Wednesday, April 11 of 2012

Daily messages

As Queen and Universal Mother of Peace I want that you come into the Kingdom of God so that your hearts find a firm refuge of love in My Immaculate Heart.  I bring you all, as humanity, in My arms of Mercy, helping in this way each one of My children.

Dear children stay in peace because My Kingdom of Peace is in each one of you.

My children, the world must, urgently go and drink from the fountain of the Graces that My Heart is pouring onto those that are thirsty for My Son.  In My Son, blessed and loving, you will arrive at the true devotion to God the Father, who is offended by humanity.

For this, dear children, the prayer of the heart will guide you in each one of the steps that you must take for this end of time.

My children, My call wants to echo in the depth of your little hearts, even more in those who for many years have distanced themselves from the love of the Living God.  With the Sacred Heart of My Son your lives may rest and, in absolute trust, the path you are walking will be permeated and invaded by the light of His Divine Heart.

I want to announce to you that the key of prayer will allow you to be before the Holy Spirit.  For this reason, this Blessed Spirit of God will come in aid of all hearts that in this last hour consecrate themselves and live in the Peace of My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, the true fraternity that each of you can express day by day will help dissolve the evilness that many hearts live for lack of the Merciful Love of God.
For this reason the constancy in this life of prayer will help so that all these hearts receive the Immaculate Gift of Grace and of Redemption.  Because My dear children, in truth, redemption is a celestial mission for all humanity.

Thank you for answering My call.

Divine Love for each of My children in the world.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.