Friday, July 27 of 2012

Daily messages

My children,

With immense pleasure and joy today I tell you that the plans of the Father are being fulfilled through each one of you. For this My little ones, the reason for My words today is so that your hearts celebrate with Me because the celestial plans are being manifested in the hearts of all those who hear My call.

For this My children, as humanity still needs much mercy, I ask you to go on in fidelity on the path of consecration: an eternal path to God. Today I want to thank all the soldiers united to My Immaculate Heart for answering and responding, for the past eight months and also in the past years, to all My requests of prayer for the souls in the world and especially for this beloved planet of God.

Dear children in this way I invite you to deepen into the mysteries of the contemplation of the Holy Rosary so that each of your souls finds the keys that will unite you with My Son, with each of His episodes, the ones He left as a teaching to each one of you.

Today I invite you to place your hearts inside My Immaculate Heart.  As a Co-Redeemer Mother after Christ, I want to support you for a long time in My arms so that each of the lives of My children live in the Eternal Grace of God.

I want to accompany you from this life until Paradise; I know each soul well and I know what each of My beloved children need for this time.

Infinitely, in the presence of Jesus, the praised King of the Universe, today I tell you:

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.