weapon of prayer is full of the true love that your hearts can feel.

My children, let us continue working for peace; let praying soldiers form up in the first ranks of Armageddon, for the planet must be rescued.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

In command and prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


Dear children of Mine,

The hope of the apostles of Christ must be what renews the entire planet. It is for this reason that the humanitarian missions to regions that are so needy have the preferred motive of repairing, through inner hope, faith, and love to God, the consequences generated by evil.

Dear children, the tonic for these times is an inner attitude of the soul that truly trusts in the Lord, which is unknown to My adversary.

My Children, the humanitarian mission in Turkey will try once more to recover the faith and the hope that My children from the Middle East have lost.

Hope and faith are an inner spiritual attitude that flows in the hearts of beings, just as do the Laws of the Universe. The hope of the apostles and of the followers of My Son is something that cannot be taken away because it is the essence of a deep conviction united to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Turkey is a nation that could gestate in consciousness the vortex of hope, something that could greatly help Syria, which is experiencing an unprecedented battle.

Christianity is the confirmation of the faith of good souls; for this reason, dear children, through living this inner christianity without the need to proclaim it, you will be on the path of trust in God, an infinite virtue of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, at this moment My missionaries of peace are being guided to establish this spirit of faith and hope in the essence of those who were left behind by the cruelties of the world. It is thus that today I invite you to renew the sacrament of faith, so that through this Your Heavenly Mother may have the joy of expanding Her work of peace in the world.

Dear children, know that I never abandon you and that in these times I am with whoever opens their heart to Me so that I may heal them; My last Graces are still being poured out.

Who will accept them in deep faith?

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who renews you in the sacrament of Faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees

Special daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

A group of monks from Aurora gathered together to pray the Rosary and wait for the coming of the Divine Mother. When we were on the last mystery of the Rosary, I saw clearly that the Middle East was being spiritually worked upon by the prayer, and I saw the Most Holy Mother above all those countries, pouring out an intense white Light that was coming from the palms of Her hands, from Her Heart and from all of Her aura. The Most Holy Virgin was stretching out Her arms towards that region in an attitude of constant offering and, at the same time, She was supplicating for all of those nations through a profound silence, while observing everything that was happening there. 


When the Virgin Mary appeared where we were praying, She showed Herself enveloped in a Mantle that had the flag of Syria imprinted on it. Mary embraced this mantle with love and fervor, supplicating to the Father.

Like a great Mirror of Light and of Love, I descend to the world to withdraw it from the evil in which it lives, because the world is absent from the Love of God.

I descend in glory toward the darkest areas of the planet, so that My Mirror of Light can dispel the ideas and forms about a frightening war. Thus, your prayers will always be the lights that will shine and will not allow evil to reign in the hearts of humankind, an evil that has expanded throughout the world.

The victory and the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will take place through all the souls that, in the most critical hour of the Earth, when the great abyss is completely open, will be the consolation for despair, will be the inner strength for transformation, will be the living word in the essence of those who seek the union with their Heavenly Mother.

In that hour, when everything will be evident and never again hidden, firmness and prayer done confidently will be the path for finding the way out. Souls will have nowhere to run to during the time of the purification of the Earth.


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