Wednesday, September 12 of 2012

Daily messages

My Maternal Heart comes to your lives to relieve you from all pain, suffering and incomprehension. The Sacred Heart of My Son comes to your lives to redeem you and to lead you to the path of salvation.

Dear children, calling again each of your lives, today the Lord asks you to purify your hearts from any feeling that does not belong to light because if you do this through the exercise of prayer your souls will be helping relieve the great rage that is a part of this humanity. This is a feeling that distances the hearts from the One and Loving Heart of God.

My little ones, may your hearts be hearts of children, pure, crystalline and truthful. Hearts renewed in Jesus that start to love again, creating a bridge of peace between Heaven and Earth, joining the Divine Spirit of God with the little spirit of each of My children.

Dear children, a path in which your hearts can be healed is by imitating the little and divine boy Jesus who, in His purity and innocence, transmitted the essence of true love to humanity. The little boy Jesus left in this world the Spirit of the Love of God through His surrender for each of you.

This is the love that I want My children to cultivate in their hearts, this is the love that the Sacred Heart emanates permanently. This is the love that Jesus donates without rest, the love that is compassionate; He Himself consecrated the essence of love from My Immaculate Heart to each of you.

Dear children, when I talk to you about being little children, it is to purify the rage that lives in the world; if you renew yourselves in the Spirit of Love humanity may receive the Grace of Compassion.

Dear children, as Mediator I ask you to pray for peace in the mind and in the heart of each of My children. Once more I am thankful for your compliance with the plans of the Creator.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.